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How to improve the marketing department and the hotel's facilities in order to attract more


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Marriott’s marketing efforts reflect the global nature of the hospitality industry and are
positioned to drive customer share and revenue for hotels around the world.Through integrated
sales, marketing, public relations, social media, and advertising plans, Marriott can activate the
company’s profound knowledge of travelers’ needs through all customer contact points,
delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.
Presenting your lodging facility in the best possible light is the job of everyone who
works at the
hotel. Financial costs must be borne by the owner of the property. Management and the
maintenance staff are responsible for the physical appearance of both the inside and outside of
the hotel. Interior decorators play a role in furnishing the guest rooms and making them warm
and appealing. Having great people who check in guests, clean the rooms and take care of the
landscaping duties are all very important. Overseeing it all is the General Manager.

Hotel analysis

W. Today. Marriott was convinced that what the city needed was a such a place to get a cool drink. The RitzCarlton. Jr.C. Marriott's operations are grouped into the following five business segments:  Full-service lodging  Select-service lodging  Extended stay lodging  Timeshare  Synthetic fuel HISTORY  Marriott was founded by J. Marriott International has about 3. Founded by J.Marriott International. Willard Marriott in 1927 when he and his wife opened a root beer stand in Washington D. and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. humid summers in Washington D.As a Mormon missionary in the sweltering. Inc is a worldwide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities.400 lodging properties located in the United States and 67 other countries and territories. Today. (Bill) Marriott.  The Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington. WILLARD MARRIOTT. has led the company to spectacular worldwide growth. Fairfield Inn. Marriott International operates and franchise hotels under the Marriott. J. Courtyard. They later expanded their enterprises into a chain of restaurants and hotels. JW Marriott. Residence Inn. the company is now led by son J.C. . TownePlace Suites. Edwin D. SpringHill Suites and Bulgari brand names. (Bill) Marriott. Marriott International has about 3. Jr. Renaissance.W.150 lodging properties located in the United States and 68 other countries and territories. Their son and current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Virginia is Marriott International’s longest operating hotel.

Marriott International acquired a 49% interest in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC. 2004 to Cendant.  In 2002 Marriott International began a major restructuring by spinning off many Senior Living Services Communities (which is now part of Sunrise Senior Living) and Marriott Distribution Services.Fuller is the current President and Managing Director of International Lodging for Marriott International. which also lent its own inhouse expertise in certain areas.  The Ritz began expansion into the lucrative timeshare market among other new initiatives made financially possible by the deep pockets of Marriott. Marriott spent $331 million to take over the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta and buy a majority interest in two properties owned by William Johnson.4 billion. By 1999 revenues from the 35 hotels it operated around the world totaled about $1. The changes were completed in 2003. Marriott International believed that it could increase sales and profit margins at the Ritz. There were other benefits for Ritz-Carlton flowing from its relationship with Marriott. Marriott International and Host Marriott Corporation. a real estate developer who had purchased the Ritz-Carlton Boston in 1983 and expanded his Ritz holdings over the next twenty years.  Marriott International owned Ramada International Hotels & Resorts until its sale on September 15. so that it could focus on hotel ownership and management. The cost of Marriott's initial investment was estimated to be about $200 million in cash and assumed debt. a troubled chain with a significant number of properties either losing money or barely breaking even. It is the first hotel chain to serve food that is completely free of trans fats at all of its North American properties. .  In April 1995. The next year. such as being able to take advantage of the parent company's reservation system and buying power.  Marriott International was formed in 1992 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies. The partnership was solidified in 1998 when Marriott boosted its interest in Ritz-Carlton to 99 percent.

