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2011The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection

Practice and Trend of DSAS in China


WANG ShuChao, XU Lei, FENG YaDong

NR ELECTRIC co., LTD, Nanjing 211102, China;


Digital Substation Automation Systems (DSAS), with some form of communication facility on station and/or bay

level, have been in service for several decades. In recent years, the application of IEC 61850 is gradually achieved in China.
The first application is MMS between station level and bay level, the second one is GOOSE message application in bay level
and process level, and the last one is the SMV in process level. The most recent application is IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision
Time Protocol) and GMRP (GARP Multicast Registration Protocol). Taking 1 l 0kV Dalv substation in Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Province as an example, the practice of lEC 61850 applications is introduced.
In this substation, single fibre optic network is utilized at station level to achieve MMS, station-wide interlocking GOOSE
message and SNTP application; while duplicated networks are applied on process level to achieve GOOSE message and SMV
application, one for each set of secondary equipments, and both transmit IEEE 1588 PTP message. Thanks to GMRP, SMV
and GOOSE can share the same network. SMV transmission adopts IEC 61850-9-2.
Electronic instrument transformers (EIT) -both active and passive ones, together with merging unit (MU) are applied in the
substation, except 10kV level where LPIT (Low Power Instrument Transformer) are installed.
110kV lines are equipped with phase segregate current differential relays, which obtain SMV from EITs within substation,
and at the same time cooperate with relays at remote ends, which work with conventional instrument transformers. Some re­
lays are supplied by the third party to demonstrate inter-operability among different manufactures.
SCD tools are adopted during engineering process to complete configuration of information exchanged among manufactures
and intelligent electronic devices (lED).
Considering the problems emerging during the implement of IEC 61850, the authors believe that the next step in this area
would be: (1) the standardization of network topology, EIT, MU, and IEC 61850 tools; (2) IEC 61850 application for com­
munication between substations, substation and control center and within wind power plant;
on-condition maintenance of primary apparatus;

(4) adaptive control of primary apparatus.


on-line monitoring and

Keywords: digital substation automation system (DSAS), lEe 61850, electronic instrument transformer (EIT), IEEE


In china, a typical scheme of "three levels and two networks" is
adopted by IEC 61850-based DSAS, which is accepted step by
step: first, application of MMS communication between station
level and bay level; then application of GOOSE message in bay
level and process level and within bay level; at last, application of
SMV in process level. Recently, Ethernet-based IEEE 1588 (Pre­
cision Time Protocol (pTP), GMRP (GARP Multicast Registra­
tion Protocol) are also introduced. Up to now, the mentioned ap­
plications have been applied to varying degrees in several DSAS
projects in China. The typical ones include: Zhejiang Shaoxing
11OkV Dalv S'S, commissioned on Jan 31, 2010;
Anhui Hefei 220kV Botanical Garden S'S, commissioned on
Dec 29, 2009; Shandong Qingdao 220kV Wushan S'S, commis­
sioned on Oct 9, 2010; Ningxia 330kV Jiangjianan S'S, commis­
sioned on Sep 30, 2010; Zhejiang Jinhua 500kV Lanxi (Zhiyan)
S'S, commissioned on JulIO, 2009.
Among these, Zhejiang Shaoxing 110kV Dalv S'S was equipped
with DSAS in a whole sense, with the application of passive (fi­
bre optic) and active EIT, IEC 61850-9-2 for communication
between protection and control devices at bay level and MU at
process level, GOOSE message between bay level and intelligent

Introduction [1]

Digital substation is such an advanced substation that consists of
primaIy apparatus equipped with intelligent facilities and second­
ary equipments equipped with network communication interface
in a hierarchical topology according to IEC 61850 series stan­
dards, and that achieves information sharing and inter-operation
among intelligent electronic devices (lED) within substation.
IEC 61850 series standards were prepared by IEC TC57- Power
systems management and associated information exchange,
which is the only international standard for substation automation
system based on network communication platform. In the stan­
dards, naming and definition of data, behavior and self descrip­
tion of IEDs, Substation Configuration Language (SCL) are spe­
cified, which makes information sharing and inter-operation
possible. Not only the communication model and interface of
protection and control devices, but also that of electronic instru­
ment transformer (EIT), intelligent circuit breakers, and imple­
mentation scheme and process of a digital substation automation
system (DSAS) are covered by the standards.


