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Eastport Elementary School-wide Rules
I will respect myself, others, and property.


The Skipjack
March 2010

I will be responsible. I will achieve academic success.

Respect, Responsibility, and Academic Success for All!

Special points of interest:
3/24 Last day to turn in signed Bowie Baysocks Reading Log Music Assembly, 1:00 pm Bowling Incentive - Annapolis Bowl Schools Closed - Spring Break PreK & K Registration Begins 5th Grade field trip to Junior Achievement BizTown 4th Grade field trip to Bay Icons End of 3rd Marking Period 2 hour early dismissal at 12:40p.m. National Volunteer Week Lifetouch Pictures— Individual & Class 3rd Grade to Arlington Echo Administrative Professionals Day Earth Day 4th Grade field trip to Londontown Report Card Distribution Volunteer Tea, 9:15am

Dear Parents and Guardians, It is great to finally welcome springtime! Our students and teachers have worked hard in the last month to compact the curriculum and skills missed during the snow in order to be ready for state testing. On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to thank you for instilling in your children the importance of determination, endurance, motivation, strength and perseverance in being successful. These five character traits were each represented by our Olympic Ring Ceremony prior to MSA testing. Every class was involved in supporting and celebrating one another. Pre-K students did cheers on the morning announcements, K students made good luck penny necklaces for our 5 th graders, 1st graders gave special pencils, eraser and lucky shamrocks to 4th graders, and 2nd grade students made bookmarks, cards and did cheers for the 3rd graders. Each morning started with a smile, helping our students do their best during the testing time. We are very proud of all of them. In the midst of preparing for testing, Eastport held its traditional Read Across America Day, commonly known as Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Guest Readers included members of the Board of Education, our Superintendent and Area Director, along with many of our business partners. It was a funfilled day. In addition, Grade 1 students attended a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast at the Marriott Hotel. The Cat in the Hat and the Lieutenant Governor were there to greet them. With springtime comes the opportunity to extend learning goals outside the classroom. We need a great deal of parental support to extend our classrooms beyond these walls. The whole school is involved in several ongoing projects. Our school is Going Green, and students are working on recycling projects, the Unity Garden and much more. Each grade level, staff, volunteers and alumni are working on a 30 foot mosaic mural designed by our students, art teacher Mrs. Wuest and Artists in Residence, Ms. Sue and Mr. Bobby. Upon completion, the mosaic will be mounted on the front of the building as part of our 100 year celebration. Third graders will be going on an overnight trip to Arlington Echo, AACPS’ Outdoor Education Center, and 4th graders will be learning about maritime history as part of our partnership with the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Our 3 rd Extended Day will begin April 21st. There is a lot more to come, so be sure to check those backpacks each evening! As always, it is a pleasure to be a part of your children’s lives. Thank you for all you do to make Eastport an outstanding school. Sincerely,

3/24 3/26 3/29 -4/5 4/69 4/7 4/74/9 4/16

4/19 -23 4/20 4/20 4/21 4/22 4/23 4/30 5/5

Lynne Evans

PreK & Kindergarten Registration is April 6th-9th !
All children who turn five years old on or before September 1, 2010 are required to attend Kindergarten and must register at their assigned school. The PreKindergarten program selects four year olds (by September 1, 2010) based on economic and educational need. If applying due to economic need, proof of family income will be required. If you are planning to enroll your child in Eastport’s Kindergarten or PreKindergarten program for next school year, you will need to bring the following information: Applications will not be - Birth Certificate complete without all of this - Immunization Record documentation. Please call the - Record of Physical Exam (within the past 9 months) Office with any questions. - 2 Verifications of Residence - Mortgage/Lease AND Utility Bill with Parent/Guardian’s Name and Address OR Tenant Verification Form - For PreK Registration: All of the above, PLUS Proof of Income: - 2009 1040 Tax Form OR - Food Stamp Number with Award Letter OR - Temporary Cash Assistance with Award Letter
420 Fifth Street Annapolis, MD 21403 (410) 222-1605 (410) 222-1609 Fax www. eastportelementary.com

