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Global warming is a growing problem the community must face head on; and data is needed in order to
make intelligent decisions for whatever contingencies that might arise due to climate change. The
writers recognized that researchers with limited resources do not have the equipment and software
required for an in-depth study of the climate, i.e. a study of rainfall pattern in the locality. Therefore, it
is the aim of this paper to provide a framework for developing a rainfall analysis system that may be
used by researchers and professionals alike.

Rainfall Analysis System (RAS)
The RAS simply a graphical user interface consisting of two modules: a "read-analysis module", and
"write module."
The RAS must be able to process rainfall data and determine: the sum, daily mean, monthly mean,
annual mean, number of dry and wet days, consecutive wet days, consecutive dry days, minimum and
maximum rainfall, first standard deviation, 2nd standard deviation, and 3rd standard deviation.
Note: input data must span at least a decade to be viable.
The RAS only processes rainfall data in the format: YYYYDDD rainfall. Where YYYY is the year,
DDD is the day corresponding to the respective month-day in that year, and rainfall is the measure of
rainfall in "_units."_ For example, 1919002 130.00 where "1919" is the year, "002" represents January
2, and 130.00 is rainfall measurement in _"units"._

Figure 1: The Rainfall Analysis System (RAS) Read Module Psuedocode IF click on "find" THEN Open dialog box to select textfile Select text file Open Text file Return textfile address as filename Close dialog box ENDIF Ask user for Start Date Ask user for End Date IF user click "read" THEN IF filename or Start Date or End Date is empty THEN return error ELSE Show data in text-area Show calculated results in respective text-fields ENDIF ENDIF .

Cancel IF Print Now THEN Open file in gedit ELSE Cancel ENDIF ENDIF Write Module Psuedocode IF user click "Create/Append/Edit Data" THEN Show Menu: 1. Print Now 2.IF user click "view data" THEN Show related content ENDIF IF user click "daily mean" THEN Show graph corresponding to daily mean ENDIF IF user click "monthly mean" THEN Show graph corresponding to monthly mean ENDIF IF user click "print out hard copy" THEN Create file for printing Ask user-input: 1. Create textfile 2..." THEN Ask for filename Save Textfile ELSE-IF user click "Write data." THEN Select textfile to write Open textfile Ask for the year Ask for the month Ask for the amount of rainfall Save data ELSE-IF user click "Modify data" THEN Select textfile to modify Open textfile in external text-editor ENDIF ENDIF .. Write data into textfile 3.. Modify data IF user click "Create.