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Coca-Cola India Parag Waghode 59 Sunil Natekar 41 Mayur Utekar 58 Sachin Sawant 51 Yogesh Kakade 25 Narendran N 38

Coca-Cola India Leading player in the Indian beverage market A Fortune 500 company in India (73r d Position) Coca Cola India with PepsiCo forms “Duopoly” Includes 24 Company-own ed bottling operations Left India in 1977 having a row with Government Came back in 1993 & acquired local brands

Objectives of CCI To increase size of worldwide Coca Cola enterprise To gain 60% of the markets fo r soft drink industry To achieve a 20% return on capital employed To survive cur rent market war with competitors To increase awareness of the product on market

Industry Share of CCI Carbonated Drinks Fruit Drinks Packaged Water

Current Market Situation Analysis Product Price Place Promotion

Product Portfolio of CCI

Price & Packaging LRB (Large size returnable bottle) NRD (Non-returnable/ Disposable bottle) PET ( Plastic Bottle 500 ml) PET (Plastic Bottle 1.5/ 2 liter) CANS (tin pack 330 ml) SSRB (Standard size returnable bottle) 200ml: Rs. 9 300ml: Rs. 12 500ml: Rs. 22 1000ml: Rs. 38 2000ml: Rs. 55 Can 330ml : Rs. 20

Promotion Getting shelves Sale Promotion UTC Scheme Direct/ Indirect Selling Infrastructur e Advertisement : Moulding attitude of consumer’s behavior. Medium: Print media/ POS material/ TV commercial / Billboards and holdings

Place Urban Distribution Network Bottling Plant Hub Spoke Retailer Consumer Rural Distribution Network Events e.g. Olympics, Cricket Matches, Festive Season Tie – Ups: McDonalds

Rural Market: Attractive target 74% of country s population, 41% of its middle class and 58% of its disposable i ncome Coke experienced 37% growth Vs 24% growth in urban areas. Driven by the la unch of the Rs. 5 product, per capita consumption doubled between 2001-2003. Thi s market accounts for 80% of India’s new Coke drinkers


Sales 2009 - 2010 CCI unit case volume rises 31% in Quarter I 2009 CCI Quarter II 2009-2010 Growth Up By 33% New Launch Coca-Cola India to launch energy drink “Burn” CCI unveiled an exclusively design ed concept car, designed by the ace automobile designer "Dilip Chhabria", to eng age consumers “Styling of vehicle confirms the brand imagery Association is targ eted at socially active & adventurous young adults who are always at an all-time high in their life

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Competitors: PepsiCo, Parle Agro Products Pepsi gives tough fight with almost si milar investment, advertisement, Strategies and Products Parle resurges with ref reshing drinks as Appy Fizz, Fruity, LMN PepsiCo also has a snack product line i ncluding Lays, Cheetos and Quaker OAT’s PepsiCo provide carbonated drinks, Fruit Drinks and Packaged Drinking Water

SWOT Analysis Extremely recognizable branding Bottling system Brand Ambassadors Improved QC He avy Investment Reduced consumer purchasing power Issue for health care Service a large geographic, diverse area Brand recognition Sponsorships Substitutes Health-consciousness Consumer preferences Stiff Competition

Marketing Strategy of CCI Differentiated Marketing Deep penetration channel Customer satisfaction Endorsem ent of celebrities Reasonably priced Consumer connecting advertisements Availabi lity in every local market

Action Plans To launch Water conservation Project Coca Cola Trucks go green in Delhi Extensiv e spending on market research on tastes and preferences of the customers. Coca c ola Inc. is set to invest Rs. 1000 Crores in India to keep pace with its rival, PepsiCo Product innovation, product line extensions CSR activities . To save $ 5 00 million by 2011

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