power crisis persisting over the country and people suffering this bothersome situation since few year back. Every year our electricity demand increasing but production remains stand on the same position and we are habituated this frustrating load shedding such as; it's a part of our life. The power crisis has taken a critical turn during the summer. The peoples are deeply infuriated with widespread load shedding, the business people frustrated for the production shortfall in their industrial units due to power supply disruptions. The lingering power crisis is imposing severe pressure on our economy. There were several moves from the government to find out an urgent solution to the nagging crisis. Yet no substantial result is visible. While we are looking for alternative energy sources whether some peoples or groups are strongly opposed to resolve this problem. I don't understand why not are we extracting coal? It is mostly available and ready to use, the people of Bangladesh will have a new and sustainable source of energy. In this time people and experts should work together to better outcome and resolve his problem about the power short fall, where as we observed some article and story about the energy sector may mislead the people. Few days back I have seen an article in English daily “Open pit coal mining not viable” by Dr. Aftab Alam, he put some information on his writing which has no ground at all. First I have to say him he wrote that Bangladesh has coal reserve about 1.0 billion tons. It is amazing and it has no credibility anymore. Bangladesh has coal reserve about 2.5-2.7 billion tons into five coal fields. So he had a cruel intension to show that we have inadequate energy and we don't need to extract this coal now. Secondly he excited that some pretend thing about likelihood affected area from open pit mining in percent is about 24 of total land of Bangladesh and 40 percent of Rajshahi division. Where did he got these data? Question arises about the authenticity of these data. Because this type of study not conducted by any person or organization till now. Thirdly he wrote 'While the coal fields of Bangladesh are characterized by more porous and permeable thick ground water bearing layer directly overlying coal bearing formation'. This statement clearly support for open pit mining though why he advocacy for underground mining that’s a question? Because Dupitila aquifer directly overlying on Permian formation. In some extent there are very thin or some time absent this Permian rock into aquifer and coal bed contact. So without roof rock, underground mining is not viable anymore. This article might raise controversy and point out the place about some peoples stand against the national interest .So no more debate, do something in energy sector. Sohel Khan