Artist: William D. Thayer WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN A painting of Whitefa e Mo!ntain" in northern Ne# $or% &tate.

Heart of the A'iron'a % Mo!ntains" a (ision of )ea!ty to appre iate. The artist in this painting 'isplays t#o #orl's to )e (ie#e'. A #orl' of olorf!l nat!re" a sno#y*i y fa e" not one #orl' )!t t#o. +ife in nat!re is )ea!tif!l an' 'ramati " it tr!ly is profo!n'. As this painting,s story sho#s the )ea!ty of nat!re is all aro!n'. The interpretation of it,s )ea!ty is left to the artist an' his to! h. We see this artist (ision of )ea!ty thro!gh his gift he lo(es so m! h. A!thor: Timothy -. Thayer ./0.102.3.

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