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The State of the Union

is strong: Obama

his last State
of the
Union to
on Capitol

Washington: President Barack

Obama delivered his final State of
the Union Address on Tuesday in a
speech acknow ledg ing security
threats but urging Americans not to
give in to fear or intolerance. He
stressed need for US leadership in
the world and patience on global
rises. The President stood by his
course of limited military action
against the selfproclaimed Islamic
State, re ject ing calls from some
Republicans for a broader military strateg y
involving more boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq.
On economy, the President said "Anyone claiming
that America's economy is in decline is peddling
fiction." But yes, a running theme of his

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India welcomes
Pak probe of
Pathankot attack,
talks deferred

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Nikki Haley caught in

Trump's crosshairs
Washington: Nikki Haley's call to
Republican presidential frontrun
ner Donald Trump to tamp down
on his antiimmigrant rhetoric won
praise from Republicans and
Democrats alike, but the real estate
mogul was not amused. Supporters
of Trump were angered that Haley
called him out and many took to
Twitter and mocked her Indian
heritage, making fun of her Indian
given name.
"Some people think that you
have to be the loudest voice in the
room to make a difference," South
Carolina's IndianAmerican gover
nor said in the GOPs response to
President Obama's State of the
Union address Tuesday night.
"That is just not true. Often, the
best thing we can do is turn down
the volume," she said without nam
ing Trump, who has rattled the
Republican establishment with his

OP ED 14

While delivering the GOP

response to Obamas State of the
Union, Governor Nikki Haley had
called out Trump on immigration
and race relations.
rhetoric particularly his call to
temporarily bar all Muslims from
entering the US.
acknow ledged
Wednesday morning that she was
re ferring to Trump when she


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Jakarta attack
raises fears of
ISIS spread in
Southeast Asia
Jakarta, Indonesia: The Islamic
State claimed responsibility for
a terrorist attack in the
Indonesian capital on Thursday,
raising the specter of an
expanded presence by the
group in Southeast Asia.
In the last six months, weve
seen a spike of planning for vio
lence in Indonesia, said Sidney
Jones, a terrorism expert and
the director of the Institute for
Policy Analysis of Conflict in
Jakarta. Its a desire to prove
that jihadi groups are still alive
and well in Indonesia and are
committed to carrying out the
ISIS agenda.
In Thursdays attack in the
center of Jakarta, militants tar
geted a police traffic post near

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Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar would have been in Islamabad

on Thursday for the talks with his counterpart Aizaz Ahmad
Chaudhary, but even after the airbase attack, the talks have not
been cancelled, only rescheduled to the "very near future".
New Delhi: In wellcoordinated
moves, India and Pakistan have
ensured that the Pathankot terror
attack does not derail their
engagement by mutually agreeing
to a short deferment of Foreign
Secretarylevel talks and India giv
ing the goahead to the visit of a
Pakistan Special Investigation
Team (SIT).
The detention of about a dozen
members of Jaishe Mohammad
(JeM), said to be behind the attack,
was also welcomed by India as an
"important and positive first step"
even as it emphasized that "empty
statements" alone would not do
because it wanted action on the
In a break from the past, the two
governments appeared to have
coordinated their strategy with
Islamabad not going into a denial
mode with regard to involvement

of Pakistani elements in the attack

and apprehending JeM members.
India on its part, did not call of f
the talks.
Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar,
who would have been in Islamabad
today for the talks, and his coun
terpart Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary
spoke to each other when it was
agreed that their parleys would be
rescheduled to the "very near
In a significant decision, India
has decided to allow the visit of a
Pakistani SIT to probe the attack
and offered "all necessary cooper
ation" to bring the perpetrators of
the attack to justice.
Ministry of External Af fairs
Spokesperson Vikas Swarup told
journalists that the statement
issued by the Pakistan government
yesterday on the investigations

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excellence in journalism

January 16-22, 2016


Fortune magazine apologizes

to Hindus for cover depicting
Bezos as Lord Vishnu
New York: American
business mag azine
Fortune has apolo
gized for juxtaposing
image of
President Jef f Bezos
as the likeness of Lord
Vishnu over the cover
of its January 1 inter
national edition, which
upset the Hindus.
Hindu statesman
Rajan Zed, who spear
headed the protest
campaign arguing that
it trivialized their ven
erated deity, has
thanked the magazine
and its editor Alan
Murray for showing maturity and responsi
bility and understanding the feelings of the
community. Statement from Murray, titled
Apology for Fortunes January internation
al edition cover and posted January 12 at, says: The cover of Fortunes
January 2016 international edition fea
tured an illustration of Amazon CEO Jef f
Bezos as a Hindu deity. Neither the artist

nor the editors of

Fortune had any
intention of parody
ing a part icular
deity or of offending
members of the
Hindu faith. It is
clear that we erred
and for that, we
apolog ize. In a
Nevada, Rajan Zed
suggested Fortune
and other media
companies world
wide to send their
senior execut ives
and editors for
training in religious
and cultural sensitivity so that they had an
understanding of the feelings of the cus
tomers and communities. Rajan Zed said
that Lord Vishnu was a highly revered
major deity in Hinduism meant to be wor
shipped in temples or home shrines and not
to be used indecorously or thrown around
loosely in reimagined versions for dramatic

US think tank launches

Carnegie India
Washington: The Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace, a leading US think tank, has announced the launch of
its sixth international centre to produce highquality public
policy research about critical national, regional, and global
issues. Based in New Delhi, Carnegie India will open in April
2016 to join Carnegie's centres in Beijing, Beirut, Brussels,
Moscow and Washington.
Carnegie India will be staf fed and led by local experts
who will collaborate extensively with colleagues around the
world, the think tank said.
The centre's research and programmatic focus will
include the political economy of reform in India, foreign
and security policy, and the role of innovation and technolo
gy in India's internal transformation and international rela
tions, it said.
C. Raja Mohan will serve as the founding director of
Carnegie India. Mohan has been a nonresident senior asso
ciate at Carnegie since 2012, as well as a distinguished fel
low at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi.
"I look forward to the center contributing to India's rich
intellectual tradition through the indepth, nonpartisan
research of our scholars," Mohan said. "I am condent that
Carnegie India will add to Carnegie's global reputation for
quality, integrity, and independence."
Shivnath Thukral, former managing editor of the business
television news channel NDTV Prot, will serve as Carnegie
India's managing director.
Carnegie President Williams J. Burns, said, "We are very
proud to add Carnegie India to Carnegie's network of inter
national centers."

January 16-22, 2016

Sonika Vaid is early fave

on American Idol
New York: Sonika Vaid, a 20
year old Indian origin girl from
Massachusetts, may have an
early lead in the popular
American Idol compet it ion
going by the comments judges
made at her rst audition.
Vaid, who said her parents
came to America when she was
little, sang Look At Me by
Carrie Underwood accompanied
only on a piano. This January 6
episo de was the rst of
American Idols 15th season.
In a powerful voice with a Sonia Vaid impressed the judges at her audition for
the final season of American Idol.
smoky touch to it, Vaid belted
out the song to universal kudos from the You didnt stack it with a bunch of clever
runs. Its just so beautiful, said Keith
three judges.
You sang beautifully. That was a perfect Urban, country music singer, songwriter
performance. I was totally engaged. This is and guitarist. You sang so pretty. It was
the only time in this season that I saw gorgeous, said actress and singer Jennifer
somebody who could win this season, said Lopez. It was from another world, Lopez
singer, musician, and actor Harry Connick added. A video introducing Sonika showed
Jr., one of the judges. With a voice like her mother encouraging her saying, It
that, thats a pure God given voice, Connick doesnt matter whether you win or lose. Im
really proud of you, adding, You were
How beautiful you just let it go through. meant for this.

Global Arts 4 Peace Awards to

be launched from India
By Ashok Ojha
Edison, NJ: More than a dozen artists from New York and
Hollywood attended an event to announce the Arts 4
Peace Awards, which will honor socially committed
artists and performers from around the world.
The arts for peace movement will launch in New Delhi
on August 6, 2016, with the lighting of the Arts for Peace
The nalists will compete at the culminating event in
New York in November 2016. The winners will receive
cash prizes and scholarships.
At the event held at Edison Hotel, Munni Irone, a
socialite from Beverly Hills and founder & president of
the Awards, said, We will promote the work of commit
ted artists from all shades ranging from performers to
culinary professionals. Art is the way that we can experi
ence the oneness between us all."
Mukesh Kashiwala, an artist and community organizer
who was presented as the Vice President for the Awards,
expressed his condence about the support of Indian
Americans and hoped that Arts 4 Peace will emerge as a
world organization. Through these awards we will
demonstrate the role of art and culture in creating world
peace and harmony, he said. Upendra Chivukula,
Commissioner, NJ Department of Utilities and Power, Dr.

Performing artistes joined Indian American leaders to

extend their support for Arts 4 Peace'
Sudhanshu Prasad, former council member of Edison
Township, and others highlighted the need for such
organizations that bring art in the forefront of citizens
The highlight of the evening was an electrifying per
formance by Grammy Nominee Tehrah Taylor who sang,
'Phoenix Rising'. There were more performances.
The event kicked off with a welcome address by Nutan
Kalamdani, the Global Media Ambassador for the
Awards, and Niti Sunder, the Chief Global Coordinator.

January 16-22, 2016


Running second makes

Cruz everyones target
at GOP debate

India welcomes Pak probe of...

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into the Pathankot attack conveyed that "consid
erable progress" has been made in the probe
against terrorist elements linked to the strike.
There was some confusion about reports of
detention of JeM Chief Masood Azhar. Finally,
Pakistan's Punjab province law minister Rana
Sanaullah confirmed that the banned JeM chief
Masood Azhar has been taken into "protective
custody" along with his accomplices, but clari
fied he is not arrested. However, we will arrest
him if his involvement in the Pathankot attack is
proved," Sanaullah said.
At least seven Indian military personnel were
killed in the first week of January during an
explosion and days long gun battle at India's
Pathankot air base near the border w ith
The attack took place a week after Indian
Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a stopover
in Lahore to wish Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
on his birthday and attend the latter's grand
daughters wedding at Jati Umra.

The State of the Union is strong ...

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump both attacked Ted Cruz at the
last GOP debate on Jan 14.
North Charleston, S.C.: Be fore
Thursday nights sixth presidential
debate, Sen. Ted Cruz ( Tex.) had
ascended to the most dangerous posi
tion in the GOP presidential race: sec
ond place. And during the contentious
and sometimes surreal debate, Cruz
faced attacks both from below when
rival Sen. Marco Rubio called him a
flipflopper and from above, when
billionaire frontrunner Donald
Trump questioned his eligibility to
run for president at all.
The result was a night in which
Cruz, a former college debate champi
on, found himself repeatedly on the
defensive. Trump managed to turn
around Cruzs attack on New York
values, giving an eloquent especial
ly for Trump tribute to New York
Citys recovery from the terrorist
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. All Cruz
could do was applaud. And in the

debates late going, Cruz reacted to

Rubios list of apparent position
changes by saying that half of it was
nt true. The implication, which Cruz
surely didnt intend, was that the
other half was.
The bright side, for Cruz, was that
he must be doing something right to
be the center of attention, just a few
weeks before the first Republicans
start voting. Im glad were focusing
on the important topics of the
evening, he said sarcastically, after
being asked whether he qualified as a
naturalborn citizen, since he was
born in to an American mother.
The downside was that so much of
the debate, broadcast on Fox Business
Network, focused on criticisms of him.
That meant less scrutiny on Trump,
who is still leading Cruz in most
places and has pared back Cruzs lead
in Iowa.

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speech was the discontent that average
Americans feel over their current situation and
uncertain future prospects in a system they see
as rigged in favor of the rich. The one failure of
his presidency he acknowledged was his inabili
ty to bridge the RepublicanDemocrat divide.

Nikki Haley caught in Trump's ...

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warned Americans not to follow the angriest
voices in politics. "Mr. Trump has definitely con
tributed to what I think is just irresponsible
talk," the daughter of Sikh immigrants from
India told NBC.
T he remarks drew praise from many
Republicans and Democrats and even the White
House for "willing to do something that a lot of
other leading Republicans have been unwilling
to do, which is to actually articulate a commit
ment to some core American values."
"Look, that doesn't mean that we agree with
Governor Haley on everything; we surely don't,"
Obama's press secretary Josh Earnest told
"But her willingness to stand up for some
important principles was noted, and it took
courage. And for that, she deserves credit," he
said. Haley's speech also renewed speculation

Chairman and Co-Founder

Kamlesh C. Mehta

Associate Editors:
Hiral Dholakia-Dave

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Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, Ashok Vyas,
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President: Arjit Mehta
that she would be a strong pick as a vicepresi
dential candidate.
Haley told NBC that she hadn't thought about
any of the vicepresidential rumours, but added:
"If a candidate wanted to sit down and talk, I
would sit down and talk. That's a big decision."
Later she told CNN that she considered Trump
a friend and urged the billionaire not to take her
comments personally and said that she also had
concerns about some of his rivals.
But Trump would have none of it. "She's very
weak on illegal immigration," Trump told Fox
News making it clear that Haley was unlikely to
be his running mate for the Nov 8 presidential
He also suggested that Haley was a hypocrite
saying "Over the years, she's asked me for a hell
of a lot of money in campaign contributions."
The reviews were more mixed among other
Republican presidential candidates. Former
Florida governor Jeb Bush described her speech
as "remarkable" for talking about a "broader
hopeful, optimistic Republican message."
Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also said he
was "impressed" with Haley. But former HP chief
executive Carly Fiorina argued that Americans
have a right to be angry about issues such as
illegal immigration.
Ann Coulter, the conservative commentator,
said that Trump should deport Haley even
though she was born in the US.

Jakarta attack raises fears of ISIS ...

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an af fluent shopping area, then set of f explo
sions in an apparent suicide attack outside a
nearby Starbucks cof fee shop. At least seven
people were killed, including five of the
assailants, and 23 people were injured, the
police said.
Gen. Tito Karnavian, chief of the Jakarta
Provincial Police and the former head of the
countrys elite national police counterterrorism
unit, said at a news conference on Thursday that
the perpetrators were linked to leaders of the
Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria, and warned that
the group was expanding its operations across
the region, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, the
Philippines and Thailand. He identified the
organizer as an Indonesian citizen believed to be
in Syria. The suspect, Bahrun Naim, is a leader of
Katibah Nusantara, a Southeast Asianbased mili
tary unit under the Islamic State, General
Karnavian said. The police appear to have been
aware of Bahrun for some time.

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Indiaborn businessman
runs for mayor of
Alabama town
New York: Indiaborn business
man Hanu Karlapalem, is run
ning to become the mayor of
one of Alabama's fastest grow
ing cities, a media report said.
Born in Andhra Pradesh, Hanu
Karlapalem runs a network solu
t ions business in Madison.
Karlapalem said he'd like to see
Madison become the No.1 small
city in America, reported.
"This city is one of the most
intelligent and best educated
cit ies yet we are not even
among the top 10 in the nation,"
said Karlapalem.
"Madison has fallen behind on
improving roads, increasing job
growth and internal communi
cation," he said, adding that he
would use his experience to
"promote a culture of diploma
"If (the voters) decide I am the
right person to lead this city,
that would be a historic election,
not only in Madison, but also in

Hanu Karlapalem
the state of Alabama,"
Karlapalem was quoted as say
This is Karlapalem's first run
for public office.
He was earlier president of the
local Indian association for
Huntsville and Madison.
He had also served on the
board of the internat ional
exchange programs Global Ties
Alabama and Internat ional
Services Council of Alabama.

Veteran journalist
Arthur Pais
passes away
New York: Veteran New Yorkbased editor
Arthur J. Pais passed away in New Jersey Jan.
8 after a brief ill
ness. Pais was 66,
and is survived by
his wife Betty Pais.
Pais had an illus
trious career span
ning more than
three decades in
journalism in the
United States, and wrote for many reputable
publications, including in India Abroad where
he was an editor for nearly 15 years. He also
briefly taught journalism at a New York uni
Condolences poured in from friends and
professional acquaintances including author
Salman Rushdie and cookbookwriter Madhur
This is sad news indeed. My condolences
to his family and to all of you, his colleagues,
Rushdie was quoted as saying by Redif f.
Very sad to hear the news, wrote Jaffrey on

January 16-22, 2016

Indra Nooyi becomes Yale's

biggest alumni donor
New York: Indra Nooyi, the Indian
born PepsiCo Chairperson & CEO,
has become the Yale School of
Management's biggest alumni
donor with a 'landmark gift' to
endow the deanship at her alma
Chennaiborn Nooyi, 60, who
g raduated from the school in
1980, has made the gift to also
inaugurate the Fifth Decade
Innovat ion Fund, the school
The fund is an ambitious initia
t ive designed to advance the
school's aim of developing leaders
with the broad global mindset and
multidisciplinary approach to
business that is needed to succeed
in 21stcentury capitalism, the
school said.
With this gift, Nooyi becomes the
most generous graduate of Yale
School of Management in terms of
lifetime giving to the school. She is
the first woman to endow the
deanship at a top business school.
"My experience at the Yale
School of Management forever

Indra Nooyi
altered the course of my life," said
Nooyi, who has served as chief
executive officer of PepsiCo since
2006, and chairperson since 2007.
"My gift to this wonderful insti
tution pales in comparison with
the gift that Yale gave methe fun
damental understanding that lead
ership requires an expansive
worldview and a deep appreciation
of the many points of intersection
between business and society.

"Business issues are never just

business issues, and my most
ardent hope is that this endow
ment will teach future generations
of leaders that the most successful
companies of tomorrow will do
more than make money."
"They will make a difference and
create shareholder value by
improving the quality of life in
every market in which they oper
ate," said Nooyi.

Sureshbhai Patel
assault case: Police
officer acquitted

Grace Meng invites
Muslim NYPD ofcer
to Obama address

New York: A US court has

acquitted an Alabama police
of ficer who was arrested for
brutally assaulting an Indian
elderly man in February last
year, media reported on
In an apparent jolt to the
paralyzed Sureshbahi Patel's
bid to seek justice, the court
acquitted Eric Parker on the
grounds of being "presumed
innocent" after two mistrials
could not establish his guilt
beyond doubt, report
Judge Made line Hug hes
Haikala threw out the case
against Parker, who faced up
to 10 years in prison for using
excessive force against Patel.

New York: Congresswoman Grace Meng, DN.Y. invited a

Muslim NYPD officer to President Obamas State of the
Union address on Capitol Hill Jan. 12. Her invitation takes
special significance in the backdrop of the New York
Police Departments settlement last week, of a slew of law
suits over the issue of profiling and surveillance of
Muslims for several years.
Meng characterized the move as an effort to combat ris
ing antiMuslim sentiment in the United States.
Lieutenant Adeel Rana, president of the NYPD Muslim
Officers Society was third South Asian to be among invit
ed guests at the last SOTU by President Obama. The other
two bein gMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella and U.S. Army vet
eran Naveed Shah, a PakistaniAmerican who served four
years in the armed forces and was deployed in Iraq.
Rana is a naturalized American citizen who immigrated
to the U.S. from Pakistan in the 1980s, is a U.S. Army vet
eran and served at Ground Zero after the September 11th
attacks as a member of the New York Army National
Guard. He is presently the commanding of ficer of the
NYPDs Community Affairs Immigrant Outreach Unit.

A team of three federal pros

ecutors had twice tried Parker
last year for the takedown of
57yearold Sureshbahi Patel.
Both trials ended with a dead
locked jury.
"Mr Patel hadand hasjust as
much right to be free from
excessive force as every citizen
of this country. He is welcome
here, and it is appropriate to
grieve his injury," Haikala was
quoted as saying.
"However, that injury, stand
ing alone, does not provide the
basis for a criminal judgment
against Mr. Parker," the judge
Parker st ill faces a state
charge of misdemeanor assault
in Limestone County.

January 16-22, 2016


USIBC selects Deloitte CEO Man charged with

vandalism at
Punit Renjen as vice chair
Along with Emerson President Edward Monser,
Renjen will shape and drive USIBC priorities in 2016
Washington, DC: The U.S.
India Business Council
(USIBC) Board of Directors
announced that Council
board members Edward
Monser, President of
Emerson and Punit Renjen,
CEO of Deloitte Touche
Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte
Global), have been selected
as USIBC Vice Chairs.
Renjen and Monser
together represent over
60 years of experience
and expertise in global manufactur
ing, business strategy, and business
development, reecting USIBCs
directive to maintain a diverse lead
ership. The announcement comes at
the heels of former Cisco CEO John
Chambers recent appointment to
USIBC Chairman, opening a new
chapter of leadership as the Council
enters 2016.
I am honored at the appoint
ment, and I believe that there are

Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen

tremendous opportunities this year
to build on the U.S.India relation
ship, said Edward Monser. With
Indias push for advancement
across industries, and initiatives
like Make in India gaining momen
tum, I see several channels for col
laboration, exchange of ideas, and
exchange of technology between
the two countries.
It is a privilege to serve as a
USIBC board member and now as a

TANA New England Team

organizes blood drive with
American Red Cross
New York: TANA New England Team in association with TAGB and
American Red cross sponsored a blood drive on October 24th, 2015 at
Nashua High school, Nashua as part of new TANA Service initiative
TANA CARES. The event started at 9:00 a.m and continued till evening
without any break indicating the motivated donors turned out in huge
numbers surpassing the expectations.
Donors were waiting few hours to donate the blood and showed the
commitment of the people for the great cause. Some folks were not eli
gible to donate due to their visit to another country in the last one year
period, but worked, before blood drive, in the background, spreading
the word.
TANA New England Regional Coordinator Srinivas Kollipara,
Volunteer Srinivas Dutta, American Redcross volunteers handled the
registration process from start to end. TAGB team Shankar Mogapu,
Srinivas Batchu, Chandra Talluri and other EC members were also pres
ent and helped to make this event smooth and successful.

