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France Fateh Moustapha Kamel leader of the Montreal cell of the Algerian Armed
Islamic Group jailed in France. No date.
13th century Knitting was one of the main industries. The knitters Guild of Paris,
which was for men. Master knitters in the rein of Edward IV. French hand knitted
hosiery was exported from France to the UK. (Knitting. Joanna MacDonald 1962
1323-1324 French Bishop Bernard Gui and the Inquisition. The late 13th and early
14th century. For15 years the evil head inquisitor of Toulouse, he executed more than
900 people for heresy. Gui book written in 1323-24. Heretical depravity. Identify,
interrogate and punish heretics. (BBC Anthony Zurcher 1 Nov 2013).
1453-1471 In 1471 Edward IV of England was ready to revive his claim to the
throne of France, dormant since 1453. (History Today. April 2013 UK).
1470s In the 1470s Louis biggest problem was Charles Duke of Burgundy. This rich
ruler had blocks of land from the Netherlands to Burgundy, encircling northern
France. (History Today. April 2013 UK).
July 1475 Edward invaded and in July 1475 the Treaty of Picquigny. (History
Today. April 2013 UK).
August 1483 The death of Louis XI in August 1483 was followed by an aristocratic
reaction. The crown passed to a 13 years old, Charles VIII. (History Today. April 2013
August 1485 Francis signed to the Peace of Bourges. (History Today. April 2013
Sept 1488 Francis II died. (History Today. April 2013 UK).
August October 1572 Paris St Bartholomews day 24 August 1572 on the order of
King Charles IX of France Huguenot inhabitants were murdered, homes attacked
robbed, shops destroyed. On 25 August 1572 the government halted, but the killings
went on. By the time the massacre had subsided in October 1572 an estimated 40,000
Huguenots were killed. Thousands fled France, many went to the UK. (Practical
family history mag August 2003 UK).
9 Dec 1582 France switched to the Gregorian calendar on 9 Dec 1582. (Ancestry
march april 2007 p20).
1642 Louis XIII died when Louis was four years old. (The great upheaval2007
Jay Winik US)

1668-1682 Louis began a palace in the village of Versailles. In 1682 the King
officially moved into the palace. Frances Louis XIV went to war in 1673. He brutally
repressed the Protestant Huguenots. (The great upheaval 2007 Jay Winik).
30 July 1690 Pierre Francois Creuze male, was born in France.
3 Oct 1691 - The wild geese, Irish Jacobite army who went to France, and the treaty
of Limerick. (Family tree 2009 p22).
16 July 1726 Lewis Ogier was born in Moncoutant Poitou France.
1740 Pierre Ogier died in France.
June 1774 Coronation of King Louis XVI. Paris riots over bread prices. (The great
upheaval 2007 Jay Winik US)
1775-1783 By the 1780s Britain had been at war with France for 90 years. The
American revolution 1775-76 ended in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. West African
slavery and Caribbean colonies. (Convicts NZ M Wright 2012).
1783 The epicentre of Europe was France, the globes mightiest empire. (The great
upheaval 2007 Jay Winik).
1788 The hardest French winter in 80 years, many people and animals froze to
death. A hailstorm ripped through central France. Food and supplies were hard to get.
There was hunger and bread riots. (The great upheaval 2007 Jay Winik US).
1788-1789 The French revolution. Louis XVI. Gain shortages, hunger, riots and
looting. (The great upheaval 2007 Jay Winik US)
1791 In Paris ready made clothes were on sale to the public, at the end of Louis XV
time, Paris had more than 1,500 tailors and 1,500 dressmakers. Clothes were an
indication of social status. Rich or poor. (Knitting. Joanna MacDonald 1962 UK).
1793 Louis XVI was publicly executed. (History today. Feb 2014 p19).
1793 France during the French revolution, Maximilien Robespierre cracked down
on internal dissent. A 12 member committee was created to identify and arrest half a
million people, who were targeted by ruthless surveillance. (BBC Anthony Zurcher. 1
Nov 2013).
1793 By the time the Communard resistance ended, the uprising lost 20,000 lives,
more than the terror in 1793. (History Today. May 2014 UK).
20 March 1813 Archives, monthly sales records sent to the ministry of finance.
Were burned during the Paris commune of 1871. Department archives Q series, land
seized, the 1813 land sales. A law passed, 20 March 1813 by the French government
to seize and sell land. Land seized and sold at auction, the rich got poor peasants land.
(History Today. March 2013 UK).

