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‘The first day of schooling in
Limpopo a success’
Limpopo Education says a sample of 50 Schools was visited on the first day of the school year on
Wednesday to monitor and also to boost the morale of both teachers and learners.
The Premier of Limpopo, Stan Mathabatha and the MEC for Education, Ishmael Kgetjepe visited Dendron High School in Capricorn. This is one of the best performing schools in the Province.
Learning and teaching started on this day in all the 4060 schools.
Schools received learning material towards the end of last year making all schools ready for learning
and teaching from today. More than 15 000 grade 1 learners were admitted in different schools around the
Province. Last year, the Province registered a total of 1 749 195 learners.

No bus, no school?

Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad

15 January 2016


Meanwhile, while the Education Department
in Limpopo is sure of it that everything went
smoothly, transport arrangements for a large
number of learners in a far-flung corner of Sekukhune were not in place, and by the time of
going to press yesterday, still did not go to school
while the Department was ‘sorting the problem
out’. This group from Majaditshukudu village between Burgersfort and Ohrigstad returned home
when they heard that their bus to Maepa Primary
School was not on its way ...

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0865549031 / 013 231 7147



15 JANUARY 2016


Construction & Donation of Burgersfort Market Stalls

AlleviaƟng unemployment
by creaƟng opportuniƟes
On 11 December 2015, Dwarsrivier Mine officially handed 40 market
stalls they’ve constructed to the Greater Tubatse Municipality and
Greater Tubatse Hawkers Associa on.
Burgersfort has been in dire need of proper hawker trading facili es
and the stalls donated by Dwarsrivier Mine will help alleviate the
The stalls were constructed next to Burgersfort Clinic in Extension
10 and their hand-over was marked by large scale celebra ons. A
short formal func on took place
at the Greater Tubatse Council
Chambers before representa ves
from the Municipality, Dwarsrivier
Mine and the Hawkers Associa on visited the stalls. There a
performance that
included celebratory
songs and dancing
by local hawkers
belonging to the
Tubatse Hawkers
Associa on kicked
the programme off.
Before three ribbons
were cut, a prayer
and excerpt from
the Bible were read
to ask for the Lord’s
blessing on the stalls
and those who will
be trading in them.
Ribbons were cut
by Mr. Rian Burger,
General Manager
of Dwarsrivier
Mine, Mr. Samson
Maphanga the
Chairman of the
Tubatse Hawkers
Associa on and the
Ward Councillor, Mr.
Mr. Rian Burger
said: “A mine can
only employ so
many people while
they remain a viable
opera on, but
through projects
like the market
stalls Dwarsrivier
Mine hopes to make
a difference. You are
business people and
we hope that you

will make good use of the stalls and in turn be able to employ another
person or two. In this way we are able to grow the economy and make a
difference in people’s lives while erasing unemployment”.
The stalls are just one of the many projects in which Mr. Remember
Mmbengwa and his team are busy making a difference in local communi es.
The Hawkers Associa on and Greater Tubatse Municipality praised
Dwarsrivier for their commitment towards community development.
They thanked them and appealed to the hawkers who will be trading
from the stalls to look a er them.
A er a short inspec on of the stalls a hearty meal prepared by local
caterers was served.
The Municipality will be alloca ng the stalls to registered hawkers on
their data base.

15 JANUARIE 2016



Very difficult at
Moeijelijk Mine Bauba
Platinum takes
drastic step

Genesis 9 :12 -13 NIV
12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you
and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have
set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and
the earth.

