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Assessment Feedback

Summative Formative

Student Name Student ID

Programme BA (Hons) Animation Level 3

Project Title Project Value
Unit Title The Animation Business Unit Code ANI301
Project Leader Unit Leader

Assessment Criteria Indicative Grading

Excellent V Good Good Satisfactory Basic Fail N/A
In order to receive a pass, the submitted essay will:
1 Be approximately 2000 words;
2 Identify and problematise a specific business or economic
model or regulatory framework; (LO1, LO2, LO5)
3 Use a range of primary and secondary sources in order to
analyse a specific business model, economic model or
regulatory framework; (LO1, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO10)
4 Place that model within a broad business/economic context;
5 Conform to the conventions of academic essays in terms of
format, bibliography, referencing and tone; (LO8)
6 Have a clear unambiguous argument; (LO7)
7 Use both primary examples and secondary texts in order to
illustrate that argument; (LO9)
8 Use appropriate academic material and show discrimination
in the use of non-academic sources. (LO9, LO10)
In order to receive a pass, the seminar presentation will:
9 Be approximately 10 minutes, including a 1 page hand-out
outlining the main points of the presentation;
10 Use a wide range of sources to give an overview of the
weeks topic; (LO7)
11 Include extracts, both primary and secondary, which support
or disprove specific arguments; (LO7)
12 Draw on sources other than the Course Reader/weekly
lecture; (L09)
13 Be clearly structured and utilise appropriate audio/visual
aids; (LO7)
14 Use a variety of information sources and show
discrimination in their use. (LO6)
In order to receive a pass, the seminar contributions element,
the student will:
15 Contribute to seminar discussions; (LO6)
16 Discuss key elements from the essential reading found in
the Course Reader. (LO1, LO2, LO7)
Note 1 - Unless specified in the Project Brief it is assumed that all assessment criteria are equally weighted
Assessment Feedback
Overall comment including strengths and areas for improvement

Grade Banding Brief Grade Descriptor

A+ 90-100 High Excellent all round work or outstanding
A 80-89 Medium performance Grade (where appropriate)
A- 70-79 Low
B+ 67-69 High High level achievement or very good level of
B 64-66 Medium performance
B- 60-63 Low
C+ 57-59 High Good level of achievement or proficient
C 54-56 Medium performance
C- 50-53 Low
D+ 47-49 High Satisfactory level of achievement or competent
D 44-46 Medium performance
D- 40-43 Low
E 35-39 Marginal Elementary achievement or basic level of Note 2 - All summative grades are subject to ratification by the Examination Board
Pass performance
F+ 30-34 Marginal Does not achieve the learning outcomes but
Fail may be some element of understanding or Please contact your Unit Leader about retrieval
competence arrangements (where appropriate)
F < 30 Name:
Fail No evidence of achievement or competence
F- > 10 Poor Fail
0 0 no submission or special circumstances

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