1831-32 Cholera struck and by 1831 it had reached Paris, within a year it had killed
12,733 people in Paris. (History Today. March 2013 UK).
1835 First recorded photograph of a person was made by Frenchman Louis
Daguerre. (The people detective. 2001 T McGregor UK).
1871 Revolutionary workers and the Paris commune, left wing labour. (The untold
story of the US. Oliver Stone 2012 US).
27 Jan 1871 France, Paris civil war. They had recently lost a war with Germany, the
surrender of Paris. (History Today. May 2014 UK).
26 Dec 1905 Arrest of German spies in France. The Times London UK.
1910 The German spy system in France. Paul Lanoir. London Mills and Boon.
Worldcat database.
26 July 1910 Angelo Anthony Buia was born 26 July 1910 in Nice France to
Sicilian parents. He died 3 May 2003 in Montgomery Maryland USA. (Manhattan
mafia guide. Eric Ferarra 2011 US).
1911 Ho Chi Minh left for France where he became a founding member of the
French Communist party, he agitated for Vietnamese independence. Government attic
24 April 1913 Opium smoking in France. Northern Advocate NZ. Papers Past.
24 April 1913 Opium in the French navy. Nelson Evening Mail NZ. Papers Past.
25 April 1913 Opium in the French navy. Hawera Star NZ. Papers Past.
25 April 1913 Opium habit in the French navy. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.
25 April 1913 French opium dens. Marlborough Express NZ. Papers Past.
2 May 1913 Opium curse in France. Wanganui Chronicle NZ. Papers Past.
2 May 1913 Opium curse in France. Poverty Bay Herald NZ. Papers Past.
3 May 1913 Opium curse in France. Hawera Star NZ. Papers Past.
7 May 1913 Opium curse in France. Grey River Argus NZ. Papers Past.
August 1914 Germany bombed civilians from the air. Attack on the Paris railway
station killed one women. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone 2012 US).
22 August 1914 27,000 French soldiers met their end. By the end of the year the
French had suffered nearly a million casualties. The Germans 800,000 and 86,000 of
the 120,000 first sent to France were killed or wounded. (The Economist. March April

Sept 1914 During the battel of the Marne, German airmen bombed Paris on several
occasions. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone 2012 US).
10 May 1916 German spies in France by George Prade. The Times London UK.
15 Oct 1917 Mata Hari a Dutch girl who spied for Germany during World War One
was shot by a French firing squad. (The spys handbook. Herbie Brennan 2003 UK).
18 Dec 1918 US Wilson in Europe at the Paris peace conference. (The untold story
of the US. Oliver Stone 2012 US).
12 Jan 1919 27 nations met in Paris France, starvation was rampant, disease was
spreading and people were displaced. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone
2012 US).
1929-33 There were eight changes of government in France. (The momentous years.
1961 Priestley and Betts).
1933-Nov 1940 Maundy Gregory was sent to France in 1933 and told not to return
to the UK. Called then Sir Arthur Gregory. He was interned by the Germans in
November 1940 and died several months later. (Family skeletons. 2005 UK R Paley
& S Fowler).
1938 By 1938 secrets were being shared with the British through Biffy Dunderdale,
the SIS station chief in Paris. Enigma and German air force communications secrets.
(GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich 2010 UK).
1938-40 In Sept 1938 Donald Maclean was posted to the British embassy in Paris,
also being assigned as a KGB operative then. British foreign office. On 10 June 1940
Maclean married in Paris, Melinda Marling an American. (Too secret too long.
Chapman Pincher 1984 US).
1940-41 In 1940 the French declared allegiance to the Nazi controlled Vichy
government, with France soon by Germany, the Vichy in 1941. (The secret history of
the American empire. John Perkins. 2007 US).
14 May 1941 3,600 Jews were arrested in Paris. (History place. Holocaust timeline).
26-28 August 1942 7,000 Jews were arrested in unoccupied France. (History place.
Holocaust timeline).
6 April 1944 Nazis raid a French home for Jewish children. (History place.
Holocaust timeline).
6 June 1944 More than 100,000 Allied troops and 30,000 vehicles landed on the
beach at Normandy France. 9,000 troops died during the landing. (The untold story of
the US. Oliver Stone (c)2012 US).

