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Parashah 1: B'reisheet | " | In the

beginning "
Parashah 1: B'reisheet (In the beginning): Gen 1:1 6:9
Haftarah reading: Isaiah 42:5 through 43:10.
B'rit Hadasha suggested reading: Matthew 1:1-17; 19:3-9; Luke 3:23-38; 10:12; John 1:1-18; 1 Corinthians 6:15-20; 15:35-58; Romans 5:12-21; Ephesians
5:21-32; Colossians 1:14-17; 1 Timothy 2:11-15; Hebrews 1:1-3; 3:7-4:11; 11:17; 2 Peter: 3:3-14; Revelation 21:1-5; 22:1-5.

Summary & Overview



1:1 | Six Days of Creation and the Sabbath

2:4 | Another Account of the Creation
3:1 | The First Sin and Its Punishment
4:1 | Cain Murders Abel
4:17 | Beginnings of Civilisation
5:1 | Adam's Descendants to Noah and His Sons
6:1 | The Wickedness of Humankind
6:9 | Noah Pleases God

This week we start reading the Torah all over again - Torah, written by Moshe
(Moses) consists of the first five Books of the Bible, which contain YHVH's first
Divine Instructions in Righteousness.

Creation of the Word

It states in Geneses that YHVH spoke everything into
existence when He created the world.
Q - Have you ever thought about what happened before
the first creation word was spoken?
Prior to the physical Creation was the creation of the
Language and prior to that was the creation of the
Aleph-Bet. In order to speak everything into Physical
existence, something had to happen in the Spiritual, a
Spiritual Creation process if you like, in a view to
manifest the heavens and the earth, as we know it.
Q What existed before the Heavens and the Earth
were created?
To answer that question we have to look at the first
verse in the Bible to see what existed prior to creation and how the physical
realm came into being.
Gen 1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth
In Hebrew it reads (from right to left):

Brysheet bara Elohim et ha-shamayim vet ha-arets.

Creation consists of 7 days and the first verse consists of 7 words. In the middle
of these 7 words, we find a word et
that is not translated in our English
Bibles. The word et consists of two Hebrew letters, Aleph-Tav that represents
the Aleph-Bet or the Hebrew Alphabet that has 22. The first letter of the
Hebrew Alphabet is the Aleph and the last letter is the Tav. This not only
represents the Aleph-Bet, but the whole Hebrew Language contained in these
22 letters. YHVH had created the Aleph-Bet or Hebrew Language before He
created the Heavens and the Earth, then He used the Language and the letters
to speak everything into existence.
There is another mystery concealed within the Aleph-Tav, and that is
that the Aleph-Tav is the short form that represents the Messiah. In
Revelation, we read that Yshua says that He is the Alpha & Omega, the
Beginning and the End but in Hebrew it would have read that He is the
Aleph and the Tav, the Beginning and the End. Alpha and Omega is the
Greek for the Hebrew Aleph and the Tav as found in Genesis 1:1. This
means that Yshua was the Word in the beginning through Whom all things were
John 1:1-4 In the beginning (Bresheet) was the Word (et), and the Word
(Aleph-Tav) was with Elohim, and the Word (Yshua) was Elohim. 2 The
same was in the beginning with Elohim. 3 All things were made by Him;
and without Him was not anything made that was made. 4 In Him was
life; and the life was the light of men.
The first verse in Gen 1:1 can be placed on the Menorah pattern with the
Aleph-Tav or Messiah on the Middle Branch which is the trunk of the tree
where all the words on the left and right come from and spread out like
branches. This symbolism is also found in John 15:5 where Messiah says that
He is the Vine, and from Him comes the Branches, He is the One that gives life
and without Him, we can do nothing, and in this case, there will be nothing. He
is the Life giving Source and everything came from Him and is sustained by
Col 1:17 He is before all things, and in Him all things are held together.
Right in Hebrew means Spiritual and everything on the Right comes from above
where YHVH is. The words on the Right, Middle and Left are:

Brysheet - In the Beginning

bara Created
Elohim - God


et - Aleph Tav


ha-shamayim the Heavens

vet - and
ha-arets the Earth


On the right we have Elohim with His creative power before everything existed,
even time. Then on the Left we have the things that flowed through from the
Right, through the Aleph-Tav (Yshua) that is in the Middle, Who is the Word
through Whom everything was spoken into existence. Everything on the Left in
the Physical realm came into existence from the Right or Spiritual through the
One who connects the two realms and the medium is Words. Yshua is the
Beginning and the End, the One that existed before time and before creation,
before the First Coming, He is the One that will exist after YHVH restored His
Creation back to Himself after His Second Coming.

Life in the House

Brysheet starts with a Bet, and when you look at the Hebrew text in
the Torah you will find that the letter Bet is oversized and it looks like
a mouth that is opened from which all the letters or words flow. In
Hebrew the letter Bet represents a House and is made up of three
vavs Each letter Vav has the numerical value of 6 and totals up to the
number 18 that is the number for the word chai that means life. John 1:4 states
that in Him was Life (chai) and that Life existed in His House from which
everything came, everything He created originated from His House and from His
Life. These two things can also be found in the Berit Chadashah (NT) where
YHVHs Life or Spirit exists in a house, and the house is a believer in Messiah.
All the creation power existed in YHVHs House that contained His Life and the
same creative power exists within you having the exact same ingredients. This
is why there is power in our words because we can create things in our lives
through our words. Life and death is in the power of the tongue as Proverb says.

The Son was in the Beginning

We read in Gen 1:1 that Elohim created everything. Elohim is a
plural word, and in the singular form, it would be pronounced
Elohah. This means that YHVH consists of more than one and
that is the combining of the Father and the Son. This shows that
before everything was created, Yshua the Son of YHVH, existed with His Father
and is known as Elohim. We can also see this in the first word in the first verse
in the Book of Geneses. The first word is Brysheet that means in
the beginning and the first two letters of this word Bet-Resh make
up the word Bar that means Son. This means that In the Beginning
Brysheet the Son Bar existed in the House of YHVH Bet.
The word Bar is also found in a word Barah
that means
Created. This proofs that the creative power existed in the Son (Bar)

connected to the Aleph (YHVH the Father) that is Elohim. The power and
energy that is used to create everything came form the combination and unity of
the Father (Apleph) and the Son (Bar). YHVH the Father and Yshua His Son is
the creative power Barah.
Not only that, we read in Gen 1:2 that His Spirit moved over the face of the deep
that means that His Spirit is the Creative Power as well the Father-Son
combination, this makes YHVH One, including the Father, Son and His Sprit.
YHVH Created through the power of His Spirit, speaking His Words (Aleph-Tav),
becoming His Creative Power Barah that formed everything.

The Definition of a Day

Gen 1:5 And Elohim called the light Day, and
the darkness he called Night. And the evening
and the morning the first day.
We read;and it was evening and morning the
first day. This means that the day starts in the
evening, at sunset and continues through to the
next sunset or evening.
Q - Why did YHVH define the day to start at sunset?
Before He created anything, everything was dark (choshec) and without form
and was void (tohu vavohu). A dark formless void starts the beginning of the first
day of creation. There was no light at the beginning, only darkness and the first
thing YHVH created within the first day was Light. Then He separated the
darkness from the light and defined Day and Night.
In a spiritual personal application, you can see the First Creation Day in your life
when you accepted the Light, which is the Truth. You start off being dark and
without any truth or light, then you hear the Word (Light) and that chances you
separating sin (darkness and lies) from truth (light and holiness).