Hyderabad student
commits suicide in US
New York: A student from Hyderabad studying in North Carolina
University committed suicide after scoring low marks in exams, accord
ing to information reaching his family here.
Shiva Kiran (23) ended his life by hanging from the ceiling fan in his
room in the university hostel last Thursday. The authorities in the US
informed the distraught family next day.
He had taken admission in the university six months ago and was
scheduled to come to Hyderabad. The family lives at Indira Nagar in
Ramanthapur area.
Shiva Kiran, who did mechanical engineering from a college here, was
apparently depressed after he failed to secure better grade in the recent
exam. The family has appealed to the state and central governments to
help bring his body home.

Vice Chair. I am optimistic

about the continued trajec
tory of U.S.India relations
and the positive impact
this will have, not only for
our two countries, but
indeed for the world, said
Punit Renjen. In growing
the exchange of talent
between our two countries
and further opening chan
nels for increased trade
and investment, we will be
able to deepen innovation,
create highquality jobs and fuel
our industries global competitive
ness for the 21st century.
I congratulate these two great
business leaders that I am certain
will build on USIBCs legacy. They
have already made a substantial
impact since becoming involved in
the Council, and I look forward to
working with them in this new
capacity, said Mukesh Aghi,
President of USIBC.

LA gurdwara
New York: Brodie Durazo of
Buena Park, about 30 km from
Los Angeles, has been charged
with one felony count of van
dalism of a religious property
and two misdemeanor counts
each of vandalism under $400,
the Los Angeles Times reported
citing prosecutors.
Durazo turned himself in on
Monday and was released on
$20,000 bail, the Orange
County district attorneys ofce
He is scheduled to be
arraigned on February 8. If
convicted, prosecutors said, he
could face a maximum sentence
of three years in state prison.
Gang grafti was found scrib
bled on the exterior of the Sikh
Centre on December 6, while an
expletive and the word ISIS
were also found scrawled on a
tractor trailer that was parked
at the temple, according to the
Sikh Coalit ion. Durazo is

accused of spraypainting graf

ti throughout a trailer park
where he lives and of then
going into the property of the
Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple
and spraypainting grafti on a
dividing wall between the trail
er park and the temple. He is
also accused of spraypainting
grafti on the big rig.
The vandalism prompted an
increase in police patrols near
the re lig ious center and
sparked fear among members
of the Sikh community.
We be lieve that the
Gurdwara Sing h Sabha was
vandalized because it is a Sikh
house of worship, the coali
tions attorney Gurjot Kaur said
in a statement at the time.
We call on local and federal
agencies to investigate this van
dalism as a hate crime and
request increased law enforce
ment security at the gurdwara

Delhi's car restrictions may not reduce

pollution: IndianAmerican expert
New York: The oddeven restric
tions for cars being experimented
with in New Delhi will not work to
improve the national capital's air
quality due to its geographical loca
tion and the longrange airmass
oating in from north and north
western India, says an Indian origin
US professor who has been analyz
ing satellite data.
The odd/even restriction will be
of great help in reducing the trafc
but wouldn't do much to reduce
concentrations of ne particles says
Ramesh Singh, a professor at
Chapman University in California.
"My views are supported by data
from NASA's Moderate Resolution
(MODIS) satellite," said Singh, who
was formerly a professor of civil
engineering at the Indian Institute
of TechnologyKanpur.
According to Singh, Aerosol
Optical Depth, which is a measure
of air pollution, retrieved from
MODIS satellite data over Delhi dur
ing December 1, 2015, to January
10, 2016, shows that the pollution
level remains high and there is no
reduction in PM2.5 ne particles
after the oddeven restrictions were
put in place.
Singh said that De lhi Chief
Minister Arvind Kejriwal has tried
to copy from Beijing, where some
car owners in dif ferent areas are

Prof Ramesh Singh

allowed to drive only on specic
days "to cut down the ow of trafc,
not because of pollution."
"Delhi and Beijing have similar
sources of pollutants (coalbased
power plants, brick kilns, industry
and the like), but we should not
compare whether PM2.5 is higher
in Delhi or Beijing because the geo
graphical situation is dif ferent,"
Singh said.
"Cities in the Ganges basin have
the lofty Himalayas in the back
ground and, again, whereas in
Beijing the emissions get dispersed
in all directions, in Delhi pollutants
come from western parts and occa
sionally from eastern parts of the
"Delhi is located in the Ganga
basin and during winter time,
depending upon the weather condi

tions, dense haze, fog and smog are

formed and moves in the Ganga
basin. Therefore, sometimes dense
fog/haze/smog is seen in Delhi,
Kanpur, Lucknow, Banaras and
"Also, during the winter season
the wind, which is mainly westerly,
brings pollutants from Pakistan,
and from Punjab and Haryana,
northern regions of India. All these
pollutants cannot be stopped due to
the towering Himalaya in the
north," Singh said.
Therefore, there is continuous
ow of airmass from west to east
and Delhi gets affected through the
long range transport of pollutants
from the west and also from the
foothills of the Himalayas where the
burning of wood is prevalent during
the winter season, Singh said.
Emissions from vehicles in Delhi
mix with the ne particles in the
airmass coming from the western
side and the strong mixing of the
two af fects the solar radiation
budget and highly impacts Delhi's
atmospheric chemistry, which may
create other atmospheric problems,
Singh said.
"While the effort of the Delhi gov
ernment must be we lcomed, a
detailed feasibility study is needed
to manage plying of vehicles in
Delhi to curb the local pollution," he

January 16-22, 2016



New York: Forty ve Indians and Indianori
gin people have made it to Forbes annual
list of achievers under the age of 30 who
are changing the rules of the game or cre
ating entirely new playbooks across varied
The Forbes fth annual 30 Under 30 list
features 600 women and men, who are
Americas most important young entrepre
neurs, creative leaders and brightest stars
and are changing the world across 20 var
ied sectors such as consumer technology,
education, media, manufacturing and
industry, law and policy, social entrepre
neurs, science and art and science.
In the past, youth was a handicap to pro
fessional success. Getting older meant more
resources, more knowledge, more money.
No more.
Those who grew up in the tech age have
way bigger ambitions perfectly suited to
the dynamic, entrepreneurial and impatient
digital world they grew up in. If you want
to change the world, being under 30 is now
an advantage, Forbes said.
In the consumer tech segment is 22year
old Ritesh Agarwal, the founder and CEO of

US Hikes H1B, L1
Visa Fee; To Hit
Indian IT Companies
Washington, DC: In a blow to Indian IT
rms, the US has notied an additional fee
of up to $4,500 for certain categories of the
popular H1B and L1 visas.
T he US Citizenship and Immigration
Service (USCIS) said applicants for certain
categories of H1B visas post December 18,
2015 must submit an additional fee of
In addition, for those applying for certain
L1A and L1B must submit an additional
Re ferring
Appropriations Act, 2016 signed into law by
US President Barack Obama on December
18, 2015, USCIS said the additional fees
apply to petitioners who employ 50 or more
employees in the US, with more than 50 per
cent of those employees in H1B or L
(including L1A and L1B) nonimmigrant
This fee is in addition to the base process
ing fee, Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee,
American Competitiveness and Workforce
Improvement Act of 1998 fee (when
required), as well as the premium process
ing fee, if applicable.
T his w ill remain e f fect ive throug h
September 30, 2025, USCIS said.
In a statement, USCIS warned that it will
begin rejecting H1B and L1 visa petitions
received on or after February 11, 2016 that
do not carry the information required under
the new law.
USCIS has also revised the necessary
forms in this regard.
During the 30day period immediately fol
lowing this web alert, USCIS may issue a
Request for Evidence (RFE) to determine
whether the additional fee applies to the

OYO Rooms, billed to be the Airbnb of

In a country that lacks a steady supply of
budget hotel chains, Oyo has developed a
network of 2,200 small hotels in 100 cities
across India, Forbes said.
Others in the eld are 28year old Gagan
Biyani and Neeraj Berry who cofounded
Sprig, a mobile app that lets one nd and
order healthy meals and have them deliv
ered quickly and 25yearold Karishma
Shah, the youngest hire at Alphabets
Google X socalled moonshot factory,
where the search giant places smart peo
ple to come up with farout technologies
that can be applied to worlds big
In the Hollywood and entertainment eld
is 27yearold Canadian Lily Singh, writer
comedian and part of a new generation of
stars that has used YouTube to gain a
Among the persons of Indianorigin is
Nila Das, 27, is Vice President at Citigroup
and is a mortgage bond trader running the
banks secondary trading in agency colla
toralized mortgage obligations, overseeing

billions of dollars in volume each day.

The others making a mark in nance are
29yearold Divya Nettimi, an investment
analyst at Viking Global Investors, who co
managed Harvard Business Schools Alpha
Fund while getting her MBA, 29yearold
Vikas Patel, a senior analyst at hedge fund
Millennium Management and 29yearold
Neel Rai an investment analyst at Caxton
Associates where he is part of a threeper
son team managing $600 million portfolio
at pioneering macro hedge fund.
In the venture capital segment, notable
persons of Indianorigin are 26yearold
Vishal Lug ani, a senior asso ciate at
Greycroft Partners, and 27yearold Amit
Mukherjee, senior asso ciate at New
Enterprise Associates.
Media stars include 27yearold Nisha
Chittal, manager of social media and com
munity at MSNBC and Ashish Patel, 29, sen
ior vice president of So cial Media at
NowThis Media.
Leading the manufacturing segment is
28yearold Sampriti Bhattacharyya, an
MIT grad student who has deve loped
underwater drones that are capable of

Nikki Haley seen as

potential Republican
vice presidential pick
Washington, DC: South
American governor
Nikki Haley's choice to
give the Republican
response to President
Barack Obama's State
of the Union address
has fueled speculation
about her as a poten
tial vice presidential
A day after she gave
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
Republican response
she spoke to Republican leaders ood," the Politico said.
In August, at the RNC summer
g athered for the Republican
in Cleveland, Haley was
Nat ional Committee's w inter
be its luncheon headlin
meeting in Charleston at a private
event aboard the USS Yorktown in
In recent months, Haley has fos
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina,
inuential Politico reported citing tered a close relationship with
Christie as well as with two other
The following day, just before Republican White House hope
Republican presidential hopefuls fuls: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, it
gather for the debate, Haley is said. Over the course of the pri
expected to have a private meet mary campaign, she has been
ing with New Jersey Governor exchanging text messages with all
Chris Christie, according to a three candidates.
Haley's selection, the Observer
source familiar with her plans.
is seen as part of the
"All this comes on the back of a
Party's attempts to
strong year that saw her
voters, who will
prospects in the sweepstakes
improve as Haley signed of f on have a chance to elect the rst
leg islat ion
the female president if Hillary Clinton
Confederate ag from Columbia is the Democratic nominee. But
and oversaw a state battered by a she called such talk a "waste of
tragic massacre and a massive time."

autonomously communicating and working

together to scan the ocean to look for lost
planes, or measure oil spills or radiation
under the sea and 29yearold Saagar Govil,
CEO of Cemtrex which produces environ
mental products and electronics solutions.
Among the social entrepreneurs is 28
yearold Anoop Jain, Founding Director of
Sanitation and Health Rights in India, which
builds toilets, collects human waste and
uses methane coming off that excrement to
create clean water.
In the law and policy eld are 26yearold
Ashish Kumbhat, a monetary policy expert
in the Federal Reserve Board, 27yearold
Dipayan Ghosh, privacy and public policy
advisor at Facebook and 28yearold
Anisha Singh, the former lead of the inter
national policy division of United Sikhs,
where she founded national antibullying
campaign and won a historic case against
US Army requiring religious accommoda
tion on behalf of a 19yearold Sikh whod
been rejected from ROTC programs.
In the science eld is 29year old Sanjam
Garg, assistant professor, at University of
California Berkeley.

India Has Largest Population

Of People Living Abroad:
UN Report
United Nations: India's population living abroad is the largest
in the world with 16 million people living outside the country
in 2015, according to a latest UN survey on international
migrant trends.
The survey conducted by the UN Department of Economic
and Social Af fairs (DESA) said the number of international
migrants persons living in a country other than where they
were born reached 244 million in 2015 for the world as a
whole, a 41 per cent increase compared to 2000.
The 2015 Revision, nearly two thirds of international
migrants live in Europe (76 million) or Asia (75 million),
according to the Trends in International Migrant Stock.
"The rise in the number of international migrants reects
the increasing importance of international migration, which
has become an integral part of our economies and societies,"
said Wu Hongbo, UN UnderSecretaryGeneral for Economic
and Social Affairs.
"Wellmanaged migration brings important benets to
countries of origin and destination, as well as to migrants and
their families," Mr Hongbo added.
India has the largest population of people living abroad in
the world, followed by Mexico and Russia. In 2015, 16 million
people from India were living outside of their country, a
growth from 6.7 million in 1990, the survey stated.
Mexico's population living outside the country stood at 12
million. Other countries with such large population included
Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ukraine.
Of the twenty countries with the largest number of interna
tional migrants living abroad, 11 were in Asia, six in Europe,
and one each in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and
Northern America, the survey said.
This gure includes almost 20 million refugees.
The survey further said that in 2015, two thirds of all inter
national migrants were living in only 20 countries, starting
with the US, which hosted 19 per cent of all migrants at 46.6
million, followed by Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United
Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.
India is ranked 12th out of these 20 countries, hosting 5.2
million migrants in 2015, which is a drop from 7.5 million in

January 16-22, 2016


Obama team assures

to stand by Sikh
Washington, DC: A
senior aide of
President Barack
American Sikh
community that
the Obama admin
istration stood by
it in the wake of recent inci
dents of violence against Sikhs.
"I want to of fer our deepest
condolences for some recent
violence and attacks against
Sikhs and Sikh institutions,"
Melissa Rogers, special assis
tant to the President and head
of the Office of Faith Based and
Neighborhood Partnerships
Rogers, the highest ranking
representat ive of Obama
Administration to attend a Sikh
gathering in a gurdwara, also
expressed empathy with the
Sikh community over reported

vandalism at a Los
Angeles gurdwara.
"T hese reports
are of tremendous
concern to us as
they are to you,"
she was quoted as
saying at the 349th
birth anniversary
celebrations of the 10th Sikh
Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, in
Rockville, Maryland.
"When these kinds of things
happen there is a feeling of vio
lation and anxiety. We want you
to know that we stand by you
during these challenging times,"
she said addressing a gathering
Sing h
Foundation(GGSF) gurdwara.
Speaking on the issue of Sikhs
in the US Army, Rogers said,
"We will continue to be in touch
with you on the issue of Sikhs
serving in the United States
Armed Forces."

Satya Nadella gets coveted

seat for Obama address
Washington, DC: Satya Nadella,
IndianAmerican Chief Executive
Of ficer of Microsoft, was among
the "many Americans who have
inspired Barack" watching
President Barack Obama's final
State of the Union address
Tuesday from the First Lady's Box.
The 23 special guests attending
Obama's annual address to the
Congress with first lady Michelle
Obama "represent the progress we
have made" over the last seven
years the White House said
"Their stories of struggle and
success highlight where we have
been and where America is going
in the future, building on the best
of what our country has to offer."
"The guests personify President
Obama's time in of fice and most
importantly, they represent who
we are as Americans: inclusive and
compassionate, innovative and
courageous," it said.
"Microsoft has been a leader in
expanding access to computer sci
ence in K12 classrooms, and in, a private public partner

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella seen right behind

First Lady Michelle Obama at SOTU.
ship to increase awareness of and
support for the teaching profes
sion," the White House said.
"In September, the company
announced a new $75 million
effort to expand computer science
education, including opportunities
for engineers from Microsoft and
other companies with teachers to

teamteach computer science," it

"In October 2015, under Satya's
leadership, Microsoft increased its
paid leave benefits by eight weeks
and now includes 20 weeks of paid
leave for new mothers and 12
weeks for nonbirth parents," it

Indian American community Sikh bus driver ensured

passengers safety
lauded at PBD in US
Washington, DC: The transforma
tional role played by the Indian
American community in the devel
opment of IndiaUS relations and its
future potential were underscored
by India's Ambassador to the US
Arun K. Singh.
Opening an event to celebrate the
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas at the
Indian embassy here on Friday, he
also highlighted the importance of
the day. The event was well attend
ed with enthusiastic participation
by the Indian American community
members representing various sec
tors including the government, busi
ness, professionals, artists, journal
ists and students.
Swadesh Chatterjee, a Padma
Bhushan awardee from North
Carolina, gave a talk on "Building

while being assaulted

Interactive Q &
A session with
Padma Bhushan
Chatterjee and
Dr. Satyam
President TiE,
DC Chapter.
Bridges: How Indian Americans
Brought the US and India closer
together." Chatterjee recently pub
lished a book highlighting the con
tribution of Indian Americans in
various fields including energy
cooperation. Satyam Priyadarshy,
T he
Entrepreneurs (TiE), which has 61
chapters across 17 countries, spoke

on "India's Flagship Projects and

Indian Americans: Promising
Possibilities." He also underscored
the ways in which the Indian
American community can con
tribute to the India's organically
connected flagship projects like
Smart City Mission, Skill India,
Digital India, Make In India and
Swachh Bharat.

Ex-McKinsey partner, a PIO, held for fraud

Washington: An Indianorig in
British national who was a former
partner at consult ing firm
McKinsey & Co has been arrested
in New York on allegations of fraud
amounting to nearly $890,000, fed
eral prosecutors said on
Navdeep Arora, a former partner
in the Chicago office of McKinsey &
Company, was arrested on Sunday
at JFK International Airport in New
York. Arora, 51, of London, is
charged with eight counts of wire
fraud in an indictment filed in US

District Court in Chicago.

Arora made an initial appearance
on Tuesday in District Court in New
York and was ordered detained
pending further proceedings, the
Department of Justice said. The
indictment, which was returned in
August also charges Matthew
Sorensen, a former internal consult
ant for State Farm Mutual
Automobile Insurance Company,
with five counts of wire fraud.
Sorensen, 49, of Bloomington,
Illinois, is scheduled to appear for
arraignment on January 11 in

Chicago. According to the federal

charges, Arora oversaw various
consulting services provided by
McKinsey to State Farm. The indict
ment contends that Arora and
Sorensen used two companies
"Gabriel Solutions" and "Andy's
BCB" to defraud their employers
out of phony consulting fees.
Sorensen billed McKinsey for the
bogus work purportedly performed
by the companies, and Arora allo
cated the fees to the State Farm
projects to which he was assigned,
according to the indictment.

Washington, DC: A Sikh

bus driver kept his foot
on the brakes to keep
people safe even while
being brutally assaulted
by a man who called
him a terrorist.
Balwinder Jit Singh
cont inues to suf fer
from blurred vision and
pain, said the Sikh
Coalition Group, which
is fighting his case.
Balwinder Jit Singh still suffers from blurred
T hroug hout
vision and pain
attack that le ft him
badly wounded, Singh kept his foot enough. "These charges fail to cap
on the brake of his bus to ensure ture the violent nature of the
the safety of the pedestrians and attack, and the antiSikh bias that
passengers, the organization said. precipitated it," the coalition said
The assault left him in the hospital in a statement.
The Sikh coalition's legal team is
with a swollen and bruised face
working with the local sherif f 's
and jaw and an infection in his eye.
Singh, who has been a bus driver department and the FBI to push for
for 17 years, said in a statement: "I a hate crime investigation and
know that sharing my story sheds prosecution.
"In the face of hateful rhetoric
further light on the bigotry and
the current climate of fear, we
hatred faced by communit ies
ensure that all biasbased
across the nation. These crimes
are thoroughly investi
cannot be tolerated." According to
the perpetrators
the Los Angeles County Sherif f 's
Office, the passenger who attacked brought to justice," said the Sikh
him is currently in police custody Coalition's senior staf f attorney
Gurjot Kaur.
in a different criminal case.
"We cannot fight hate if law
The suspect potentially faces
misdemeanor assault charges for enforcement agencies ignore or
attacking Singh, which, according fail to recognize hate crimes," she
to the Sikh organization, is not added.


January 16-22, 2016

Why is US turning Indian students back?

Washington, DC: Call it preelection rheto
ric or post Paris and St Bernardino para
noia, Indian students coming to the US
have been caught in a bind, with many
deported or denied entry for no fault of
They all came with valid F1 student
visas issued by US missions in India with
the requisite I20 forms from educational
institutions certifying their admission, but
have been sent packing back home at the
port of entry.
There are no of ficial figures available
but an estimated 6070 students have
been turned back so far. The process of
deportation continues despite New Delhi
making a strong plea to Washington to
honor their visas.
It all started from San Francisco about
two weeks after the December 2 terrorist
attack in St Bernardino by a Pakistani cou
ple, when Air India asked to fly back 14
Indian students who had come to join two
allegedly "blacklisted" dodgy schools.
Both Silicon Valley University (SVU) in
San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic
(NPU) in Fremont have denied being
"blacklisted" or "under any sort of govern
mental investigation or targeting."
NPU has even blamed the whole mess
"on the actions of Air India" which after
the first deportations declined to seat US
bound students claiming it had been
informed by the US Customs and Border

Protection (CBP) about the two schools

being under the scanner. NPU suggested
that Air India was not allowing its students
to board as it has to fly back at its own
cost any individual denied entry to a coun
Air India is reported to have now
resumed bringing in Indian students pro
vided they commit to pay for their return
in case they were not allowed to enter.
Over the last couple of weeks, several
students coming through Chicago or New
York and on other airlines to join other
schools, some of them well reputed, have
also been turned back.
Yet, according to diplomatic sources, the
US has denied any largescale denial of
entry of Indian students and claims that
CBP agents decide each case on its own
merit whether it is genuine or not.
In some cases, the students did not even
know what courses they planned to study,
where they would stay or how they would
meet their living expenses as students are
not allowed to work. Some immigration
of ficers are even giving spot tests to
incoming students.
A majority of students hail from Andhra
Pradesh but there is apparently no racial
profiling or targeting of Indian students as
students from other countries including
China too have been denied entry.
NPU president Peter Hsieh in a posting
on the school's website also said that sev

Lucky IndianAmerican sold one

of winning Powerball tickets

eral incoming students had informed it

that "as long as students have proper doc
umentation and are able to answer ques
tions, they are being allowed into the US."
"They also report that this is not limited
to NPU or F1 students but also to other
foreign travelers on H1 visa and the like,"
he wrote.
But whether the system has been gamed
by some unscrupulous elements is beside
the point.
T here seems to be a dysfunct ion
between the consulates in India and the
border agents, informed sources said.