26 August 1944 Paris France had just been liberated after four years of German
occupation. (History Today. April 2013 UK).
13 Nov 1944 German spies shot in France. The Times London UK.
1945-1954 In France by 1954 industrial production was 50% more than in the last
year before World War II. The number of tractors on French farms rose from 25,000
in 1945 to more than 100,000 by 1949, the year when France stopped issuing food
ration coupons. (Cold war. 1993 M Walker).
November 1945 With 907,000 members in France by the end of 1945, the
Communists were the largest party in the country. (Cold war. 1993 M Walker).
3 May 1946 Colonel Dodderidge commander of the SSU station in Paris, Intel. (The
hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich 2001 UK).
May 1947 The French Communist party voted no confidence in the government of
PM Paul Ramadier, so he expelled their reps from his cabinet. In Sept 1947 the
French Communist leader was Jacques Duclos. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis
1997 US).
1950 Two Americans Morris and Lona Cohen disappeared from New York in 1950.
They were watched by the FBI for Communist Socialist association with the
Rosenbergs. They used false passports supplied in Paris France by a New Zealand
diplomat to enter the UK as the Krogers. The New Zealander was a Soviet agent
named Paddy Costello, who moved to the UK to become professor of Russian at
Manchester university. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher 1984 US).
7-9 Sept 1950 The French arrested and expelled 288 foreign Communists, para
military of the French Communist party. Its journal the Mundo Obrere. (The hidden
hand. Richard J Aldrich 2001 UK).
April 1956 Paris April 1956, the Soviets bugged the EUCOM HQ in Paris. Listening
devices were found in the EUCOM conference room, bugging. (The hidden hand.
Richard J Aldrich 2001 UK).
22 Oct 1956 Pierre Boursicot head of SDECE Paris and Operation Musketeer, to get
rid of Nasser in Egypt. UK and Israeli delegations flew to France. 28 Oct 1956 Israeli
forces were mobilised. The next day Israeli forces crossed the border into Egypt.
(Secret wars 2009 G Thomas US).
Nov 1958 Concern about atmospheric effects, Americans, Russians and British at a
meeting on testing in Nov 1958. Only the French, since then, had exploded a nuclear
bomb. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis 1997 US).
1959-63 In 1959, photocopies of top secret papers which were passed by a KGB
agent with access to NATO files. Arrest of Greorges Paques, the deputy press officer
working for NATO passing NATO documents to a Soviet embassy official in Paris,
tried and jailed. Paques entered NATO in 1962, after Golitsyn fled to the West.

Oct 1961 A Soviet delegation went to Paris to attend the Conference of the
International Oceanographic Commission. Among its members were two officers,
Rear Admiral Chekurov and Captain Ryzhkov. (Penkovsky papers 1965 P
1962-63 Golitsyns story about Sapphire a spy ring of about 12 agents in France.
KGB in the French intel services. NATO in Paris. SDECE and a KGB spy ring, KGB
agents in the French ministry of Defence, Foreign affairs, interiors. General de Gaule.
Al Ulmer was CIA station chief in Paris.
Aug 1962 De Gaulle of France, one assassination attempt in Aug 1962 when his car
was riddled with bullets, the general was unhurt. De Gaulle was the subject of six
assassination attempts. (Gods assassins 2009 G Baddeley P Woods UK).
June 1963 Jailed and exiled to France after the 1963 riots, Khomeini continued to
fuel Iranian dissent with sermons smuggled into Iran on audio cassette tapes.
(Americas wars 2003 Huchthausen).
Nov 1963 A 1967 CIA report said, at the very moment President Kennedy was shot,
a CIA officer was meeting with a Cuban agent in Paris France, giving him an
assassination device for use against Castro. (Bay of pigs. Howard Jones 2008 US).
1964 SDECE ties to the CIA just stopped in 1964. Normal relations just came to a
halt, because of the de Vosjoli affair and the way Angleton dealt with the French about
Golitsyn leads. The Sapphire allegations gathered dust, and no SDECE member was
ever found officially to be working for the KGB.
1968 France sold supersonic Mirage 5 fighters to the new military government in
Peru. (Arms bazaar 1977 Sampson).
Feb 1970 Frances Pompidou, under criticism from Israel, sold Mirages to Libya,
where colonels had seized power. Libya loaned some of the Mirages to Egypt. (Arms
bazaar 1977 Sampson).
23 June 1971 Attack on a Jordanian target in Paris. One person was arrested.
8 Dec 1972 Mohmoud Hamshan was killed by an exploding telephone in Paris.
1973 Banque Arabe et Internationale dinvestissment BAII. BAII was founded in
Paris in 1973 as a consortium bank, that is, an institution owned by several other
banks. Like BCCI, BAII was owned by a Luxembourg holding company but had its
HQ elsewhere. In BAIIs case it was in Paris. Place Vendonna. Bank of America was
the only major US bank to hold stock in BAII. Yves Lamarche was BAIIs longtime
chief executive. Lamarche had been a senior official of Bank of America and had
encouraged it to invest in Abedis bank BCCI. He then joined the BCCI board of
directors, remaining on the board after moving to BAII. BAAI acted as a front for
March 1973 Pakistan and Frances Saint Gobain Nucleaire signed a contract for the
basic design for a large reprocessing plant. (Spying on the bomb 2006 Richelson).