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News from our Classrooms
During the month of March, we will begin a unit of study entitled “5 Senses”. We will be discovering our senses by reading books, singing songs and participating in finger plays. The children will be introduced to the following letter sounds: Ww, Dd, Gg, Ff and Ii. Please continue to read and practice your child’s high frequency word rings. This is one of the most important ways to help your child become a good reader. In Math, we will begin our unit on “Comparing and Ordering” and then introduce “Patterning.” The children will be learning about simple patterns such as ABAB. Patterns can be found everywhere! In order to reinforce this skill, please encourage your child to find and make patterns at home using pencils and pens, utensils, coins, anything you have in multiples. In Science, we will be learning about plants and will be planting grass seeds and flower seeds. Through the process of planting the seeds, the children will learn what plants need to live and thrive. Please continue to read nightly and fill out your child’s reading log. Our Pre-K goal is to read 100 books before the end of the year. As your child completes 100 books, he/she receives a toy of his/her choice from a donation, and the children who reach this goal will also earn an ice cream treat in June. Mrs. O’Hara

As we welcome spring, we would like to thank you for your continuing support! We acknowledge all the work you do with your children at home, and it is really showing in the classroom. Please continue to assist your child with his or her homework, decodable books and high frequency flashcards. During the month of March, we will be starting our sixth unit in language arts entitled “Red, White and Blue.” The Kindergarteners will be exploring the symbols of the United States of America. We will also continue learning new letter sounds as well as word blending. Please challenge your child to sound-out or “stretch-out” and spell new words at home. In math, we are going to be working on adding and subtracting sets of objects. Please encourage your child to orally count and identify different numbers while you are “out and about”. Please continue to read to your child everyday and add the books to their reading logs. Thanks for your continued support. Mrs. Whaley & Mrs. Johnson
Our first grade students have been working on reading fluency and comprehension skills. They are now reading from their first anthology! Students are learning how to summarize a story, sequence important events from the story, and recognize cause and effect relationships. Students sequenced The Itsy Bitsy Spider and learned about elements of a story by reading The Kite. They cooperatively researched a country and wrote a report by going through the writing process. This included finding information and recording it on a tree map, writing a rough draft, editing and revising, writing a final copy, coloring the country's flag and outlining the country, and putting it all together for presentation. Be sure to ask your child to tell you about the country they've researched. In math, students are working on counting mixed coins and will be learning about measurement and capacity (cups, pints, quarts). Keep working hard! Mrs. Boris & Ms. Lord Second Graders have finished presenting their book reports of animals to the class. They were evaluated for facts, opinions and quality of writing. We began our “Fossil” Unit the first week of March. Students are learning how fossils are formed and beginning to explore extinction theories of dinosaurs. They will make a fossil imprint and assemble paper bone puzzles. In Science, students will learn about erosion and how erosion exposes fossils. In Math, we will continue measurement and explore capacity. Be sure to discuss the concepts of volume and mass. When at the store or home talk about the volume of your carton of milk as well as the weight of the bag of potatoes. Compare and classify things as heavy and light. Estimate how many steps it takes to walk up your side walk and then count them. And as always, continue to have your child count spare change. Math is all around us! Mrs. Peabody & Mrs. Courson

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News from our Classrooms
Our third graders are so proud of themselves! They really showed off their skills, strategies, and knowledge on reading and math MSA. In reading, we're beginning a new unit on Money. We will explore the way money is made, how money circulates, and ways in which we can earn or spend money. In math, we're continuing to work on probability and the likelihood an event will occur. In social studies, we're getting back to talking about economics. Ask your child to tell you what scarcity means! In science, we're studying living and nonliving things. We've learned that all living things need nutrients, reproduce, react to changes in their environment, and grow and change. We've studied some pretty cool organisms! In third grade, we have a really fun opportunity to go to Arlington Echo where we will reinforce skills taught in the classroom through hands-on outdoor education. We are going to need a lot of parent volunteers as this will be an overnight trip. Please keep an eye out for a permission slip that will be coming home very soon. We would love to have you come along! Keep on reading.
Mrs. Williams & Mrs. McEvoy

Hip Hip Hooray….We’re gonna rock the MSA!!!
The chant can be heard in the hallways!!! We are very proud of the work your children have done to this

point and are confident that MSA testing will go smoothly. Please make sure that your child gets a nutritious breakfast and arrives at school on time each day! Language Arts: The fourth grade students will soon begin the unit of study entitled, “Survival” This unit looks to be quite an interesting one. Please be sure to ask your children about the weekly story/ lesson. Being able to explain a concept shows their level of understanding. Please remember to encourage your child to bring in articles from newspapers or magazines that deal with this topic. Math: Our fourth graders continue to review for the MSA along with learning new material. This new material includes data, graphing and measurement. Please continue to encourage your child to study his/her math facts on a regular basis. Social Studies: We continue to study the history of Maryland. For the remainder of the year our students will be learning about the geography, history, and government of our state. Science:The students are currently studying Human Traits; both inherited and acquired. Be sure to ask your child what they’ve learned! Mr. Russell & Ms. Winters

