Emmett And Bella’s Cooking Show Part3

Another exciting episode, meh I hate author’s notes, so I'm going to stop right………here!  APOV Everyone has gone hunting, except Bella, Emmett, and I……. again. When will they learn! I was just coming back from my shopping trip with Renesmee, “Hey, Nessie, do you want me to drop you off at the border, and you can see Jake?” I asked sweetly, “Hell yeah!” she exclaimed, and with that I dropped her off at the border and raced home. I got home 5 minutes later, and went straight to my room to grab the camera for filming. BPOV As soon as Alice came through the door Emmett and I went into the kitchen and got ingredients out, “Action” Alice said, “Hello, welcome to Cullen productions, Emmett and Bella’s cooking show” I said politely, “Today we are making chocolate chip cookies and strawberry popsicles” Emmett continued, but we would really be using blood not crushed strawberry. “So first we will make the popsicles” I started, “Crush up the strawberry or get strawberry juice, we got the strawberry juice” Emmett said, “You should have moulds then pour the juice into the moulds, add a stick and stick it in the freezer” I said, and did the actions at the same time, “now on to the cookies” Emmett said, and went through how to make the dough,

“now mould the dough or use shape cutters to make the shape you want, then put it on a greased tray and cook for 10-12 minutes” I said, and did the actions again. “now, while they cook, the popsicles should be ready” Emmett said, and quickly went to get them. He gave me and Alice one and had one for himself, I put it in my mouth and moaned, “these are great” I happily exclaimed, “you should do that in front of Edward” Emmett smirked, I hit his arm, then went to get the cookies, and since Alice was the best at acting we made her eat it, which she did a very convincing job at, but she threw it up after we finished recording, I quickly saved the cookies for Nessie and Jake, and made some more blood popsicles for the others when they came back. After an hour we had cleared everything up, posted our new video, and have a big supply of blood popsicles. And Alice said the others would come back in a minute and Nessie in a few seconds. “Hey mum” Nessie said, “Hey, there are cookies for you and Jake in the jar” I replied, “Thanks” she said, just as I heard the jar open I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, “There are popsicles in the fridge as well” I said under my breath, “Want me to get you one as well” I velvet voice rang into my ears, “Sure” I complied.

Will they find out about the other show, or not? Up to you what happens next 

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