15 March 1973 Planned attack on Jordanian Israeli embassies in Paris. Four people
were arrested all released and expelled.
6 April 1973 Basil al-Kubaisi was shot in Paris.
28 June 1973 Mohammed Boudia was killed in a car bomb in Paris.
5 Sept 1973 The Saudi Arabian embassy was attacked. Five attackers were allowed
to fly to Kuwait with six hostages. The attackers were handed over to PLO on 11 Sept
Sept 1974 French embassy Hague takeover.
13 Jan 1975 Paris bazooka attack wounded three people.
19 Jan 1975 Arab terrorists attacked Orly airport in Paris. Ten hostages were taken.
The French gave the terrorists a plane to fly them to safety in Baghdad Iraq.
19 Jan 1975 Paris pistol grenade attack wounded 21 people.
27 June 1976 Air Force airbus Entebbe hijack in which four people were killed.
Aug 1977 A month after Pakistans Bhutto was ousted by his military, the French
suspended deliveries for the SGN reprocessing plant. Due to US disclosure to French
officials of Pakistans nuclear plans. (Spying on the bomb 2006 Richelson).
20 May 1978 Machine gun attack in Paris. Two people were killed and five injured.
June 1978 Production of weapons grade plutonium. The SGN contract was
terminated, but 95% of the blueprints for the reprocessing plant were already provided
to Pakistan. By the time France backed out of the Chashma contract Pakistan was also
pursuing the uranium enrichment path to the bomb. (Spying on the bomb 2006
1979 The Marseilles mafia, the truth behind the world of drug trafficking. Pierre
Galante Louis Sapin WH Allen publisher.
1979 New Zealander Yvonne Crossley was shot dead in France in 1979 with her six
year old daughter. Mr Asia linked. (Law breakers mischief .2009 Bronwyn Sell)
Feb 1979 Khomeini returned to Iran from exile in France. (Americas wars 2003
June 1979 The French ambassador and embassy first secretary visited Kahuta area
Pakistan. The road was blocked by two vehicles. Six Pakistanis pulled the diplomats
from their car and beat them up. Pakistan ordered the attack to frighten people away
from the nuclear facility. (Spying on the bomb 2006 Richelson).

1980 Attempted assassination of former Iranian PM Shahpour Bakhtiar in Paris. The
would be assassin Anis Naccache was a leftist and recent convert to Islam.
12 June 1980 Paris locker explosion.
1982 Paris, machine gun attack, two people were killed.
April 1982 SDECE was changed to DGSE by Mitterand.
1983 France had ceased arms sales to Libya and assisted Chad in repelling a Libyan
invasion. (Americas wars 2003 P Huchthausen).
15 July 1983 Paris, suitcase explosion, seven people were killed and 56 injured.
1984 Records of the BCCI Paris branch for 1984 show substantial deposits from the
central banks of Mauritania, Togo and Tunisia.
18 Jan 1984 Air France explosion.
8 Feb 1984 The ambassador of UAE was shot dead in Paris.
1986 Mugniyeh was leaving Charles de Gaulle airport after several days of secret
talks with the French government. The CIA gave a copy of the passport he was using,
but the French declined to stop him. The US had seen Mughniyeh on an international
flight and sought to have him arrested.
1986 France refused to detain Mugniyah.
3 Feb 1986 Paris Champs Elysees bomb in which eight people were wounded.
3 Feb 1986 Paris Eiffel tower bomb was diffused.
4 Feb 1986 Paris bookstore bomb.
5 Feb 1986 Paris Forum des Halles bomb.
6 Feb 1986 80 bomb scares.
20 March 1986 Paris Champs Elysee bomb two people were killed and 28 wounded.
1989 For a detailed account of the Peregrini see Yann le Bohec LArmee Romaine
sous le Haut Empire (Editors Picard Paris 1989).
1990 John W Young. France the cold war and the western alliance 1944-49. French
foreign policy and post war Europe. Leister uni press.
1990 Banque Arabe el Internationale dInvestissement BAII, the consortium bank in
Paris, had long had close ties to BCCI, Yves Lamarche. BAII played a role in some of
BCCIs schemes, lending $50 million to finance the takeover of First American and
providing funds for Pharaon to buy Independence bank in Los Angeles, in both

