The T Buzz: The Wee That W ek Was

Sunday, March 22, 2009 S

AIG's $165 mill A lion "bonus bab bies" replaced B Bernie Madoff a the biggest ec as conomy-related outrage, spawn d ning suggestion that the ns company name actually stands for "Arrogance Incompetence and Greed." M c e Meanwhile, close to home, the focus was on conservation er and a affordability y:

-- As pub-happy revelers quaffe pints of Guin y fed nness and Harp on St. Patrick's Day, there also was a "green" celebration at public p s " relations woman Susan MacTa r n avish Best's Kin Street penth ng house. Green tho ought leaders C Cameron Sincla of Architects for air Humanity, Devi Whatley of Aquillian green tech investmen and Zem Jo H in A n nts oaquin (below) of Ecofabulous talked about bamboo flooring, wines m f made without sulfites and sust tainable housing for Hurricane Katrina victims at the "Oppor g rtunity Knocks" fete. A few guests wore natt recycled clot g ty thing; the Tcho chocolate and V Veev liqueur fro Amazon rai forest acai be om in erries weren't ba either. ad,

-- Marin handba designer Helen Hoppock's s ag slouchy $495 to is featured in the new Shep ote n pard Fairey-desi igned Saks Fifth Avenue h "Want It!" camp " paign. "I'm an unknown, a sma brand. This is my big break, said Hoppock whose Helena de Natalio lin is named u all ," k, a ne for f a town in Pa araguay where she lived when s worked with the Peace Cor Her prices were the key: "The economy g me the s she h rps. got jo she said. ob,"

-- Banana Repu ublic is opening an only-in-San Francisco acc g n cessories store in the Westfield San Francisco Centre in May. Billing d tself as an affor rdable (under $1 100), one-stop d destination for l limited-edition handbags and jewelry, plus sh hoes, eyewear an nd it accessories, the name is ... wait for it ... Editio by Banana R a t on Republic. The st tore, which likes to think of itself in all capital letters, will l be b near the Bana mothership on the third lev ana vel.

-- The best deal of all is coming up for teen gir who want to go to their pro but can't aff g rls o oms ford the dress. T annual Prin The ncess Project prom dr giveaway takes place Satu P ress t urday at Embarc cadero 4 (near S Sacramento Stre from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. The Bay Area eet) m. nonprofit provid prom dresse for free to hig school girls i need. n des es gh in

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