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Studying is an important activity in an everyday life of a university essay.

In this survey, we handed out a questionnaire to the students and
tabulated the data; utilizing it to understand the various methods of
The first question asked the students how many hours do they study in
the day where 92% of those who answered 3 hours or less and 8%
answered that they studied four hours every day. The 92% who answered
that they study 3 hours or less everyday were the Foundation students. All
those studying in the Foundation course arent required to study a lot as
most of the course is a revision from high school. However 8% who
answered were the medical batch, a group of students who are required to
study on a daily basis in order to keep up with their course of studies.
Secondly, we enquired the students about the time preference of
studying. To be a morning person is a skill one would love to have as it not
only gives us more time to start the day, it gives us the time to mentally
prepare for the rest of the day. Thereby the 16% who studied in the
morning were perceived to be the brighter group of students in the batch.
Next, we questioned the students how regular they are with their revision.
This question branched out into various answers. 25% of the students
answered that they only studied when there was an assessment. As we
reviewed the data, we found of this 25% consisted of all males. This
suggests that the male population procrastinate more than the female
population. Together, 50% of the students study every day of the week as
well as the weekend. These students appeared to be the well prepared
learners as they were always up to date with the relevant knowledge of
the course due to their regular revision.
For the forth question, we look into their method of studying. Majority of
the students suggested that their method of studying was Reading &
Highlighting. This suggests that 45% who answered chose the easiest
method of studying whereas the rest of the 65% engaged in various
methods of revision such as the utilization of flashcards, mind maps,
visuals and diagrams etc.
Subsequently, we asked about their regular study norms. More than half of
the students said the study by listening to music. This suggests that
technology is in fact taking over as music is being created with the right
infrared sounds to help us concentrate and study for the better. To add on,
a fourth of the students answered that the study by reading out loud, this
suggest most of the students study better when they are more audial.

Following that, the 6th question queried about how much of their days
worth of studying they manage to cover in the day. 89% answered that
they cover up only a subjects lesson whereas the other 11% answered
that they study the entire days work. The 11% who answered that they
study the entire days work were the medical students as they have to be
well prepared for the subsequent lessons.
More than half of the students take a break every 30 minutes during their
revision. This half represents the students who cannot concentrate for
more than half an hour. Thereby would prefer to take a break on the
regular half hour. On the other hands, 22% of the students rest after every
one hour of revision as they have expanded their concentration span do
their regular revision and the last 22% of the students prefer not to take a
break because they are determined to finish their work once in for all
without any interruptions.
The students favorite place to study in on their desk as 60% of the
students chose the answer the location they prefer to study on. The next
location the students prefer to study on is the bed as 40% of the students
chose it after the desk as its perceived by most people to be quite
In conclusion, most of the students study on the regular however they
prefer to do it in their various ways such as lying on the bed or revising
using flashcards. Majority of the students falls on the lazy spectrum of
the revision as they prefer to procrastinate till an assessment is due or to
just read their notes as a regular revision. However there is group of
hardworking students who revise regularly and take a lot of effort in their
revisions methods.