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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

John Sutherland
P.O. Box 984
Portland, ME 04104-0984

Addressees (listed alphabetically):

Vice President Joe Biden Congressman Chellie Pingree

The White House 57 Exchange Street, Suite 302
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Portland, ME 04101
Washington, DC 20500

Senator Susan Collins Senator Harry Reid

One Canal Plaza, Suite 802 600 East William St, #302
Portland, ME 04101 Carson City, NV 89701

Mr. Barack Obama Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr

The White House Supreme Court of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20543
Washington, DC 20500

Congressman Nancy Pelosi Senator Olympia Snowe

450 Golden Gate Ave. - 14th Floor 3 Canal Plaza, Suite 601
San Francisco, CA 94102 Portland, ME 04101

June 21, 2009

Re: Citizen’s demand for redress of grievances

Dear Sirs & Madams,

I am a natural born U.S. citizen and a registered voter, residing in the 1st District in Maine. I am additionally an
Oath Keeper, and inasmuch as you all have sworn an oath to defend and protect the United States Constitution, I
don’t believe any one of you is also an Oath Keeper - I would know by your actions if you were.

My reason for writing, from your perspective, is both good and bad. Small amounts of good, large amounts of
bad. This letter is brought to you courtesy of my First Amendment protected freedom of speech, my natural right
to seek redress from my government, and for the purpose of fulfilling my obligation to tell you what I want you to
do for me. From this point onward, you will have no excuse to say you didn’t understand what I wanted you to do
for me and for my neighbors. No excuses. None. Nada.

The return address at the top of this letter is my mailing address, not my physical address. If you choose to
respond to this letter, you may do so by U.S. Mail or by e-mail. If you misinterpret my comments herein, and
view this letter as a conservative’s threat of violence toward you personally, I would be happy to meet with either
the FBI or Secret Service – I like and respect those guys. Your call.

The Good:

You have collectively made things so bad for me, my family, my friends and colleagues, and my country that I
have finally woken up from my conservative, law abiding, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be OK’ mindset, to now fully
realizing that the United States is being destroyed before the world’s eyes, and that I, my relatives, and my

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

neighbors have all got to re-assert control over you to stop the ongoing and continual destruction that all of you
perform while alleging that you are representing us – which you are not doing.

I acknowledge that you aren’t the whole problem of what’s wrong in America today – the country’s destruction
has been happening to our federal republican form of government by you and by your predecessors for over 100
years. But you are my current and direct contacts in the three branches of my federal government, and so I’m
writing to you all, and telling you of my grievances against your actions and of the actions of my federal

Basic Point: None of you appear to be representing me, my interests, my family, my neighbors, or my law
abiding countrymen in any way that I can determine. Please understand that is my opinion of you.

The Bad:

I was going to include a copy of The Declaration of Independence at the end of this letter because almost
everything we Americans whined about to King George, you are all doing now, in spades, to the American voters.
Actually you’ve done worse – you’ve taken something that wasn’t broken and have broken it. I’m talking about
the functioning of my federal government, of course.

Every single one of you has sworn an oath to defend and protect the federal United States Constitution, and
every single one of you has participated in implementing an increasingly socialistic, progressive, statist agenda to
the detriment of every single freedom loving American alive. Who gave you the authority to do that? Why do
you think it is permissible for you to break our nation’s laws? We do not live in a two class society with a class of
royalty that determines what is best for everyone else, but we DO live in a nation based on law.

Mr. Obama – cut the glib chatter and step down from your fraudulently obtained office. It is clear to most
Americans by now that you are a fraud, and frankly, I don’t care whether you are really a narcissist and were born
in Kenya, Hawaii, or Timbuktu – I don’t want you around any more. To me, you’re a socialist, communist,
progressive, statist – whatever, but you’re not a freedom and republic loving American. It is also abundantly clear
to me, because of your deceptive habits, you are NOT a natural born citizen, and you just don’t qualify to be
our president. Let Joe Biden take over as POTUS – he’ll do a much better job than you. In fact, I like Joe - at
least he is really transparent - and I’ll wager he’s also a natural born citizen. What a concept!

Senator Collins, Senator Snowe, Congressman Pingree - I know that you represent a largely socialist state
(Maine), and that most of your constituents are Democrats, progressives, and liberals, but that isn’t an excuse to
keep you from abiding by the limitations and controls imposed on you by the United States Constitution. And, by
the way, if you ‘professionals’ feel there are parts of the Constitution that are not appropriate in today’s world,
let’s call a constitutional convention and negotiate the changes that make sense. That’s the proper way to do it,
isn’t it?