Guidelines for students issued by

the Telugu Association of North America

Los Angeles: Balbir Atwals 7Eleven

convenience store in Chino Hills,
California, has experienced sudden
celebrity as the seller of one of the
three Powerball winning lotteries with
a record jackpot of $1.6 billion.
The owner of the winning ticket
who gets $528.8 million in a threeway
split of the biggest jackpot in US histo
ry remains unidentified, but Atwal
became richer by $1 million for selling
I feel very good, some lucky cus
tomer came here and made me
famous, Atwal, 57, told T he

Washington Post.
The eyepopping and unprecedented
Powerball jackpot whose rise to $1.6
billion became a national fascination
will be split three ways.
Besides suburban LA. winning tickets
were sold in Florida and Tennessee,
California lottery officials said.
The Chino Hills ticket was purchased
for a nurse in Pomona, bought by her
employer, nursing home owner Shlomo
The identities of the purchasers of
the other two winning tickets isn't
known yet.

The fact that so many students have

been denied entry indicates that the US
consulates in India were not doing due
diligence before issuing visas.
Unless the US authorities can find a
quick fix, Indian students who, according
to the 2015 Open Doors Report, make up
13.6 percent of the total international stu
dents in the US, would continue to suffer.
T he US too stands to lose as with a
whopping 29.4 percent increase, a record
high of 132,888 Indian students studying
in the US in 201415 academic year con
tributed $3.6 billion to the US economy.

he US Borders and Customs officials

have a lot of discretion in determining
the bonafides of those seeking to
enter the country and need to be convinced
that the intentions of the visa holder are
genuine before they permit entry. The rea
sons for denial of entry appear to vary. It is
our understanding that these include the
failure of the students to speak confidently
about what they plan to be studying, where
they plan to live and how they plan to pay
for their tuition and living expenses. Some
of those denied visa were not able to
demonstrate having adequate financial
resources and told the immigration author
ities that they planned to get parttime jobs
which is not allowed by the law. Some stu
dents had with them documents like appli
cations for Social Security Numbers leading
to questions about their intentions. In some
cases, some of the documents furnished by
the applicants could not be verified and
were suspected to be fraudulent, said Dr. V
Chowdary Jampala, President of TANA.

He urged the students and their families

to pay attention to the following.
Student visas are given to pursue
studies; they are not for working in USA.
There are limited circumstances in which
an F1 visa holder may work with the edu
cational institutions approval and supervi
sion. Any illegal activity may cause deten
tion, revocation of visa and deportation.

Ensure that the institution that stu

dent is enrolling in is of good reputation.

An institution that does not require strict
attendance or is overly permissive with so
called CPT should be suspect.
t Do not depend on socalled consult
ants. In most circumstances, they are
recruiting agents getting a fee from the
educational institution.
Be familiar with all documentation
that the student is required to have and
ensure that it is genuine and verifiable.
t Be prepared to talk confidently about
plans for education and the ability to meet
the tuition and living expenses over the
course of studies.
t Not be anxious when talking with the
immigration authorities. They are profes
sionals and are expected to treat everyone
with appropriate courtesy.
t Do not make any false statements to
the immigration authorities.
t Be prepared for long screening times
at the port of entry.
t Ensure adequate cash for any inciden
tal expenses at the airports and in transit
If any students experience any negative
experiences during the screening process,
they are requested to inform TANA by
sending an email to


January 16-22, 2016


With first two states in danger, Clinton takes on Sanders

Ames, Iowa : A newly aggressive
Hillary Clinton emerged here this
week and her campaign took on
fresh urgency as polls suddenly
showed the Democratic presiden
tial frontrunner in real danger of
losing the first two primary con
tests to insurgent rival Bernie
Here in Ames, Clinton launched
her sharpest attacks yet by rip
ping into Sanders on issues such
as health care and gun control.
She portrayed the senator from
Vermont as naive and his propos
als as unrealistic and, seeking
to undermine the central argu
ment of his candidacy, alleged
that he could not be trusted to
take on entrenched interests.
If youre going to go around
saying youll stand up to special
interests, well, stand up to the
most powerful special interest
stand up to that gun lobby,
Clinton said, citing Sanderss
2005 vote to grant immunity to

Bernie Sanders surge is making Hillary Clinton campaign nervous.

gun manufacturers.
Dont talk to me about standing
up to corporate interests and big
powers, she added. Ive got the
scars to show for it, and Im proud
of every single one of them.
Later Tuesday, the campaign
re leased a new ad in which
Clinton doesnt mention Sanders
by name but implicitly criticizes

him by saying its time to pick a

side with or against the gun
lobby. Im with him, Clinton says
of Obama, suggest ing that
Sanders is not.
Although Clinton and Sanders
have been tweaking each other
since the fall, the Democratic con
test has been a sleepy affair com
pared w ith the rollicking

Republican race. But it is coming

to life ahead of a debate Sunday,
the last before the Feb. 1 caucuses
Clinton has seemed this week to
relish playing the aggressor in
what she has dubbed the lets get
real period of the race. Sanders
has been drawing contrasts, too,
t icking of f dif ferences w ith
Clinton on Social Security, energy
and other policies at his rallies.
Clintons combative approach is
part of a broader ef fort by her
campaign and her allies to blunt
Sanderss apparent momentum.
Her campaign has begun flooding
Iowa and New Hampshire with a
wave of surrogates that includes
her husband, former president Bill
Clinton; their daughter, Chelsea;
Lena Dunham, the star of the HBO
series Girls; and a troupe of
female senators.
Chelsea Clinton Tuesday joined
in on her mothers jabs against
Sanders, saying during a cam

paign event in New Hampshire

that the Vermont senator wants to
dismantle Obamacare, dismantle
the CHIP program, dismantle
Medicare and private insurance.
The Sanders campaign quickly
responded by saying that Chelsea
Clinton was wrong.
A Medicareforall plan will
save the average middle class
family $5,000 a year, a
spokesman for Sanders campaign
said. The Clinton campaign is
Later in the day, Democratic
strategist David Axelrod criticized
the Clinton campaign for having
Chelsea Clinton take a shot at
Sanders. It wasnt an honest
attack, he said during an inter
view on CNN.
On Good Morning America
today, however, Clinton doubled
down on her campaigns critique
of Sanders and called for the
Vermont senator to lay out
specifics of his health care plan.



El Chapos meeting with Hollywood actor Sean

Penn for a Rolling Stone article was brokered by
MexicanAmerican actress Kate del Castillo (inset)

The text messages

that led to 'El Chapo'
Mexico City: Drug lord Joaquin
"El Chapo" Guzman, a twotime
prison escapee, sure ly is no
stranger to flirting with danger.
But his admiration for one par
ticular actress apparently led to
his capture and imprisonment
with security measures tougher
than a ballandchain.
The role of Kate del Castillo, a
Mexican and American actress, in
brokering the meeting between
the fugitive drug traf ficker and
actor Sean Penn for a magazine
interview has been reported.
But transcripts of text mes
sages (Blackberry Messenger, to
be precise) between Guzman, his
associates and del Castillo were
published Wednesday by the
Mexican newspaper Milenio,
adding a fresh layer of detail.
Guzman's capture last week in
his native Sinaloa state was huge
news. So was the revelation that

Penn secretly met with Guzman

in the Mexican jung le for a
Rolling Stone magazine article.
Guzman bragged that he had sup
plied "more heroin, methamphet
amine, cocaine and marijuana
than anybody else in the world."
T he Blackberry messages,
which were intercepted by
Mexican authorities, jibe with the
of ficial story: Guzman reached
out to del Castillo, and a visit to
the drug lord's hideout by the
actress and Penn was arranged.
What's new is insight into the
details that Guzman obsessed
about before the visit, and his
willingness to accommodate del
Castillo in any way, including
allowing her to bring Penn.
Guzman's texts are filled with
flattery for del Castillo, but also
attention to details that would be
downright boring except for the
man whose thumbs typed them.

New York: IndianAmerican Bobby

Jindal has demitted of fice as
Louisiana governor at the end of
his second fouryear term, the
media reported on Tuesday.
He has been replaced by Be l
Edwards, the only Democratic gov
ernor in the deep south.
The 44yearold, in an interview
over the weekend, did not rule out
another bid for the elected post,
and added that as of now, he has
decided to work with America Next,
a think tank.
In 2008, Jindal was sworn in as
the governor of Louisiana, becom
ing the first IndianAmerican to

Bobby Jindals 8 years in office

as Louisiana Governor come
to an end.
hold the top position. He was elect
ed as governor for two terms.
Last year, Jindal announced his
bid for the 2016 US presidential

Al Jazeera America
to shut down
New York: Al Jazeera America, the American cable news
outlet owned by Qatarbased Al Jazeera, plans to shut down
less than three years after its
muchballyhooed launch,
unable to overcome low rat
ings, operational problems and
a lack of advertisers.
The cable news network will
be phased out by April 30,
according to a memo that was
emailed to staffers Wednesday.
Al Jazeera Media Network
(AJMN), which is funded by the
government of Qatar, launched the U.S.based network in
August 2013 after buying Current TV, the cable news chan
nel cofounded by Al Gore, for about $500 million earlier
that year.
The decision to go out of business was driven by the fact
that our business model is simply not sustainable in light of
the economic challenges in the U.S. media marketplace,
AJAM CEO Al Anstey was quoted as saying in an AJAM

elections, but abruptly dropped out

of the race a few months later say
ing: "This is not my time."
Once seen as a rising star in the
Republican Party, Jindal's cam
paign failed to gain much traction
as he kept polling less than one
percent in various national surveys.
A Brown University graduate and
Rhodes Scholar, Jindal rose to
prominence at the start of
President Obama's first term when
he was asked to de liver the
Republican Party's rebuttal to the
State of the Union address in 2009.
But his performance was widely

Newark & LaGuardia

ranked worst
airports in America
New York: The Travelmath website
released a list ranking the best and
worst airports in the country and
Newark and LaGuardia were dead last.
Picking the right airport to preserve
any amount of sanity and money during
the holiday season is key so
Travelmath crunched the numbers.
They collected data from the Bureau
of Transportation Statistics on every
thing from cancelled flights, to delays,
to fares and even TSA claims.
Out of the 322 airports ranked,
Laguardia and Newark airports were
ranked as the worst in the country
and if you think JFK is any better, it only
came in at 315. The top 10 overall air
ports had one thing in commontheyre
so tiny that, chances are, youve never
flown into, or much less heard of, most
of them.


India will help Pakistan

probe Pathankot attack
New Delhi: India said it will extend
all help to a special team Pakistan
proposes to send to Pathankot to
investigate the terror attack on
the IAF base.
External af fairs ministry
spokesman Vikas Swarup also
said that India viewed the crack
down on the JaisheMohammad
(JeM) terrorist group in Pakistan
as an "important and positive first
step". "We have noted that the
Pakistan government is consider
ing to send a Special Investigation
Team (SIT ) to investigate the
Pathankot terror attack," he told
the media.
"We look forward to the visit of
the SIT. Our investigative agencies
will extend all cooperation to
bring the perpetrators of the
attack to justice."
India says that the six terrorists
who attacked the Indian Air Force
(IAF) stat ion in Pathankot in
Punjab on January 2, killing seven
personne l,

India views the crackdown on the JaisheMohammad (JeM) terrorist

group in Pakistan as an "important and positive first step".
Pakistanis and allied to the JeM.
T he spokesman we lcomed
Pakistan's announcement on
Wednesday that JeM activists had
been arrested and its of fices
sealed. India blames the group for
the Pathankot incident.
The crackdown on the JeM was
an "important and positive first
step" in the move to bring to jus
tice the Pathankot attack plotters,

Dismantle JeM permanently:

Pakistani daily
Islamabad: Praising Indian and
Pakistani leaders for not allow
ing the Pathankot terror attack
to develop into a fullblown cri
sis, a daily here on Thursday
urged the government to "per
manently" dismantle the Jaishe
Mohammad (JeM) that has been
blamed for the mayhem.
"Past experience suggests that
JeM, like some other banned
organizations, has access to
sophist icated leg al counse l
which can help protect its opera
tions and its leaders' freedom,"
the Dawn said in an editorial.
"This time JeM, and others like
it, must be fully and permanently
The editorial said the "mature
responses" of India and Pakistan
to the January 2 terrorist attack
on the Indian Air Force (IAF)
base in Pathankot "appear to
have thwarted" whatever the
JeM wanted to achieve.
"But why was the group still
able to plan and execute such an
audacious and sophisticated
attack on the air force base?" it
A Pakistan government state
ment on Wednesday said several
JeM activists had been arrested
and its offices sealed as part of a
crackdown on the group follow
ing the Pathankot attack.
But the Foreign Office said on
Thursday that it was not aware
of the reported arrest of JeM

founder leader Maulana Masood

Azhar, who India says plotted the
Pathankot operation.
"Thirteen years after the group
was banned by the state, why
was it able to still operate offices
that are only now being sealed?"
the Dawn asked about the JeM.
"For too long, militant groups
that have been banned by the
state have simply changed their
names or gone temporarily into
hiding, only for them to reappear
stronger and more resilient.
"In the case of JeM, the states
failures have been exceptionally
"Until yesterday (Wednesday),
when he was reportedly
detained, Masood Azhar was a
free man; other wellknown lead
ers of the group apparently rou
tinely roam the country preach
ing jihad.
"It is fairly obvious that leaders
of banned outfits publicly
exhorting violence is likely to
lead to some kind of disaster or
"Pathankot has certainly been
the former, though mature politi
cal leadership on both sides of
the border has prevented it from
becoming a fullblown crisis."
The Dawn said Pakistan must
ensure that the initial actions
against JeM were converted into
"sustained and meaningful meas
ures that ensure the longterm
dismantling of militant groups.

he said.
The spokesman noted that con
siderable progress had been made
into the investigation into the
alleged links of Pakistani terror
ists to the attack on the IAF base.
He said India and Pakistan had
agreed to reschedule the talks
between their foreign secretaries
which were to take place in
Islamabad on Friday.

January 16-22, 2016


foreign secretary
talks rescheduled
Islamabad: Talks between the
foreign secretaries of India and
Pakistan, which were to be held
here on Friday, have been post
poned, the Foreign Of fice said
on Thursday.
"Both countries are in contact
to firm up the dates for the
meeting of the two foreign sec
retaries," Foreign Of fice
spokesman Qazi M. Khalilullah
told the media here. "Mutual
consultations are on regarding
the rescheduling of the talks."
The spokesman didn't give
any reason but it followed
reported Indian demands that
the talks can go ahead only if
ag ainst
Pakistani terrorists who plotted
the terror attack on the IAF
base in Pathankot in Punjab.
Six terrorists who India says

were Pakistanis and allied to

Mohammad (JeM) raided the
base on January 2, killing seven
security personnel. Security
forces killed all the attackers.
India then provided "action
able intelligence" to Pakistan
and asked it to crack down
against the attack masterminds.
Khalilullah said terrorism was
a common threat and both
Pakistan and India should work
together to end it.

Apologize for your misbehavior

and play, Sardar tells Pak
New Delhi: India captain Sardar
Singh supported Hockey India's
(HI) stand of not allowing Pakistani
players in the cashrich Hockey
India League (HIL) until and unless
they apologize for their unruly
behavior during Champions Trophy
in Bhubaneswar in December 2014.
Two Pakistani players
Muhammad Tousiq and Ali Amjad
were handed a onematch ban
while Shafqat Rasool was repri
manded by the Internat ional
Hockey Federation (FIH) for mak
ing obscene gestures after their
team's 43 win over hosts India in
the Champions Trophy semifinal.
Following the final hooter, excit
ed Pakistani players took off their
shirts and made rude gestures
towards the Indian fans and the
media at the packed 7,000capacity
Kalinga Stadium.
Though then Pakistan chief coach
Shahnaz Sheikh apologized for the
incident, HI boss Narinder Batra
has repeatedly demanded an apolo
g y from the Pakistan Ho ckey
Federation (PHF).
Now, as the fourth edition of the
HIL is set to commence on Monday,
once again the debate has begun
whether sportspersons should be
kept above bilateral dif ferences.
The highly talented players from
across the border were part of the
first edition of HIL in 2013 but had
to leave India before the start of the
tournament following protests

India captain Sardar Singh.

from some political organizations.
Since then, no Pakistani has played
in the sixteam tournament.
Now, Sardar, who will captain
Jaypee Punjab Warriors this year,
also asserted that Pakistan must
tender an apology before its play
ers can be allowed to play in HIL.
"W hat they did during the
Champions Trophy was unaccept
able and until and unless they apol
ogize for their misbehavior they
should not be allowed," Sardar said
during the trophy unveiling cere
mony of HIL 2016.
Though HI remains steadfast on
its contention that misbehavior
during Champions Trophy was the
reason for its objection, strained
ties between the south Asian neigh
bors may have a lot to do with it.

Taking the debate further, Kalinga

Lancers' German captain Moritz
Furste and Ranchi Rays' English
skipper Ashley Jackson felt that, if
possible, the organizers must find a
way out so that all good players
come and play in the league.
"HIL is a great event in the world
of hockey. In my personal view,
players from all over the world
should be allowed to play, if possi
ble. I am not much aware of the pol
itics and other things. They (both
parties) must find a solution for all
players," said 31yearold Furste,
also a member of the German
Olympic Confederation.
Jackson, who is play ing for
Ranchibased teams since the first
edition of HIL, echoed Furste's


January 16-22, 2016


Supreme Court bars Jallikattu, Tamil Nadu upset

New Delhi: The Supreme Court
has declined to vacate its order
barring the bull taming sport
Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu held dur
ing Pongal festival, causing wide
spread dismay in the state.
An apex court bench comprising
Justice Dipak Misra and Justice
N.V. Ramana declined to lift an
earlier order that put on hold a
central government notification
allowing Jallikattu and bull races.
Rejecting the contention of peti
tioner Radhakrishnan, the bench
said they were not inclined to
vacate their order of Tuesday pro
hibiting Jallikattu on grounds of
cruelty to the bulls.
The court said they were "unim
pressed" by the submission made
by the petitioner seeking a lifting
of the stay.
Jallikattu, an ancient sport, is

Jallikattu, an ancient sport, is held in rural parts of Tamil Nadu during

Pongal festival.
held in rural parts of Tamil Nadu
during Pongal festival. It involves

young men clinging on to the

hump of bulls to win prize money.

Appearing for the petitioner,

counsel N. Raja Raman told the
court that Jallikattu was a part of
Tamil tradition and culture and
was being carried on for thou
sands of years.
Raman said the animals in
Jallikattu were the pride of the
farmers who viewed them as a
part of their own families.
The ruling triggered demonstra
tions in parts of Tamil Nadu. A
beg an
Alanganallur and Palemedu, the
two places known for the sport in
Madurai district.
Protests were also held in sup
port of the sport in Chennai,
Madurai, Salem, Pudukottai and
Trichy. P. Rajasekaran, president
of the Jallikattu Paddukappu
Peravai, told IANS that there can
not be any cruelty inflicted on the

animals as they were subjected to

medical examination before and
after the event.
At Mamallapuram near Chennai,
central minister Nirmala Sitharam
said the Tamil Nadu government
could enact an ordinance to per
mit Jallikattu during Pongal festi
val and New Delhi would back it.
She said the central government
cannot promulgate an ordinance
as a case was pending in the
court. But the Tamil Nadu govern
ment could come up with an ordi
nance and the central government
would support it.
Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa
and political parties in Tamil Nadu
had urged the central government
to issue an ordinance to allow
Jallikattu. It involves young men
clinging on to the hump of bulls
to win prize money.

Defense, counterterrorism to
Badals ruined
Punjab, oust them
top Sushma's Israel agenda
from power: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal meets the family of taxi driver
Ikagar Singh in Gurdaspur.
Muktsar (Punjab): Launching a
fierce attack on the ruling Badal
family in Punjab, AAP leader and
De lhi Chief Minister Arvind
Kejriwal urged people to oust the
Badals from power, saying the
once progressive state was on the
verge of ruin.
"The Badals and their family
have ruined a progressive state
like Punjab in 10 years. In a state
which was known to feed the
country, farmers are now forced to
commit suicide. Such is the state
of af fairs here," thundered
Kejriwal, sporting a yellow turban,
at a huge gathering of Aam Aadmi
Party supporters during the
Maghi Mela (fair) held here.
Major political parties in Punjab
the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal,
the opposition Congress and new
entrant AAP held their political
conferences on the occasion. They
were seen as a show of strength
by all the parties ahead of assem
bly polls to be held in the state in

February next year.

Top leaders from all parties,
including Chief Minister Parkash
Singh Badal (Akali Dal), Amarinder
Singh (Congress) and Kejriwal
(AAP), launched barbs at each
other in their speeches.
"In 10 years, the Badals and
their family have looted Punjab. In
10 years, they have spread law
lessness (goondagardi), In 10
years, the Badals have spread
drugs in the state. T hey have
forced farmers to commit suicide.
In 10 years, the Badals have
sucked Punjab complete ly,"
Kejriwal said in his aggressive
speech against the ruling dispen
The Delhi chief minister urged
people in Punjab to take the cue
from voters in Delhi who had, last
year, voted the AAP to power in a
big way. The AAP won 67 of the
70 assembly seats, leaving just
three to the BJP an Akali ally
and none to the Congress.