Bauba Platinum has decided to put it’s chrome mine at Moeijelijk
Mine between Burgersfort and Polokwane under care and maintenance because of the global fall in commodity prices and downturn in
After the first blast at the mine in March last year the company
said: “This first blast represents a significant milestone for Bauba.
said Bauba “It truly announcesthe transformation of Bauba from a
pure platinum exploration company to an exploration and production
company. The chrome production will further ensure that funding
becomes available to support the platinum exploration program and
place the company in a position to declare dividends to its shareholders.”
In a Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) announcement, the
company now says: “The last quarter of 2015 saw the market price
of chrome-ore experience severe pressure with the price dropping
from $175 to $120 per tonne. The adverse changes in the chromeore market, specifically those pertaining to price, have resulted in the
Company’s chrome project becoming financially unviable at present.
As a result thereof, the board of directors of Bauba has decided
to cease current operations and place the Moeijelijk Mine under
care-and-maintenance with effect from 11 January 2016. The Moeijelijk Mine shall remain under care-and-maintenance until chrome-ore
prices recover and increase to levels sufficient to justify the continuation of mining operations again”.



15 JANUARY 2016



NUM says:

We are the branch leadership of the national union of mine workers organising at ASA
metals Dilokong chrome mine, based at North east region. The company is situated 125
km from Polokwane and 35 km from Burgersfort.
As the union we have an obligation to see to it that the company complies in terms of
health and safety, labour law and that the employees who are members are not exploited.
We would like to make a submission based on the allegations levelled against us by the
company (ASA metals/ Dilokong chrome mine) against the national union of mine workers
in their press release when they said; we quote “the company is forced into a restructuring
process which will cause a significant reduction in its operation including the number of
employees. This is as result of continued work stoppage as a result of community unrest,
general militant union behaviour by NUM, which resulted into an unprotected strike since
29 October 2015 till to date, and numerous section 54 instructions issued by the DMR,
which resulted in more than 15% production losses for 2015. The events have severely
impacted the production volumes and profitability and further aggravated by the continued
decline in world chrome market activity, we close quote).
As the union (national union of mine workers) we would like to submit that, a year has 365
days in which 264 are counted as working days per annum. Therefore the allegations in
terms of the community unrest are not legitimate based on the following reasons:
The community unrest only happened once, on the 29 January 2015, so it’s our
view that one day cannot cause a retrenchment contributing impact.
Coming to the allegations against DMR ,as a union we believe that DMR is the
custodian of compliance in terms health and safety issues and they (DMR) conduct audits
on the company set standards ,then if the company fails to comply with its own set standards ,obviously the health and safety of their employees is compromised and exposed
,as a result the DMR will issue a section 54 instruction and those exposed employees
happen to be our the company should refrain from blaming the government
and learn blame itself for non-compliance. Furthermore, the section 54s that were issued
was not even more than five, so the allegation lacks substance.
The Allegations levelled against NUM a pure propaganda as are baseless and misleading
based on the following reasons:
Employees embarked on a sit in on Friday the 23 October 2015 and came out
at 01:45 on Tuesday the 27 October 2015. Therefore as NUM we would like to place it
on record that we find it difficult that the sit in contributed to production loss. The shaft’s
mining production operation only runs 5 days a week ,which is from Monday to Friday
,therefore there are only 2 lost shifts ,which is Friday 23 October 2015 and Monday the
26 October 2015,so 2 days of production loss cannot bring the company down ,considering the many months of production targets achievement ,which has been confirmed
several times by the same company management. So for the 2 days of production loss
the company made such allegation which is a drop in the ocean, which cannot warrant a
retrenchment on the basis of production loss.
We strongly view that the company management failed dismally to manage the
business ,particularly the CEO at his position as the senior strategic personnel he was
supposed to apply strategies that will turn the operation to be profitable and increase
production volumes ,but he failed ,instead he brought an old and retired pensioner by the
name of Denzel Blignaut who doesn’t have a clue in terms of HR principles and that has
resulted into a sour relationship between national union of mine workers and ASA metals
Dilokong ,as a company.
We would also like to dismiss the allegation that says we are on a strike since the 29 October 2015 till to date.
That allegations lack substance, misplaced, misleading and constitute a grave contradiction from the submissions that the company has placed on record .the national union of
mine workers in not on strike, the company has decided to apply an unlawful lock out by
locking out all NUM members from its premises. Lastly we are dealing with those issues as
a union