Justice Roberts – I have no idea what to say to you because I am so frustrated with our court system. The
Supreme Court Of The United States has been making aberrant and progressive legal decisions for the last 100
years, and the practice has to be reversed because bad decisions have already changed the face of America – for
the worst. Obey the Constitutional Law as the Founder’s intended! If a case before the court tells you the
government is violating the Constitution, decide against the government. SCOTUS is not doing its job properly
when it supports the statists, and you know it. I don’t like to see any part of the government break the law,
including our courts. We are a nation based on law or we are not. At this time, my estimation is that we are a
nation of outlaws – starting with the federal government and working on downward to the people. You,
personally, John Roberts, can help prevent and remove the lawlessness in America. It’s a major part of your job

Nancy and Harry – you told us you ‘won’ so we should just shut up and do what you want us to do. Wrong.
You two people, along with your buddies Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and many others in both parties, have shown

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

yourselves to be immature and petty royalists, and that you are undeserving of the prestigious positions that you
hold within our government. You have violated the people’s trust by creating and enacting the recent huge
unaffordable budget and bailouts, for which you are NOT authorized by the American people or by the
Constitution. As an aside, you should know that when I talk about lawlessness within government, Congress is
right up there alongside the current Executive Branch. Congress too, must follow the law! That’s in your job
description, also.

OK, now I’ve said something introductory to all of you, let’s get down to what I want you to do for me and for the
American people.

1. Mr. Obama, you’re wrong about our country’s religious backbone. Understand that the United States of
America is a Judeo/Christian nation, and stop trying to take God out of everything, or appeasing your Muslim
friends around the world. By denying our religious roots, you’re just getting middle America really fired up and
angry against you. Is that what you are trying to do? If it is – stop doing it. You will gain nothing by following
this course of action except your own expulsion.

2. Every single one of you that I am addressing today are in positions of trust granted to you by the people
that put you in office. We expect and demand that you obey your sworn oath to abide by, and to protect and to
defend, the United States Constitution. Is this message clear to you all yet?

3. Mr. Obama, our nation is in considerable financial difficulty today, and the malicious and criminal actions
you and Congress are performing right now with your deficit spending, creation of government managers without
legal responsibility to the American people (you call them czars) are exacerbating our nation’s problems.
Understanding this, I want you and your congress (it’s clearly not my Congress) to follow the Constitution
regarding government program and financial decisions and controls, dissolve and remove the international banker
based Federal Reserve Bank from our nation’s soil, and to start reducing the influence of the multinational
financial speculators and predators (yes, people just like your buddy George Soros) that are destroying our
country. Our nation is a sovereign nation – treat it with respect and protect our country and its financial base.

Fortunately, I am not alone in being against foreign interest and control of American interests. I found this recent
notice regarding a new caucus (which, by the way, I expect Congressman Pingree will support):

Congressional Sovereignty Caucus Launching Next Week
By Eric Kleefeld - June 19, 2009, 5:40PM

A new group is set to launch in the House of Representatives, made up of conservatives set on defending
American power and interests against encroachment from international institutions: The Congressional
Sovereignty Caucus.

Their kickoff meeting will be this coming Wednesday, featuring co-founders Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and
Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), plus Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) -- and special guests Oliver North, Frank
Gaffney and Doug Feith.

Rep. Lamborn declined to comment, but his office did point us to an opinion column he wrote last week, mainly
targeted at the nomination of Harold Koh to be the legal counsel to the State Department, in which he explained
the importance of American sovereignty.

"Sovereignty is vital for America because we are an exceptional nation," wrote Lamborn, "one uniquely blessed
with a vibrant Judeo-Christian heritage, as demonstrated both through its founding documents and by the witness
of history. For any nation, and I believe especially for America, to give up any degree of control of its destiny to
transnational bodies is irresponsible and wrong."

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

Their first meeting sure will have an interesting line-up. North, for example, covertly sold weapons to the
Khomeini regime in Iran and then wore his Marine uniform at a Congressional hearing in order to justify himself.
And Gaffney has written opinion columns in which he's raised suspicions that President Obama might not be a
natural-born citizen, or could be a secret Muslim.

4. I want Congress to eliminate all individual, corporate income taxes, and death taxes, and dissolve the
Internal Revenue Service (and the 70,000 page tax code) because it will no longer be needed. Return America to
the condition where the states fund the federal government and let the states figure out how to raise the money for
the federal government. Never again tax our income source – it’s just plain wrong headed, and you all know this
to be true. Get us back on a gold standard. Let our nation breath again.

5. Balance the federal budget. Whereas balancing the budget is optional for me, it is mandatory for you in
government to balance our nation’s budget. You don’t have a blank check to spend whatever you want to spend,
ignoring what the American people want and regardless of how much money is in the Treasury. Overspending
and unauthorized spending by government is called theft, and theft is punishable by jail time.