New Delhi: Cooperation in defense

and counterterrorism will be
among the top priorities of External
Af fairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's
visit to Israel next week, Israeli
Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon
"We attach great importance to
this visit," Carmon said at a media
briefing here.
Stating that India and Israe l
shared common values and similar
challenges, he said that Sushma
Swaraj's visit on January 1718
would include discussions on bilat
eral developments between the
business communities and govern
ments of the two sides.
Among the areas of cooperation
that the two countries would dis
cuss when the Indian minister
would meet with the top Israeli
leadership were counterterrorism,
defence relations, agriculture and

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

water management, academia,
cyber and innovation. "Defense
cooperation has been the central
pillar of our relationship," Carmon
said. He said Israeli defense manu
facturing companies were "open
and flexible" to the idea of 'Make in

Asked if this also meant transfer
of technology, he said it could be
that too.
Carmon said IndiaIsrael defence
ties have gone way beyond buyer
and seller relationship.

An estimated eight lakh people took a dip in the holy Ganges in Allahabad in UP on the occasion of Makar
Sankranti. Thousands also took a dip at the 'Har ki Pauri' at Haridwar & at many other places in Uttarakhand.


January 16-22, 2016


Unwilling helpers, lies and warmth:


By Vikas Dutta

s an Indian diplomat in Karachi,

Prabhu Dayal once had an opportunity
to "break the ice" with two counter
intelligence agents tasked to tail him every
where like the little lamb that always fol
lowed Mary, though he notes the duo were
"more like fearsome wolves".
"If I went into a shop, they would also
come in and stand quite close to me. If I
went to a restaurant, they would come
inside to see who I was meeting there.... If I
went to anybody's house, they would stand
outside the gate. Later, they go inside the
house to enquire why I had come there...," he
One night when Dayal had a flat tire, he
found a radically easy way to deal with it
he requisitioned their services, telling them
he didn't know how to change it, and if they
didn't help, all three would be stuck there.
After a bit, they complied before resuming
their duty.
"Surprisingly, they became a bit friendlier
and less intimidating after this incident. The
ice had been broken, and a hit of cordiality
came into our relationship. I would smile
when I saw them, and they would smile
This, in a nutshell, is an abiding paradigm
of IndiaPakistan relations prickly and
frosty because both sides are conditioned to

Karachi Halwa is
Indian diplomat
Prabhu Dayal's
account of his stint
in the Indian
consulate in Karachi
in the 1980s, and
his take on the
IndoPak relations.

view the other with suspicion and distrust,

and have no firsthand experience of each
other not that there are many opportuni
ties. And while, on a personal basis, there
can be some amount of bonhomie, rarely at
the establishment level despite outward
And Dayal provides many examples in this
slim, humorous, but always keenly percep
tive, memoir of his stint (198285) in
Pakistan's financial capital, midway through
Gen. Zia ulHaq's rule, when the seeds of the
lethal problems seen now had just started
germinating. But, like several others such as
the late B.G. Verghese whose own incisive
account of IndiaPakistan relations came out
last week, he also contends some date from
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's time.
Dayal, expecting to be sent to Europe or
the US after three and a half years in Cairo
during a crucial period for Egypt and the
Middle East the Camp David Accords, and
President Sadat's assassination had never
thought of Karachi as his next assignment
and he embarked on his stint "with little
He however noted it "turned out to be
unforgettable" and nowhere else in his
diplomatic career (he was later envoy to
Kuwait and Morocco and retired as consul
general in New York), "did I feel such an
overpowering sense of a common heritage
as I did in Pakistan".

But balancing the "warmth and affection I

sometimes received there" from common
people and some others was "the unabashed
lying and duplicity that Pakistani leaders
have developed into a fine art" and was "dif
ficult to digest" (like Karachi Halwa, which
then Additional Foreign Secretary S.K. Singh,
who was behind Dayal's posting to Karachi,
told him he found "delicious but often gave
him indigestion".)
Zia was a master of this "duplicity", cam
ouflaged by charm, as in the way he won
over then Prime Minister Morarji Desai with
his "interest" in urine therapy and helped
frustrate any hostile designs on Pakistan's
nuclear setup.
Dayal offers many more absorbing recol
lect ions including a rare visit to
Mohenjodaro and to Multan, among others,
while shepherding the Indian cricket team
around Pakistan with some revealing
insights into the effects of cricket matches,
and then his own take on the whole troubled
relationship, spanning well beyond his own
involvement, and suggestions such as regu
lar but wider engagement.
A valuable addition to the growing shelf
on the complex, vexed af fair, Dayal's
account holds its own by being gently per
suasive than dogmatic, markedly realistic
but always interesting and enlivened with
caricatures by his trained art ist w ife


January 16-22, 2016



By Tarun Basu
n a tumultuous fortnight, during
which many an illusion was
shattered at the turn of the year,
some home truths emerged in the
chronically accidentprone ties
between India and Pakistan.
One, contrary to what was specu
lated, the decision to drop by in
Lahore was taken at the spur of the
moment by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi while he was in
Kabul. Senior of ficials, preparing
for the last leg of their trip to New
Delhi, were taken aback when it
was conveyed to them by prime
ministerial aides that he was all set
to tweet on his impending visit to
Pakistan an announcement Modi
thought he needed to make himself
in order to surprise the world.
Second, Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif took care to include none
from his own foreign or security
of ficialdom in his delegation that
held impromptu talks with the
Indian delegation at Raiwind. The
Pakistan Amy, represented in the
government through the new
National Security Adviser, Lt Gen
Naseer Khan Janjua, was not wel
come at the gathering of the Sharif
clan that was in the midst of a fam

The Pathankot IAF base that was attacked by terrorists on January 2.

ily celebration occasioned by his
granddaughter's wedding. Foreign
Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry
happened to be playing golf in
Lahore on Christmas Day but his
services were only requisitioned
for the media briefing after the
talks where Modi was accompanied
by his senior of ficials, including
National Security Adviser Ajit
Doval and Foreign Secretary S.
In the end, both unconventional
acts of two leaders aspiring for
greater glory boomeranged on
them, as they both apparently mis
calculated its potential blowback.

The Pathankot assault, which could

not but have been on the drawing
board of options of the attack mas
terminds for some time, threatened
to take that one bold but uncali
brated step into a twostep reversal
and could have potentially become
yet another South Asian flashpoint
had the marauders succeeded in
destroying some air force assets or
had inflicted casualties on the
3,000odd families at the air base.
While Modi fastforwarded his
visit to Lahore in an almost impul
sive fashion, in what was then laud
ed as an act of statesmanship and
diplomatic derringdo, in retro

spect Modi could not but have been

redfaced when he got the news
about the Pathankot attack within
barely a week of his triumphant
return from Lahore.
It was obvious to mature practi
tioners of international diplomacy
that Modi, a man in a hurry to cre
ate history in a relationship that
has confounded the world and
become one of the trickiest (and
deadliest) global problems in mod
ern times, tried to shortcircuit the
sometimes arduous, trying and
painstaking processes that go into
preparations for summit meetings
in order for them to produce meas
urable results for the countries
involved and their people.
The role of the ISI (read Pakistan
Army) in planning the Pathankot
operation is becoming increasingly
clear, a thinking endorsed by no
less an authority than Bruce Riedel,
a counterterrorism specialist and
former CIA analyst. It was a clear
signal to Sharif that any political
adventurism, without taking the
army into confidence, would not be
appreciated and would be under
mined and sabotaged if so
required. The Pakistan Army, an
institution that has always been
central to the politics of Pakistan,

has played a key role in its defence

and foreign policy. As Stephen
Cohen, in his seminal work on "The
Pakistan Army" (Himalayan Books),
noted, the Pakistan Army "always
regarded itse lf as the special
expression of the idea of Pakistan.
Because the military continues to
hold one rein of political power in
Pakistan, it continues to exercise
its right and influence by what
Cohen calls "injecting directly into
the Pakistan foreignpolicymaking
process" its "partial perspectives
on foreign affairs".
And the result was for Pakistan,
India and the world to see.
So, will the Pakistan Army play
the spoiler every time relations
show some forward movement?
Going by Cohen's reading (Cohen is
an acknowledged expert on
Pakistan) of the Pakistan Army and
its psyche, the outlook appears
bleak. "The Pakistani military is
part of a whole that does not fully
exist. By force of will and threat of
a gun, the generals have controlled
the politics of Pakistan, but they do
without full training, experience or
"And when the folklore of the
officers' mess become state policy,
disaster is not far away."


By Sarah Sewall

ndia and the United States

share a common story. We both
cast of f colonialism and
embraced the power of everyday
people to chart their own destiny.
We built vibrant democracies
where all groups regardless of
their gender, race, religion, or
class have equal rights under the
law. India and the United States
both free, inclusive, and democrat
ic societies face a similar test in
overcoming the threat of terror
ism while staying true to our most
cherished values.
The endurance of terrorism, and
the rise of groups like ISIL, under
scores the limits of conventional
approaches and tools. We need a
broader, bolder, and smarter
approach to turn back terrorism
one that goes beyond countering
terrorists with our military, intelli
gence, and law enforcement tools
to also preventing people from
becoming terrorists in the first
But how do we do that? It begins
with addressing the forces that
radicalize individuals to join vio
lent extremist movements. Desire

Excerpts from a
speech the US Under
Secretary for Civilian
Security, Democracy,
and Human Rights
gave in New Delhi on
January 13

for be longing, perceptions of

injustice and abuse, corruption
and neglect, discrimination and
marginalization all can create
fertile soil for violent ideologies to
take root. In the global age, digital
platforms and the free flow of peo
ple and goods make it easier than
ever for extremists to infiltrate our
communities with hateful mes
sages and false promises of fulfill
ment, shadowy recruiters, and
howto manuals for mass terror.
Over time, the interaction of griev

ance and violent ideology can

transform our neighbors, brothers,
and sisters, into killers prepared to
turn on their communities.
Traditional security tools sol
diers and surveillance, wiretaps
and police these alone cannot
e f fect ive ly counteract this
process. That requires a far broad
er, whole of society approach.
This was the central message
last February at the White House
Summit on Countering Violent
Extremism (CVE) where India and
the US stood with representatives
from foreign governments, multi
lateral bodies, and civil society to
galvanize global action behind a
broader and more preventive
approach to violent extremism.
The comprehensive approach
calls for partnerships at every
level between government and
civil society. Public officials play a
critical role by governing ef fec
tively, inclusively, and upholding
the rule of law, which limits the
grievances violent extremists
exploit, such as corruption, abuse,
and discrimination. But CVE recog
nizes that our ability to challenge
violent extremism also rests on
local leaders businesses, aca

demics, women, youth, and the

faith community stepping up to
push back against hateful ideolo
gies and promote messages of
And across the globe, local lead
ers are stepping up to do just that.
They would benefit from hearing
about the countless leaders out
side government confronting vio
lent extremism in communities
across India. When extremists
murdered M. Kalburgi last August
to silence his critical views, the
Indian literary and artistic com
munity was among the first to con
demn the act.
In Mewat district, act ivist
Archana Kapoor set up several
Mothers Schools to give women
the skills to detect and the self
confidence to challenge radicaliza
tion to violence in their communi
ties and families. Women have
such a critical role in CVE but too
often are excluded from matters of
security. Repeated studies confirm
that women are often the best
positioned to identify and address
radicalization to violence among
family members.
Religious leaders are among the
most critical actors in pushing

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.

back against violent extremism.

They can teach curious young
minds tenets of faith and refute
extremist interpretations that
exalt violence. They are also well
positioned to intervene to walk
someone back from the path of
radicalization. From their vantage
point in the community, faith lead
ers can also help government
identify and address local drivers
of radicalization, like perceptions
of government neglect and police
Across India, from Kerala to
Kashmir, faith communities are
mobilizing to challenge violent
extremism. Oneandahalf million
Muslims from the region gathered
in Uttar Pradesh last month to
reject global terrorism and affirm
the Holy Qurans injunction that
killing one innocent person is
equivalent to killing all humanity.
More than 70,000 clerics from
around the world gathered in
Bareilly to condemn ISIL as inhu
man and unIslamic.
All of these voices moms and
imams alike are essential to
building the critical mass of influ
ence needed to discredit violent
extremism in our communities.

January 16-22, 2016



Modi starts trend and 'Indianness'

finds feet in men's fashion
By Natalia Ningthoujam

rime Minister Narendra Modi's sar

torial taste continued to create
waves as multiple designers made a
splash in the g row ing segment of
menswear and 2015 turned out to be a
year for the styleconscious male to
Modi's style statements from the US to
China have been inspiring many men,
says designer Troy Costa, who was roped
in to create some outfits for the PM last
"He's a leader. People are gett ing
inspired by what he is wearing. He has
started a trend of his own," Costa told
IANS, referring to Modi's jackets which he
has made popular globally by flaunting
them during international visits.
Designer Raghvendra Rathore said that
Modi "has opened up the walls of the
mind of the youth".
"I don't believe in this or that party. I
believe that the most important thing is to
unlock the imagination of the youth. He
has done that by creating an appetite for
what I think is the Indian look...11 years
from now, we will remember this day. It's
like a Renaissance of a sort.
"It is about reaching out to weavers and
using our resources. It's the revival of
classic clothing. Why do we always need a
threebutton suit or a tuxedo when we can
do a good job with a bandhgala jacket,"
Rathore, known for the iconic Jodhpur
style Bandhgala suits, told IANS.
Several fashion events plugged the gap
between women and men's fashion. Even
the country's fashion galas this year gave
a push to the booming menswear seg
ment, which saw experiments with cuts
and colors.
Joining the wagon was renowned
designer Manish Malhotra, who has com
pleted 25 years as a costume designer
and 10 years of his label. He showcased
his de but menswear line t itled 'T he
Gentlemen's Club' at a fashion week in
Mumbai in August.
The collection had suits and jackets in
abundance with embroidery and intricate

detailing, and much more.

Actorcomedian Vir Das surprisingly dis
played another creative side by showcas
ing his debut collection as a designer on
the runway this year. He launched a
quirky clothing line under his company
Weirdass Comedy. There were also boxer
shorts, which Vir had conceptualised him
self. He even created Tshirts dedicated to
Bollywood's star comedian Govinda.
Later this year, Gionee India Beach
Fashion Week (GIBFW) 2015 soared the
temperature of Goa with bikinis and bold
resort wear for women. But it was the
menswear that stole the show. Ace design
ers including Wendell Rodricks of fered
more options for men through their col
lections that consisted of bright colored
swimming trunks, shirts with lungis and
sherwanis with palazzo pants.
Popular magazine for men GQ India and
Van Heusen, a premium lifestyle brand for
professionals, commemorated the best of
menswear in India through an event Van
Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights. It saw
designers like Raghavendra Rathore,
Rajesh Pratap Singh and Shantanu &
Nikhil who are set to launch a menswear
store in Kolkata soon, showcasing trends

Otherwise abstemious,
PM Narendra Modi displays
sophisticated sartorial taste.

that are sophisticated and sharp, catering

proficiently to the urban Indian men.
Delhi hosted L'Homme, Men's Weekend,
which was first launched in 2013, and
introduced a fashion show exclusively for
men, in December.
"With a lack of mencentric activations
in the country today wherein all major
activations are targeted towards women

like Amazon India Fashion Week and wed

ding shows, we at DLF Emporio aimed to
plugin this gap by growing our brand
property L'Homme with men's fashion
show that highlighted DLF Emporio as
one stop destination for menswear from
international and Indian luxury brands,"
said Dinaz Madhukar, senior vicepresi
dent, DLF Emporio.

Modis style has inspired creativity in men's fashion as seen on the ramp and in retailers' offerings.

Rishikesh ashram reopens where the Beatles meditated

he four Beatles John, Paul, George

and Ringo al;ong with actress Mia
Farrow retreated with Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi in his Rishikesh ashram in
1968. The property was abandoned for
many years but now authorit ies in
Uttarakhand have revamped and reopened
the hermitage in Rajaji National Park.
The ashram was made famous after the
legendary band practiced Transcendental
Meditation there with Maharishi whom
they immortalized in the song "Sexy Sadie".
It was also where the English band wrote
about 40 songs, including some featured
on "Abbey Road" and "The White Album."

Even thought the ashram was of ficially

closed to the public, the complex had
become a shrine for the Beatles' fans and
graf fiti artists who secretly sneaked into
the property.
"We have cleared the floors and walls of
all creepers and have removed cobwebs
and garbage from the meditation cells and
halls," Rajendra Nautiyal, ranger of the
Rajaji National Park's Gauri Range, said.
They're introducing new nature and bird
walks and there are also plans for a cafete
ria and a museum. But the biggest attrac
tion is the colorful graf fiti on the walls,
which will stay.

The Beatles with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his Rishikesh ashram


January 16-22, 2016

Washington: Warning that parts of the world including

Pakistan may become safe havens for new terrorist net
works, President Barack Obama made protecting the
American people and going after them his top priority.
But in a powerful speech Tuesday night he rejected
Republicans' suggestion that the spread of the Islamic
State across much of the Middle East and the group's
apparent widening of its target list to Europe and the
United States posed a threat to America itself.
He mocked the contention that fighters on "on the
back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in
apartments or garages" represented an existential
threat to America.
"As we focus on destroying ISIL, overthetop claims
that this is World War III just play into their hands,"
Obama said delivering the last State of the Union
address of his presidency to the US Congress.
"They do not threaten our national existence. That's
the story ISIL wants to tell; that's the kind of propagan
da they use to recruit," Obama said, warning against
pushing away vital Americans allies in the Middle East
by "echoing the lie" that the group represents Islam.
"Our foreign policy must be focused on the threat
from ISIL and Al Qaeda, but it can't stop there," he said.
"For even without ISIL, instability will continue for
decades in many parts of the world in the Middle East,
in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in parts of Central
America, Africa and Asia.
"Some of these places may become safe havens for
new terrorist networks; others will fall victim to ethnic
conflict, or famine, feeding the next wave of refugees,"
Obama warned.
"The world will look to us to help solve these prob
lems, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk
or calls to carpet bomb civilians," he said. "That may
work as a TV sound bite, but it doesn't pass muster on
the world stage."
Obama's comments appeared aimed at two
Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz, who has
warned he would carpet bomb ISIS and Marco Rubio,
who says America is waging an existential fight against
radical Islamic terrorism.
He also urged Americans to reject the politics of trib
alism and fear that have rocked the campaign to find
his successor and to build a "cleareyed, bighearted"
and "optimistic" nation.
"As frustration [with politics] grows, there will be voic
es urging us to fall back into tribes, to scapegoat fellow
citizens who don't look like us, or pray like us, or vote
like we do, or share the same background," Obama said
in an apparent reference to Republican front runner
Donald Trump's suspicious attitude toward immigrants
and Muslims.
"We can't afford to go down that path. It won't deliver
the economy we want, or the security we want, but most
of all, it contradicts everything that makes us the envy
of the world."
Satya Nadella, IndianAmerican Chief Executive
Officer of Microsoft, was among the 23 special guests
"who have inspired Barack" and representing "the
progress we have made" over the last seven years
watching Obama's address from the First Lady's Box.
On economy, Obama said the private sector is the
lifeblood of the US economy but said that citizens need
a safety net to negotiate the changing world, whether it
be through state support to education and health or
through insurance that allows individuals to retrain in
an economy that demands new skills while being able to


President Barack Obama delivers his final State of the Union address to a joint session of
Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Jan. 12
pay their bills and not lose what theyve
already worked so hard to build. A running
theme of his speech is the discontent that
average citizens feel over their current situa
tion and uncertain future prospects in a sys
tem they see as rigged in favor of the rich by
politicians who themselves happen to enjoy
tenured professional lives.
The Republican party fielded one of its ris
ing stars, South Carolina's IndianAmerican
Governor Nikki Haley, who is widely speculat
ed as a possible vice presidential nominee, in
its of ficial te levised response to the
President's address.
Painting an unflattering picture of Obama's
America Haley said: "The President's record
has often fallen far short of his soaring
She also took a shot at Obama's foreign pol
icy record, saying a Republican president
would "make international agreements that
were celebrated in Israel and protested in
Iran, not the other way around."

AfPak to remain unstable for decades: Obama

resident Obama sounded a rather grim note on Pakistan in his Tuesday address saying it would be gripped by
instability for several decades along with some other parts of the world. This was perhaps the first such refer
ence to Pakistan in all of his State of Union addresses, putting it in the same category as Afghanistan, a recover
ing failed state, and West Asia. While focused on the threat from al Qaeda and Islamic State, the president said,
American foreign policy will have to be prepared to deal with instability (that) will continue for decades in many
parts of the world in the Middle East, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in parts of Central America, Africa and Asia.
Some of these places, Obama warned, may become safe havens for new terrorist networks; others will fall victim
to ethnic conflict, or famine, feeding the next wave of refugees.
Obamas prognosis for Pakistan is in consonance perhaps with Washington DCs continuing frustration with
Islamabads inadequate action against terrorists. The US has publicly refused to call into question Pakistans record
on terrorism in the context of the recent attacks on Indian establishments in Pathankot and MazariSharif. But many
lawmakers have made clear where they think the blame lies in a string of letters, statements and tweets condemning
the two recent attacks.