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station-wide interlocking. Sample value from each lOkV bay ITU are collected by lOkV decentralized busbar protection via IEC 61850-9-2. These standards will help to construct and operate digital 1763 . GOOSE message and SNTP. and at the same time cooperate with relays at remote ends. model consistency check. 2. commissioning. are also included to facili­ tate implementation of the project. which obtain SMV from EITs within substation. GMRP is applied in such case to reduce data volume received by individual device. IEEE 1588 PTP is applied on devices at process level. it is planed to install two 1l 0kV 1l 0kV lines and bridge circuit breaker are equipped with active EIT.2 DSAS of the Substation 2. IEC 61850-8-1 for commu­ nication between station level and bay level. Some relays are supplied intentionally by the third party to verify the inter-operability of the entire system. GOOSE control block.3.1 Profile of the Substation 2. lOkY. 2. Circuit breaker failure protection is equipped on bridge circuit breaker. see Figure 1. and both transmit IEEE 1588 PTP message simultaneously to synchronize MU and EIT. testing. one for each set of secondary equipments. such as wizard update of lCD. which work with conventional instrument transfonners. engineering. lOkV Busbar voltage data is sent out by V T lTU via IEC 61850-9-2. which con­ nects all IEDs and HMI. and make it ahnost impossible to work without a proper tool. from planning.3 Timing Network terminal unit (ITU) at process level.. some new features. 1l 0kV lines are equipped with phase segregated current differential protection. Ltd (CSG). application check.4 Allocation ofEIT As an outdoor AIS substation. authorization etc. Duplicated main/backup protections are used for transfonners.2 Process Level Networks Duplicated networks are adopted at process level to achieve communication for GOOSE message and SMV. 3 Standardization of DSAS Relevant standards have been published by State Grid Corpora­ tion of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid Co. capacitor bank pro­ tection for 10kV bays are equipped.IEEE 1588 PTP.3 Communication Networks 2. two 50MVA 1l 0kVllOkV transfonners with three-sectioned single busbar at lOkV level. 2. which significantly change the way to work. and report con­ trol block.6 Implementation of Project with Help of Tools Substation Configuration Language (SCL) is introduced in IEC 61850 series standards to describe configuration infonnation of substation and IEDs and achieve infonnation sharing among various applications. IED. 2 SNTP & IEEE 1588 PTP timing service are provided by GPS receiver via inteIface to station level and process level netwOlks. such as configuration of communication in­ fonnation. 2 Peterson coils. in order to achieve substation-wide communication for MMS. using Xerces-C++ XML parser and SAX2-Simple API for XML.1 Station Level Network Single fiber optic Ethemet is adopted at station level. In addition to normal functions. A dedicated SMV /GOOSE network is designed for lOkV process level communication.3. DSAS in Zbejiang Shaoxing llOkV Dalv S'S 2. data set. Duplicated 1l 0kV busbar protection are implemented. line bays with intemal bridge connection.2011The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection 2. manufacture. feeder protection. 24 lOkV feeders. and GMRP. while SNTP is applied on devices at station level and bay level.3. 2. Figure 1 Schematic Diagram of the Commwrication Networks. Low power instrument transfonner (LPIT) are installed in each lOkV bay. operation through to maintenance. 4 capacitor banks. 1l 0kY. Busbar protection. SCD configuration tool was developed to configure infonnation exchanged among different IEDs from different manufacturers. export of GOOSE message connection. The tool was developed in QT environment. installation. Bushing and neutral point of transfonners are quipped with passive (fibre optic) EIT.5 Configuration of Protection A typical scheme of "three levels and two networks" is applied in this substation.

