Upon hiring, each employee is required to sign a confidentiality agreement with the Company. This agreement requires the employee to protect confidential information and trade secrets. A copy of this agreement should be sent in with the hiring package and will be kept on file in Head Office. Upon termination, all confidential information held by the employee should be collected and returned to the Company. This includes electronic and print versions. The employee should be reminded of his/her legal obligations under the agreement to protect confidential information. Confidential information should only be distributed to personnel that require this information to perform their jobs. Managers have an obligation to ensure that this information is not widely distributed or publically circulated. Part of the confidentiality agreement discusses inventions and purchasing. Upon hiring, these sections should be reviewed by Managers with personnel who are in positions that have purchasing power or are involved in developing new technology or equipment.

Non-Solicitation/Confidentiality Agreement

I------------------------- recognize that Primex Leather Craft Pvt Ltd. is engaged in a highly competitive industry, and that is important for Primex leather craft Pvt ltd. to protect its trade secrets, confidential information and other property information and related acquired through Primex expenditure of time, effort and monthly .Therefore, because I wish to be employed by Primex in a capacity in which I will receive from Primex. I acknowledge that Primex would not have been offered employment without my express understanding of an agreement with the confidentiality and non-solicitation provision which are contained in this agreement.

This employee handbook has been prepared for your information and understanding of the policies, philosophies and practices. Please read it carefully. Upon completion of your review of this handbook, sign the statement below, and return it to your supervisor by the due date. A copy of this acknowledgment appears at the back of the handbook for your records. I, ____________________, have received and r ead a copy of the Employee Handbook which outlines the goals. Policies, benefits and expectations, as well as my responsibilities as an employee. I have familiarized myself with the contents of this handbook. By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to comply with the information contained in the Employee Handbook .I understand this handbook is not intended to cover every situation which may arise during my employment, but is simply a general guide to the goals, policies, and practices. benefits .I understands that the Primex leather craft Pvt Ltd. employee handbook is not a contract of employment and should not be deemed as such.

______________________________________ (Employee signature)

Please return by: ______________________ (put date here)

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