15 JANUARIE 2016



Winning at A1
Food Store

Tubatse SAPS
traces stolen
The Tubatse SAPS arrested a 20-year old man for possession of a suspected stolen vehicle on 12 January 2016.
The SAPS received information about a suspected stolen
vehicle at Bothashoek village. When they arrived at the
village they discovered that it was a vehicle reported stolen
in Burgersfort. The SAPS confiscated the vehicle and took
it to the police station. The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s court on 13 January 2015 and was not
granted bail. He will appear in court again on 20 January
(Information & photographs: Const.
Mvundlela S.J Tubatse SAPS)

Former SANDF
Member arrested
A former SANDF member who was on
the run from a case in connection with
unlicensed firearms handed himself over to
the Tubatse SAPS on Monday.
On 11 September last year the SAPS followed a tip-off about the suspect who was
seen with a SANDF uniform and firearms.
The SAPS confiscated the uniform, R4
rifle, pump gun and live ammunition. The
docket remained under investigation.
The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer
Magistrate’s Court on 13 January 2016
on charges of possession of unlicensed
firearms and possession of ammunition.
Bail was denied and he will appear in court
again on 18 January.
The suspect was also charged for business robbery. This incident occurred in
February last year in Taung. Items such as
cash and airtime was taken during the robbery. (Information & photographs: Const.
Mvundlela S.J Tubatse SAPS)

Tubatse SAPS recovers stolen items
On Tuesday 12 January 2016, the Tubatse Police
arrested two men (both 22 years old) in connection with
possession of suspected stolen property and a burglary
Their arrest came after a crime that occurred in Ga
Mashamothane between 18 December 2015 and 10
January 2016. The complainant allege that a house was
broken into while she was away from the house and
items such as her fridge, television, DVD player and
kettle were stolen.
The case was reported to the Tubatse police on 11
January 2016. The SAPS investigated and with the
assistance of the complainant followed information about
the suspects at Ga Mashamothane. They managed
to arrest two suspects and recover some of the stolen
items such as a television, DVD player and speakers.

Some of the items the Tubatse SAPS recovered.

The suspects appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate`s
court on charges of possession of suspected stolen properties and burglary at residential premises and they were
not granted bail. Their case was postponed to 20 January
* On Saturday 9 January 2016, a 19-year old African male
was arrested by the Tubatse Police for a rape case.
On 25 December 2015 a 47-year old woman’s daughter
was allegedly raped at Taung Village. The case was reported to the police on 8 January 2016 and the suspect was
arrested the following day.
The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate`s court
on 11 January 2016 and he was not granted bail. His case
was postponed to 18 January 2016.
(Information & photographs: Const.
Mvundlela S.J Tubatse SAPS)

Mr Nicholas Nkoane was the lucky winner of a Hisense Fridge
during the A1 Food Store’s December competition. He was very
excited about this surprise just before Christmas.
Customers had to spend
R300 or more to enter
the competition in which
they were able to win
the fridge, a tablet or
cell phone. They were
able to enter as many
times as they like with
separate till slips.
Mr Elmon Masinga (left)
was the lucky winner of
the tablet.

Ms Paulinah
Mohlala was
the lucky winner of the cell
phone in this
Look out for
some more
exciting competitions during



