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Title: AMP – Haze Dark Den

Positioning Statements: The Rock Mag for the Rock Fans
Price: £3.00
Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Distribution: Music Shops, Guitar Shops, Book Shop, Gigs, Festivals.
Rationale: Rock magazine for the fans who want information on everything their favourite bands are
doing. We aim to be the best magazine for exclusive stories with their favourite bands. We aim to give
you honest opinions on music and keep the Fans up to date with the Bands.
Style: Not too many Pictures but not too much text. An even balance if possible. A magazine with a
chilled out vibe, professional but not uptight.
Regular Content:

Album Reviews – We Review a Handful of Rock albums and give our opinions on whether or
not they’re worth a buy.
AMP Recommends – We recommend a new band every month which we believe deserves
News: What’s new in the Rock scene, Albums and Music wise.
Rock quiz: 15 questions to test your brain and if you send off your answers you could win gig
tickets to the Upcoming Catfish Tour
Song of the Month – The New Best track of the Month is chosen
Upcoming Gig’s in the UK – We show you a selection of bands which have released tour
Gig’s passed from last month: Short reviews of Gig’s that happened in the last month
Best Gig Pictures of the Month – We look at the people who used the #AMPPIC and choose
the best Images from this month at Gig’s
Single reviews – We Review tell you whether or not these new & old singles are worth a

Feature Content:
1. Accepting April’s New EP! – Accepting April talk to us about their new EP “Feed Me” and
their single MARGO!
2. FIDLAR – Too Album Review – We give our views to you on the new FIDLAR album Too
and trust us, it’s a banger!
3. Life on Tour with Catfish and the Bottlemen – The little man gone colossal band go on tour
and we met up with them to see how things are going and how they are adjusting to the brand
new fame
4. Ty Segalls plans to take over the world – Ty Segall tells us about the “Little bomb in the
music industry” that he’s been working on for the past year!
5. The 1975 – Talks to us about the upcoming album – Amp dropped in on the 1975’s new
tour and asked how it was performing live again and we also brought up the upcoming album
“I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”
6. Wolf Alice UK/US tour review – We went on tour with Wolf Alice! – Wolf Alice went on
tour with AMP and we’re gonna tell you an overall review of the UK/US tour. We went every
step of the way with Wolf Alice so we’re gonna drop in some inside Intel also.
7. Swim Deep – Swim Deep give us the low down on their new style and why the moved away
from their original feel that we all know and love

8. 12 Alternative Festive songs to get you in the festive mood - 12 days of Christmas are
accompanied by 12 Festive Rock songs to get you in the Christmas mood.
9. What’s up Dave Grohl? Dave checks in to tell us what’s going on for the Foo Fighters these
10. Ways to know you’re a Nirvana Super-fan – A quick quiz to see if you’re a true Nirvana Fan
11. The GORRILAZ break their silence – GORRILAZ have an exclusive interview with us and
tell us what they’ve been up to
12. In the studio with RAT BOY a new Indie Rap Band talk to us about life on the come up
13. JAWS’s 3 Days in paradise - Their Trip to LA and the gig’s that where “F****ng Mental”
14. Honeyblood – What was it like going on tour with Catfish? – The Girl band Reminisce on
their passed tour with catfish and the bottlemen (The Kingpin Band on the scene right now)
15. Splashh making a splash in the music scene – Splashh make their debut Professional
Magazine Interview
16. “Circa Waves” Circa Waves talk to us about their plans for the second album and the nerves
after their success with the first album “T-Shirt Weather”
17. ZIBRA an unground band supporting some of the biggest bands on the block suck as RAT
BOY, Peace and JAWS
18. How was Leeds Drenge? Festival Review for the band Drenge Coming back for the second
time to Leeds.
19. Yakk Talk to us about what it’s like being an underground band – The Underground band
riding the support train to success
20. Pearl Jam’s new album. We talk to the band about their new Album and what they set out to
do with it.
21. Top 10 Rock Tracks of the Decade we look back over the decade to give you the top 10
rock tracks of the decade.

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