6. Article 1, section 8 specifically lists only 18 areas of human behavior that Congress can legislate, the
Executive Branch can enforce, and the courts may interpret. Presently there are nearly 1,000 unconstitutional
czars, agencies and departments (like Department of Education, the EPA, etc.) that pass laws and regulations on
the American people and on our businesses. Freedom is the absence of legislation. Honor the state’s rights
and abide by the Tenth Amendment. Get back to a lawful federal government structure. Give the people and
the states back our individual freedom and individual responsibility! Is this point clear to you all yet?

7. It is abundantly clear that the wealthy nations which pay high wages and benefits, largely because of
union influence and government regulations, are losing their manufacturing sector to smaller, lower wage nations.
The government promotion of unions must stop – it’s illegal anyway. The federal government rules and
regulations forcing businesses to collect and pay taxes and employee benefits must stop. Because of these
government controls and other irresponsible, unconstitutional laws, our country is no longer competitive in the
world’s economy. The decision made years ago to de-emphasize the manufacturing sector and to direct
government influence and support behind the financial sector was a bad move – you know it, and I know it.
Every manufacturing job creates 4.2 additional support jobs – every financial sector job provides 0.0 additional
jobs. I want our manufacturing sector back. I want you to create an environment where our manufacturing
sector is allowed to thrive and prosper once again. I want you get the hell out of the way of American business
and let us prosper again. Do you understand my message?

8. We do need a Constitutional Convention, and one of the target changes is to return the selection of U.S.
Senators to the state legislatures. Amend or replace the 17th Amendment, and exchange the popular vote of
senators with the state legislature selection of senators. Also, note that all Congressional compensation and
expenses should come from the states, not from the federal government. Members of Congress are supposed to
represent the state’s interests – not the feds. I cringe every time Congress votes itself a raise, without my
involvement or my state’s involvement. The states know the value of, and how much to pay, their own senators
and representatives, and should be the only ones allowed to do it. You people in Congress are NOT royalty – you
are supposed to be working for us and representing us in your home states.

9. Regarding the eligibility requirement for the office of the President – Natural Born Citizenship (NBC – a
person born on U.S. soil to two (2) U.S. Citizen parents), we must amend the Constitution to require all U.S.
Senators and Congressmen, all federal judges, and all candidates for the Office of President and Vice
President to provide forensically verifiable proof of natural born U.S. citizenship.

9.1 It will require only a single state enforcing NBC eligibility laws to destroy the efforts of an ineligible
federal office nominee (like Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain) by not accepting state registration of the candidate.
Having said that, implementing both federal and state eligibility compliance laws would be the best, and most
redundant, insurance policy Americans need.

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

9.2 High level intensive FBI background checks of all political party federal election candidates and of all
federal judges, including forensic examination of the candidate's submitted birth certificate, prior to the
candidate’s acceptance and approval by the FBI, would be another vital insurance policy for voting Americans.

9.3 And, finally, imposing severe criminal penalties on any person, including electors and secretary of state
officers for evading, avoiding, or violating these federal and/or state eligibility laws. This would be America's
third insurance policy.

10. I would also suggest for the states (including the State of Maine) that they vote on the same mandatory
NBC eligibility compliance and background requirements to be imposed on their individual federal senators and
congressmen. Note that this was not originally my idea, as it was proposed many years ago (as found in
ProQuest® Historical Newspapers):

From The Files of The Court

November 5, 1798

At the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at New-Haven on the second Thursday of October,
A.D. 1798

A RESOLUTION of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, passed the 28th day of June, A.D. 1798...
recommending an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall exclude foreign influence
from her councils, viz... no person shall be eligible as President or Vice-President of the United States; nor shall
any person be a Senator or Representative in the Congress of the United States, except a natural born citizen...

There is no legal or rational reason for allowing anyone to get into any federal elected office who is not a verified
Natural Born U.S. Citizen with a clean criminal record, and who would ultimately be eligible to be POTUS (either
by election or by emergency).

11. Congress shall have the obligation to overturn erroneous, non-Constitutional SCOTUS decisions
with new, constitutionally compliant, legislation. Speaking of constitutional law, I want the question to be
asked and answered 1) for every single new law being proposed by Congress, and 2) for every single existing law,
regulation, agency, etc., and 3) for every single SCOTUS decision that is passed – is this proposed act or law
within the legal boundaries and limitations enumerated in the United States Constitution.

12. Implement sundown clauses on every law and every agency. Get rid of the junk laws and junk agencies
we have to put up with now. Freedom is the absence of legislation. 2 million laws is far too many for America.
Scale back the federal government (do you see a recurring theme here?) and let the states control their own

13. Protect and defend the individual’s rights to private property, and if ANY private property has to be
taken, fair and just compensation shall be made to the property owner. This is a state problem as well as a federal
problem. Any ‘taking’ by any government agency is illegal without proper compensation. Fix this problem.