15 JANUARY 2016

Your thoughts on a three tier
Schools started again this week and thousands of grade 1 pupils embarked on their
12-year formal schooling career. Statistics
are however not in their favour. Current
statistics show that only about 32% of those
who started school on Wednesday will finish
matric within 12 years.
Many will drop out or not pass and take
longer to complete school. To address this
problem the Department of Education plans
a new three-tiered school system. They hope
that this will assist about 60% of pupils to
obtain a technical qualification during their
school years.
The three streams of schooling will be
academic, technical vocational and technical
occupations. Learners will be guided towards
a specific stream according to their strengths
and weaknesses.
According to Mathanzimea Mweli, director
general of the department the plan is due to
be implemented from 2017 and will first be
a pilot project in 58 schools. He said: “As
part of the technical occupational stream, we
will introduce 26 subjects, which will include
spray-painting, panel-beating, hairdressing,
woodwork, glasswork, glazing, welding,
upholstery, husbandry (farming) and many
more”. He added that immigrants run many
successful hair salons and that there is a
need for South Africans to take their place in
the market.
The technical vocational stream will put
the spotlight on gearing students to become
artisans in certain trades such as electrical,
mechanical and civil engineering. Each of
these will have three core subjects. It is
hoped that this plan will address the shortage
of skilled artisans in the country. The national
development plan aims to have 30 000 qualified artisans by 2030.
The academic stream would be equivalent to the current matric programme. This
programme is seen as one that creates a
wider range of employment opportunities for
students performing well.
He lamented the decision taken in 1994
to reduce the number of technical schools
and the reduction of their subjects from 16
to 4. “Many things have been tried. Some of
which have taken us backwards”.
Platinum Gazette asked readers what
they think about he suggested changes.

Mnr. Rudolf Lingenfelder sê: “Dit sal beter
wees as die kinders leer werk met hul eie
hande. Dan staan hulle dalk ‘n kans om iets
te maak uit niks. Die ander kant is ook dat
praktiese rigtings leer ‘n mens ongelukkig nie
altyd alles nie”.

Mr Kgaogelo Makobeng said: “It is a major
opportunity that can help. They must do this.
Most children are stuck on Maths but are
good when it comes to using their hands. It
is a great plan. We must face this life with
different solutions”.

Mr Henry Tau said: “The only problem with
this plan is that there is a group of people in
our society that looks down of the acquisition
of skills. It is thought that academic qualifications are superior. We are not all academically inclined. It is a necessary approach
government wants to take to level the playing
field. To diversify into hands-on skills orientated jobs will decrease frustration. We need
to change our attitude and not look down on
certain jobs. It could address unemployment
and decrease conflict”.

Mr Westy Lekubu said: “It will address the
current challenges. It is a good plan. Most
students will then pass with flying colours”.

Ms Mahlogonolo Mphahlela and Ms Charlotte Muntsoane said: “When it comes to calculations, some people don’t have a clue, but they must work hard to get matric. Government
should rather after matric offer free courses in things like sewing, hairdressing etc.”.

Ms Beauty Makofane said: “It will help the learners if they do this. It is a good idea. It is important that they are able to work for themselves”. With her is Rebecca.

Me. Suzette Ludick, Me. Petro Payne en Mnr. Henry Payne sê: “Dit is ‘n goeie ding. Hoeveel
kinders kry nie werk nie want hulle het nie ervaring nie? Almal het nie dieselfde talente nie.
Vir beter dissipline in skole behoort hulle kadette weer terug te bring in die skole. Dit kan die
kinders wat ‘n loopbaan in die polisie en weermag oorweeg help. Dis ‘n goeie plan hierdie,
maar hulle moet dit landswyd en ook in ons plaaslike skole doen”.

15 JANUARIE 2016



education system for SA?

Mnr. Viberd Robinson en Mnr. John Solomons sê: “Dit hang af van of jy wil werk of nie. Baie
kinders wil nie gaan leer nie. Mense soek die easy way out. Ons het klaar tegniese skole en
die government moet onthou ons het ook brilliant mense wat pen pushers kan word wat nodig
is. Hulle moet eers die drugs en mense se huislike omstandighede uit-sort voor die skole
beter sal gaan. Baie keer is swart mense ook meer gewillig as ons bruin mense om te leer.
Affirmative action is ook ‘n problem. Mense sonder papiere kry werk oor hul velkleur reg is”.