transactions BAII fronted for BCCI. In summer 1990 BAII was taken over by Banque
Nationale de Paris at a cost of 600 million francs, more than $100 million.
Nov 1990 The Pan European Summit in Paris formally ended the cold war. (Cold
war 1993 M Waller).
1993 Arlette Farge. Fragile lives. Violence, power and solidarity in eighteenth
century Paris. Cabndie.
Dec 1994 Bombings of the Paris metro later in 1994 were traced to Algerians
trained in Afghan camps. In Dec 1994 four Algerian terrorists from the Armed Islamic
group hijacked an Air France jet. They planned to fly to Paris and slam the plane into
the Eiffel tower. French authorities diverted them to Marseilles where all four were
shot dead by French commandos. (Ghost wars 2004 Steve Coll).
24 Dec 1994 Air France hijacking. Members of the Armed Islamic Group seized an
Air France flight to Algeria. The four terrorists were killed during a rescue effort.
1995 Directorate Generale de la Securite Exterieure DGSE successor agency to
Serviuce de Documentation exterieure et de Contre espionage SDECE. Groupement
de Communications Radioelectriques GCR communicatons intelligence. Direction du
Renseignements militaries DRM successor agency to the Deuxieme Bureau of the
French General staff military intelligence. Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire
DST counter intelligence. (Espionage 1995 E Volkman.
27 July 1995 Paris bomb killed seven people.
May 1996 Meeting of the Saudi billionaires at the hotel Monceau in Paris to decide
who would pay for bin Ladens operations and how much. Saudi financing of bin
Ladens network. (Modern Jihad 2003 Napoleoni).
1 Aug 1996 Bombing of archbishop of Oran. A bomb exploded at the home of the
French archbishop of Oran killing him and his chauffeur. The attack happened after
the archbishops meeting with the French foreign minister. The Algerian Armed
Islamic Group GIA was suspected.
3 Dec 1996 Paris subway explosion. A bomb exploded aboard a Paris subway train
as it arrived at the Port Royal station, killing two French nationals, a Moroccan and a
Canadian. Injured 86 people. Among those injured were one US citizen and a
Canadian. No one claimed responsibility for the attack but Algerian extremists were
1998 Hugh Gough. The newspaper press in the French revolution. Routledge.
(History today. Feb 2014 p17).
1998 Through Arab banking corp bin Laden speculated on the French stock market
in shares, including stock from BNP and Societe Generale netting $20 million profit.
2000 The history of France. W Scott Haire. Google books.

18 Sept 2001 La Grande discretion des banques islamiques Le Monde. Marc Roche.
July 2003 There are 11,285 names engraved on the monument in France, they are
Canadian missing, the soldiers who died in France and have no known graves. First
world war. (Practical family history. July 2003 p40-41).
20 Feb 2004 FBIS According to the French counter intel al-Qaeda recruited in
France between 35,000 and 45,000 men and was organising them in military units.
They met regularly for training in the use of weapons and explosives, combat tactics
and indoctrination and were controlled from local and district command centres.
Under the organisation national French command.
19 Oct 2004 Police found ETA arms in France. Officers seized 25 kilograms (55
pounds) of dynamite 188 guns, 30 homemade mortars and 90,000 rounds of
15 Nov 2006 Paris skyscraper evacuated after bomb alert.
2008 The hunt for Nazi spies, fighting espionage in Vichy France. Simon Kitson.
Chicago uni press. Worldcat Database.
12 Oct 2012 The Telegraph. Marseille police, crime, corruption and cover up of the
highest level by Henry Samuel.
2013 Many parts of Europe also suffered severe flooding in 2013. Hailstorms in
Germany and France. (The Economist. March April 2014).
22 Sept 2013 Newstalk ZB NZ. French police seized 1.3 tonnes of cocaine. AAP.
Air France flight originated in Caracus, the Venezualan capital.
1 July 2014 TVNZ One news AP. A French bank was fined $9 billion for violations
BNP Paribas. Clients in Sudan, violated US trade sanctions Sudan, Cuba and Iran. US
Justice dept.
5 Aug 2014 Paris officer held in police HQ drug theft. 3 news NZ AFP. 52kg of
cocaine from Paris HQ, a drug squads officer suspect, worth 2 million.
10 Aug 2014 Decan chronicle. Surplus supermarket food may go to the poor, unsold
good food may go to charity. French MPs in Paris.
5 Sept 2014 Frontpage. Socialist President of France is a leftist who hates the poor.
Daniel Greenfield.