The fifth graders have successfully completed the MSA Math test and the MSA Reading test! Please congratulate your child on a job well done! Go Eastport! Now it is time to prepare for next year’s test. Remind your child about the importance of trying their best each and every day. The brain can go as far as you want to take it. As of now the students are back on track and learning at full speed. Our most recent unit in Open Court Reading is guiding our students on a trek back to the time of America’s expansion West. It is titled “Going West” We will study the Gold Rush, Sacajawea and her journey with Lewis and Clark, as well as folklore and tall tales of the time. In the meantime, we are using the content of the stories to compare and contrast people and ways of life. Also the students are using their knowledge of the past to identify and explain relationships among ideas. They are learning to use their logic while thinking problems through. Presently in enVision Math, the students are learning how to collect and display data in various ways. Ask your child to explain when they would use a Stem-and-Leaf plot Also, here is a reminder about JA Biztown. All fifth grade students participate. Letters have been sent home explaining what is expected of your child. Please guide them through the preparation process. They can do this, and it will be fun seeing all the students working hard! If you have any questions concerning JA Biztown, send a note to school with your child or call. We look forward to hearing from you! Mr. Soly & Mrs. McGinley

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The students had a wonderful time going back to the 18th century to learn from a Revolutionary Soldier, William Paca and his chef named “Cook”, and a Ratter (yes that is a rat catcher). We even got to walk in the footprints of Catherine Green whom operated a printing business that published the Maryland Gazette and was Maryland's official printer.

Our 2nd Title 1 Extended Day, in conjunction with Historical Annapolis Foundation ends March 17th.

Our 3rd and final extended day for this school year will be a beloved program with a new twist– Chesapeake Champions. In conjuction with Annapolis Maritime Museum students in grades 2,3,4,and 5 will be investigating Maritime life in respect to Annapolis history. Through the use of stations, we will study oyster ecology, water quality impact on the Annapolis area, terrapins and other activities through real life interactions and hands on activities. Our third extended day will begin April 21– May 26th. Keep watching for sign up sheets to come home soon.

This will be our theme for our summer school program. More information will be forthcoming in mid-April.

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From the Desk of…

Mrs. McQuade
County Reading Teacher

Deadline for Bowie Baysox Reading Logs Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Have you read your 4 books yet? Are you remembering to have your reading logs signed by your parent or guardian? You only have until March 23rd to do so, but that’s plenty of time to curl up with some good books and get reading! Every student who turns in a signed reading log will receive two free tickets to the Bowie Baysox Game (one ticket for the student and one ticket for the student’s parent/guardian). The date of the game is Friday, May 14th at 7 PM. We are encouraging parents to drive to the game on their own or carpool with a friend. However, we will have one bus for those parents who do not have transportation. More information will be sent home on this in a few weeks. The classes who have the highest percentage of participants in the Read and Hit a Home Run Contest will receive an ice cream treat.

Our Read Across America Celebration was Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ 106th birthday as well as the Cat in the Hat’s 53rd birthday. We had several community /business members participating in our celebration. Dr. Kevin Maxwell…………….Superintendent of AACPS Mr. Christopher Truffer………Director of School Performance Mr. Enrique Melendez………..School Board Member Mr. Kevin Jackson……………..School Board Member Mr. Eugene Peterson………...School Board Member Ms. Alena Sanders…………….School Board Student Member Ms. Anne Marie Dammeyer...Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Ms. Mary Ostrye………………..Annapolis Maritime Museum Ms. Ann Marie Kelly…………..Early Childhood Office, AACPS Ms. Lenora Fox………………….Reading Resource Office, AACPS Ms. Beth Burke………………….Reading Resource Office, AACPS Ms. Bonnie Blanchard………..Retired Speech Therapist/Volunteer Mr. Jared Littman……………..True Value Hardware Ms. Caryn Walaski……………..Recreation and Parks Ms. Jeanette Smith…………….Retired Computer Tech at Eastport Ms. Eileen Souders…………….Food & Nutrition Services, AACPS Ms. Charlotte Rich……………..Annapolis Maritime Museum Ms. Kim Callison………………..Coordinator of Reading, AACPS Ms. Michelle Washington…...Sandy Springs Bank Ms. Karen Stevens…………….Sandy Springs Bank Ms. Dee Hall……………………..Retired Teacher at Eastport Ms. Ellie Krupinsky…………….Retired Teacher at Eastport We would like to thank all of them for taking time out of their day to spend some time with us to promote literacy. Thank you to Ms. Lisa Johnson for providing food for our event. Thank you to Mr. Bill Hyland, Ms. Sharon Durland, and Ms. Janet Melander, parents of Eastport students, who conducted our RIF Giveaway. Thank you for ordering the books for us and for taking the time to spend your day with us. Every child in our school had the opportunity to chose his/her own book as part of our Read Across America Celebration.