Marriott announced that all lodging buildings they operate in the United States and Canada would become non-smoking beginning September 2006. public space and employee work areas.  On January 21.  On July 19. which will use an internet-based video on demand system. Announced plans to add over 600 hotel properties by 2015. present.  On November 11. 2006."  Marriott is committed to fair treatment of associates and to providing training and advancement opportunities to all  Marriott's reputation for superior customer service rises out of a long tradition that started with J.000 to the second inauguration of President George W. the bulk of the additions will be in the emerging markets of India. 2011. Bush. Marriott International and Marriott Vacation Club International comprised two of the 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250. 2010. Willard Marriott's simple goal for Hot Shoppes to provide "Good Food and Good Service at a Fair Price" -"Do Whatever it Takes to Take Care of the Customer" -Pay extraordinary attention to detail . lounges. MARRIOTT CULTURE "Culture is the life-thread and glue that links our past. "The new policy includes all guest rooms. where it plans to have 100 hotel properties and other countries include China and Southeast Asia. and future. restaurants. In 2005. Marriott said that pornography would not be included in the entertainment offered at new hotels. meeting rooms.

Since 2003. retention. guest. our Committee for Excellence has promoted the recruitment. and supplier base. Marriott has valued diversity and inclusion of all associates. diversity communications. and advancement of women and minority employees. world-class hotels via Agoda's websites. Their 10-member Board of Directors includes three minorities. targeted recruitment campaigns. Marriott Diversity Excellence Award was created to recognize a business unit or department for promoting diversity and building an inclusive environment. VALUING DIVERSITY Since its founding in 1927. and initiated efforts to develop an increasingly diverse owner. the perpetuation of a company's culture has a proven positive financial impact.. DISTRIBUTION Agoda. This legacy is now a fundamental operating principle and business imperative. including two women. W. . the internationally renowned hotel and Resort Company with 3. the J. and other outreach to associates. In 2005.100 properties an online travel company specializing in discounted hotel bookings in Asia. The partnership allows distribution of Marriott’s branded.-Take pride in their physical surroundings -Use their creativity to find new ways to meet the needs of customers  The company actively supports the community and encourages associate volunteerism through a variety of organizations  At Marriott. is in partnership with Marriott International Inc. Our Regional Diversity and Inclusion Councils ensure that our diversity strategy is implemented in local markets with strategic partnerships.

The hotels in the centrum of cities will mostly be filled by tourists who are on a citytrip.The distribution agreement covers all Marriott’s properties worldwide. Thailand. Promotion There are a lot of ways to promote a hotel. nearby the airport and there are also hotels in the centrum of cities. Hong Kong and Singapore. Although. you can't deduce the target group on the base of the place. Nowadays one of the most important ways to promote . This can mean that the Marriott wants to attract all kind of people. The partnership provides Marriott with a platform which enables them to move room inventory online more effectively. Agoda will provide Marriott with access to their Yield Control System (YCS) allowing properties to dynamically manage yield rather than focusing on negotiating long-term pricing or allotments. Agoda’s local market expertise will enable it to provide Marriott with advice on frequently changing market situations and trends which can translate into opportunities to increase revenue and growth. There are hotels next to the highway. in popular destinations like Bangkok. all of them are in is considered a specialist in the Asian marketplace and is expected to focus initially on the Asia Pacific region. Argentina. MARKETING MIX Place Marriott has hotels in a lot of countries like the USA. The hotels are located in all kind of places. Bussiness people will stay in hotels next to the highway or nearby the airport and the hotels nearby the airport will also attract travallers who have to wait a long time before there next flight is leaving. India and so on. There are also three Marriott’s in the Netherlands.

