Cullens On Msn Part12

Authors notes suck, so I’m going to keep this short; my dad yelled out “Look it’s Eddie’s car” yesterday, and I thought you would all like to know :P and sorry I’m working on a major story and also I'm writing while I'm on holiday. Ja: yup I cut the names again Why don’t you tell that to Mike  Mi has logged on Ja: NOOOOOOO! He’s gay! Tough! Imma going now toodles! Mi: I’m like not gay, now why am I on msn? Ja: author/writer/ awesome person wanted you to *huff* Mi: and your not excited to see me Jazzy-kins Ja: Jazzy-kins? Mi: yeah, Jazzy-kins Ja: my names Jane….. Mi: oh then Janie-kins Ja: grrrrr….. Mi: that’s such an Edward thing to say, we should hook up Ja:……. Sure Mi: want to go out for dinner? Ja: as long as your on the menu Mi: I can be if you want to be ;) Ja: …….. yum! Cant wait, when will you pick me up? Mi: well I'm on holiday in Italy, in a place called Volterra, at the moment Ja: excellent I live there! Mi: really? Where?

Ja: the castle, don’t come late  Mi: ok see you then ;) Mi has logged off Ja has logged off ……… msn being hacked ………. Hacked! Whitlock has logged on Whitlock: yes, now I got it to show only your maiden names, or well your original names  Brandon has logged on Hale has logged on McCarty has logged on Masen has logged on Swan has logged on Masen: Jasper, did you hack msn…… again? Whitlock: yup Brandon: I’ve just realised I have the longest name: Mary, Alice, Brandon, Whitlock, Hale, Cullen Swan: you do as well! Hale: mines better though McCarty: only cos you can say: “Rosalie? Oh Hale Yes!” Hale: agreed Brandon: oh well mines longest :P Swan: agreed Whitlock: agreed Masen: agreed Hale: agreed

McCarty: agreed Brandon: yay  how about we all type our full names, including maiden names –for Bella- ;) Swan: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen Masen: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen McCarty: Emmett McCarty Cullen Hale: Rosalie Lillian Hale Whitlock: Jasper Whitlock Hale Brandon: Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale Cullen Swan: and Renesmee’s is: Renesmee Carlie Cullen Masen: and Esme’s is: Esme Platt Cullen Brandon: and Carlisle’s is: Carlisle Cullen Hale: that’s a lot of names Black: sure is blondie Cullen: Jake don’t be mean to my aunty Rosalie Black: but she is blonde! Cullen: no she isn’t, if she is then so am I….. Secretly Black: you’re not even related! Cullen: we are! By venom, my daddy and aunty Rosalie were both made by Carlisle, so there! Swan: when did you guys get on? Cullen: oh the computer was to busy with your convo to announce us  Black: yeah I’m going now  Hale: good riddance Cullen: aunty Rose, please be at least civil with each other Hale: fine! Black had left the building Peace out – Cullen :P

Hale: I think my and Emmett are going to go hunting, anyone else want to come? Brandon: we’re all coming, otherwise Edward will eat Bella’s neighbours cat again Swan: so that’s what happened to her cat…. Masen: what, it was you or the cat, I chose the cat  Swan: could of gone hunting a bit longer Masen: it was your sleep talking that made me hungry Swan: oh….. yeah lets hunt! Swan has logged off Masen has logged off Hale has logged off Whitlock has logged off Brandon has logged off McCarty: I’m back guys! McCarty:………. Where are you? McCarty: was the computer to busy to show my brb (be right back) McCarty: it was, wasn’t it? *sigh* Your never alone Emmett McCarty: AHHHHHHHHH……. I’M GOING HUNTING McCarty has logged off……… finally!

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