14. Seal the damn borders and protect and enforce our nation’s immigration laws – we are not part of
Mexico! I have no idea what you people are thinking with the open border policy you have adopted, but I am
against it, and so are all of my neighbors who are aware of the problem. If one thing will cause us to dissolve
you, it will be this situation.

15. Stop the malicious nationalization and financial bailouts of our industries – if businesses make
mistakes, let them fail – that’s what bankruptcy laws are for. Mr. Obama - your nationalization of our
businesses is just another attempt at statist control over everything. America is (or was until recently) a free
market country, and the free market economy has allowed us to become the most successful and prosperous

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

nation on God’s green Earth. So, cut the bailout crap and stop creating crises just so you can assert more federal
control over our lives and nationalize more businesses! We don’t want central control of our lives, Comrade!

16. We want NO nationalized medical insurance or universal healthcare program in any form. There
are no provisions in the Constitution for the federal government to be involved in any nationalized health
program. None. Leave medicine and its insurance programs in the private sector – it is NOT provided for in the
Constitution. Is THIS message clear, or shall I repeat myself?

17. This is directed to Mr. Obama. No more kissing up to foreign leaders (like the Saudi prince), and no
more apologizing for America. You have to be dead, not to recognize all of the good that America has done for
the rest of the world. We are a good nation. Your Muslim buddies in Saudi Arabia and Iran don’t go out of
their way to help other nations. Neither does Russia. Or China. Or most of Europe. So, once again, I say stop
the ‘bad America’ crap.

18. Government officials, at any level, including all of you, that commit crimes, while in the performance of
their federal duties shall be tried in a court of law, just as civilians would be tried. No immunity from
prosecution. No, Mr. Obama, illegal and unconstitutional acts are NOT legal just because the President
does them.

19. DO NOT enter into any international agreements or treaties that will compromise our own nation’s
sovereignty or our laws, including our Constitution and its Amendments. We are a sovereign nation and
intend to stay that way. We are not part of Europe, and we are not to be bound by the UN. DO NOT
compromise our sovereignty!

20. The official language of the United States of America is English. Keep it that way, and get rid of all
the multilingual documents. We don’t want under-classes of residents here in America.

21. I want the federal election laws to be changed as follows: eligible voters are restricted to registered
and verified U.S. citizen voters for federal elections; they must be 35 years of age unless they have served in
the military (age 21 for military personnel); they must pass a state administered U.S. history and
government structure competency test; and they must be a taxpayer (if you don’t pay taxes, you don’t get
to vote on how the money gets allocated and spent).

States can do what they want regarding in-state voting requirements, but on the federal level, I want only mature,
competent, and verified citizen voter taxpayers to be allowed to vote in federal elections. The ACORN spawned
criminal voter fraud crimes of the 2008 election have to be prevented – at all levels.

22. Outlaw all community organizations like ACORN, by what ever name they are called. These
organizations are fraught with money laundering, corruption, and fraud, and are used by partisan Democrats and
socialists to win elections. Election fraud has to stop. Military votes have to be counted. Clean up the election
process. DO NOT allow ACORN or its derivations to participate in the census process.

23. The world population is over 6 billion now and will be over 8 billion within a generation. There will be
increasing energy shortages, food shortages, and wars for territory and resources. Protect us. Keep our military
strong. Get the hell out of our way when we want to find and use our own domestic energy resources. Permit the
building of nuclear power generating stations now. Defend our borders.

You people, as our elected representatives, have been put into the highest offices in our land, and you need to start
doing the right things for America. Every time. Starting right now. Your job is not about you – it about you
doing representative work for America and our nation’s future. BTW, Barbara Boxer, probably like a lot of you,
feels she deserves a title – screw that – she’s an arrogant jerk for criticizing a senior military officer who was
honoring her by addressing her as ‘Ma’am.’ Where does this arrogance and elitist attitude come from?

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Sutherland letter 6-21-09

You’re all smart, educated, and competent people, but right now I don’t respect any of you because you have
shown me you 1) either don’t care about doing a good job for America, 2) you’ve lost your way and don’t know
what the right way is, or 3) you know what the right way is and are still determined to do the wrong thing for
America. Different reasons, same result – America loses.

In all of my life, I have never had to write a letter like this to anyone, and I hope I don’t have to write one like this
ever again. I want my next letter to be an ‘atta boy’ letter, telling you all what a great job you have done and are
doing. Am I going to be able to write my next letter with a positive note? Are you guys going to show me, and
the rest of America, just how wrong I am in my negative assessment of you all, and that you really are making
positive changes and doing the right things for America? Are you going to show us all that you really have
America’s best interests at heart? I certainly hope so.

But your own history shows me you don’t offer any of us much hope, and so I’m not optimistic.

Please consider seriously what I have said in this letter. I am not alone with these thoughts.


John Sutherland


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