But of course there are lots of other ways to promote a hotel. Marriott also sends regular customers letters and e-mails with special offers. pay with your Visa card and get a $25 Visa gift card". Of course they also want to attract new customers. they have the following brands: Marriott Hotels and Resorts JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts Renaissance Hotels Courtyard Residence Inn Fairfield Inn Conference Centers TownePlace Suites Springhill Suites Marriott Vacation Club . is on the internet. their rooms. That has consequences for their promotion campaigns. Marriott has a extensive and clarifying internet site. It has a lot of information for the customers and you can also book online. For example the site says "Live it up this summer. Marriott has different kind of hotels. in this case a hotel. First of all we want to say that we think that the Marriott most of all wants to re-attract the customers they already ''have''. Product The core product of the Marriott are their hotels. You can also see this on the internet site. or better specified.a brand. Stay the weekend. but we expect that the Marriott in their promotion campaigns most of all wants to attract the customers they already have. We haven't found any ways how the Marriott tries to attract new customers but we guess that they try to do that with banners on internet sites and folders at Tourist Information Offices.

More important to know is the threats that . That's because the different brands want to attract different people. That's why I think Residence Inn's target group is elder people because it's a calm place to stay. Price Every Marriott brand has a different price.Each brand has its own style or theme. Most of the customers are satisfied about this because Marriott is a big company and they give value for money. But on the other way families want to pay as less as possible because they already have a lot of costs. All of the brands have the same concept. Eventually. but they are specified to places and target group. The downgrade in Marriott’s credit rating makes it difficult and expensive for the company to access again in the credit market. That way they can attract a lot of customers. The price also depends on the fact if the brand has more facilities like "Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa". For example: Residence Inn hotels and what mostly attracts attention is that they have a really cousy lobby. We think that that is what the Marriott makes so strong. They have one concept. It was a quite and cousy place with comfortable couches. if its credit rating continues to fall down. there would be an increase of capital cost of Marriott’s. but they found a way to make that concept work in different places and for different people. So business people don't really care about the price. For example they can ask a high price from business people because their rooms are mostly paid by the company they work for. the Marriott’s credit rating had lowered by Standard and Poor Ratings Service. They actually leave up to their promises. CHALLENGES In April 2009.

from US$207 million in the previous year. with a near 5% value share in 2007 and a large geographic presence. declining operating margins have great impact on the profit making process of the business. Marriott reportedly declined its net income to US$157 in the second quarter of June this year. Marriott stated that the other Marriott chain of hotels outside the United States are continually benefiting from the strong global demand of the customers. the global economic downturn is hindering expansion plans. Equally important is the major concern of the hotel industry towards US airlines. even until these days. Unhampered by hotel ownership – the company owns less than 1% of its hotel portfolio and is thus less vulnerable to real estate price fluctuations than rivals. this only indicates that Marriott has not been able to manage well its cost structure. the domestic market in the US territories is as not as active as the other branches in other countries. Moreover. particularly as consumer confidence softens and demand for travel accommodation falls. And. Focused pipeline development – Marriott International is pursuing a growth strategy to further consolidate its presence in foreign markets and capitalise on the booming travel and tourism industries of emerging markets. its emphasis on franchising facilitates the rapid expansion of its portfolio. Subsequently. There are many hotel executives in the United States who are hoping for the reduction of fuel prices so that business travel and hotel industry can boom again in the domestic market. . Unfortunately. which are cutting routes as their way of fuel cost cutting for their own survival.the company would be going to experience with its operating margin that dropped to 6. But still. Strong internet presence – Marriott International's website guarantees the best rates available. Chief Executive J. Moreover. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Global leader – Marriott International Inc is the leader in the global hotels market.1 percent in 2008.1 percent from 9. which should continue to serve its business well in terms of revenue over the forecast period. W.