Creation Process
On first 3 days YHVH separates things and on day 4, 5 and 6 He fills it with
things He creates. The Creation Process consists of four steps; Creation,
Separation, Naming and Filling.
1. Creating: Create something from nothing, originating in the mind of
2. Separation: Dividing in order to multiply or separating with a view to
sanctify - cutting away that which is not part of the original design or plan.
3. Naming: Providing an Identity, Character and Purpose.
4. Filling: Placing a Created item into the space or place that was reserved
for it to fulfil a particular purpose within creation. Filling is the process that
connects created things within the creation with each other in order to
form a unit (Ecahd) so that everything can exist in balance within the rest
of Creation. When Yshua fulfilled the Word He became one (echad) with
the Word in perfect balance with the Word.

Only day 3 and 7 had all four processes, Creation, Separation, Naming and
Filling. The Number 3 means Covenant and all four these processes is seen in
the life and death of Messiah Yshua; He was Created as a Mortal Man, birthed
into this world. He was Separated from His Father when He entered the grave
when He died for our sins. He received a Name above any other Name due to
what He has done for us. He Fulfilled the Word and Filled every reborn person
with Himself through His Spirit. Number 7 means perfection, and we can enter
into His Rest through entering into His Covenant.

Creation Process

Creation &
Created Light
Separated Light from

Named the light Day
and the darkness

Creation & Filling


Created two lights:

Fills the day with a
Light to rule it fills
the night with a light
to rule it.

Created the
Separated the Waters
above from Waters

Named the firmament Fills firmament with

Birds and the waters
with Fish He created

Separated Waters
below from Dry Land

Named dry land


Calls dry land Earth.

Planted a Garden in
the East with trees
to eat from as well
as 2 Trees in the

Created and Filled it

with grass and plants.

Separate this day from

all other days - made
it Set Apart

YHVH Created Man

and Animals.

Blessed & Sanctified Fills this day with

gave it Identity
Himself and invite
man to join Him.

We have looked at the first verse in Genesis and how the seven Words fitted the
Menorah pattern; the same applies to the 7-day creation where each day can be
represented by each branch of the Menorah. The Seventh Day, which is the
Climax and Foundation of Creation, fits the Middle Branch just like Yshua Who
is the Centre of Creation.

Day 1 Light Separated Light from Darkness

Day 3 - Separated Land from Water - Plants
Day 5 Birds & Fish

Day 7 - Sabbath

Day 6 Animals, Man & Garden

Day 4 - Sun, Moon Stars
Day 2 Firmament Separated Waters from Waters

Creation of Man
Gen 1:26, 27 And Elohim said, Let us make man in our
image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion
over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and
over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every
creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. 27 So Elohim
created man in his own image, in the image of Elohim
created he him; male and female created he them.
Image: Zalim Comes from the root word zel that means
shadow. Zalim = Zel + Mem that is shadow + water that can
either be shadow of water or shadow in the water. Our bodies
is made up of 70% water, and our bodies shadow His image.
It is like having a three-dimensional shadow made up of water
(that can be unstable or distorted). The Light that comes from
YHVH cast this shadow upon the water that manifests the
image of Him as a physical man.
Another way to describe the created image of YHVH is where
YHVH formed man out of the earth and breathed into his
nostrils so that man could become a living soul. Ground
connected to the Breath of YHVH (His Spirit) formed man into His Image.
Likeness: Damud contains the word Dam that means
blood and we find blood inside of the body making it unseen.
Damud represents the invisible, the intellectual, internal
interpretation, the mind, soul, spirit. Man is intellectually
endowed just like YHVH.
Adam: Dam is also found in the word Adam = Aleph +
Dam, where the Aleph represents YHVH. Adam came into being when YHVH
connected Himself to Dam (Blood). The creation of man in His Likeness is only
possible through YHVH giving His own Blood that He join with Himself as seen
when He cut a Covenant with Abraham, making a Covenant with Himself on
behalf of man. Aleph (Father), attached to the Blood (of the Son) gave the
foundation for creating man into His Likeness.