January 16-22, 2016


Nikki Haley takes swipe at

Trump's rhetoric
Washington: Citing her own success story
as a daughter of Indian American immi
grants, South Carolina's Republican gover
nor Nikki Haley took a swipe at her own
party's presidential frontrunner Donald
Trump for his antiimmigrant rhetoric
"No one who is willing to work hard,
abide by our laws, and love our traditions
should ever feel unwelcome in this coun
try," she said g iving the Republican
response to President Obama's State of the
Union address on Tuesday night from the
governor's residence in Columbia, South
"During anxious times, it can be tempting
to follow the siren call of the angriest voic
es... We must resist that temptation," Haley
said without naming Trump, as she warned
against rhetoric that would threaten "the
dream that is America".
Trump, who has been leading the polls
for months, has vowed to deport an esti
mated 11 million immigrants, build a wall
on the border with Mexico and after the
Paris and St. Bernardino terror attacks
gave a call to temporarily ban the entry of

all Muslims into the US. "The foundation

that has made America that last, best hope
on Earth hasn't gone anywhere. It still
exists. It is up to us to return to it," Haley
said. "For me, that starts right where it
always has: I am the proud daughter of
Indian immigrants who reminded my
brothers, my sister and me every day how
blessed we were to live in this country."
"Growing up in the rural south, my family
didn't look like our neighbors, and we did
n't have much," she said.
"There were times that were tough, but
we had each other, and we had the oppor
tunity to do anything, to be anything, as
long as we were willing to work for it."
"My story is really not much dif ferent
from millions of other Americans," Haley
"Immigrants have been coming to our
shores for generations to live the dream
that is America. They wanted better for
their children than for themselves."
"That remains the dream of all of us, and
in this country we have seen time and
again that that dream is achievable."

"At the same time, that does not mean we

just flat out open our borders. We can't do
that. We cannot continue to allow immi
grants to come here illegally," she said.
"And in this age of terrorism, we must not
let in refugees whose intentions cannot be
determined," Haley said, giving a call for
fixing "our broken immigration system".
"That means stopping illegal immigra
tion. And it means welcoming properly vet
ted legal immigrants, regardless of their
race or religion," Haley said. "Just like we
have for centuries."
While the Republican National
Committee and many 2016 presi
dential contenders praised Haley's
response, some conservatives were
critical of her apparent refer
ences to Trump. She later told
the media that her speech was
vetted the GOP leaders includ
ing Speaker Paul Ryan.

Governor Nikki Haley

delivered the GOP
response to Presidents
State of the Union address

Focus on the future

n his last State of the Union address
coming during his final year in the
White House, President Obama made
clear to his staff that hes keeping his foot
on the gas. Theres already so much the
American people have accomplished.
Recovering from recession. Rescuing an
auto industry. Transforming America into
the global leader in fighting climate
change. Reforming our healthcare system.
Bringing more than 160,000 troops home.
But in his speech on Jan 12, President
Obama didnt fo cus on the past. He
focused on the future.
Instead of simply laying out policy pro
posals for the next year, the President laid
out a set of questions that will define the
next generation and beyond.
The President believes that if we can
work together to address these big chal
lenges, we can create a better future for
generations to come. Here is what is post
ed on the White House website:
Thats why in the weeks and months to
come, you will see the President unveil
new efforts to address climate change and
reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Hell work to make sure our growing
economy works better for everybody. Hell
continue to invest in research and devel
opment and make sure that the next gen
eration continues to drive innovation with
more computer science training and
STEM education. The President will work
to keep America safe and strong without
isolating ourselves or trying to nation
build all over the world. And President
Obama will continue to encourage us all

President Barack Obama acknowledges applause from his Cabinet members during a reception in the Blue Room of the White
House after his State of the Union address.
to work together to fix our politics and
correct the structural problems in our
political system that sideline too many cit
izens. The President is focused on doing
everything he can to embrace the remark
able potential Americas future holds.
Its a future where every American who
works hard has a chance to get ahead.

Its a future where American innovation

saves lives, creates jobs, and protects our
Its a future where American leadership
is even more indispensable in the 21st
century than it was in the 20th.
And its a future where special interests
arent allowed to rig the system, and

where every Americans voice is heard.

In all my years working for President
Obama, Ive never seen him so optimistic
and excited. There may not be any more
State of the Union addresses to deliver,
but there are 372 more days to deliver on
behalf of the American people. Now, its
back to work.


January 16-22, 2016



Priyanka Chopra
may star in 'Baywatch'

ctress Priyanka Chopra is in talks to

join Hollywood actors Dwayne
Johnson and Zac Efron in the upcom
ing film "Baywatch", based on the 1990s
TV series about California lifeguards.
"Baywatch", to be he lmed by Seth
Gordon, centers on the leader of an elite
group of lifeguards (Johnson) who is
forced to team up with a young, former
Olympian, played by Efron, to save their
beloved bay.
Scheduling conflicts with the films
shoot and Priyankas ABC show
"Quantico" still need to be worked out, but
the actress would play the storys villain,
If the deal is struck, "Baywatch" would be
Priyanka's Englishlanguage feature debut. She
is already creating waves internationally with
her maiden American TV series Quantico and
also won her first international honour People
Choice Award for the best actress in a new TV
series. Beau Flynn, Ivan Reitman, Johnson's
Seven Bucks Productions, Michael Berk,
Douglas Schwartz, Gregory Bonann will be
coproducing it.

Sanjay Dutt to walk

free on February 25

nding all speculation, incarcer

ated Bollywood actor Sanjay
Dutt, who has been serving
the remainder of his fiveyear sen
tence in Pune's Yerwada Central
Jail, will finish his term and walk
free on February 25. The actor's
official spokesperson confirmed on
Monday evening that Sanjay will be
re leased in the early hours of
February 25, having already served
more than the 50 months out of the
60 month sentence that was award
ed by the court in a case of possess
ing an illegal weapon.
"Regular remission was granted
to Sanjay Dutt by the authorities on
account of goo d conduct," the
spokesperson added.

Hrithik's 'noisy' birthday bash costs hotel Rs.25,000 in fines

Irrfan is Mindy Kaling's

'favorite actor'

ollywood actor Hritik Roshan's 42nd birthday bash allegedly cost Four Seasons Hotel in
Worli Rs.25,000 in fines after locals complained of noise. The party on was held at the AER
Lounge on the 34th floor rooftop and attracted a large crowd of celebs besides some gate
crashers. Local resident Ashraf Khan passing by at 1.30 a.m. when the cele
brations were reaching a crescendo complained about the loud music and
also the vehicles haphazardly parked outside creating a snarl at that unearth
ly hour. Since it was already past the official deadline of 10 p.m., police visit
ed the hotel and imposed a fine of Rs.12,500, but the loud music continued.
After repeated complaints by Khan, the police again visited the hotel around
3.30 a.m. and slapped a second fine of Rs.12,500 on the hotel manager. That
did the trick and the loud partying finally ended.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

merican actress Mindy Kaling says The Lunchbox star Irrfan Khan is
her favorite actor in the world. "You are my favorite actor in the world.
Everyone follow the great @irrfan_k, Kaling tweeted.
Replying to the creator of The Mindy Project, Irrfan posted: "@mindykaling
thank you so much... Those words from you, mean a lot. You should come to
India soon ... Die hard fans waiting for you.
After Tom Hanks, Mindy Kaling is another actor from Hollywood who has
praised the 49yearold.

BTown celebs spread warmth, happiness on Lohri

ollywood celebrities Aamir Khan,

Madhuri Dixit Nene, Priyanka
Chopra, Madhur Bhandarkar and
others have wished everyone a year full
of "warmth", "happiness" and "prosperi
ty" on the occasion of Lohri, the harvest
festival celebrated on January 13 every
year with a lot of excitement in north
Here's what the
celebs tweeted:
Aamir Khan: A
very happy Lohri
to all. Love. A.
P r i y a n k a
Chopra: Happy
Lohri! My dads
favourite festival!
Madhuri Dixit Nene: Happy Lohri!
Madhur Bhandarkar: May this festival of
harvest fill your hearts with happiness
and all the warmth. Happy Lohri.
Anupam Kher: Happy Lohri to all. Love

and happiness always.

Nimrat Kaur: Happy happy Lohri every
one! Thinking of gurr, gajjak and
revariyaan and love, love and more love
in the winter with family and a bonfire.
Lara Dutta: Happy Lohri to
H y d a r i :
' S u n d a r
T e r a

Kaun Vicharaa' Happy Lohri!

Vir Das: Happy Lohri...hee hee.
Tusshar Kapoor: Happy Lohri everyone!
Yo Yo Honey Singh: May this festival of
zeal and verve fill your life with lots of

energy and enthusiasm and may it help

you bring happiness and prosperity to
you and your loved ones. Happy Lohri to
one and all!
Sunidhi Chauhan: Happy Lohri!

Rannvijay Singha: Happy Lohri!

Gurmeet Ram Rahim: May this Lohri
bring joy to all. With sweetness of gajak,
#MSGWishesHappyLohri to one and all.


January 16-22, 2016




akistani ghazal maestro

Ghulam Ali, who has over
the years enthralled mil
lions across the globe with his
baritone voice, expressed grati
tude and elation as he performed
to a packed audience in the east
ern metropolis, three months
after cancellation of his concert in
"I am very happy today. I have
been coming to Kolkata for 30 to
35 years. But this time it feels like
I have come back after 50 years. I
was so sad and today my sadness
ends," Ghulam Ali said at the start
of the concert at the Netaji Indoor
Stadium here.
Performing with his son Aamir,
Ghulam Ali hailed West Bengal
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
as a form of Saraswati, the Hindu
goddess of wisdom and music.
"I am grateful to her. She has
done us a favor in the form of

Ghulam Ali performing in Kolkata.

Saraswati," Ghulam Ali said with a
smile. Banerjee reinforced her
views on universal brotherhood
and requested the 75yearold
singer to visit the city again. She
welcomed him with a shawl and a
T he maestro had first per


TV comedian Kiku
Sharda in soup
ctor Kiku Sharda, known
for his comic role in pop
ular TV show "Comedy
Nights with Kapil", was arrest
ed, granted bail, released and
arrested again for the same of
fence by Haryana Police.
Booked and arrested by
Haryana Police following a
complaint that he spoofed con
troversial godman Gurmeet
Ram Rahim Singh of Dera Sacha
Sauda sect, Kiku was sent to 14
days judicial custo dy on
Wednesday by a court in
Haryana's Kaithal town, hours
after his arrest in Mumbai.
The actor was released on a
surety bond of Rs.1 lakh by the
Kaithal court and his release
was ordered.
However, he was arrested
again by Haryana Police, this
time from Fatehabad district
(near Hisar), for the same
"I was busy shoot ing
OnlineGurukul; just got to
know, devotees are hurt due to
Kiku's action. If he has apolo
gized, no complaint from my
side," Gurmeet Ram Rahim
A Haryana Police officer said:
"He (Kiku) was booked for hurt
ing the religious sentiments of
the followers of Dera Sacha
Sauda sect. T here were two
complaints, one in Kaithal and
another in Fatehabad, against
him." The complaints was filed

Actor Kiku Sharda aka 'Palak'

against Kiku by followers of the
sect, the officer said.
Kiku and eig ht others
involved with the show "Jashn
EUmmeed" were booked by
Haryana Police on January 1 on
charges of outraging religious
feelings of any class by insult
ing its religion or religious
belief under relevant sections
of the Indian Penal Code.
T he show, in which Kiku
dressed up like the sect chief,
was aired on December 27. The
actor had apologized, saying he
never intended to hurt anyone.
He said he had only acted and
dressed up as per the script of
the show.

formed in Kolkata in 1981.

"Gana wana mujhe nahi aata (I
don't know how to sing). I only
know how to listen," he said, remi
niscing how he was tutored by the
legendary Bade Ghulam Ali and
his three brothers.
"I used to be after them (to

learn)," quipped the singer, whose

famous ghazal renditions are
"Chupke Chupke Raat Din", "Kal
Chaud hvin Ki Raat T hi",
"Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa", "Kiya
Hai Pyar Jise" and many others.
Attired in embroidered white
kurtapajamas and a shawl, Ali
complimented the audience for
their patience and silence as they
immersed themselves in his sha
yaris and ghazals including the
famed "Dil Mein Ek Lehar Si Uthi
Hai Abhi".
Banerjee was seen absorbed in
the music with closed eyes as Ali
entranced the audience with his
expertise in vibrations.
The ustad's arresting style con
veyed a range of emotions, even
as he rendered the same couplet
more than once.
Music transcended geographi
cal and political boundaries as Ali
rendered the famed "Chupke

Chupke Raat Din" in his inimitable

style in a duet with son Aamir
to thunderous applause.
The icon with ef fortless ease
slipped into the popular rendition
about an hour into the concert.
Spectators, which included the
creme de la creme of Bengal,
seemed to be overwhelmed with a
strong dose of nostalgia, when Ali
began "Chupke Chupke".
Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who
recently roped in Ali to sing for
his play titled "Milne Do", was
also in attendance.
There was never a dull moment
as the ustad kept up an engaging
conversation with the audience
through explanations for the sha
yaris and ghazals he sang, in his
characteristic lively and jovial
Ali said he performs all over the
world but enjoys most while per
forming in Kolkata.

'The Revenant', 'Mozart in the

Jungle' rule Golden Globes

he Revenant and
Mozart in the
Jungle emerged as
the top winners at the star
studded 73rd edition of the
Golden Globe awards,
which took place in Los
The Revenant, a biogra
phical Western film set in
1823 Montana and South
Dakota, bagged three
awards best drama film,
best actor in a drama for
Leonardo DiCaprio and
Filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, left, and actor
best director for Alejandro
Leonardo DiCaprio with their trophies.
G. Irritu at the function
(right) Gael Garcia Bernal won Golden Globe for 'Mozart in the Jungle'.
held here on Sunday night,
reports In the TV Crime, American Horror Story: Creed. The Rocky Balboa actor
realm, Amazon Studio's Mozart Hotel, Fargo and Flesh and was competing with actors Paul
in the Jungle won under the cat Bone behind. "Son of Saul", a Dano (Love & Mercy), Idris Elba
egory of best comedy series and Hung arian movie set during (Beasts of No Nation), Mark
best actor in a comedy series for World War II, was cited as the Rylance (Bridge of Spies) and
Gael Garcia Bernal. The series is best motion picture in a foreign Michael Shannon (99 Homes).
The award for the best actress
inspired by the Mozart in the language title.
The team of the animated film in a motion picture drama was
Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical
Music oboist Blair Tindall's "Inside Out" was overjoyed to win won by Brie Larson for Room,
the best animated film title. The beating contenders like Cate
2005 memoir.
The best motion picture come film was in competition for the Blanchett (Carol), Rooney Mara
dy or musical award went to The award alongside "Anomalisa", (Carol),
Martian, leaving behind films
like The Big Short, Joy, Spy Peanuts Movie" and "Shaun the (The Danish Girl).
Sheep Movie". Bagg ing two
Actors Jennifer Lawrence and
and Trainwreck.
Damon took home the
Winning the best TV series
for best actress and best
drama, Mr. Robot beat the likes
of Empire, Game of Thrones, for best screenplay motion pic actor in a motion picture come
Narcos and Outlander. The ture and actress Kate Winslet dy for Joy and The Martian.
Actresssinger Lady Gaga won
series also won the best support won the best supporting actress
ing actor in a series, limited in a motion picture award. Actor her first nomination and victory
series or TV movie for Christian Sylvester Stallone was given a as best actress in a limited series
Slater. Wolf Hall received the standing ovation by the audience or motion picture for her role as
award for best TV movie or limit as he won the best supporting the countess in "American Horror
edseries, leaving American actor in a motion picture for Story: Hotel".


January 16-22, 2016


How Sundar 'Google' Pichai charted his way


undar Pichai has become a household

name in India. He has become an
inspirational figure for young dynamic
Indians. This book takes us through the
journey of the man from a selfdriven
school boy to the chief executive of search
engine giant Google, a position he assumed
last August.
Born on July 12, 1972, in Madurai,
Sundar Pichai's childhood was spent in
Chennai. His father was employed as a sen
ior engineer with a British multinational
that made switchgears. His mother gave up
her job after Sundar and his brother were
born. The Pichais' simple lifestyle helped
keep the children grounded.
The author, Jagmohan S. Bhanver, who
has worked with three of the largest banks
in India handling national and internation
al roles, has tried to balance Pichai's per
sonal and professional life in this book.
The author highlighted that most people
who have succeeded in their lives have had
their fair share of challenges. "If everyone
who won the race had a favored past, there
would be no motivational stories to inspire
those who haven't had fortune shone upon

Pichai: The Future of Google;

by Jagmohan S. Bhanver;
Published by Hachette India;
164 pages; Price Rs.199.

them yet."
"One thing that separates the true win
ners from the alsorans is their indomitable
spirit to rise above their tribulations and
go to war with whatever they have, rather
than sit at home complaining about what
they don't," he said.
The book says that even as a student
Sundar had set goals for himse lf. He
demonstrated a degree of selfdrive that is
rare in one so young. Sundar's father has
said several times that he never had to tell
Sundar to study because Sundar would be
doing it on his own without being told.
Sundar's friends also talk about his unwa
vering attention as he would read a book
even in the cycle rickshaw on the way to
school and back home.
Better known as P. Sundararajan during
his stint at IITKharagpur, he kept a low
profile. While he was enrolled in the metal
lurgy program, he was also immensely
interested in electronics, too. The supple
ness of the IIT system encouraged Sundar
to balance both his interest and his core
It is at IIT that Sundar met the woman

who later became his wife. While Sundar

proposed to her during their final year,
they were able to marry only a few years
later. After IIT, he went to the US to master
in science at Stanford.
T he book charts his journey from
McKinsey to Google. T he author said:
"Perhaps, the man from Chennai always
had those skills within him and merely
needed the right ecosystem for it to flour
ish an ecosystem called Google!"
"In the 11 years that Pichai has been at
Google, he has demonstrated an uncanny
ability to focus on products and solutions
that have worked wonders for the
Mountain View based company."
The book also focuses on the key factors
that led to Sundar Pichai's meteoric rise in
Google. What began in 2010 culminated in
2015 with Larry Page bringing Pichai to
the helm of Google.
Outwardly quiet and apparently easy
going Sundar Pichai has a will of steel that
surfaces when it is required. He has time
and again demonstrated that he will do
what he believes in, and that he believes in
what he does.

Rare Indian art works on display in Penn museum

(Above) Two archers. Artist unknown

Three Vaishnavites walk though a minimally defined landscape.
Their figures are finely drawn and shading enhances their
serene and emaciated forms.
(right) Krishna and gopis shelter from the rain. Artist unknown

wide spectrum of rare Indian paint

ings from the royal courts, intricate
woven textiles by a northeastern
ethnic group and works of contemporary
photographers set in India are on display
at the Philade lphia Museum of Art.
'Drawn from Courtly India showcases
rare and masterful drawings created in
the workshops of royal Indian courts
between the 1500s and 1800s. It will run
till March 27, 2016.
T he collect ion, amassed by art ist
Conley Harris and architectural designer
Howard Truelove, features a wide range
of sketches, preparatory studies and com
positional drawings that vividly depict
mythological themes, landscapes and
architectural settings, portraits of promi
nent rulers, and scenes from the lives of

Indian nobility.
The museum acquired these important
works in 2013, many as a gift, and is pre
senting the collection in this exhibition
for the first time, the museum said in a
Many of the works to which the two
collectors were drawn were created dur
ing the 18th century in the Hindu courts
of western India and the Himalayan
foothills, an area including the present
day states of Rajasthan, Himachal
Pradesh and JammuKashmir.
"This collection adds a new and impor
tant dimension to our holdings of Indian
art, which is one of the most important in
the country. It also enables us to bring to
a broader audience this fascinating and
delightful aspect of South Asia s artistic

heritage," museum CEO Timothy Rub

Another exhibit 'Picture This' that will
run through April features the work of
four contemporary photographers for
whom India is an important subject or
setting Gauri Gill, Sunil Gupta, Max
Pinckers, and Pamela Singh.
"Diverse in nationality and place of resi
dence, each of these artists brings a cos
mopolitan perspective to his or her work.
W hether photog raphing in rural
Rajasthan or major cities like Mumbai or
New York, they offer points of view that
do not fit easily into categories of 'insider'
or 'outsider'," the museum said.
The third exhibit is titled Art of the Zo:
Text iles from Myanmar, India, and
Bangladesh, offering a look at rare woven

textiles of the Zo people of Myanmar,

India and Bangladesh.
Running through March, it spotlights
traditional weavings worn for daily life
and ceremonial occasions, such as wed
dings, funerals, and feasts of merit.
"Patterns, techniques and local varia
tions are closely examined, revealing the
extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship
of these distinctive creations," it said.
In addition to tunics, wrap skirts, man
tles, loincloths, capes, and blankets, the
exhibition includes a loom with a partial
ly woven cloth next to a finished example
from the Museum s collection.
A video presentation, photographic
details of selected works, and graphics of
specific weave structures further demon
strate the virtuosic skill of Zo weavers.