IT solutions – Marriott International is upgrading its properties with technology that responds to the needs of business and leisure travellers. Marriott International remains heavily reliant on the US. characterised by weak demand for luxury hotels in the US. particularly given that economy travel accommodation is gaining increased penetration in major destination markets. like aloft from Starwood and Hotel Indigo from IHG.enticing price-conscious consumers away from third party websites. Opportunities Emerging markets – in order to offset the negative impact of such a challenging business . a new genre of a lifestyle brand that combines an intimate and unique travel accommodation experience. Uncertainty around the launch of "Edition" – the launch of "Edition" by Marriott. will come at a turbulent period. for example. Weaknesses Domestic market focus – despite international expansion. Luxury brands – mid-scale and upscale hotel brands leave Marriott International vulnerable to any potential global economic downturns. particularly at a time when business travellers want to cut costs. it has transformed its public areas to encourage guests to work and socialise through the adoption of the latest design. food and beverage offerings. making it sensitive to the changing fortunes of its domestic market. technology. Lack of a low-cost lifestyle brand – Marriott International does not have a low-cost lifestyle brand in its product portfolio. packed with exclusive offers and increasingly modern accommodation. In the latter part of the review period. Courtyard brand – the Courtyard brand is maturing and losing its core business customers. Industry experts believe the revitalisation process may not be enough to lure customers back mainly due to a fierce competitive environment.

where it is the largest hotel brand in value terms with a strong focus on mid-scale and luxury brands. limited-service brands such as the SpringHill Suites. can have a negative impact on Marriott International's operations. Recomandations . especially the luxury brands. and. Marriott International is no different and Asia-Pacific countries became key target markets. coupled with a rising lack of confidence in strong markets like the US. renovations and investments. This is particularly true given its strong presence in North America. This also applies to potential investment from prospective hotel owners and franchisees looking to fund construction. properties and services. are likely to see less travellers. Threats Consumer confidence – general economic and business conditions. therefore. which adversely impact the income levels of potential travellers. a general spending reduction will result in a drop in revenue.environment and to capitalise on the opportunities present in emerging markets a number of hotels have turned to them. Marriott International is dependent on the availability of consumers willing to enter into credit agreements. Marriott's brands. Economy brand development – the rapid growth achieved by economy hotel brands in the last three years poses a potential threat for mid-scale. A downturn in business travel – poor economic conditions are forcing businesses to reduce travel and spend less on travelling. Individuated experience –the growing consumer demand for an individuated travelling experience is generating potential for hotel operators to develop distinctive brands. Credit crunch – there is a fear that the global travel and tourism industry will see a corresponding slowdown in revenue as consumers spend and travel less in the short term.

Evaluating Management Managers get paid more because they have more responsibility than the employees they supervise. enthusiasm and drive to produce positive results is a manager that should be replaced. The possibilities are almost unlimited. 3. 4. Part of that process . Employees should possess the skills or be able to learn all aspects of their job. Those that are underperforming should be warned first. Evaluating Other Employees Professional attitudes and pleasing personalities are two of the most important qualities that a manager should seek when hiring new employees.You can undertake big projects or concentrate on small details to make your property more welcoming. 1. they should also maintain a friendly disposition and always be willing to stop what they are doing to assist a guest in need. you can dramatically improve the appearance and add new amenities that guests desire most. 2. While they are doing their job. Following is a list of 15 simple and not so simple ways to get travelers to want to stay at your hotel. if they do not raise their game. Both new employees and those that have been part of the staff for years need to be evaluated periodically. be replaced. Renovate the Building A hotel that has been neglected over the years and is showing its age is not very appealing to guests. Having a manager that does not have the skills. Empowering Employees to Make Decisions Is there anything worse than having to tell a guest that you can not help them and that you will have to call the General Manager to resolve their problem? Any issues that may arise during a guest’s stay should be able to be handled by the front desk and the hotel staff. If you have the finances to spruce up the property. and then. A substantial investment may be required to do a complete renovation.