Mnr. Jean O’Neill sê: “Dit kan goed wees,
maar baie plekke gaan steeds ervaring soek.
Baie mense kry nie werk nie al het hulle
‘n kwalifikasie want die werkgewers soek
ondervinding. Veral wit mense sukkel omdat
voorkeur deur regstellende aksie aan ander
groepe gegee word”.
Left: Mr Jonas Magarine
said: “It is a good idea. It
won’t reduce unemployment, but now they will
be able to open their own
businesses and that is
better. It should be in all
schools. People should
also not just shout at
government that they want
jobs. Everyone cannot be
civil servants. They must
do something for themselves. This will be a better
approach. Especially black
people should get access
to that new system”.

Mr Joël Mokwena said: “It will help. Now
there are no jobs and this will help the
children to get a better future. They should
implement it in all schools. All children have

Mnr. André Botha sê: “Dis ‘n goeie ding om ‘n
ambag of skill agter jou naam te hê. Werkskeppingsgeleenthede, meer as net om ‘n
skill te bekom, behoort aandag te kry. Mense
worry meer oor jobs as werk – hulle wil ‘n
job hê, maar nie self werk nie. Daar is meer
voordele as nadele aan hierdie plan van die
regering, maar mense se werksetiek sal moet

Left: Mr Surprise Malapane said: “If we can
have people with skills it
will help because it will
address unemployment.
The problem is that
government just promises
these changes because
it is an election year. We
will have to wait and see
if they really introduce this
and how it will help”.

Mr Vincent Mzimba said: “It won’t reduce anything because the
economy is going down the drain. All the changes Zuma did with the
Finance Minister pushed the economy down the drain. Look at what
our rand is now valued compared to the dollar. People cannot get employment when the economy is killing the jobs there are. Government
is just saying anything now because of the election coming this year.
This plan will not help”. With him is Me. Suzan Mzimba with Kgodiso
and Michelle.
Left: Mr Lucas
Obua Mokwena said: “It is a
good plan. Some
children cannot
read and write,
but they have
skills. To help
them develop it
is a good thing
because they will
be able to earn
money with those

Left: Mr Aubrey Molekane said: “Right now
we do have people with
skills, but they don’t have
certificates. Look at the
many hair salons. What
about these people who
have existing businesses?
Will they suffer because
learners get the skills and
certificates in school?”
Mr Amos Mabuza said: “We do have
many artisans who don’t have work.
I don’t know how government will
establish businesses that will be
able to employ these young people.
It is however good to equip learners
with skills because it will make them
marketable. People with skills are
not working at the moment so I think
they must first sort out the economy
before flooding the market with more
skilled people. The question is who
will employ these people if the economy killed all the businesses?”

Ms Josephine Mashile said: “It will help the
kids to have skills. It will be easier for them
to find jobs. It must be implemented in all

Me. Max Sawyer sê: “Dit gaan werk. Dit
gee vir hulle experience want hulle sal selfs
sonder matriek by ‘n werk kan instap omdat
hulle praktiese ervaring sal hê. Teorie word
nie altyd in die praktyk gebruik nie”.


15 JANUARY 2016


Top achiever shows 91,56% is possible
On Friday 8 January 2016 the Sekhukhune
District honoured the top 2015 matric achievers in the area.
The function took place at Jane Furse in the
Makhudathamaga Local Municipality.
The district had slightly decline in total pass
rate from 63,9% to 55%. A total of 21 531
learners wrote matric in the district in 2015.
Of these 11 843 passed and 9 688 failed.
“We are all keen to improve education of the
African child because we know that it is only
education that provides tools to people to

solve our problems. This is a responsibility
we must take very seriously if indeed our
agenda is to leave behind a lasting legacy of
change and quality education that our people
can be proud of. It is in this regard that we
must improve on our processes every year
for us to build a strong culture of service and
dedication to the people we serve,” said SDM
Executive Mayor Mogobo David Magabe. .
“We know that education is a fundamental
human right and is a right that we must all
take seriously if we are to successfully push