January 16-22, 2016



Diaspora ties deepened during NDA rule: Sushma

New Delhi: External Af fairs Minister
Sushma Swaraj on Saturday said India's ties
with its diaspora have deepened greatly
ever since the NDA government came to
power at the centre 19 months ago.
"Since our government came to of fice,
contacts with you have become very deep
and very close," Sushma Swaraj said in her
keynote speech at the 14th Pravasi
Bharatiya Divas (PBD), the annual conclave
of the Indian diaspora.
"It is our ef fort now to reach out to the
maximum number of the diaspora," she
She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi
has taken engagements with the diaspora to
a new level.
Starting with the Madison Square Garden
event in 2014 where Modi addressed a
huge gathering of the Indian diaspora after
much scepticism, Sushma Swaraj said the
prime minister has made a number of
addresses in public gatherings of the Indian
diaspora across various parts of the world.
"Recently, as you all know, when the
prime minister went to the United Kingdom,

External Affairs Minister

of India Sushma Swaraj
the Madison Square Garden's record was
broken and the number of people who were
present at the diaspora event (in Wembley
Stadium) was three times that number," she
She said that earlier when Indian prime
ministers went to other countries, the dias
pora there would get to read about it in

newspapers but now, they get to know even

a month in advance that the prime minister
would be visiting their country.
"The prime minister speaks to them. He
goes prepared knowing their problems, he
listens to them, he listens to their pain and
once he returns to India, he resorts to solve
these problems and and this is the way in
fact contact with the Indian community has
increased by leaps and bounds after this
government came to office," Sushma Swaraj
said. Stating that overseas Indians now
knew that there was someone back home to
help when they get into trouble, she said in
its short tenure of 19 months, the govern
ment faced four major problems.
"It was on May 28, 2014, that we took our
oath of of fice and on June 3, the crisis
erupted in Ukraine where 1,000 Indian stu
dents had to be evacuated," she said.
"Five days later, on June 8, the problem in
Iraq erupted when 7,500 Indians had to be
Even as the problems in Iraq persisted,
the crisis in Libya took a turn for the worse
and 3,500 Indians had to be evacuated, the

minister said. From Yemen, apart from

4,500 Indians, India evacuated 2,500 for
eign nationals from 38 countries.
Stating that the government issued advi
sories for Indians when there is any prob
lem in one part of the world or the other,
she said unfortunately little heed was paid
to such advisories.
She urged all Indians living in countries
where trouble starts to follow these advi
sories. In this age of social media, Sushma
Swaraj said that whenever Indians abroad
find themselves in trouble they can always
tweet her and she would immediate ly
respond and ensure that the Indian mission
in the country concerned came to the per
son's help. She also said all Indian missions
have been colorcoded and if a large num
ber of complaints piled up in a particular
mission, that mission's color would turn red.
Stating that the time has come for over
seas Indians to repay their debt to their
motherland, she urged them on the occa
sion of the PBD to pledge to contribute to
the success of all developmental programs
of the country.

Indian diaspora students offered internships in 23 Indian firms

Indianorigin man starts
own political party in Britain
London: An Indianorigin corporate
banking worker has set up his own polit
ical party and called for Britain to throw
open its borders, a media report said.
Harjinder Singh, a former UK
Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for
Birmingham's Perry Barr constituency,
has set up the Open Borders Party as he
disagrees vehemently with his former
Eurosceptic party's immigration policy,
the Birmingham Mail reported on
"I wanted to leave the EU, but I'm a lib
ertarian and I believe in independence
and freedom," Singh was quoted as say
He added that he wants an open bor
der, as long as new arrivals do not have a
criminal record or contagious disease,
pay an entry fee, are denied state bene
fits and pay higher tax rates for several
years. According to him, the policy would
bring huge economic benefits, boosting
the economy with new labor and saving
the taxpayer a fortune spent trying to
keep migrants out.
He said UKIP did not entirely share his
views. "I was a little bit naive with regard
to some of their other policies, as they've
bolted some on, and those don't repre
sent me." "That for me is where I draw

Harjinder Singh, a former UK

Independence Party candidate
the line, but with regard to the main core
party view, which is to leave the EU, UKIP
were the only party saying that, which is
why I joined."
Singh plans to contest next elections
and hopes to attract some likeminded
people to join his party and support him.
The 38yearold made headlines during
the British general elections campaign
by waving at thousands of cars a day
passing through the busy Scott Arms
junction in Great Barr.
He finished third behind Labor Party
MP Khalid Mahmood and Conservative
candidate Charlotte Hodivala. His unusu
al campaigning style secured 5,032
votes, which was an improvement on
UKIP's previous performance in the
Perry Barr constituency.

Washington, DC: Indian diaspora/NRI stu

dents will be of fered 60 paid short term
internship positions in 23 Indian compa
nies in major Indian cities during the sum
mer of 2016 under a publicprivate part
The Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre
(OIFC), set up by the Indian government in
partnership with the Confederation of
Indian Industry (CII), launched the India
Corporate Internship program for Indian
diaspora students during the Regional
Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas in Los Angeles in
November 2015.

Internship positions are being offered at

Apollo Hospitals, Blue Star, Flipkart, Forbes
Marshall, Godrej group of companies,
Infosys, Kirlosker Brothers, TATA group of
companies and Wipro among others.
Major Indian cit ies covered include
Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad,
Mumbai and Pune. The internships will
include monthly stipends and accommoda
tion, according to CII.
The initiative aims at reaching out to
Indian youth across the globe to under
stand the dynamics of corporate India as
well as take part in India's transformation.

World Hindi Day celebrated in Bali: The Consulate General of India, Bali, celebrated World
Hindi Day with the collaboration of Brahma Kumaris Denpasar on January 10.The program was
initiated by The Consul General of India in Bali, Mr Sunil Babu. He was accompanied by Vice
Consul General Mr. Virender K Jatav. The Hindi Day Celebration started with Cendrawasih
Dance and contemporary dance by the families of Brahma Kumaris followed by Indian classical
dance. The program included Hindi singing and Hindi Quiz for active participation of audience.


January 16-22, 2016



Islamabad: Eleven days after
Pakistani terrorists attacked an
IAF base in Pathankot, Pakistan
said it had detained terrorist
leader Maulana Masood Azhar
who India says plotted the may
The JaisheMohammad (JeM)
chief, known for his close ties
with Pakistani intelligence agen
cies, was taken to an undisclosed
destination and was questioned
as part of a crackdown, media
reports said.
Also detained were his brother
Mufti Abdul Rauf and brotherin
law Ashfaq Ahmad as we ll as
some 10 others, the reports said.
Masood Azhar and two other
Pakistani terrorists were freed by
India in December 1999 in
exchange for the passengers of an
Indian Airlines flight hijacked to
Kandahar in Afghanistan.
The hijacking, from Kathmandu,

JaisheMohammad (JeM) leader Maulana Masood Azhar.

was masterminded by a brother
of Masood Azhar. Once the three
terrorists were handed over to
the hijackers in the Talibancon
trolled Kandahar, they fled to
Pakistani media quoted uniden
tified sources as saying that "con
cerned authorities" interrogated

Masood Azhar and the others

about the Pathankot attack that
left seven security personne l
Pakistan earlier said that sever
al JeM activists had been arrested
and its offices sealed as part of an
investigation into the suspected
Pakistani links to the January 2

Constitution amendment, Terai

resolution before India visit: Nepal PM
Kathmandu: Nepali Prime
petitive society with provisions
Minister K.P. Sharma Oli has
to bring the backward communi
expressed confidence that his
ties to the forefront.
country's new Constitution
He said that under the new
would be suitably amended to
Constitution, there was 45 per
address the concerns of the
cent reservation in stipulated
Madhesis agitating in the Terai
and a solution found to the issue
Communities and they could
before his visit to India next
also be part of the open competi
tion. Referring to the over four
"We have presented a bill in
month old agitation by Madhesi
Nepali Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli.
parliament... The Constitution is
parties over provisions of the
going to be amended," Oli told
new Constitution, he said the
IANS in an interview at his of fice in Singha Durbar supplies were stopped unnecessarily.
here. "We have agreed to treat special privileges as fun
Oli has alleged that the shortages were the result of
damental rights. This is democracy... Sometimes in a an "embargo imposed by India". However, New Delhi
democracy, such things happen and we have to tolerate maintains that supplies of essential commodities have
(them)," Oli observed while talking about the more than not been able to move across the border because of the
fourmonthold antiConstitution agitation by Madhesi Madhesi agitation. Oli said Indian Prime Minister
political parties and indigenous groups.
Narendra Modi was widely hailed for his vision when
The Madhesis have been agitating for the past more he first visited Nepal in 2014 but there have been
than four months in the Nepali Terai against "discrimi severe shortages of gas and fuel supplies from India in
natory provisions" of the country's new Constitution, the wake of the Madhesi protests.
which was promulgated on September 20. The protes
Modiji came for the first time as prime minister and
tors blockaded the IndiaNepal border entry points hin delivered his speech in the Nepali parliament. Not only
dering movement of vehicles carrying supplies of his words, his body language was showing that he is
essentials to the landlocked Himalayan nation and speaking from the heart, manifesting his friendship
thus resulting in acute shortage of food, fuel and medi with Nepal. The Nepali society was so happy and rela
cines, among others.
tions between India and Nepal saw a new height. But
Asserting that the fuel and gas crisis in Nepal in the afterwards there was no gas, no diesel, no petrol. That
wake of the Madhesi agitation was slowly improving, sort of situation happened."
Oli hoped that the situation will be completely normal
Oli said "the situation is improving gradually and I
within a few days. Oli, 63, who is also chairman of the believe in a few days it will be completely normal.
Communist Party of Nepal (Unified MarxistsLeninists)
Asked if a solution would be found to the issues
[CPNUML], however, made it clear that the proposed raised by the Madhesi protestors before his visit to
changes in the Constitution to address the issues raised India next month, Oli said emphatically: Yes.
by the Madhesi parties were against his own conviction
He also said he had good expectations from the visit
and he was only agreeing to them for the sake of his first abroad as prime minister.
democracy in the country.
Nepals southern plains have been simmering with
He maintained that there was no discrimination in protests against the new constitution, with over 55 peo
the new Constitution, promulgated on September 20 ple, including agitators and police personnel, killed dur
last year, and the effort therein was to develop a com ing the agitation by the Madhesi community.

terror attack. It was not clear if

Masood Azhar was among the
arrested or had been mere ly
detained for questioning.
The announcement followed a
highlevel meeting Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif chaired here to
review the progress in the investi
gation against alleged Pakistani
masterminds of the terror attack.
Army chief General Raheel Sharif,
InterServices Intelligence (ISI)
chief Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar and
many senior government figures
attended the meet.
India says all six terrorists who
raided the IAF base and got killed
were Pakistanis and were allied to
the JeM. India later said it had
delivered "actionable intelligence"
for Pakistan to act against the
attack plotters.
A Pakistani government state
ment said considerable progress
had been made in the probe

"ag ainst terrorist e lements

reportedly linked to the
Pathankot incident.
"In the spirit of the cooperative
approach, it was also decided that
in order to carry the process for
ward, additional information
would be required, for which the
government of Pakistan is consid
ering to send a SIT to Pathankot,
in consultation with the govern
ment of India."
T he Pathankot attack took
place just a week after Indian
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
flew to Lahore and met Sharif in a
bid to push forward the dialogue
between the two countries.
News of the arrests came ahead
of a scheduled meeting between
the foreign secretaries of India
and Pakistan in Islamabad on
January 15. Amid doubts, New
Delhi has not said if it will take
part in the talks.

IS claims Pakistani
consulate attack in

Afghan people evacuate from the blast site in Nangarhar province in

Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Jalalabad: The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed credit for a sui
cide attack on the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad in Afghanistan, call
ing it a "blessed operation".
"Dozens of apostates were killed in an assault by the soldiers of the
Caliphate against Pakistan's consulate in Jalalabad," read a message
signed by Khorosan Province, the name of IS's branch in the region.
"The operation lasted almost four hours, during which time the con
sulate building was destroyed and dozens of diplomatic staf f and
Pakistani intelligence officials were killed," it said.
Three suicide bombers carried out the attack, of whom two died while
a third escaped, IS claimed. Afghan officials said all three attackers and
at least seven members of the security forces died during the attack,
which was followed by a deadly gun battle lasting several hours.
Pakistan's Foreign Office said all the consulate's staff were safe, with
one official slightly injured by broken glass.
In the attack, a suicide bomber tried to join a queue of people seeking
visas to Pakistan and blew himself up after he was stopped from enter
ing the building, Pakistan's Geo News television reported.

January 16-22, 2016




Jakarta: At least seven people, including a
policeman, were killed and two others
injured after gunmen attacked a trafc
police post near a shopping mall here on
January 14, an ofcial said.
The police spokesman, Brigadier General
Anton Charliyan told reporters: "Three
police were victims, one of them was killed
and two others were injured, and three
civilians were also killed."
Previously, the spokesman said all the
three policemen were killed. Indonesia
police chief General Badrodin Haiti said
security at the presidential palace has been
bee fed up after explosions and re
exchanges with attackers in the heart of the
capital city.
"Yes, there are more deployment of force
(in the palace)," Badrodin said, but he did
not go into details on either the number or
the security measures taken at the palace
to respond to the attacks.
The strikes occurred after police got
warning that the Islamic State (IS) group

IS may be behind the attacks.

would launch attacks in Indonesia,
Charliyan told reporters. "It is clear that
from the warning given by IS group that

Indonesia will have a concert, Indonesia

will be an international news," he said.
Therefore, "we have given warning too"

of the possible strikes, and conducted

arrests of several militants in many places
in the country, Charliyan said.
Jakarta police spokesman M. Iqbal said in
a TV telephone interview that "the explo
sions were allegedly from bombs, we don't
know yet."
"Further investigation is underway at
present. Our apparatus is now combing a
coffee shop building at the left side of the
attacked trafc police post," he said.
Footage broadcast by Metro TV showed
that some of the explosions also took place
in the front yard of the shopping mall.
Another footage showed two people in
white clothes pointed their guns to the
street direction, and gave orders to their
colleagues who followed behind.
The TV reported that at least 14 people
were involved in the shootout with police. A
witness said that among those killed in the
incident was a foreigner.
The TV also reported that another explo
sion occurred in Palmerah, west Jakarta.

Ten killed in Istanbul blast,

India pledges 'special
consideration' for
Syrian suicide bomber blamed
poorer nations
United Nations: India has
pledged its steadfast support
to poorer countries on issues
that matters to them and said
it would g ive them special
n e w l y m i n t ed
Permanent Representative,
Syed Akbarduddin, said, "India
will be resolute in pushing for
developing country unity and
will spare no ef fort to give
special consideration to the
interests of our brothers and
sisters from LDCs (Least
Developed Countries), SIDS
(Small Island Deve loping
States) and LLDCs (Land
locked Developing Countries).
They can count on our stead
fast support on issues of con
cern to them."
He was speaking at meeting
of the Group of 77 held here
for the ceremonial transfer of
t h e ch a i r m a n sh i p o f t h e
organization of deve loping
countries from South Africa to
Thailand. Group of 77 or G77
is the largest intergovern
mental organization at the UN
and it advocates for its eco
nomic interests and promotes
cooperation among the mem
bers. From 77 members at its
founding in 1964, it has
grown to 134 members.
Referring to Agenda 2030,
the ambitious programme of
sustainable development goals
adopted at the UN summit last
September, Akbaruddin said,
"If 2015 was a year of negotia

tion and deliberation, 2016

should be a time of consolida
tion and implementation."
Asserting that the focus dur
ing the implementation phase
should be on the priorities and
needs of the developing coun
tries, he said, "The founding
principles of the Group of 77
equity, solidarity and unity,
rooted as they are in our col
lective aspiration to help our
people achieve a life of dignity
are even more relevant."
Thai Foreign Minister Don
Pramudwinai said his chair
manship's priority would be
p u sh i n g f o r t h e e f f ec t i v e
implementat ion of Agenda
2030. "In line with our theme,
we will seek to pursue inclu
sive development, allowing for
the active involvement of all
stakeholders," he said.
He added that it was impor
tant to ensure that the "com
mitments made by developed
countries to developing coun
tries are duly honored".
India redoubled its outreach
to small island deve loping
c o u n t r i e s a n d l a n d l o c k ed
deve loping countries. Last
y e a r, i t h o s t ed t h e s ec o n d
summit of the 14nation
Forum for IndiaPacific
Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) in
Jaipur and New Delhi. India
announced enhanced wide
including in space and
information and communica
tions technology.

Turkey has faced a series of deadly attacks in the recent past.

Istanbul: At least 10 people were
killed and 15 others wounded in a
powerful bomb explosion that
rocked Turkish city Istanbul's his
toric Sultanahmet Square this week.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

has blamed the attack on a Syrian

suicide bomber, a media report said.
The blast, so loud that it could be
heard in the neighboring districts,
took place around 10.15 a.m. local
time at the square which is a

Four more suspects detained

Istanbul: Turkish police detained four more suspects over their links
with the suicide bomber in the Istanbul explosion, Turkey's Prime
Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said.
One suspect was netted on Tuesday, hours after the attack. Emerging
from a meeting on security in Istanbul, Davutoglu told reporters that
after a detailed investigation the authorities have detected the
assailant's link with Islamic State (IS) and revealed some secret actors
and important elements behind the attack.
"The assailant's link to IS has been determined but IS is an intermedi
ary organization," the prime minister said. Davutoglu claimed that some
countries are trying to drag Turkey into a re circle.
"We will reveal all these ties behind IS and we won't let Turkey be
dragged into this circle," he added.
The prime minister vowed to reveal the "real actors" behind the IS
which Turkey has said was behind last year's bombings in the southeast
ern city of Suruc and the capital Ankara, and now in Istanbul. He also
conrmed that the Istanbul bomber entered into Turkey as a refugee.

renowned tourist hub.

"I was there when the explosion
happened. The earth below my feet
was shaken. Everyone was run
ning... Within ve minutes, the area
was full of police and ambulances,"
an eyewitness told Xinhua.
Addressing a gathering of ambas
sadors in capital Ankara later,
President Erdogan blamed a Syrian
suicide bomber for the attack, not
ing that there were foreign citizens
among those killed.
"This incident once again has
shown us that we have to stay unit
ed against terrorism," he added.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet
Davutoglu held an emergency meet
ing in Ankara with the interior min
ister and security chiefs after the
Turkey has faced a series of dead
ly attacks. In July 2015, a bomb
attack in the border town of Suruc
left 34 proKurdish and Leftwing
activists killed.


January 16-22, 2016


Modi announces new insurance policy for farmers

New Delhi: The central govern
ment has announced a new crop
insurance policy 'Pradhan Mantri
Fasal Bima Yojana' for farmers
across the country, saying the
"pathbreaking scheme" will boost
the farming sector.
Announcing the new insurance
scheme for the farmers, union
Home Minister Rajnath Singh said
"it would minimise the atmosphere
of uncertainty" for farmers.
"The new crop insurance scheme
will not only act as 'Suraksha
Kawach' (security shield) against
the vagaries of nature but also
safeguard farmers' interests," he
said at a press conference.
Earlier, the new crop insurance
policy was approved by the union
cabinet in a meeting chaired by

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Talking about previous crop
insurance policies for farmers, the
home minister said they failed
because of certain reasons and
points of their failure have been
taken into account before coming
up with the new policy, He hoped
it would be "accepted" by farmers
of the country.
"This would be based on the con
cept of minimum premium and
maximum cover (for the crops),"
Singh was accompanied by union
Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan
Sing h and union Minister for
Urban Development, Housing and
Urban Poverty Alleviation and
Parliamentary Affairs M. Venkaiah
Naidu at the press conference.

Economic growth pace to

pick momentum soon: Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Asserting that eco
nomic growth was moving in the
right direction, Finance Minister
Arun Jaitley said the pace of
growth would gather momentum
in the coming quarters.
"We have achieved macro sta
bility but growth moderation in
the global economy and policy
uncertainties among advanced
countries pose risk to this out
look," Jaitley said at the 14th
financial stability and develop
ment council meeting with finan
cial sector regulators here as
part of the prebudget consulta
The growth momentum will,
however, gather pace after eco
nomic and structural reforms
take root. Noting that the council
had achieved its twin objectives
of ensuring financial stability

and financial sector develop

ment, Jaitley lauded efforts of its
members in pushing the reforms
agenda and policies.
Earlier, chief economic adviser
Arvind Subramanian presented
the state of Indian economy to
the council members, who
reviewed issues and challenges
faced by the economy.
"The regulators suggested to
the finance minister to proceed
on the path of fiscal consolida
tion with quality spending of the
public investment to achieve
higher rate of growth," the min
istry said in a statement.
The members also suggested
funds in the 201617 budget for
recapitalizat ion of banks to
cleanup their balance sheets
and exempt life insurance premi
um from service tax.

Singh termed it "a historical deci

sion" of the Bharat iya Janata
Partyled National Democratic
Alliance government, saying it
would help increase purchasing
power of the farmers and this, in
turn, would shield the country's
economy from any bad ef fects of
global financial slowdown.
Speaking on the occasion, the
agriculture minister said the new
crop insurance scheme will pro
vide "safety" to crops and it will be
implemented from the upcoming
Kharif season that generally
begins in April.
"The new insurance policy will
cover seeds, plants and post har
vest damage," Radha Mohan said,
adding that it will ensure speedy
disposal of cases.

The new crop insurance policy

'Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana' is for farmers across the country.

Chinese mobile makers to invest

$2$3 bn in 'Make in India' initiative
New Delhi: In a fillip to Prime
Minister Narendra Modi's ambi
tious Make in India initiative, over
100 top Chinese handset and com
ponent manufacturers gathered
here on Wednesday in what could
bring $2$3 billion investment in
Indian mobile manufacturing oper
ations in the next two years.
Top officials from major Chinese
companies such as Techno, Gionee,
Coolpad, Holitech, Wingtech,
Camera King, Galaxy Core, Poxiao,
Vivo and Sprocomm participated in
the firstever summit titled China
India Mobile Phone & Component
Manufacturing Summit, in the

Capital to explore avenues to tap

the existing and emerging opportu
nities. Leading Indian mobile com
panies such as Micromax, Lava,
Karbonn, Spice, Vodafone and Intex
also participated in the daylong
event, the organisers said in a state
ment. Going by the encouraging
response of Chinese companies and
definitive joint collaboration talks
between the Indian and Chinese
mobile and handset manufacturers,
Chinese investment of $23 billion
over the next two years looks like a
real possibility along with employ
ment for onetwo lakh people, said
Pankaj Mohindroo, national presi

dent, Indian Cellular Association

The firstofitskind summit has
been jointly organised by the ICA,
the apex body representing the
mobile handset and components
industry in India, and Mobile World
(Shoujibao), Chinas leading mobile
industry service platform.
The summit is the result of the
highlevel visit of Modi to China in
May last year. During his visit,
Modi hardsold his Make in India'
vision and invited Chinese compa
nies to leverage the changing busi
ness climate in India and set up
manufacturing base here.

