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November 12, 2015

KXL Rejection: Hype, Not Hope

by Jay Taber

The tribes that kept KXL out of their territories are understandably pleased by the momentary
suspension of that pipeline project. This editorial does not diminish their victory, but rather
tempers the euphoria around the KXL rejection with a dose of reality. To not do so only sets up
the naive to be hoodwinked again.
Delaying KXL does not halt the annihilation of the Athabaskan peoples, whose territory is a
carcinogenic wasteland. It merely means the Tar Sands toxic bitumen will make its way to the
Gulf of Mexico by other routes, which incidentally are already operating, making KXL
redundant for nowthe real reason for the celebrated KXL rejection.
The suspension of KXL coincides with a glut of oil reaching the Gulf, necessitating development
of greater storage and terminal capacity there. That, and plans to develop pipeline and oil train
terminal infrastructure on the West Coast of Canada and the Northwest US, is why KXL
rejection no longer matters to oil exporters, but made Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and their Tar
Sands pals a bundle.
The reason for the glut goes back to 2012, when Obama opened up millions of acres for gas and
oil in 23 states, ushering in the fracking boom that brought us chemical injection aquifer
contamination and bomb trains owned by Obamas friend Warren Buffett since 2009, when he
purchased Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) for $34 billionthe same year Tides

Foundation funded 350. In 2010, 350 launched the campaign to reject KXL; by 2014, crude-viarail in the US soared to 500 thousand carloads per year, up from 5 thousand in 2008, with trains
exploding across Canada and the US.
As noted in Railroading Racism, BNSF is embroiled in conflict with the Affiliated Tribes of
Northwest Indians, that opposes Buffetts bomb trains and associated oil train terminals in
Washington state. BNSF has responded by helping fund Tea Party-led political action
committees deeply involved in promoting anti-Indian white supremacy.
To refresh readers memories, the KXL grassroots hoax was funded in large part by Buffett,
through his pet NGO, 350. Funds laundered through Buffetts foundation NOVO and the Tides
Foundation a money laundry used by Tar Sands investors and other elites to control NGOs
helped finance the KXL NGO charade, thus eclipsing any discussion about shutting down the Tar
Sands, and making possible the explosive growth of bomb trains and other pipelines.
As noted at Wrong Kind of Green, There Was Nothing Key About Keystone XL Except
Diverting Our Attention For More Dirty Profit. As noted at The Real News Network, Regardless
of Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Flow to the Gulf.
The fact it took two years for TRNN to catch up with WKOG, where the 350/Warren Buffett
KXL charade was first exposed, suggests it is as much a cynical opportunist as Hillary. In fact,
Skirting the Real News is something I wrote about a year ago, when TRNN was unquestioningly
promoting Klein, 350, and their many hoaxes.
Interestingly, the TRNN cover-up of the Klein/Buffett charade remains unexposed by this socalled Real News Network. As I observed in April, Distorting Reality is what liberal gatekeepers
like TRNN do. Thats why two-thirds of its ongoing operating revenue comes from the rich, i.e.
Ford Foundation. Ford, Rockefeller, and Buffett own the entire grassroots KXL NGO milieu.
Jay Thomas Taber is an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a
correspondent to Forum for Global Exchange, and a contributing editor of Fourth World
Journal. Since 1994, he has served as communications director at Public Good Project, a
volunteer network of researchers, analysts and activists engaged in defending democracy. As a
consultant, he has assisted indigenous peoples in the European Court of Human Rights and at
the United Nations. Email: tbarj [at]
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