A big thank you goes out to all classroom teachers and their students for doing an awesome job on their Dr. Seuss doors. 1st Place: Mrs. Johnson’s Kindergarten class has won an ice cream treat! 2nd Place: Mrs. O’Hara’s PreK class 3rd Place: Mrs. Peabody’s 2nd grade class All the doors were fabulous!

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From the Desks of…

Mrs. Lamb & Mrs. White

Good Consequences Behaving well and working hard pay off! Help your child see the results of his/her efforts---you’ll find yourself scolding them less often as they learn self-discipline. Tie good behavior to good consequences. If your youngster is quiet when you’re on the phone, you might say, “You were so patient while I made that call. Would you like to play a game now?” Or when he goes to bed without a struggle, point out how energetic he seems the next morning. Recognize success. Maybe you’d like your child’s room to be neater. Tell him that if he keeps it clean for a month, you’ll help him rearrange or redecorate it. By that time, picking up will probably be a habit, and he’ll enjoy his room so much that he’ll be motivated to keep it that way. Try not to use rewards like toys or food. You’ll train your youngster to expect something in exchange for behaving well. Plus, offering food as a reward can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

OUT-OF-AREA STUDENTS Important Message...
Anne Arundel County Public Schools require students to attend school in their geographic attendance area. Each year exceptions are made to assist parents and students due to day care needs, a recent move, or based upon a professional recommendation that a student attend school outside of their home school area. In order to apply, families are required to submit an application for Out-of-Area Transfer. A new application needs to be submitted each year. The timeline to submit an application is March 1st to April 30th. Schools have been instructed to time/date stamp applications. Forms are available in the school office or on the county website.

Reminder: PreKindergarten and Kindergarten Registration
Beginning the week of April 6th, we will be accepting registration for PreK & Kindergarten. Please note that PreK registration is based on economic and educational need as well as order of registration. We only have 20 slots to fill, so please register your PreK child on April 6th. Please see the front page for additional information on what to bring with you.

Springtime usually brings about many changes. If you have changed address, phone number or emergency contact information, please call the office and ask for a new emergency form. It is vital that we are able to reach you during the school day for an emergency. Also our automated phone calls with important information will only reach those with valid phone numbers.


Daylight Savings Reminder Daylight savings time begins on March 14th, so don’t forget to “Spring Forward” and set your clocks forward 1 hour!

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Ms. Cuzzo

♫ This month in Music, the students will be doing the following activities: ♫ Pre-K – Instrument recognition by sight and sound -Performing rhythmic patterns on drums K and 1st- Identifying and performing various instruments -Comparing/ contrasting different versions of the same song 2nd – 5th -Listening to, analyzing and performing different musical styles -Creating beats and movements with various instruments -Analyzing the staff and identifying note names TONE MONTH :In Music class, March is a Tone unit where the students learn about the instrument families. Their ability to recognize instruments will aid in their understanding of what makes up a piece of music. Due to a snowy winter, we are also extending our Melody unit, where the students learn how to play songs and scales on xylophones. CHORUS: We are preparing for our spring concert on Wednesday, May 12th which will feature songs from the past 100 years in honor of the 100 year anniversary of Eastport Elementary! The students have been doing a wonderful job singing “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, which will be featured in our spring concert. We have also been practicing music for the MSA medals assembly.

From the Art Room: Mosaic in Motion
Eastport Elementary welcomes Artists-in-Residence Sue Stockman and Bobby Malzone who are facilitating the production of a huge mosaic mural during art class throughout the month of March. These artists are working with all students in grades PK-5 to create a mural that will celebrate Eastport's 100th birthday. The subject matter is local indigenous plants and animals, and other landmarks and symbols of our community. The artists are teaching students all about the process of creating a mosaic mural, including not only the materials and steps but also the importance of recycling, the idea that broken pieces can be resurrected into something beautiful, and the value of teamwork and collaboration. The completed mural will be a staggering 30 feet long and will be displayed permanently on the outside of our school building under the Eastport Elementary School sign. Please stop by the art room anytime in March to see the work in progress--we encourage parents and community members to participate in the creation of the mural.

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