Two Phase Creation of Man: Damud is a Female word

that teaches us that the likeness creation process is the
process preparing the Bride. The creation of man is a twofold process where Man is first made in the Image of YHVH
first and then changed into the Likeness through the Word
and His Sprit in order to be ready for Yshua, the Groom to
1 John 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of Elohim, and it does not yet
appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we
SHALL BE LIKE HIM; for we shall see Him as He is.
We shall be like Him as He is but only at the end when we see Him after His
Second Coming. You cannot see Him with physical eyes, but only with Spiritual
eyes and with the light of the Torah, we will be able to see Him in the Spiritual.

The Likeness of Man through the Generations to

Gen 5:1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that
Elohim created man, in the LIKENESS of Elohim made He him;
We just saw that YHVH created man only in His Image and not yet in His
likeness. Here it states that YHVH created man in His Likeness Is the
Scripture contradicting itself or is there a deeper meaning?
The creation of man into the likeness of Elohim is described here in relation to
the Book of the Generations of Adam. This means that the creation of man into
His likeness will only come after and through the Generations to come, each
bringing a part of the process required to reflect YHVH's Likeness in man
ultimately. This list contains 10 Generations from Adam. Number 10 means
Completion and in this case, indicates the completion of the mans creation
Let's look at the 10 names and the meaning of each name:











The Blessed Elohim


Shall come down



Methuselah His death shall bring


The Poor & Lonely


Rest, or comfort.

If you put the names together you get the following:

A Man, appointed mortal, experienced sorrow. He is the blessed Elohim
(God) that shall come down, teaching. His death shall bring, to the poor
and lonely, rest and comfort.
It is only through the coming of Messiah and His death that mankind can be fully
created in His Likeness as stated in Gen 5:1.

The Creation of You

You have to go through all four stages of the Creation Process
in order to be fully Created into His Image and Likeness. To
recap, the four stages are; Creation, Separation, Naming and
Filling. First of all, YHVH designed you prior to the laying the
foundation of the earth. He Created you within a certain
timeframe, culture and nation to Fulfil a certain purpose as part
of His bigger plan. If there are things in your life that hides your
true nature and character YHVH intended, He uses His Sword
(Word or Commandments) to Separate those things out of
your life so that He can reveal the true you. If you allow this
separation process, it will cut away all imperfections, becoming
Holy and Set Apart unto Him. He has Called you and given you a Name or
Character so that you will be in balance with the rest of His Creation, fulfilling
your destiny within a specific space and time. This gives you an Identity and
purpose that relates to the Name He called you by, the Character He has
visioned in you to fulfil His purpose through you.

The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day or Sabbath day Rest is the time YHVH
uses to change or create people into His Likeness. It
says in Scripture that YHVH hides Himself and if you are
looking for Him, you will find Him in the Sabbath because
He filled the Sabbath with Himself.
Word Picture: Shabbat is the time when YHVH rested or
stopped. YHVH spoke everything into existence using the Aleph-Bet (or Hebrew
language) and the Alpeh-Bet ends or stops with the last two letters ShinTav

ts. All the creative words flowed from the letter Bet b found in the first word
in Genesis 1:1 namely Bresheet. In order to Stop the Creation process, you
cave to capture the first letter Bet and hold it in between the last two letters of
the Aleph-Bet symbolising the seizing of creation words. Doing this gives ShinBet-Tav tbs that spells Shabbat.
YHVH took something from eternity, the Bet or His House, and placed it in the
world to come shin-tav ts to create a spiritual place in time where you can
meet Him in His House.

This Place exists in a dimension higher than our physical three-dimensional

world, but lower than the Spiritual dimension where YHVH exists. This Meeting
Place in between these two dimensions is called the Fourth dimension, also
known as Time. This is why the Sabbath is only defined in time and can be
anywhere within the lower 3 dimensions.
Q - Why does YHVH need to rest, is He tired or out of breath?
YHVH is not resting but rather seizing. Rest is the word nachum and is
associated with breath. YHVH is not tired or out of breath; rest is His normal
state of existence. We as humans see work as the normal state of existence
and rest as an abnormal state. To labour enables us to enter a place of rest but
one day we will enter His Millennial Rest.