back the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment and ultimately provide
the economic emancipation to our people.
As we will be embarking on the Back-toSchool campaign we will be taking
cue of the messages handed to
us by Premier Chupu Mathabatha
that communities must not use
their genuine service delivery and
other concerns to destroy and
disturb education system.
In heeding the Premier’s call for
incident free schooling in 2016
we will meet with all community
leadership structures to ensure
that these incidences are avoided”
Magabe added.
Lentsoane Ramakgwale Mahlogonolo (18) from St Marks was the
top achiever in the district. He
received an average of 91,56%.
His subjects were: Sepedi Home
Language (86%), English First
Additional Language (87%), Mathematics (100%), Life Orientation
(90%), Acounting (91%), Economics (90%) and Physical Science

(Photographs and information: Sekhukhune
District Municipality Communications Unit)


Lentsoane Ramakgwale Mahlogonolo with Executive Mayor Magabe and Makhudathamaga’s
Mayor Cllr. Makeya Alfred Matlala.

Time for supplementary exams approaching
The 2016 National Certificate Supplementary
Examination is scheduled to be written from
Wednesday 10 February to Thursday the
18th March 2016. Writing starts with Computer Application which will be written in the
Music Comprehension and Mechanical
Technology will be written on the last day.
Marking is expected to be done during the
coming holidays. It is anticipated that learners
will receive the results on the 29th April 2016.
On the other hand, the Department of Education is receiving many calls from learners

who could not apply for further learning
during 2015 who now are desperate to get
to accepted at colleges but do not know if
such institutions are authorised to offer such
services. The Department urges all learners
intending to apply in institutions of higher
learning to start by verifying status of such
institutions. To verify, prospective students
may call the following numbers:
Department of Education: 012 312 5193
012 312 5698
012 349 1510
0800 87 22 22

This photograph was taken during the festive season at one of the local filling stations.
The officials were inside the shop buying food at the time. It should be noted that
more than one alternative parking space was available.

Not disabled...

Pushing forward in traffic
ruled again
at the start
of the year.
use the left
turn lane as
an avenue
from which
to simply
push into
traffic aiming straight
in Dirk
Road. Often
are on duty
here, but
they don’t
seem to do
about this

This week however officials were caught on camera doing a sterling job. They fined a
driver who simply stopped in the slipway at Dirk Winterbach Street to drop off passengers. They’ve also been active at the Tubatse Crossing Mall traffic light - pulling over
motorists who simply drive over the red light. Hopefully they’ll expand their reach to
the rest of town where obeying rules often seem optional (See photograph left.)

15 JANUARIE 2016



For thousands of
children it was back
to school this week. A
large group of first timers also took their first
steps towards obtaining
a formal education.
Platinum Gazette
captured some of the
moments at a few of the

Laerskool Ohrigstad spog met die grootste Graad 1 klas in die skool se geskiedenis van meer as 100 jaar. Ongelukkig
het ‘n paar hul eerste dag misgeloop weens die busvervoer wat nie opgedaag het nie.
Right: Starting Grade R
at Laerskool Ohrigstad.

Regs: Kosblikke vol liefde was baie belangrik
op dié eerste skooldag.
Left: At
the English
Grade R
Class was
ready to
start the
year with
song and

At Laerskool Burgersfort a tear of two
could be seen but the new learners were
mostly smiles on their first day.

New classrooms are under construction at Itirele Primary School in Praktiseer. While the children wait
for the classrooms to be finished all 110 of them are being accommodated in the temporary classrooms at the school. The school had received their feeding scheme food supplies on time to make
sure no child goes home hungry.


