When You’re A Vampire Part7

I know I went on about food before, but now I'm going to go on but something totally different :P MPOV (Megan) I got up, after watching Brady sleep for most of the night, when suddenly an idea hit me, like a bowling ball to bowling pins. If I could shape shift, and make others shape shift, if I have seen the image before, then if I see human organs, I could make vampires have children, and piercings, so if they got there ears pierced then I made their ears vampire skin again it can’t heal where the metal is, but you would have to change your earring quickly before the skin healed, but I could make it so that it was exactly your children, maybe if I ask Carlisle he could take me to the hospital, and I could learn, then all us vampire girls can have children, that are really ours. I got out of Brady’s arms and ran downstairs to where everyone was, with a very excited Alice and an annoyed Edward, Alice obviously had a vision and isn’t letting Edward know anything I guessed, Edward nodded to confirm my theory. KPOV We were all told by Alice that Megan had a good idea and we would all like it and now we are waiting for her to spill the beans, I saw Edward nod a bit then his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas day, obviously Megan told him. “Carlisle, would I be able to go to the hospital with you, and look at human organs, you see I have a theory, if I

look at the organs of different ladies, I can return all us ladies our original organs” she said, “Therefore meaning we can have children, that our actually ours” I finished, she nodded to confirm what I said, “But I won’t look at males, because we want half vampire children, that way they will live forever with us” she exclaimed happily, “And for me and you that means we will have half shape shifters, and half vampire children…… cool” I said calmly, by this point Rosalie, Alice, Bella and Esme were bouncing off the walls, well not literally, but they would be, “But I would have to make your skin in front of your stomach human skin, and it will be painful, but it does mean you have your own children” Megan concluded, “I'm up for it” Rosalie and Esme said enthusiastically in unison, “Us too” Alice and Bella said just as enthusiastically, “Us three” Megan and I said, beaming. And with that Carlisle and Megan left for the hospital, Brady and Seth were still asleep, along with Renesmee and Jacob, but all the other guys were making sure their wives wanted to do this, especially Edward, and even I wandered what it was like the first time, but now she’s a vampire she will be more emotional, and strong, but Renesmee will have another sibling, I’m sure she will be happy, and she will get cousins as well. BPOV (Bella) I was so happy that I could have another baby again, I was happy I had Renesmee but now I could have another one, and I would be able to help my sisters with their

babies as well, only made my smile more genuine, I was beaming, but Edward kept saying I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to, “why? Don’t you want to?” I asked confused “I do but it tortured me to watch you in pain the first time, and now you will have double the hormones” he exclaimed, “I can get through the pain, I just want to know if your with me or not?” I asked, pouting slightly “of course I am, love” he said, then he took a step closer and encircled me in his arms, then he pressed his lips against mine, we were like that for a few minutes or so, before someone cleared there throat, and we looked to see an amused Megan standing there, “ok well we need to try and get x-ray’s of your organs now then I will bring them to life and give you skin on your stomach” she said cheerfully, and with that we all got in queue, I went last to get x-rayed seeing as I already had one child. At some point during the x-rays Renesmee and Jacob came down, and Edward explained what was going on, same with Seth and Brady. It was finally my turn, and I had already had so many xrays before I wasn’t worried, after Megan looked at my x-ray, a few seconds later I could hear my heart again, I was still a vampire, I just had all my organs working again and now had human skin on my belly, then I heard all of our hearts, “ok now no biting in bed, otherwise you will screw it up” Kerstin said.

RPOV (Renesmee) As soon as Kerstin said that they all went off to their beds, even Esme and Carlisle, which left me and Jake downstairs, I turned on the TV and sat down next to Jake, “looks like we’re the only ones that use protection, hey” I joked, “I guess so” he chuckled “come on lets get them pregnancy tests, you have to get them three different ones each, to prove it, and since its vampire babies, we should only have to wait a day” I said, getting up and grabbing my coat, even though it wasn’t cold it would look strange. 1 day later…. RPOV (Rosalie) Ok, its been a day now we’re all taking the tests, we have to wait three minutes for our results 3 minutes later…. KPOV (Kerstin) Well it be the luck of the wolves, I’m pregnant MPOV (Megan) I have a feeling Kerstin has already said this but oh well, it must be the luck of the wolves, I’m pregnant. BPOV (Bella) OME! I’M PREGANANT! …….. AGAIN! APOV (Alice)

All together we say ……….. Oh no vision went blurry, that means at least on of us is prego, but if we all say it, then YAY! I picked up the test to double check, and what do you know, I’m preggers RPOV (Rosalie ) OME I’M PREGANANT! EPOV (Esme) PREGNANT! Yes……. EPOV (Edward) “I’M PREGNANT!” they all said in unison, that didn’t bother me, what did bother me was the fact Renesmee said it as well….. Mwhahahahaha cliff hanger 

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