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This is file is used for everything related to weapons. In short, it...

... defines weapon materials
... defines weapon types
... links the defined weapon types and materials to the actual in-game weapons
If you want to alter a weapon's damage, speed, reach, or its meltdown behaviour,
or the perk you need to temper it, this is the correct place.

Weapons.xml has five sections:
Let's start with weapon_settings.
appendTypeToName: Either "true" or "false". If "true", and if a weapon's display
ed name does not already contain its type (for example, "Ebony Blade" does not
yet contain "Nodachi"), the weapon type gets appended to the name.
The rest are variables used in the weapon damage formula. For example, the damag
e of a weapon categorized as "light weapon" is calculated the following way:
(baseDamageLightWeaponry + damageBase (from linked weapon_type) + damageModifier
(from linked weapon_material)) * damageFactorLightWeaponry
--weapon_types define how different weapon types behave. An example entry looks li
ke this:
<identifier>Bastard Sword</identifier>

More complex values mean that a weapon has multiple classes. I usually went with a sum of 4 for regular light weapons. influen ces perk support. also influenced by material critDamageFactor: this * calculated weapon damage = critical damage meltdownOutput: If you melt this down. also influenced by material speedBase: Weapon speed. HALBERD. TWO. SCIMITAR. Valid values are: DAGGER. PIERCING for stuff like spears . THREE debuffTier: A higher tier means stronger debuffs per hit Valid values: ZERO. BLADE. ONE. MAUL.identifier: This is an identifier string used to reference a weapon type. WARHAMMER. PARTISAN. BASTARDSWORD. BLADE _PIERCING. FIST damageBase: Determines weapon damage. Valid values: ZERO. LONGSWORD.. THREE staggerTier: A higher tier means the weapon can stagger in shorter intervals Valid values: ZERO. together with the weapons material and a f actor defined in the general weapon settings reachBase: Weapon reach.or bow s. TWO. PIERCING. W two types with the same identifier. HATCHET. TANTO. TWO. ALL BLUNT for blunt stuff. BATTLESTAFF. stuff should stay balanced . BLADE for blades. THREE With those "tiers". NODACHI. It sho uld be unique . ARMINGSWORD. baseWeaponType: The TNBT base weapon type this weapon type is mapped to. SHORTSPEAR. SABRE. LONGMACE. BLUNT_PIERCING. weaponClass: A more generic weapon descriptor Valid values: BLUNT. BATTLEAXE. ONE. 3 for dagger/tanto. SHORTSWORD. ONE. GREATSWORD. LONGBOW. WA RAXE. BLUNT_BLADE. MACE. . NONE. These entries are simple: <weapon_type_binding> <substringWeapon>Dawnbreaker</substringWeapon> <identifierType>Longsword</identifierType> </weapon_type_binding> . this is the number of resources you get meltdownInput: This is the number of weapons you need to melt down in one swoop to get something bleedTier: A higher tier means more bleeding damage per hit. If you go by that. CROSSBOW. SHORTBOW. weak weapon that gets a horrendous amount of bleeding and debuffs. --weapon_type_binding entries link the in-game weapons to the types you defined un der weapon_types. and 6+ for heavy weapons. For example. KATANA. one could intr oduce a slow. CL UB.but that doesn't mean it's the only way.

<weapon_material> <damageModifier>-1</damageModifier> <identifier>Wood</identifier> <materialMeltdown>WOOD</materialMeltdown> <materialTemper>WOOD</materialTemper> <reachModifier>0. SILVER. but lowered speed. FALMER. a unique identifier. reachModifier: How the material influences weapon reach. DWARVEN.02</speedModifier> </weapon_material> identifier: As above.. materialMeltdown: This means. materialTemper: Determines the perk you need to temper the weapon. speedModifier: How the material influences weapon speed. Valid values: NONE. DRAUGR. STEEL. If a weapon contains substrings from multiple substringWeapon fields. they work just like weapon_type_binding entries.. STALHRIM. IRON. --weapon_material entries define. ADVANCED.0</reachModifier> <speedModifier>0. weapon materials. I generally gave heavy materials high damage growth. ELVEN. weapon_material_binding entries look like this: <weapon_material_binding> <identifierMaterial>Iron</identifierMaterial> <substringWeapon>Iron</substringWeapon> </weapon_material_binding> As you might have guessed. damageModifier: See damage formula. but they do get extra peed with each t ier. Valid values are the same as for "materialMeltdown". the longes t match counts. WOOD.substringWeapon: The substring to search for in a weapon's displayed name identifierType: The reference to a type defined in weapon_types This entry makes Dawnbreaker behave like a longsword. DA EDRIC. EBONY.. CHITIN. DRAGONSCALE. Fairly straightforward. DRAGONPLATE. ORCISH. "NONE" means that no perk is needed to temper the weapon. The ReProccer didn't have functionality to let the material influence speed and reach. when determining the outcome of a meltdown and the required perk. --Finally. GLASS. this is what the material behaves like. L ight materials get minimal damage growth. BONEMOLD_HEAVY "NONE" means you can't melt it down. GOLD . If a .

As above.. WOOD is not wood. Here's the entry: <weapon_material_binding> <identifierMaterial>Steel</identifierMaterial> <substringWeapon>Ironburn</substringWeapon> . You want ironburn weapons to behave exactly like regular. The result might look like: <weapon_type> <identifier>Razor Sword</identifier> <baseWeaponType>BASTARDSWORD</baseWeaponType> <damageBase>7. copy-paste the bastard sword weapon_type entry. A final.0</damageBase> <reachBase>1. TODO: TExt about weapon modifiers (work like armor modifiers and ammunition modi fiers) --EXAMPLES 1| You have a "Razor Sword" that you want to behave like a bastard sword mostly. bu t with a lower debuff rank and more damage in exchange. it is linked to the material with identifier identifierMaterial. and give it a new identifier. Keep th at in mind. important note: Everything is case-sensitive. This is very easy.0</reachBase> <speedBase>0.weapon's displayed name contains substringWeapon. First. Create a weapon_material_binding that links the "Ironburn" we apon to the same material regular steel weapons use.2</critDamageFactor> <meltdownOutput>2</meltdownOutput> <meltdownInput>1</meltdownInput> <bleedTier>THREE</bleedTier> <debuffTier>ONE</debuffTier> <staggerTier>THREE</staggerTier> <weaponClass>BLADE</weaponClass> </weapon_type> Then. then edit debuff rank. 2| A mod adds "Ironburn" weapons. da mage. steel weapons. create a weapon_type_binding that links the Rezor Sword to your new weapon _type.. the longest match counts. It will likely look like this: <weapon_type_binding> <substringWeapon>Razor Sword</substringWeapon> <identifierType>Razor Sword</identifierType> </weapon_type_binding> Done.85</speedBase> <critDamageFactor>1.

</weapon_material_binding> .