export. be­ cause fiber optic corrnnunication channel. IEC 61869-7 Specific Clauses for Electronic Voltage Transformers. Through tests conducted by Japanese experts. data sets.2 EIT and MU EIT and MU shall be standardized too to achieve inter-operability. 2. IEC 61869-11 Additional Requirements for Standalone Voltage Sensors. etc. IEC 61869-9 Digital Interface for Electronic Instrument Transformers. are complete.2 Between Substation & Control Centers The details of future IEC 61850-90-2 Using IEC 61850 for the corrnnunication between substations and control centers are un­ known yet We have done some research on this topic.1 Topology of Network There is no standardized solution for corrnnunication networks redundancy for substation automation system at present It is not good for inter-operability of the entire system. The early application of IEC 61850 for corrnnunication between substations will be feeder protection in distribution system where propagation time delay is not so critical. In the future DSAS projects in China. hannonizing with the latest IEC standards for networks redundancy is one issue. As decided by IEC TC 38. IEC 61869-13 Standalone Merging Unit Table 1 4.2011The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection substation automation system in a efficient way.. 4].Part 3: Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) will be introduced to achieve the goal [3.3 Configuration Tools Chinese Standards of DSAS Standards IEC 61850-6:2009 Configuration description language for com­ munication in electrical substations related to IEDs Ed.220kV Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 394-2009 Specifications of design for 330 . The authors believe that IEC 61850 will not be applied on trans­ mission line pilot protection. the follow­ ing standards will be published: IEC 61869-6 Additional General Requirements for Low Power Instrument Transformers.1. or even further to form a "wide area current diffe­ rential protection". 2010. including SCL implementation conformance statement covering the import. 4. version management. IEC 61869-8 Specific Clauses for Electronic Current Transfor­ mers. in which.0 speci­ fies complete function requirements on system configuration tools. IEC 61869-10 Additional Requirements for Stan­ dalone Current Sensors. See table 1.2 Extended Application ofIEC 61850 4.Instrument transformers. such as "research and realization of information exchange between IEC 61970 based EMS and IEC 61850 based DSAS". even though private protocol are corrnnonly used by line current differential protection today. IEC 62439-3:2010 Industrial corrnnunication networks .1 Between Substations IECffR 61850-90-1:2010 Use oflEC 61850 for the corrnnunica­ tion between substations was published in Mar. "IEC 61850 based gateway for the corrnnunication between substation & con­ trol centers". This approach can also be applied on radial and teed feeders in distribution system where relay operating time is not so critical. carrier class gigabit Ethernet was proved feasi­ ble for the application of threeterminals line current differential protection [2][6]. quirements for Electronic Combined Transformers and Standa­ lone sensors.High availa­ bility automation networks . which pro­ vided new corrnnunication approach for line pilot protection and special protection scheme (SPS).1.21 and 100M Ethernet protocol converter.750kV Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 426-2010 The technical specification for merging unit in Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 427-2010 The technical specification for Control Unit in smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 428-2010 The technical specification for Intelligent tennin­ al in Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW Z 410-2010 Technical Guide for Smart Electric Equip­ ments SGCCQ/GDW 429-2010 The technical specification for Ethernet LAN switch in Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 430-2010 The technical specification for Intelligent control cabinet in Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 431-2010 Guideline for the site commissioning of Automa­ tion Systems in Smart Substation SGCC Q/GDW 441-2010 Technical Specifications of Protection for Smart Substation CSG Q/CSG 11006-2009 Technical Specifications of Digital Substation 4 4. Ethemet infrastructure can be utilized by con­ ventional line current differential protection through X. which will be helpful to the development of tools. Hierarchy of corrnnunication between subs­ tation and control center built on IEC 61850 will be beneficial to the maintenance of data model and corrnnunication model in a harmonious way. A new operation management mode-integration of dispatching and control. Perspectives 4. the information exchange between substation and control center differs from the traditional SCADA. and the coordination of line pilot pro­ tection are already mature. SGCC Q/GDW 383-2009 Technical guide for smart substation SGCC Q/GDW 3%-2009 IEC 61850 application model of protection SGCC Q/GDW 393-2009 Specifications of design for 1l0(66)kV . is carried out in China. either dedicated or multiplexed. IEC 61869-12 Additional Re- 1764 . functionality. In the coming IEC 61850 series standards Ed 2.1 Standardization 4.