15 JANUARY 2016


Klein Advertensies • Smalls
Place your small advertisement via e-mail or fax or contact Beánnla Celliers on 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031

1.Sport Klubs /Sport
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
5. Troeteldiere/Pets
6. Persoonlik/Personal
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous
8. Finansies/Financial
9. Te Huur/To Rent
10. Te Koop/For sale

2. Betrekking/
Sales Rep Required
For Lydenburg &
Burgersfort Area
• Permanent position
• Commission based
• Must be fluent in
Sepedi & English.
• Credit management / debt collecting
experience will be an
• CV can be submitted at our Lydenburg
office – 52 Church
Street or by e-mail:
GMC Debt Solutions
Adress: 52 Kerk Str,
Tel: 082 924 9292

9. Te Huur/
For Rent
Lang en kort termyn
verblyf beskikbaar
op plaas 10km buite
Burgersfort op Lydenburg pad.
Kontak Miena op
082-960-3689 of
(013) 231-7899.
Two bedroom houses available from
R4500 to R5500.
(Full time security).
Three bedroom
house available from
R6000 to R7000,
Aloe Ridge East and
Aloe Ridge West.
Viewing available
after hours.
Please call on 082
578 6113.

10. Te Koop/
For Sale
Aluminium African
Outback Canopy for
Toyota Hi-Lux DC for
sale. R13 500. Original Venter Camper
Trailer for sale.
R6 500.
Contact Mike:
082 357 1954
Aluminium African
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Toyota Hi-Lux DC te
koop. R13 500.
Oorspronklike Venter
Camper Waentjie te
koop. R6 500.

Contact Mike:
082 357 1954
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en skoon R10 000.00
Agt kantige Gazebo
volledig R300.00
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Oliebord Sweismasjien met helmet en
kabels R700.00
2 Volledige Rope
winches volledig @
R500 elk
Alle pryse is onderhandelbaar. Kontak
Pieter Greyling by

advertising to save
money is like
stopping your
watch to save
– Henry Ford

In the matter between MRS NTJEDI
(Execution Creditor)
MASHISHI (Execution
in terms of judgement
granted on 2015-0908, in the Magistrate’s
Court and a Warrant
of Execution issued
thereafter, a sale in
execution of the undermentioned goods
will be held at MAGISTRATES COURT,
29/01/2016 AT 10:00
AM, consisting of:
NO. BWJ 129 L
R80 000
To the highest bidder.
DATED at BURGERSFORT on 10 December 2015.
Execution Creditor’s
Industry Road, BURGERSFORT, 1150,
PO Box 555, BURGERSFORT. Tel: 013
231 8497; Fax; 013
231 8479; E-mail:
Address of Execution

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15 JANUARIE 2016



First timers

Bo, links en regs: Steelpoort Akadmie
se Graad R leerders het vinnig maats
gemaak en teen pouse heerlik saam
Left: First steps into a big world.
This photograph was taken at Calvin
College on Wednesday morning as a
father walked his daughter to her class
to start Grade R.

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Above: Proud parents were
putting on brave smiles
while dropping off their children for Grade R at Calvin

Day one at Itirele Primary
School in Praktiseer saw
school supplies being sorted out and a sigh of relief
that the feeding scheme
supplies were delivered on


15 JANUARY 2016

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Competing for the top spot
An annual soccer tournament organised by
Mr Mampa and his team ended on Sunday
last week.
Evergreen F.C. and Maruping
Ditweleba played in the final.
Evergreen won 2-1.
The games took place near
Twickenham Platinum Mine
and was well supported by
amongst others some older soccer enthusiasts Sox
Thobejane, Nkwane Thobejane, Tata Matsemela, Koma
Bauba and Solly Thobejane.
They are all between the ages
of 65 and 75.
Prize money of up to R200
000 was at stake in this
tournament. Mohlala from
Ntshwaneng Tjate City Rovers
was the leading goal scorer
with 7 goals. Ishmael Sekiti
was named the Player of
the Tournament. He is from
Maruping (Ditweleba).
The third position was taken

by Magadimane Kings. (Information & photographs: Abram Mampa).