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This paper made for finish English Work that teacher is
Mr. MA Gunung Iskandar, SS, M. Pd





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First of all the author says thanks to Allah SWT for his grace and guidance
the author can complete the preparation of this paper titled report of “ English
Tour Practicing”its taken place in Borobudur temple, and Malioboro. This report
is made to fulfill the task of English subject. Hopefully this report can be used as a
reference, instructions and guidelines for the reader in learning English.
Authors are aware, the preparation of this paper is inserable from the
support of various parties, among others :
1. Allah SWT has guided the authors in this paper with a good finish
2. Mr. MA Gunung Iskandar, SS, M. Pd as the supervisor who has given
instruction to us
3. Mr. Budi Widiyanto, MN as the coordinator of the English subject
4. The parent’s writter to give us the support and the licence
5. All my friends helped to finish this report
6. Anothersides that we writer can’t mention one by one directly or
Authors are aware of the contents of this paper is far from perfect.
Therefore, we apologize and wee hope to receive suggestions of criticism
following the building of storage. Hoprfully this paper can be beneficial, used as a
reference, make a people happy and guidance to the reader.

Semarang, November 11th 2015


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Special Region of Yogyakarta or more often we refer to Yogyakarta
/ Jogja is one of the oldest areas in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is the second
oldest after the province of East Java Province. Jogja possess a history that
is essential for the establishment of the Homeland milestone.
Yogyakarta name comes two words, Ayodhya and Karta "a" means
not refer to the word "ayodhya" which has the meaning of war and the
"Karta" means either. The trio combined to form words Ayodhya Karta
which means that either there was no war or peace, kemudian of Ayodhya
said Karta is the name of Yogyakarta, which we know as the City which
has the slogan Behati Comfortable appear.
Besides being known to history Jogja also keep a very attractive
tourism potential visitors both foreign or local tourists. With wisdom and
culture held Jogja become one of the main tourist destinations in
Along with the development of technology if you will be easier to
choose if you want Facilities visit Jogja and seek information tourist
places you will visit. You can choose from jasmine-class hotels to 5 star
hotels in transport you also can choose the mode of transport that you want
to bring your own car, or bike rental is also car rental in Jogja. Lots of
rental cars to choose from but you have to choose a place that is the
official car rental and ensure your comfort during kesalamatan also you
traveled in Jogja. Many are lured by cheap price but many are
experiencing frustration because not all cars in Jogja is perewaan official.
By entrusting the official car rental can be accounted for your comfort
while visiting the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. A right choice for you
when you are more selective in choosing transport at the time you plan
your excursions in Yogyakarta.
1. Growing Sense of Love Homeland

To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 4

2. For additional insight into the information and increase knowledge.
3. The author would like to introduce profile sights that are on the
Yogyakarta to the reader
4. As an exercise to facilitate literature and the English language.
5. To meet some requirements in completing the tasks
1. As Addition of material outside the Academic.
2. Train student’s to be able to make trip report.
3. Students can be know some of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.
4. Adding collection in the school libraries that support student's interest
in reading.


To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 5

On Saturday, October 10th 2015, all of Second grade students Nursing
department Health Polytechnic Semarang went to Yogyakarta. His job is to train
us to speak English. Our destinations were Borobudur Temple and Malioboro. We
had a project called “English Tour Practicing”. In that project we had to take
conversation with three Native Speakers, and then make a report of it. We were
divided into some groups. Each group consist of three members. The members of
my group were, Nur Azizah Faelasufah, Enggar Fitria Nur Susanti and me
Nununk Dwi Nur Khairunnissa.
At 06.00 am we all gathered at the security station, after that we prayer
and take a picture together with all Second grade students Nursing department and
Mr. Gunung, We all set off at 06.20 am. We departed with three bus there are Bus
A, Bus B, and Bus C and I stay in bus B and member of my group stay in different
bus with me. In our trip to Yogyakarta, we felt happy and not bored because
committee have several games for us. The games consist of some question, if we
can answer we get a gift like snack, pulse handphone, etc and we sing together.
At 09.30 am we arrived at Borobudur Temple and weather very hot. And
all member of my group immediatelly hunting native to take conversation. We got
in conversation with three native speakers in Borobudur. They were Esther from
Holland, Liyana from Cheko Republic, and MrCarly from China, we took picture
together with the natives. After we had done our duty, we walked around and took
many pictures together.
After we visited Borobudur we continue our trip to Malioboro we arrived
at 03.00 pm. In malioboro we walked around the Bringharjo market. We had free
time for shopping in Malioboro and then we went back to dormitory.
I think our trip to Yogyakarta was so fun and useful for us because we can
elaborate our ability in English especially in speaking, and talking with native
speakers have a different taste so that we know the real condition in English
speaking. I agree if this activity will be held again next year.