The First Sin & Consequence

YHVH made man as well as all the animals on
the sixth day. Then He planted a Garden to the
East with every tree to eat from, including the
Tree of Life. He placed one tree in the middle
of the Garden, which they were not to eat
from; the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
YHVH told them if they ate from that tree, they
would surely die as a consequence.
Q Why did YHVH place a Tree in the Garden
they were not permitted to eat from?
We have looked at this before; when you own real estate, you are allowed to put
restrictions on that land to prove your ownership. YHVH placed a limitation on
the Garden and His Creation through the Tree of Knowledge to show that He is
the Owner. When you respect the restriction (Commandment) you acknowledge
Him as the Owner, if not, then you indirectly claim to be the owner or disregard
the other persons ownership and do as you please on that land.
Q What was the First Sin?
Foundation for all sin: Was it disobedience, was it theft, was it eating
unclean, was it gluttony, was it a lack of faith - believing a lie, was it murder,
was it pride? It is not either or, one or the other, it is all of the above. It was pride
because Satan told them they would be like YHVH. It was murder, taking a life,
willingly eating something that will kill you. It was a lack of faith, believing a lie,
not believing YHVH. It was gluttony because it was pleasing to the eye and they
desired its fruit. It was eating unclean, eating something that is not meant as
food. It was theft because they did not respect YHVH as Owner and took
something they were not permitted to take. It was disobedience because they
did not obey YHVHs Commandment and disregard the consequences not
taking Him seriously. This act of disobedience formed the basis for most sins as
stated in the Torah and breaking one sin is like breaking the whole Torah
because all sin are related and interlinked with one another.

Consequences of Sin: One thing we need to understand is that

sin has consequences, it is like upsetting the balance in nature
causing a severe reaction. By saying sorry will redeem you from
the guilt and punishment but you will still experience the
consequences. For example, if you set your parents house of fire.
They will lose everything they own even if you repent and say you
are sorry. They might have insurance that will replace their lost
items, but it will come at a cost.
The consequence for all sin is death. Death means separation.
Adam and Eve died that day when they were separated from
YHVH being chased out of the Garden of Eden, even living on for
about a thousand years after the event. What did they lose? They lost dominion
over the Garden; they lost their spiritual connection with YHVH, and they lost
their continual state of rest with YHVH.

Satans Power
Satan used his power over Adam and Eve, and his
power is founded in words. He is a serpent and has no
arms or legs, only a venomous mouth by which he
spreads lies, and he gains power over whoever believes
his lies. He is known as the father of lies, and that is his
only real power he has over humanity. (John 8:44)
Satans power is in the form of a shadow, creating something that appears to be
real but is not. He creates an altered reality with his words and if you believe it,
you create that same reality in your life where he exists and rules.
YHVHs power is in His words as well and the only way to overcome Satan is
speaking the truth opposing his lies so that the truth, which is light, can defeat
and displace the lies and darkness in your life. The Scripture says that the Truth
will set you free. (John 8:32) Free from what? Free from the bondage that was
caused by believing Satans lies.
Q How did Satan trick Eve?
Satan twisted the truth just a little bit, changing the consequences of what YHVH
said with a lie, in order to make his words sound more attractive. Satan told
them that they would become like gods, be like the most High. These are the
same words he told the angels that fell with Him. (Isa 14:13-14)
The most effective lie is the one you want to believe. If I inform you that you
have won a lot of money, you want to believe that compared to when I say your
mother died, this you do not want to believe, even if both were lies.
Another type of lie most people believe but do not necessarily want to believe
are lies that feed on fear; when you tell someone, they have cancer and only
have 6 months to live. This lie will drive them crazy, and they will think on it till it
manifests in their lives. The Scripture says that whatever you fear will come
upon you. (Job 3:25, Prov 10:24) Rather believe the truth in a dreadful situation
than believing a lie that has a terrible outcome.