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To whom it may concern


With this letter I would like to expres my interes in studing at you academy in the
Bussines and Managemant field. At the moment I am student in the 12 th grade at
National Economic College “Dimitrie Cantemir” of Suceava, Romania, on Tourism and
I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards bussines or a law
orientated degree. The reason behing my chose is that this area is a area where we
should use team work, is so complex and has a intriguing nature of the subject. I am
particularly interested in the human behaviour side of business. I believe understanding
human behavior is the most critical skill you can develop. What if you could understand
the psychology of how people act? You would know how to deal with all kind of
customers and give your clients amazing service. I am sure that would be so usefull in
running a bussines.
Since I was a child my dad tried to learn me the struggle of gaining my own money and
the difficult of spending them. So, from a very young age I have been interested in how
to gain money on my own, of course at that age I didn’t knew what bussines mean. So
In highschool I start working in coffeshops, clubs, into a half board and I was
merchandiser. These formal positions have taught me vital life skills such as leadership,
planning, working with others in a team, communication skills, and offered me the
knowledge and understanding of running a bussines. That’s how I learned a little bit
about how money moves around; where it comes from, where it goes, how to make it,
and to how spend it effectively. I got excited about that so I start to read books about
this subject, blogs, trying to learn more and more. Once I participated at a conference of
Lorand Soares Szasz about bussines, and it had a great impact over me because I
figure out things I never thought about. A great book that I read is “Losing my virginity”
Richard Branson, autobiography. Well it was a great lecture and I learned that if you do
something with passion and confidence you can achieve unimaginable things.
The law attracted me from the moment I start to observ that some people aren’t so
courageouse to held up with their arguments in front of someone if they counter them
and so,I always jump to protect those in this position, using persuasive arguments and
try to manipulate the situation into the right way. Those are things that I learned from the
books I read about this subject, Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.
I understand that a business based degree is a highly demanding course and needs
dedication and hard work. I have taken up activities which involve these attributes;
boxing is a sport which I enjoy and I have developed the fact that you need to work hard
and be very motivated in order to get what you want. I have also taken up modern
dance and I try to learn guitar by myself. Another good thing I learned from all this is that

to be more confident about us and to don’t fear of public speaking. I still correspond with some of them and I am glad that I met them. . In highschool I was involved into the GROW project where I talked with people from abroad that came to teach and share to us beautiful traditions and stories from their country. to try to hear their story. Gratefuly . So in 12th grade I participated at highscool prom where I helped in organization and I was introducer thanks to the people that gave the courage to don`t fear of public speaking.we should give more credits and be respectful to the people that teach us the things they know. to work in team. Ilisei Andrei. They also helped us to become more open to all kind of people. I am very grateful to the people that helped me to become what I am. Potentially I would like to set up my own business in the future. So in this area of work its seems that you requires a strong confidence witch I believe I posses. so I can use it in my advantage in order to gain recognition in this competitive field.