India's factory output falls, retail inflation inches up

New Delhi: Hopes of a revival in
India's manufacturing activity
after a sharp spike in October
were belied, with factory output
actually registering a fall in the
month after at a fouryear low,
according to of ficial figures
released this week.
To deal a further blow, the annu
al retail inflation also crept up to
5.61 percent in December.
According to data on index of
industrial pro duct ion (IIP)
released by the Central Statistics
Of fice, the country's factory out
put declined by 3.19 percent in

November, due mainly to a ()4.4

percent drop in manufacturing
activity. The cumulative growth of
the country's factory output was
also pulled down to 3.9 percent in
the first eight months of the cur
rent fiscal year from 4.8 percent
for the first seven months.
Between the other broader
indices, electricity production was
up marginally by 0.7 percent,
while that for mining was at 2.3
percent. The cumulative growth of
the two indices for the first eight
months of the current fiscal were
4.6 percent and 2.1 percent,

respective ly. Manufacturing's

cumulative growth stood at 3.9
In addition, the data revealed
that among the six usebased clas
sifications of the index, the output
of consumer durables segment
expanded by 12.5 percent in
November. The consumer goods
segment accelerated by 1.3 per
Overall, 17 out of the 22 indus
try groups in the manufacturing
sector have shown neg at ive
growth during the month under


January 16-22, 2016




Sydney: Top seeds Sania Mirza

and Martina Hingis survived a
scare to win their 29th consecu
t ive match as a pair to set a
record for most consecutive wins
in women's doubles here..
The IndoSwiss pair won a
raininterrupted semifinal 46,
63, 108 against Romanian
R a l u c a O l a r u a n d Ya r o s l a v a
S h ved o v a of Ka z a kh s t a n o n
Court 1 to enter the final of the
Sydney International.
They eclipsed the record set by
G i g i F e r n a n d e z a n d N a t a sh a
Zvereva, who won 28 consecu
tive matches in 1994.
Equalling the record for the
most wins on Wednesday, the
IndoSwiss combination had
overcome the Chinese pair of
Chen Liang and Shuai Peng 62,

The IndoSwiss pair of Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis.

63 to enter the semifinals.
They are eyeing their second
win of the year together after

India has to live

with bad umpiring
decisions: Haddin
Melbourne: Former Australia wicketkeeperbatsman
Brad Haddin said India have to live with bad decisions
from the umpires until and unless they stop opposing
the Decision Review System (DRS) technology.
The 38yearold added the visitors were not in a posi
tion to complain given their refusal to adopt the DRS.
Replays and hot spot indicated Australia batsman
George Bailey should have been out first ball, caught
by India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni down the leg
side after he was flicked on the glove, but umpire
Richard Kettleborough spared him.
From there Bailey bludgeoned a century in a record
breaking stand with Steve Smith, which he lped
Australia chase down India's 309 and take a 10 series
lead in the fivematch OneDay International (ODI)
Dhoni attracted raised eyebrows with his response
when asked whether he believed his team was pun
ished with 5050 calls going against them as a result of
their position on the DRS.
"I may agree with you," Dhoni replied to the reporter
following his team's loss to Australia in the first ODI, a
match in which the nondismissal of George Bailey cost
them dearly.
"India are the ones that don't want it, so they've got
to live with these decisions," Haddin was quoted as say
ing by Sky Sports Radio.
"They can scream as much as they want about
whether it's a conspiracy or that world cricket is
against them, but they don't want DRS so they are
going to have to cop those sort of decisions on the
chin, he said.
The former Test vicecaptain agreed that Bailey had
been fortunate.
"They're usually hard ones to give down leg side
because you've got hands and legs and that every
where. But I reckon that was obvious last night that
came off the glove," he said.
Dhoni and the Board of Control for Cricket in India
(BCCI) remain unmoved on India's antitechnology
stance and in particular their opposition to ball track

winning in the Brisbane

International last week.
They claimed nine titles last

year en route to being the top

ranked women's doubles team,
the highlight being wins at
Wimbledon and US Open.
O n T h u r s d a y, t h e t o p p a i r,
dubbed "SanTina" by their fans,
were trailing by a set, lost 46,
and were down 12 in the second
set when rain intervened.
T h a t h e l p ed t h e m t u r n t h e
tables upon resumption as they
f o u g h t b a c k t o o ve r t u r n t h e
deficit and claim the second set
63 and utilized their experience
to claim the decider narrowly
T he win was viewed by the
ecstatic pair as an ideal prepara
tion for their Australian Open
ambitions, starting next week,
w h i ch w i l l b e t h e i r s t r a i g h t
Grand Slam triumph if they win

T hey have not lost a match
since the Western and Southern
Open late last year.
"It's good to have a tough test
like this, this going into a Grand
S l a m . We d o n ' t a l w a y s p l a y
super tennis but we come out,
find a solution and now we're the
best doubles pair in the world,"
Hingis said after the match.
"It seems like a long time since
we lost! One of us helps (the)
other all the time. Even when we
want to break a racquet, we have
to shake it of f," Sania said.
In the men's doubles, Rohan
Bopanna and Romanian Florin
Mergea de feated Australians
Sam Groth and John Peers 62,6
4 to enter the final of the tourna

Smith, Bailey power

Australia to fivewicket
win over India

Perth: Skipper Steve Smith (149) and

George Bailey (112) powered a difficult
310run chase, nullifying Rohit Sharma's
unbeaten 171, to help Australia register
a commendable fivewicket victory over
India in the first of the fivematch One
Day International (ODI) series here.
Set a stiff target of 310 runs, Australia
chased it down in 49.2 overs at the
WACA Ground. India's cause was helped
by opener Rohit Sharma who struck
163ball 171 alongside Virat Kohli's 91
to take the team to 309/3 in 50 overs
after opting to bat.
But some exceptional batting later on
by skipper Steve Smith (149 of f 135)
and George Bailey (112 off 120) helped
the hosts to post a 10 lead in the five
match ODI series.
En route to his fifth ODI century, Smith
smashed 11 boundaries and two sixes
while Bailey brought up his third hun
dred, smashing seven fours and two
Debutant pacer Barinder Sran (3/56)
and Ravichandran Ashwin (2/68) were
the only successful bowlers India. They
were taken for runs by Bailey and Smith.
Chasing the huge total, Australia got
of f to a disappointing start by losing
both their hardhitting openers Aaron
Finch (8) and David Warner (5) to pacer
Sran inside the first five overs.
Finch was dismissed caught and
bowled while Warner got himself caught
by Kohli off Sran. Australia were 21/2
Smith and Bailey came into the crease
in a tough situation where they needed
to score at a healthy pace to allow the
required runrate to stay within reach

Steve Smith & George Bailey frustrated India attack as Australia win first ODI in Perth.
and also remaining mindful of not losing
further wickets. The experienced duo
did it perfectly, piling on useful runs to
build a strong platform.
SmithBailey produced a splendid 242
run partnership for the third wicket
before Bailey was dismissed in the 42nd
over to reduce the hosts at 263/3.
From there on Smith held on, using his
experience, to get his side close to victo
ry line before getting dismissed late in
the match.
Earlier on in the day, winning the toss
and electing to bat, the visitors got off to
a comfortable start as both openers
Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan (9)
struck the ball positively right from the
But the hosts got the much needed and
early breakthrough as Dhawan, trying to
go for a hook, found himself caught at
long leg by Mitchell Marsh. India were

36/1 in 6.4 overs then.

From there on it was a onesided show
by the visitors as incoming batsman
Kohli and Rohit took the game to the
next level by making batting look easy
in front of a good crowd.
With three pacers, two medium pacers
and an irregular spinner in their lineup,
Australia were on the back foot as the
righthanded pair kept on piling runs
and inching closer to individual mile
Rohit brought up his ninth ODI centu
ry and the third against Australia in
Australia in the 37th over to put his
team in a commanding spot.
His partner Kohli also kept on scoring
but fell agonisingly short of his century.
Trying to up the ante in the slog overs,
he was caught at longon boundary by
Aaron Finch of f James Faulkner. India
were 243/2 in 44.3 overs.


January 16-22, 2016


Valuing your time,

Three tips for surviving
not money, will
cold and flu season
Keep Your Cool
bring happiness I

f you thought money is

what ultimately brings
more happiness, you
could not be farther from
the truth. New research
suggests that valuing your
time more than the pursuit
of money can make you a
lot happier.
"It appears that people
have a stable preference for valu
ing their time over making more
money, and prioritizing time is
associated with greater happi
ness," said lead researcher Ashley
Whillans from the University of
British Columbia in Canada.
The researchers also found that
older people were more likely to
say they valued their time com
pared to younger people.
"As people age, they often want
to spend time in more meaning
ful ways than just making
money," Whillans added.
The findings are based on six
studies involving more than
4,600 participants.
Some of the studies used real
world examples, such as asking a
participant whether he would
prefer a more expensive apart
ment with a short commute or a
less expensive apartment with a
long commute. A participant also
could choose between a graduate

program that would lead to a job

with long hours and a higher
starting salary or a program that
would result in a job with a lower
salary but fewer hours.
"Having more free time is likely
more important for happiness
than having more money,"
Whillans said. If people want to
focus more on their time and less
on money in their lives, they
could take some actions to help
shift their perspective, such as
working slightly fewer hours,
paying someone to do disliked
chores like cleaning the house, or
volunteering with a charity.
"Even giving up a few hours of
a paycheck to volunteer at a food
bank may have more bang for
your buck in making you feel
happier," Whillans noted.
The findings were published
online in the journal So cial
Psychological and Personality

ts that time of year again.

From minor cold to severe flu
and fevers, seasonal sickness
es are unpredictable and can
sneak up on your family at any
Unfortunately, even the Centers
for Disease Control and
Prevention cannot predict the
timing, severity and length of a
seasonal virus. Luckily, there are
steps you can take to ward off ill
ness and better monitor symp
toms when youre sick.

Check in with Your

Make an appointment w ith
your primary care physician to
get a look at the familys vitals.
T hese are good indicators of
overall wellness. Plus, its a great
time to schedule that annual flu
shot, if you havent already done
If youre pregnant, have kids, or
are a caregiver to elderly parents,
its an even better idea to get vac
cinated, as these are the most at
risk groups for complications
from flu. If you dont have time to
schedule a full exam, many phar
macies like CVS of fer quick, in
store vaccinations.

Practice Healthy
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get
enough sleep, eat the right foods

New technology is making it

possible to track fevers with
realtime temperature monitors.
to ensure proper nutrition, drink
plenty of water and exercise regu
larly. Avoid close contact with
sick people, and maintain a safe
distance from others when you
are sick. If necessary, stay home
from work or school to keep your
germs from spreading.
Cover your mouth and nose
with a sleeve or tissue when
coughing or sneezing. Sanitize
doorknobs, light switches and
work areas with germkilling
soap. Also, dont forget to wash
your hands or use an alcohol
based hand sanitizer throughout
the day to combat contamination.

Tips to avoid overeating

or many people, the biggest hurdle in
their quest to eat sensibly isnt a ques
tion of what they should eat, but how
If overeating is an issue you face, consider
the following tips:
4 Stay hydrated. Thirst is often confused
for hunger. Stay hydrated so that when true
hunger strikes, you will know what your
body needs.
4 Snack. It may sound counterintuitive to
eat more meals. But staying fueled through
out the day will prevent you from feeling
ravenous and overeating later.
4 Rest. Lack of sleep can leave you hun
gry. Get proper rest each night.
4 Make more room. It sounds simple but
the more calories you burn, the more food
your body requires. If you like large meals,
consider working up an appetite, first.
Even if you follow the tips above, you may
have trouble relying on your intuition when
it comes to doling out properly sized por
tions. A new cookbook may prove useful
with that challenge. The Perfeact Portion
Cookbook, offers 150 comfort food recipes
that have undergone healthful makeovers.
Each is easily divided into 100calorie por
tions whether measured by a cup, piece or
slice. Readers can enjoy 100, 200, 300 or
400 calorie servings of their favorite com
fort foods. The book also offers tips for mak

ing meal plans, smart snacking and burning

Understanding realistic portion sizes and
the calories within them is the first step,
says Anson Williams, Happy Days, TV star
and director who has teamed with cookbook
author Bob Warden and nutritionist Mona
Dolgov to create the book.
Without worry or guilt, we can all eat per
fect portions of the foods we love and never
The trio is offering this delicious recipe.

(recommended portion size:

300 calories = 1 cup):
416 ounces elbow macaroni
42 tablespoons cornstarch
41 1/2 cups chicken broth
41 12ounce can fatfree evaporated milk
43/4 teaspoon salt
44 ounces reducedfat cream cheese
43 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
41 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese.
4 Boil the macaroni according to package
directions. Drain, but do not rinse.
In a stockpot over mediumhigh heat,
whisk the cornstarch into the chicken broth,

New York State

starts medical
marijuana program

Creamy Stovetop Mac

& Cheese
until dissolved. Bring up to a simmer, and let
cook for two minutes.
Whisk the evaporated milk and salt into
the thickened chicken broth, and bring back
up to a simmer.
Remove sauce from heat, and stir in cream
cheese, cheddar cheese and Parmesan
cheese, until melted and creamy.
Add the cooked macaroni into the cheese
sauce, and stir to combine before serving.
For more recipes, tips and information
about the book which is available on QVC
and elsewhere, visit
With a few tricks and tips, you can land on
the perfect portion sizes that will leave you
feeling energized and satiated after meals.

Even the best preparation can

leave your family susceptible to
cold and flu. Fever and chills
could be a sign youre getting
sick. Remember, a fever isnt
always a bad thing. It means your
body is working hard to fight off
infection. But for parents of small
children, putting feverish kids to
bed at night can still be unnerv
New technology can help you
rest at nig ht. For example,
at, is a Bluetooth wear
able temperature monitor in the
form of a soft, comfortable patch.
It records your childs tempera
ture every 10 seconds for 24
hours, sending the data to your
smartphone via a free, download
able app. You can view realtime
data or receive alerts when your
child reaches a userset red zone
level. A 24hour temperature
monitor that cont inuously
records a childs temperature
readings could alleviate many
parents concerns when caring
for a sick child, says Aris Eliades,
director of Nursing research,
Akron Childrens Hospital. The
child can rest, the parent can be
alerted if anything changes, and
we as nurses and physicians get
needed information to make bet
ter decisions for patients.

he New York State Department of

Health has launched the State's
Medical Marijuana Program from
January 7, 18 months after Governor Cuomo
signed the Compassionate Care Act. The pro
gram will make approved forms of medical
marijuana, which has been shown to help
alleviate pain and enhance the quality of life
for individuals suf fering from certain dis
eases, available with a physician's certifica
tion at designated dispensaries across New
York State. The program provides access to
medical marijuana to certified patients suf
fering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS (Lou
Gehrig's disease), Parkinson's disease, multi
ple sclerosis, intractable spasticity caused by
damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal
cord, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease,
neuropathies and Huntington's disease. In
order to obtain medical marijuana, a patient
must receive a DOH Medical Marijuana
Program certification from a registered
physician. The patient must then access
DOH's online Patient Registration System to
apply for a registry identification card.
Additional information regarding registration
can be found at:


January 16-22, 2016


David Bowie's
Tame selfie craze, treat selfies
recordings set to
as fun activity: Experts
surge on music charts
David Bowie

New York: Many of David Bowies

classic recordings are expected to
sweep into this wee ks music
charts as fans of the music legend
mourn his recent death.
Bowies latest and final studio
album Blackstar remains on track
for the No. 1 position on the next
Official U.K. Albums Chart. Its one
of 14 Bowie albums impacting the
Top 100, according to the OCC,
ahead of the publicat ion this
Friday of the latest charts.
Blackstar, which arrived just two
days prior to Bowies death, is out
in front with 90,000 combined
sales, according to a sales flash
reported by the OCC. The new set
is also heading for what would be
Bowies first ever No. 1 on the
Billboard 200. Bowie logged nine

U.K. No. 1 albums in his lifetime,

including his previous set, The
Next Day, which led the list on its
debut in March 2013 with 94,000
sales. Meanwhile, the U.K. singles
chart should also have a strong
Bowie feel to it with nine titles
impacting, led by 1977s "Heroes"
at 25, just a solitary position below
its peak posit ion of No. 24
("Heroes" could go as high as Top
10, the OCC reports). Across his
career, Bowie landed atop the
Official Singles Chart on five occa
sions. Organizers of next months
Brit Awards have vowed to pay a
fitt ing tribute to honor the
"extraordinary life and work of
the homegrown icon. Bowie died
on Jan. 10 after an 18month bat
tle with cancer.

New Delhi: If the disturbing news

of two recent selfie deaths one
each in Mumbai and Jammu and
Kashmir shattered your morn
ings, it is time to pause and see if
your young ones are not trying a
dangerous pose for a selfie to
impress their peers.
A college girl who fell into the
swirling Arabian Sea while clicking
a selfie of f a rocky part of the
Mumbai beach and a youth who
plunged into the water to save her
were both swept away, police said.
And in Jammu and Kashmir's
Reasi district, an attempt to take a
selfie atop a fort proved fatal for a
youth as he fell backwards and
died, police said.
"There have been cases where
youngsters have put themselves at
unnecessary risk to take that one
good picture. It is crucial that you
draw a line between habit and
obsessive behavior," says Dr
Ashish Mittal, consultant psychia
try at Columbia Asia Hospital in
In November, a 14year old
schoolboy, who was trying to take
a selfie on his cellphone atop a sta
tionary train wagon, was electro
cuted and died in Mumbai.
"Parents should intervene as it is
no more a laughing matter. Their
'selfie crazy' children may require

expert help. Else, they may put

their lives at risk for a mere pic
ture," he added. The craze for a
perfect selfie shot has taken many
young lives globally in the past
In neighboring Pakistan, a 22
yearold man was killed while try
ing to take a selfie in front of a
moving train in Rawalpindi city in
In the same month, two
teenagers were killed in Turkey
after they lay on the middle of a
road to try for a selfie with a plane
in the background.
In another tragic instance, a 17
yearold schoolboy fell from the
roof of a ninestoried building
while trying to click an "extreme
selfie" in Russia in September last

Ironically, clicking a se lfie
proved to be more lethal than get
ting mauled by a shark in 2015.
There were at least 12 selfie
related deaths globally while only
eight people died in shark attacks
in 2015, tech website Mashable
Alarmed by the growing number
of selfie deaths, Russian police
recently started a campaign called
"Safe Selfies" to guide how to be
responsible selfietakers.
According to experts, it is the
right time to tame selfie obsession.
"Do not succumb to peer pres
sure. Be smart enough to draw the
line as at the end of the day, it is
just a picture," say experts. Consult
an expert if needed.

Headdown yoga postures fatal Luxury travel rising

for glaucoma patients: Study among Indians: Yatra
New York: For people suf fering
from glaucoma, certain yoga posi
tions especially headdown pos
tures and other exercises like
pushups and lift ing heavy
weights may be dangerous, a team
of US researchers has warned.
Glaucoma patients may experi
ence increased eye pressure as
the result of performing several
dif ferent headdown positions
while practicing yoga, claimed the
researchers from New York Eye
and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
Four inverted yoga positions
facing dog, standing forward
bend, plow and legs up the wall
were key to the research.
"W hile we encourage our
patients to live active and healthy
lifestyles, certain types of activi
ties, including pushups and lifting
heavy weights, should be avoided
by g laucoma pat ients," said
Robert Ritch, senior study author
and Director, Glaucoma Research,
NYEE. Damage to the optic nerve
occurs in glaucoma patients when

fluid pressure inside the eye rises.

Elevated intraocular pressure
(IOP) is the most common known
risk factor.
Certain yoga postures and exer
cises increase "the risk of increas
ing IOP and possibly damaging
the optic nerve," Ritch noted.
In previous research, studies
and case reports had tested only
the headstand position which
showed a marked twofold rise in
In the new study, researchers
asked healthy participants with
no eyerelated disease and glauco
ma pat ients to perform four
inverted yoga positions.
Both normal and g laucoma
study participants showed a rise
in IOP in all four yoga positions,
with the greatest increase of pres
sure occurring during downward
facing dog. When the measure
ments were taken after the partic
ipants returned to a seated posi
tion and again after waiting for
10 minutes, the pressure in most
cases remained slightly elevated

from the baseline.

"As we know that any elevated
IOP is the most important known
risk factor for development and
progression of nerve damage to
the eye, the rise in IOP after
assuming the yoga poses is of
concern for glaucoma patients
and their treating physicians,"
explained study first author
Jessica Jasien at NYEE.
"In addition, glaucoma patients
should share with their yoga
instructors their disease to allow
for modifications during the prac
tice of yoga," Jasien added.
The research team emphasizes
the importance of educating glau
coma patients on all of the risks
and benefits of relating to physi
cal exercise and their overall
vision health. "The new study will
he lp clinicians advise their
patients on the potential risk
associated with various yoga posi
tions and other exercises that
involve inverted poses," the
authors concluded in a paper pub
lished in the journal PLOS ONE.

New Delhi: Luxury travel is on

the rise among Indians, travel
portal said.
According to's win
ter survey, the propensity of
Indians to spend on travel has
increased and more than 30 per
cent respondents were ready to
spend above Rs.50,000.
"We have seen a number of
takers opt ing for not only
domestic but also international
destinations for their winter
vacations. Indians are holidaying

more frequently and that's a

trend that has been on an
increase over the past few
years," president
Sharat Dhall said in a statement.
Nearly 30 percent respondents
were willing to go on an interna
tional holiday, for which South
East Asian nations emerged as
the favorite.
Kashmir topped the list among
domestic destinations, followed
by Goa, Kerala and the Andaman
and Nicobar Islands.


