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Neuropsychoanalysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal
for Psychoanalysis and the Neurosciences
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Editors’ Introduction
Edward Nersessian & Mark Solms
Published online: 09 Jan 2014.

To cite this article: Edward Nersessian & Mark Solms (2000) Editors’ Introduction, Neuropsychoanalysis: An
Interdisciplinary Journal for Psychoanalysis and the Neurosciences, 2:2, 117-117, DOI: 10.1080/15294145.2000.10773293
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and including commentaries) are subject to peer review before they are accepted for publication.117 EDITORIAL Downloaded by [Gazi University] at 22:44 18 August 2014 Editors' Introduction This fourth issue of Neuro-Psychoanalysis features an unprecedented interdisciplinary dialogue on the fascinating topic of confabulation. Our Regional Bulletins section will be incorporated into the Society's Bulletin. submitted papers will be published together with invited peer commentaries. We are pleased to announce that Neuro-Psychoanalysis has been designated the official organ of the International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society. philosophy of mind). The current discussion revolves around a contribution by Birgit Borg Mathiesen on the assessment of frontal lobe dysfunction. Also of considerable interest in this issue are the continuing discussions of J. Visitors to the website can also register online for the Second International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Congress to be held in New York in April 2001. These discussions take place via our website ( which functions as an electronic supplement to the journal. Wherever appropriate. The next issue of the journal will be organized around an article by the eminent Italian neuropsychologist Carlo Semenza. Readers are encouraged to participate in all these ongoing discussions. All papers (whether solicited or unsolicited. no.g. published in this issue.. The Editors . Our website is also of interest in its own right. We have recently inaugurated a new page devoted to online discussion of clinical matters (click on <clinical forum». 1. on the theoretical and methodological relationship between psychoanalysis and cognitive neuropsychology. Call for Papers Neuro-Psychoanalysis publishes unsolicited papers on any topic that can facilitate consilience between psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Allan Hobson's paper (Vol. history of medicine. 2. and apply for founding membership of the International Society for Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society (see Bulletin at the back of this issue). but space will also be provided for contributions on scholarly topics of relevant interdisciplinary interest (e.e. 1999) on the neuropsychology of dreaming and Paul Whittle's paper in the same issue on experimental psychology and psychoanalysis. Empirical (i. and to submit commentaries on the original articles by Yovell and Watt. clinical and experimental) contributions will receive due prominence in the pages of the journal.neuro-psa.. involving leading neuroscientific and psychoanalytic experts.