Empowering employees to make immediate decisions and then take action will quickly resolve most problems to the satisfaction of your guests. but always be polite and act . Fast responses to problems are an indication to guests that customer care is more than just lip service. Creating an Enthusiastic Team Spirit Enthusiasm is one of the best qualities any worker can have. handing out customer satisfaction surveys or just having a conversation with them before they check out. a really good hotel staff will summon a maintenance man to that room in minutes. Make Sure the Front Desk Responds Immediately to Guest Issues Empowering employees to make decisions goes right along with providing excellent customer service. 8. Always be Polite and Treat Guests with Respect It might take all of your inner strength to restrain yourself when an angry guest starts swearing at you because they had to pay $10 extra for wireless Internet service. There is no excuse for saying someone will be by in the morning to take a look. 6. Ask them how they found your hotel and if they would recommend it to a friend. When a hotel guest calls up and says that the water is not draining out of their shower fast having a well-trained staff. – 5. 7. People who feel appreciated and valued are much more likely to come back in the future. talk positively about their jobs and promote the virtues of their hotel. Enthusiasm is catching. Having a bubbly personality to greet guests when they check in or always walking around with a smile on your face does matter. Enthusiastic employees work harder. Encourage guests to post videos or pictures of their trip and time they spent at your hotel. You can overcome a lack of skills through training much more easily than trying to instill an enthusiastic spirit in workers who are working long hours for low wages. Making guests feel important is a surefire way to keep them interested in your property. Encourage Guests to Share their Experiences During their Stay Learn more about your guests by using your website.

Participate in social media sites. You can offer special rates. Air fresheners are available in many pleasing scents and should be strategically placed throughout the interior space of the property. 11. A coffee pot and other amenities like an upgraded shower head or a mini-fridge and microwave will be appreciated by all guests. Wireless Internet connectivity is almost a must. Do Daily Inspections of the Guest Rooms A dirty and stained mattress or paint peeling off the walls is a definite turnoff to any guest staying at your hotel. flat-screen TV to keep them entertained. they will usually not make a scene. Use a targeted email campaign to reach out to prior guests and invite them to come back and visit again. Your mother would be proud to know that you are behaving in a civilized way and minding the good manners she taught you. Add a blog. 13.professionally. There should be a nice work area and. Integrate Both Internet and Traditional Marketing Strategies . As long as you treat people with respect. 10. of course. Establish a presence with your website. 9. Make Every Guest Room Comfortable and Inviting When an individual is traveling on business. a big. Keeping carpets clean and adding a little carpet freshening powder will keep guests from being offended by lingering smells. 12. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors and Freshen the Air Old hotels may have a musty smell in the rooms and in the hallways. their room becomes very important. Inspect rooms daily and make sure everything is clean and in good order. discounted tickets to area attractions or anything else to encourage people to stay at your hotel. Brand your property Through Multiple Channels on the Internet Internet marketing is a great asset for branding and promoting your hotel.

Make Everybody Happy! Everything that you can do to make your guests and employees happy will make your hotel a more desirable place to stay or work. saving paper by storing and viewing data in digital form. Every hotel should have a prominent sign that attracts attention. Replacing inefficient air conditioners and other energy-hogging appliances with new.While Internet marketing is fantastic. These can include national. existing hotels can also do a lot to become greener. Depending on your budget. While the best way to be environmentally friendly is to start with the design and construction of a new property. Happy guests will want to write positive reviews and tell their friends about their experience. However. . the monthly savings in electrical costs and the goodwill that you build in the community and with guests will pay you back handsomely in the long run. 15. Companies that practice and promote themselves as being green have an advantage over their competition that has not kept up with the population’s changing views. Promote your Hotel’s Green Programs and Policies Travelers are more concerned than ever with protecting the environment. 14. state and local recognition of your hotel’s environmentally sound policies and practices. and encouraging guests who are staying for more than one night to have their sheets changed and washed less frequently than everyday. friends and acquaintances. Less expensive but equally important ways of going green might include a recycling program for both employees and staff. high-efficiency products can require a large outlay of cash. you can advertise on television and radio. Post any certifications or awards that your hotel has received for achieving green status. place an ad in a magazine or newspaper and even hold special events that will bring in the crowd. Happy employees will work harder to improve the hotel and also promote their hotel among their family. do not forget about traditional marketing and advertising methods.

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