January 16-22, 2016


Humor with Melvin Durai

More Clothes in Our House? No Thanks

y younger daughter, Divya, wants
to buy a sweater for a member of
our household. This household
member does not usually wear clothes
around the house and doesnt seem the
least bit embarrassed about it. She is the
only female in our house who routinely
gets away with lying on her back in the
middle of the living room with her legs
spread out.
Yes, Im talking about our dog, Legacy.
She is quite happy in her birthday suit and
has never shown the slightest bit of inter
est in clothes. Even when my wife, Malathi,
is standing in her closet in the morning,
trying to decide what to wear to work,
Legacy never shows a trace of envy, only a
little impatience: Hurry up and pick some
thing quick. You havent served me break
fast yet.
Despite this, Divya believes that Legacy
needs a sweater or two. My daughter has
seen other dogs wearing clothes, and has
also seen dog sweaters and Tshirts in
department stores. The dog clothing indus
try is quite large in North America. You can
buy jackets, vests, hoodies, hats and shoes
for your dog. You can even buy a suit and
tie for your dog, just in case your pet has
an interview, is attending an important

conference, or has been selected to partici

pate in the Republican presidential debate.
(If youve been watching the debates, you
know this isnt too farfetched. Your aver
age dog would be far more logical about
gun control than your average politician.)
Many people are eager to buy clothes for
their pets, whether its a jacket for their
dog, a sweater for their cat or just a pair of
pajamas for their goldfish. In most cases,
the cute factor plays a major role in the
purchase. If your boxer looks cute in boxer
shorts, then youve got to get him a pair,
preferably in a bone pattern. (How come
no one ever buys me underwear in a pizza
Another reason pet owners buy clothes
for their animals is to protect them from
the elements. It can get quite cold in some
parts of the world, and if you consider
yourself a caring pet owner, you wont take
your dog for a walk without boots, snow
pants, a sweater and a hat.
As tempting as it is to put Legacy in a
sweater, Im trying my best not to con
tribute to the pet clothing industry. I dread
what might happen if the industry has a
growth explosion. Not only will we have
stores specializing in dog clothes, we might
have stores specializing in dog accessories,

such as belts, scarves and handbags.

Id have to buy Legacy not just one
sweater, but a complete set of clothes.
Otherwise, the neighbors will gossip about
Wife: That dog has been wearing the
same sweater for three straight days. How

Husband: Poor thing. I feel sorry for it.

Other dogs must be looking down on it.
Having to wash my kids clothes is bur
densome enough, but just imagine if I had
to wash Legacys filthy clothes too. At least
I can tell the kids to put away their clothes
after theyve been washed. But Legacy
shed just stare at me like Im crazy. What
did he do to my clothes? They smelled real
ly good before.
Going on a family outing with Legacy
would be such a challenge. Wed never
leave home on time. As it is, our household
has three females who take forever to find
the right clothes to wear. Do I really need a
fourth female saying to herself, I have
nothing good to wear?
Once Ive bought a complete set of
clothes for Legacy, Id have to find her
some closet space, but not in my wifes or
daughters closets thats likely to set off
World War III. Id have to get rid of some of
my clothes to make space for Legacys.
T hat would get the neighbors talking
Wife: Look at that dog. Its so stylish
these days always wearing great clothes.
Husband: Yeah, but look at that man.
Hes been wearing the same shirt for three
straight days. How awful!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

New York Head Quarter
422S Broadway
NY 11801


by Mahendra Shah
Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession, artist and
humorist, cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording the plight of the
immigrant Indians for the past many years in his cartoons. Hailing from Gujarat,
he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


January 16-22, 2016


Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

JANUARY 1622, 2016

ARIES: Professional attitude at work
brings success. You will enjoy the time
spent with family members and friends.
Certain important plans will be executed, bring
ing fresh financial gains.
You find pleasure and enjoy ecstasies of love in
the arms of partner. Inexhaustible energy
enables to participate in outdoor activities.
Af fordable luxury vacation will explore your
desires. Investment on construction business
might give fruitful results.
You are likely to realise the necessity of reach
ing out to people.
TAURUS: Seniors colleagues are likely
to lend a helping hand. Your generous
behaviour would enable to enjoy some
love ly
w ith
Speculations are likely to bring monetary prof
its. You enjoy a lovely time as Cupid is on your
side this week.
You attain a bloom in health on sharing happi
ness with others. Perfect getaway time for you
and your partner. Investing on a ship or a
cruise is an exciting venture to be made. You
motive a friend showing him/her the truth by
facts & arguments.
GEMINI: Hard work & dedication would
win the trust of seniors at work. Friends
and family members would lend a help
ing hand. Monetary posit ion is like ly to
improve later in the week.
A special message from beloved/lover lifts spir
its. A cheerful state of mind would allow enjoy
ing the perfect health.
A group of friends or your partner is looking
forward for a vacation with you. The best ideas
for investment are to on invest on real estate
You succeed in changing the thinking of a close
friend for the better.

CANCER: Mental clarity would remove

past business confusions. An unexpected
message from a distant relative brings
happy news for the entire family. Hard work of
previous weeks brings good fortune enabling to
fulfill monetary promises. Love companion will be
eager to meet you this week. Divine knowledge
from a saintly person provides solace & comfort.
A leisure trip will prove to be a premium time for
you. Are you longing to buy a farmhouse, try for
it? You are likely to take a stand, which could play
a greater role in shaping your future that upholds
the peace & harmony.
LEO: Travel undertaken for establishing new
contacts and business expansion will be
very fruitful. Relatives are likely to give
some valuable advice regarding personal
life. You succeed in making some extra cash on
playing your cards well. Proposing might bene
fit, as chances of succeeding in love are high.
Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritu
al as well as physical gains. You might get a
chance for business trip, which will help you in
new connections. If you want to invest on prop
erty, then go for residential one. With the help
of friends you will find it very easy to kick your
drug addiction.
VIRGO: Your artistic and creative ability
would attract a lot of appreciation. You
receive care and af fection from family
members. An auspicious week to invest money
on items that would grow in value. Search for a
true romantic friend might end this week. A
very healthy week when your cheerfulness gives
the desired tonic and confidence. Traveling
overseas would be an experience full of spark
that enlightens your imagination. Selling your
home privately can be an excellent way of sav
ing on costs. Temptation of any kind would fail
to allure you this week.

LIBRA: A long pending decision gets

finalized at professional front.
Matrimonial alliance for eligible bache
lor in family brings joy to all. Investment on long
term plans would pave the way for earning finan
cial gains. Blossoming love life brings happiness.
You are likely to maintain good health that would
also give you success. Travel plans for better com
munication will be helpful for new horizons. Off
plan property investment is one of the easiest and
most profitable methods to maximize gains in the
real estate market. You will not compromise your
principles & values at the face of distress.
SCORPIO : Plans for new ventures get
streamlined with the help of seniors. A
new outlook will be the source of laughter
at family front this week. Improvement in
finances makes it convenient in clearing long
pending dues & bills. Romance is likely to intensi
fy through recreational activities & entertain
ment. A continuous positive thinking gets reward
ed as you succeed in whatever you do this week.
Business or vacation traveling is what you needed
right now. Your property prices will boost in the
coming period. You are likely to be a realistic on
living life on a physical plane.
SAGITTARIUS: Female colleagues lend a
helping hand in completing important
assignments. Enjoying a picnic with fami
ly will not only bring joy but also help in clearing
misunderstandings. Successful execution of bril
liant ideas would help in earning financial profits.
Romantic opportunity comes your way as your
sparkling sunshine smile injures a lively & tender
heart. Creative hobbies are likely to keep you
relaxed. Implementation of new ideas to travel
will be beneficiary for you on work front. Buying
property can lead to gains as property prices con
tinue to increase. You will be successful in others
thinking that you are too old to learn new things.

CAPRICORN : At work you will be a part

of something big, bringing appreciation
& rewards. Charming nature and pleas
ant personality would make you the attraction
of family function this week. A very successful
week as far as monetary position is concerned.
Romance touches new heights, as partner posi
tively responds. With a positive outlook & confi
dence, you succeed in impressing people around
you. Travel plans for ambitions are in full
bloom. You could buy the property that you are
looking for. You succeed in using your sharp &
active mind to help the needy people this week.
AQUARIUS : You are likely to establish
yourself a good manager on managing
people and situation without any prob
lem. Family members appreciate the changes
made in & around the house. Indications of
earning financial profits through commissions,
dividends or royalties. You are likely to find
someone with whom you will enjoy the ecstasies
of love. Mental alertness would enable to solve a
tricky problem. A beckon destination sounds
tempting to you. Investing on properties which
are under developed will be profitable. You are
likely to handle tough situations to solve friends
problem this week.
PISCES: You will be successful in realis
ing your targets at professional front.
Friends and family members would
encourage to work harder. Important people
will be ready to finance anything that has a spe
cial class to it. Love comes your way as friend
ship turns into romance. A cheerful state of
mind brings mental peace. Planning a trip for
your love will embrace you and your spouse.
Whether young or old, now is the time to start
You will be successful in releasing yourself from
the trap of hidden enemies.


16th January, 2016
Ruled planet: Neptune Ruled by no: 7
Traits in you: By nature you are sober, courteous,
unique, honest and courageous as you are ruled
by the powerful planet Neptune. Your charming
nature attracts people towards you. You love to
face challenges and you fight them pretty well by
executing perfection. You need to check for your
impatience, rudeness, and frequent mood swings.
Health this year: Your health will remain fine but
the fluctuations in the health of your spouse may
create huge problems for you. You should take
care of the health of yourself as well as your fam
ily members to avoid future health problems.
Finance this year: This year will see an increase
in your earnings. However, you will end up
spending a lot of money on your family. You will
spend enough money to buy luxury and comforts
and this will af fect your savings. You may get
into new partnerships to start new ventures
towards the end of the year.
Career this year: This year you will reach to the
peak of your professional career and it will offer
you huge financial benefits. This year will be
pretty rewarding for female employees. You may
get a better performance appraisal as well as
salary hike as compared to your expectations.
Romance this year: For your marital relationship,
this year will be pretty fruitful for you. If you are
still single, you may get into a romantic alliance
towards the end of the year. If you are already in
a relationship, you may plan to convert your rela
tionship into marriage.
Lucky month: August, November, December
17th January, 2016
Ruled planet: Saturn Ruled by no: 8
Traits in you: Your governing planet Saturn
makes you confident, unique, creative, dynamic,
and intelligent. You are determined enough to
perform any task assigned to you. So you always
remain a step ahead from others. Along all your
good characteristics, you have few negative char
acters as well. You need to work on your unrelia
bility, insensitiveness, and selfishness.
Health this year: Though you would not face any
major health related issues, you should take
extra care of your health. Do not take unwanted
risk of putting your health in stake. Go for regu
lar medical checkups.
Finance this year: Your confidence and hard
work will help you earn a lot of money and you
will be able to expand your business as well. You
may go ahead investing on anything you want as

this year is pretty rewarding for you. Your past

legal disputes will get resolved this year and give
you enough opportunity to make money.
Career this year: Your interest and enthusiasm to
perform will make you an extraordinary per
former in your professional circuit. You will be
respected and rewarded for your work. You need
to take the leadership responsibility to cement
your position in your organization.
Romance this year: Your relationship with your
spouse or partner will blossom this year. If you
are not married, you may have to wait for few
more years though you are eligible for marriage.
Lucky month: May,October and November
18th January, 2016
Ruled planet: Mars Ruled by no: 9
Traits in you: Being ruled by Mars, you are
aggressive, courageous, aspiring, focused, friend
ly, generous, and honest. You lag behind others
because you lose many opportunities. You need
to work on your frequent mood swings and tem
Health this year: You should take your prescribed
medication in spite of a better health. The health
of your parents may make you a worried person.
Finance this year: Your financial condition will
be pretty good as the movements of your stars
are favorable for making money this year. You
may go for any investment on real estate or gold.
Do not trust anyone when partnerships are con
cerned. You should not lend or borrow money as
it will create disputes.
Career this year: You will be establishing your
self as a very efficient and important resource in
your organization this year. Your performance
will influence your peers, seniors and higher
management. It is the best time to look out for a
new job as it will help you grow both profession
ally and financially.
Romance this year: Your romantic relationship
will reach new heights this year. You may get
married this year, if you are unmarried yet. You
need to take care of the emotional requirements
of your partner to strengthen your relationship.
Lucky month: July and August and November
19th January, 2016
Ruled planet: Sun Ruled by no: 1
Traits in you: Your ruler the sun makes you
unique, creative, dedicated, responsible, reliable,
and confident. You are the master of intelligence
and skills. However, your domination nature and
stubbornness you make you lag behind others.

Health this year: Your overall health would

remain fine this year. Some of the aged members
in your family may fall sick frequently to add
your woes. You need to take care of your family
members by providing them better medical
Finance this year: Your undisputed energy and
enthusiasm to earn money will make you finan
cially stable this year. You may go for property
sale this year and earn a lot of money.
Career this year: You may have to take few
major decisions in your profession. You can suc
ceed if you put some extra effort in your work
and deliver quality. You have to drive the team to
put qualitative effort.
Romance this year: You will spend a peaceful life
with your love interest this year. You will lead a
blissful life with your beloved with lots of love,
care, concern, and support.
Lucky month: April, August, October, December
20th January, 2016
Ruled planet: Moon Ruled by no: 2
Traits in you: As dominated by the Moon, you
are very peace loving. You do not want to get
involved in unnecessary talks. You are reliable,
emotional, generous, humble, kind, mature, and
optimistic. However, you need to eradicate self
ishness from your nature to improve as an indi
Health this year: As far as health is concerned,
you will be enjoying a pretty good health this
year. However, some of your family members
may fall sick and that will bother you.
Finance this year: You will get enough good
opportunities to convert your startup business to
an established one. You need to work hard this
year to gain money. It is advisable to avoid part
nerships. You may get benefited from your past
Career this year: You should take inputs from
senior and experienced professionals to learn
new things and grow professionally. Act diplo
matically if you have some professional issues.
Getting emotional and aggressive would not
work though.
Romance this year: If you are yet to be in a com
mitted relationship, you may get into one this
year. If you are already committed, then you may
plan for marriage towards the end of the year.
Lucky month: May ,August and November
21st January, 2016
Ruled planet: Jupiter Ruled by no: 3

Traits in you: As you are ruled by Jupiter, you are

ambitious, dignified, friendly, cheerful and highly
optimistic. You are a believer but you do not
believe anything without proper proof. People
respect in many ways as you are very social and
friendly to them. However, your arrogance blocks
the way to become a complete person.
Health this year: Your sibling may suffer from an
incurable disease this year. You need to take care
of yourself and your family members by provid
ing them with modern medical facilities.
Finance this year: You may be able to improve
your financial conditions by find an extra source
of income. You may go for new short term invest
ments. You will be able to obtain luxury and hap
piness by spending money.
Career this year: Your confidence will convert
you into a winner. You will be capable enough to
overcome any challenge you need to face. The
chances of your promotion and transfer are high
due to the organizational change.
Romance this year: You will find your partner to
be a huge emotional support for you during the
tough times of your life. You may get involved in
a matrimonial alliance.
Lucky month: July, September and December
22nd January, 2016
Ruled planet: Uranus Ruled by no: 4
Traits in you: Your dominating planet Uranus
makes you dynamic, friendly, fun loving, reliable,
focused and optimistic. Your skills and optimism
allows you to crate wonders in everything you
do. However, you need to work on your frequent
mood swings to obtain expected success in your
Health this year: Your health will not be very nor
mal this year. You may suffer from some chronic
diseases. You should take some precautions
before you fall sick badly.
Finance this year: Though you will be able to
improve your financial status, you may end up
spending a lot of money in buying luxury and
comfort for yourself and your family. You may
put your money in real estate for better returns.
Career this year: Your efforts will bear results
and you will be appreciated with awards and
rewards towards the end of the year. You may get
a promotion for your smart work and efficiency.
Romance this year: You will be enjoying a better
relationship with your partner or beloved. You
will get the required emotional support from
your partner whenever you seek.
Lucky month: March , July and October


January 16-22, 2016


By Sant Rajinder Singh
Ji Maharaj

n the last decade, we have wit

nessed an explosion of scientif
ic knowledge that has made
more information available to
humanity than in all previously
recorded history. Due to the dedi
cated research of scientists and
doctors, we now understand more
than ever before about our physi
cal body and what measures pro
mote good health. As more evi
dence is coming to light about the
beneficial effects of maintaining a
vegetarian diet, the number of
vegetarians around the world is
steadily on the rise.
Throughout history, many great
philosophers, mystics, saints, and
enlightened thinkers have recog
nized the value of vegetarianism.
It is only recently that science has
confirmed the views on vegetari
anism explained by these great
people. More and more people are
realizing that this diet can
increase the health and wellbeing
of our body, mind, soul, and the
Books, journals, magazines, and
newspaper articles have published
research on the health benefits of
a vegetarian diet. Doctors and
nutritionists widely recommend
that people reduce their consump
tion of meat, highfat foods, and
eggs as a health measure. They
encourage the increased use of
vegetables, fruits, and whole
grains in ones diet to cut down on
cholesterol in the body and to
minimize the risks of heart
attacks, high blood pressure,
strokes, and cancer.
The results of medical findings
have already had a farreaching
impact on the food and restaurant
industries. We find more foods
are being produced without ani
mal products. If we look back
even twenty years, a vegetarian
eating at a restaurant hardly had
any choices offered on the menu.
Today, we can find a variety of
delicious vegetarian dishes at
most restaurants. Natural food
stores and vegetarian restaurants
abound in most cities. Even large
grocery chain stores carry a large
variety of vegetarian foods. Those
who carefully consider the advan
tages of vegetarianism will see
that the quality of their life and
health can be greatly improved on

such a diet.
Longtime vegetarians have testi
fied to the changes they experi
enced when they gave up meat.
Many have reported that they felt
more energetic, not only physical
ly, but also mentally. Animals that
do not eat meat, such as the ele
phant, the horse, the mule, and the
ox, are known for their great
strength and endurance. Having
more stamina, vegetarians tend to
exhibit improved ef ficiency and

hormones have on our body and

the damage that longterm stress
does to our organs. Imagine eat
ing animals whose last days or
minutes of life on earth were
drenched w ith the hormones
released in their state of fear they
were in when they were about to
be slaughtered.
Those who eat meat are ingest
ing not only the flesh, but all the
hormones of stress that are
released due to the animals fear

taught people the process of med

itation to help rediscover
our true nature as soul. To help
gain proficiency in the spiritual
practices, vegetarianism is a help
ing factor. To be able to concen
trate in meditation, we need to be
calm and collected. If we eat the
flesh of dead animals, our own
consciousness will be affected.
In the East, vegetarianism has
been considered essential to spiri
tual development. Spiritual teach

In the East, vegetarianism has been considered

essential to spiritual development. Spiritual teach
ers promote a life of nonviolence. Helping factors
for spiritual growth include developing the ethical
virtues of nonviolence, truthfulness, purity, humili
ty, and selfless service. The vegetarian diet is a
natural byproduct of nonviolence, in which no
harm is done to any living creature. That is why
saints through the ages have recommended a veg
etarian diet, avoiding meat, fish, fowl, and eggs.
concentration in their physical as
well as intellectual work.
There is an expression, You are
what you eat. In countries of the
East where vegetarianism has
been the diet for thousands of
years, people recognize that what
ever they eat forms a part of their
body and also influences their
thoughts. They believe that if they
eat the flesh of an animal that the
mental and emotional vibrations
or characteristics of the animal
will form a part of their own
nature. Today, science is research
ing the effect that our own stress

as we ll. T hus, many people

brought up in the traditions of the
East prefer to live on plant foods,
which are more conducive to men
tal equipoise.
Many enlightened beings, saints,
mystics, and spiritual teachers
have traditionally advocated a
vegetarian diet for spiritual and
moral reasons. For those pursuing
a spiritual path, a vegetarian diet
is essential for several important
reasons. First, spiritual teachers
have always taught that we are
more than just a body and a mind;
we are also soul. They have also

ers promote a life of nonviolence.

He lping factors for spiritual
growth include developing the
ethical virtues of nonviolence,
truthfulness, purity, humility, and
selfless service. The vegetarian
diet is a natural byproduct of
nonviolence, in which no harm is
done to any living creature. That
is why saints through the ages
have recommended a vegetarian
diet, avoiding meat, fish, fowl, and
Vegetarianism also improves the
health of the planet. Ecologists
and environmentalists are con

cerned about protecting the living

Environmentalists have pointed
out that one solution to the prob
lem of food shortages is better uti
lization of our resources. For
example, the amount of grain
needed to feed one cow to provide
meat for one person could feed
many times that number of peo
ple. Ecologists have also shown
that raising cattle and processing
meat requires much more fuel,
water, and energy than is used to
produce grains and vegetables.
Vegetarianism is one ef fective
conserving our vital resources.
People around the world are
becoming more enlightened and
concerned about obtaining the
highest quality of life. They are
more interested in solving the
mysteries of the universe and
more keen to find personal fulfill
ment and lasting happiness. We
are simultaneously concerned
about the welfare of our global
community and the preservation
of our planet.
How we maintain the health of
our body, mind, soul, and planet is
a choice each has to make. A bal
anced vegetarian diet will result in
improved health and fitness,
greater mental equipoise, and
hig her spiritual attainment.
Following the vegetarian diet can
help us achieve the health and
purity of our body, mind, soul, and
planet. We will not only be con
tributing to peace for ourselves
and all life, but we will also be
doing our part toward making
Planet Earth a haven of joy and
Being a vegetarian can help us
attain a healthier body, mind, soul,
and planet. Along with this, we
can augment our we llbeing
throug h
meditat ion.
Vegetarianism prepares the
groundwork for the health of
body, mind, and soul. Meditation
can add to our overall health by
reducing stress to our body and
mind, and can put us in touch
with the soul. If we sit in medita
tion we can take steps towards a
healthier state of well being.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

is an internationally recognized
spiritual leader and Master of
Jyoti Meditation who affirms the
transcendent oneness at the heart
of all religions and mystic traditions, emphasizing ethical living
and meditation as building blocks
for achieving inner and outer

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