These can not come true overnight. transmitting. Figure 3 shows all the IEDs including on-line monitoring system associated with a transformer. COz.3 On-line Monitoring. synthesizing. (1) Transformer bushing monitoring unit monitors dielec tric loss of bushing by measuring the leakage current and resis­ tive current. When IEC 61400-25 is supported by wind turbine generator bank. collects current and voltage signals from in­ strument transformers in transformer bay and send them to process bus. circuit breaker and arrestors based on electric.3. accomplishes normal monitoring and con­ trol MCtiOns for transformer. closing and open operating time of circuit breaker. and Adaptive Control of Primary Apparatus 4. Present application of on-line monitoring are mainly on circuit breaker and transformer.2 Adaptive Control Adaptive control is one feature of intelligent circuit breaker.2011The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection 4. Cz�. (7) Merging unit.. was installed with early warning Mction by collecting. etc. See Figure 2. ana­ lyzing and displaying status data. (2) Partial discharge detecting unit. HzO in insulating oil without switching off transformer. Cz�. accomplish normal protection MCtiOns for transformer.2. CzHz. optic.CO. on-line monitoring system for transformer. For exam- 1765 . and accomplish the unified control on entire wind power plant. IEC 61850 based SCADA system can directly import models of various wind turbine generator banks. In the future. (3) Oil chromatographic analyzer. 0p­ erating mechanism and work conditions can be optimized ac­ cording to the status detected just before interrupting. density and moisture of SF6. (4) Mechanical relays. data model and expert system to objectively analyze the health. and changes in main­ tenance regulations.. monitors the contents of Hz. Ltd located in Inner Mongolia.3 Within Wmd Power Plants IEC 61400-25 Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants can be regarded as an extension of IEC 61850 in wind generation area. service duration of cir­ cuit breaker. monitoring and control of wind turbine generator bank will be achieved according to IEC 61400-25 and IEC 61850. Step-up Substation Automation In Shandong Qingdao 220kV Wushan S'S. According to this standard. (6) Protective relays. we have developed a total solution of digital wind power plant automation system and applied it in Zhuozi Wind power plant of Datang international power genera­ tion CO. Oil Chromatographic Analysis Figure 3IEDs Associated with a Transformer 4. (5) Bay control unit. current and running time of spring energy sto­ rage motor. analyzes the type and loca­ tion of internal partial discharge if existing by ultrasonic wave and UHF method. no protocol converter or proxy is needed anymore. sum of open­ ing and closing times. 4.3. product accumulation of interrupting cur­ rent and duration. massive efforts are needed on technology breakthrough. Ave & Others Figure 2 Application ofIEC 618501IEC61400-25 for Wmd Power Plants. examples are Zhejiang Jinhua 500kV Lanxi (Zhiyan) S'S and Shandong Qingdao 220kV Wushan S'S. and chemical technologies. C�. The monitoring MCtiOns for circuit breakers cover: closing and open current of circuit breaker. trip the transformer directly when de­ tecting a fault mechanically. experience ac­ cumulation and idea shift. This standard intends to achieve com­ munication between SCADA and wind turbines from different manufacturers.1 On-line Monitoring & on-condition Maintenance Partial Discharge Detecting There are three key factors for on-line monitoring & on-condition maintenance of primary apparatus: cheap transducers to credibly detect weak status characteristic signals. on-condition Maintenance.

Korea. A REVIEW OF ClORE'201O ON PROTECTION AND AUTOMATION. thus make the best of benefits brought about by IEC 61850. Li. Current Differential Protection over E1hernet. 2 3 4 4 Conclusion 5 China now is in the forefront of the world in construction of DSAS. In: ClORE 2010. 1766 6 7 LIANG. Jeju isl­ and. Closing on wave will reduce closing operating overvoltage thus make closing resistor unnecessary. opening in a low speed when there is no load but in a high speed when there is a fault. Beijing. SHEN... Point on wave controller developed by us have been installed on AC filters in HYDC converter station.WU Dian-feng. testing methodology.2009 ZHAO Xi-<:ai. will achieve optimal interrupting re­ sult for electrical and mechanical parts.JINO Chao. P.G.2010. Telecommunications for Electric Power System. Instrument Standardiza­ tion & Metrology. 34(4) G BABER. Y. Construction of Digital Substations. An Introduction to 2nd Edition ofIEC 61850 and Prospects of Its Application in Smart Grid.Jul. on-condition maintenance.Paper B5-106. are and will be a hot topic in protection and automation area. ZHAO. High Availability Automation Netwotk.2011The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection pIe. the application of IEC 61850. and on-line monitoring. In: ClORE SC B5 Colloquium. BEAUMONT.. YU Pengo IEC 61850 Standard Network Redundancy Using IEC 62439[C]..ZHENG.2009. CAO Dong-ming. LI Gang. especially that of process bus. F. and limit inrush current of capacitive load. Communication principle and model for mon­ itoring and control of wind power plant. The next step is the standardization of redundant network topology.FENG. Y. CHEN. Automation of Electric Power Systems.2010. Opening on wave will improve interrupting ca­ pability of circuit breaker by controlling arcing instant. S.2008. 2010(02) MA Qian-li. adaptive control of primary apparatus.. October 19-24.S. Paris.2010 CAl Zhongyong. Revision and application oflEC 61850 series standards were. KAWANO.J. Power System Technology.29(186) .LI Jiu-hu.34(4): 1-5 Hua Rong. and may be applied on AC transmission and distribution system. configuration tool.*. Aug.x. LI Yong-liang.