My group and Esther

To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 6

This is our photo with the first tourist in Borobbudur temple, and in the
beside of me is Esther, she wearing White T-shirt and black glasses and she simple
person. And the beside of Esther is Faelasufah she is the member of my group.
The last Enggar Fitria in the right she is members of my group too.
Esther Verweijen, came from Holland. We met Esther when we were
walking in beside of Borobudur Temple that saw her walking in Borobudur
garden. In there, Esther is taking pictures and let we invite him to interview about
Indonesia. We want to ask about his opinion about Borobudur temple.
She visit in Indonesia to spend her holidays. She said that Indonesia is a
wonderful and interest country. That only one of interest is Borobudur Temple.
She is very happy that can spend his holidays in Indonesia. Her email is Esther is very beautiful, friendly, and nice person.
After we talked for a while with Esther, we leave to continue our task to look for
the other tourists, and before we say goodbye to our shared photo memories

To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 7

My group and Liyana

The second tourists that we encountered was Liyana, we met her at the
inside the Borobudur Temple. She looks so a hurry, but when we asked her to talk
for a while she would grant our request, and we also feel happy.
Liyana is a native of Cheko Republic. She came to Indonesia with her
friends to visit Borobudur Temple. Liyana said that Indonesia is a Country with
full of friendly people, she said also that Indonesia also includes the State where
the weather is very hot. She don’t have Email or Facebook, we didn’t have an
oppotunity to ask some question about her. But were quite happy althought we
just had a little conversation with Liyana.
Because she was in a hurry with her Friends, then she excused herself to
go first, but before she left we had asked her to take pictures with it first. And we
say a big thank you for taking the time Liyana that already for us even though she
was very busy. Hopefully when i went to Yogyakarta next time, i could meeet her
again and have some nice conversation with her.

To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 8

My group and Carly

The third tourist who meet my group are Carly & his wife name Boo-yu.
They come from China with his friends there name Anguo, Biq, Chang-cchang
and Enlai. It is the first time for Carly come to Indonesia with his family. When
we will practice little conversation with them, Carly was reject our group. They
look so rushed. But, after he answered several our questions, they stoped their
stride. And he said that Borobudur is wonderful to other place in the world.
He have email And then, I closed the interview
by taking photo together. The last me and my group give thank for the time.

To u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 9


Based on the discussion in the previous section can be made the following

Borobudur Temple and Malioboro has characteristics / attraction for
domestic and foreign tourists. This makes Yogyakarta used as a
vacation spot as a place to visit and study tour.


The charm of nature and culture in Borobudur temple make
insightful Study Tour participants grow in culture archipelago.


The uniqueness and distinctive characteristics of of Yogyakarta made
more famous in the outside world as well as generating foreign
exchange for Indonesia.


In Study Tour participants will be able to better understand and
respect the cultures that are still strong in Indonesia and to develop a
sense of national unity without distinction of class, race, culture, and
Yogyakarta is one of city in Indonesia, which has a lot of natural
beauty and unique culture in particular cultural dance and sculpture.
Therefore, many domestic and foreign travelers who want to visit the
city. Their goal came to visit one of them is to look closely at how
the actual figure of Yogyakarta and learn about the culture’s of

T o u r R e p o r t o f E n g l i s h | 10


Students are expected not only to utilize the Study Tour as a means of
recreation, but also as a learning tool to add insight.


Students are expected to be orderly and disciplined Study Tour trip run


Students are expected to behave themselves during the Study Tour, and
with regard to all orders or rules of agency tour, lecturer and tour guide
for personal security.

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