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Production Control for IGU, laminated and
toughened glass

Production management and in particular optimization of the production process, with ever increasing product ranges and
reduced delivery times call for advanced production solutions. organises your production flow from the stockplate
storage through the lamination process, insulation glass process or any other treatment down to the packaging of your
product, even allowing to integrate the requirements of your customers. includes already all main functionalities for production control within the core package such as: ERP interface,
production planning and scheduling, glass cutting optimisation, remake handling.

Real-time Production Monitoring

Integrated Capacity Planning

Delivery Oriented Production

Constant overview of the current


Machine load and bottleneck


Packing optimisation

The integrated capacity planning

system oers important business
advantages by providing real time
data and information about possible
delivery dates. This allows a constant
view on production progress especially
when production is complex with
multiple production steps and material
routes. Orders are exactly scheduled
by the machine specific system. reports the production

progress to the management and sales
sta in real time. The total information system oers online status information about machine utilization and
individual orders. This is an invaluable advantage for perfectly planned
production requirements with the
flexibility to include urgent orders
without changing the whole production schedule.

With units can be packed

directly on delivery racks with high
utilization, (and highly reducing
costly sorting), double handling and
searching is no longer necessary. Using
this method, cycle times and costs are
reduced while avoiding breakages. Enhacements
Production Monitor, Ready Messaging System and
Packing Display

GPS.prodmon Constant Production Control

The Production Monitor gives an online overview of the production status based on
the Capacity Planning. It lists the daily planned production volume and all ready
messages. Ready messages, informing the program that a product is finished, reduce
the production load.
For an easier overview of the last weeks or months production the ready messages
can be grouped and start and end dates can be de-fined for the viewing period.
Delayed items and items which will not meet the delivery date are indicated in warning
colors. This information helps to assess the pro-duction progress and indicates where
action has to be taken. Additionally the production monitor shows the breakages and
remakes to indicate possible processing machine defects. Timely spotted delays and a constant overview of the shop floor
allow a smooth, efficient production.

GPS.ident Continuous Production Progress Information

The GPS.ident main functionality is to create ready messages, remakes and to display
information per work step. Its normal operation can be based on bar-coded ready
messages (per glass or per unit) or on key-board entry.
If a company needs ready messages per work step to evaluate the actual production
situation, GPS.ident/step is used to achieve this. Depending on the number of ready
message stations and per work plan expected messages, GPS.ident/step stores each
ready message in the work plan. The messages are created by reading the barcode
from the labels per sheet or from the production papers per work step. With status
queries it is possible to identify which work steps have been done or not been done
for each sheet.

GPS.pack - Graphical Display of the packing instructions

System requirements Server

Quad Core Processor

DVD-Rom Drive
140 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Hardware Raid System

System requirements

Available for

Available for Server

RedHat Enterprise Linux

Windows Server

Dual Core Processor


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

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The item which has just been taken down from the line is displayed, as well as the
item already ready on the rack. Additionally, details about the glass and the rack
type are available in the right hand detail dis-play. This gives the operator a constant
overview of the upcoming glasses.