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Theme: Mormonism and Global Media
Conference site: BYU Hawaii campus in Lie, Hawaii
Conference date: November 3 & 4, 2016
Proposal submissions due July 1, 2016
Sponsored by Department of International Cultural Studies and the
College of Language, Culture and Arts, BYU Hawaii
Mormonism grows in a world with a variety of religion-society and religion-media
relationships. Its historical, cultural, social, and political insertions into host
countries may differ significantly from place to place. Thus Mormonisms treatment
by the media, its attempts to publicize itself through the media, and its members'
use of media technologies in religiously relevant waysto name a few types of
relationships with the mediamay differ significantly from U.S. Mormon-media
patterns. A conference on Mormonism and media surveys the current situation,
raises new questions, and encourages new conversations about a globally growing
religion and the part media play in particular cultures.
Submission of Paper and Panel Proposals
Academics, professionals, and students are invited to submit competitive papers or
panel proposals about any aspect of Mormons and the media. Papers and panels
may be broadly interdisciplinary; international perspectives are strongly
encouraged; all rigorous scholarly methodological frameworks and theories are
welcome. Submissions should be either full papers (preferred; approx. 6,0008,000
words, with 100-word abstract) or extended abstracts (approx. 500 words).
Proposals for audio and/or visual presentations (including short films) with rigorous
analysis are welcome. Papers recently presented or published elsewhere may be
considered (please provide details.)
Examples of topics include but are not limited to:

Analyses of media content by or about Mormons (textual, rhetorical,

thematic, etc.) in various cultures
Mormon-produced media (contemporary, historical, international, etc.):
Internet, social media, newspapers, magazines, books, television, radio, film,
Content, producers, and effects of recent and historical depictions of
Mormons in news and popular culture
Mormons, media & politics, U.S. and international
Mormon media uses and effects, including social media
Mormon media images and depictions (contemporary & historical)
Concepts of voice, identity, and community in media by or about Mormons
Content and effects of LDS public relations, advertising, messaging

Audience studies: meaning-making, effects, responses, influences, behavior

and attitudinal changes
Institutional LDS perspectives on media: responses and effects
Mormons as media creators, producers, publishers, inventors, disseminators,
editors, writers, etc.; or others in these categories who have produced LDSrelated media or content
Mormon-related film, TV programming, reality show participation, etc.
Comparative studies (Mormons and media as compared to other religions or
Historical, sociological, literary, rhetorical, legal, international, psychological,
etc. perspectives on Mormons and media
Mormon-related entertainment, theater, music, and popular culture

Papers presented at the symposium will be given special consideration, at authors

discretion, for publication in the Journal of Media and Religion.
Paper, panel, and presentation proposals must be submitted by July 1, 2016 in Word
or PDF format as an email attachment to Dr. Chiung Hwang Chen
at or Dr. Daniel Stout