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If you ask, “who is God”, the answer is easy, God is you, God Is me.

If you ask,
“What is God”, the answer is, God is every blade of grass that grows, every drop of
water in the ocean and every grain of sand on the beach, every virus, bacteria, bee,
butterfly and even mosquito. God is each and everything that springs to life with,
without, and in spite of human intervention. God is all. God is the everything that
rises from nothing, and God is the Nothing that gave birth to Everything. God is the
Void and All that fills the Void. God is the Fullness and the Emptiness. God is the
question that drives us eternally forward to find the answer that eternally leads to
the new question. God is the beginning that has no end, and the end that dissolves
into the beginning. God is the stillness and movement, to move up, to seek and to
find. God is every creation and the spark that gives life to every creation life.
The Symbol of the circle with the dot in the center. We enter creation on the circle,
the circle of life, the circle of time, the circle of experience, and the circle of
evolution. We journey around and around until we realize that what we are seeking
is not on the circle, it is within the circle. Then we begin another journey the difficult
one with no path, through the void to its center, and from there, and only from there
can we see that all is one. We see that it is not only, “as above, so below”, but also
as within, so without. It is the inner journey that leads to the truth that the outer
journey drives us to, and to the epiphany that all is perfect, all is One. God is the
distance between us, and the unseen energy that fills that distance and connects
The whole that is the sum of its parts and the parts that are the reflection of the
whole. Life comes before, after, and during death. The chicken and the egg are one,
the answer and the question are one, the problem and the solution are contained
within each other. Love and hate, joy and sorrow, expectation and disappointment,
and present and past, are all One and are all Now. Now is all that there ever is, now
lives in God, and God is Now.
What does it mean when it is said that we are created in the image of God? It
means that God created the Universe to experience, create, know, love expand
itself, and to reflect all of that back to itself. When you look into a mirror you do not
see yourself, you see a reflection of yourself. You do not see a reflection of a
quantum particle of yourself, you see a reflection of the whole. We are that
reflection, each of us and all of us of the Whole as the Whole.
The earth contains all possible avenues of growth, expansion, emotion, creation,
destruction, connection, separation, chaos, order, height and depth and the
experience of love. And we, are the only sentient beings in this space who can
return to the Self, the reflection of ALL that IS, as it can be created, destroyed,
loved, hated, sown and reaped. We, as human being are the only species with the
ability to self-reflect and journey within ourselves, create from ourselves, and learn
to love because of and in spite of, and expand through those experiences. We are
the manifestations of God in the experience of and the creation of Itself.
We were created and designed to be driven to experience, distill, express, process
and transmute though incarnation after incarnation all the exists into love, of self,
into love of Self, and reflect that back to Self - God, and though that reflection, God

expands, and every expanding, shape shifting, gender shifting, race and religion
shifting experience that we have, we reflect back to the Source of all that is, and
although we may not all fully understand, somewhere inside, we know that ALL IS
GOOD, because all is God.