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BSIT-4A February 6, 2007

Ginoong Dr. Jose Rizal,

Kumusta na po an gaming butihin naming Dr. Sa mga oras na ito ay nais ko po kayong kausapin sa
pamamagitan ng aking panulat. Alam ko po na sa pamamagitan ng isang maginoo at mapagtanong kong
imahinasyon ay masasagot mo ako at dahil ako po ay gagraduate na ngayon, kung pahihintulutan ng poong
may kapal ay nagpapasalamat po ako sa mga guro na nagturo sa akin ng iyong mga aral at higit sa lahat
pinasasalamatan kita sa mga naiambag mong tulong sa aming mga Pilipino lalong higit sa lahat sa katulad
kong isang kabataan sa tulong ng iyong mga akda,. Sa totoo lang po marami akong natutunan sa aking buhay,
at ngayon nga pong malapit na akong magtapos a hindi pa rin po kayo nawawala sa aking puso at isipan.
Maraming maraming salamat po.
Lubos na gumagalang,

"Oh I tell you that our Catholic religion is no longer a religion of God; no I deny it. God ought not to be
responsible for such a religion."
-Dr. Jose Rizal to Ferdinnand Blumentritt
Paris, 15 July 1889
"It is a grievous consequence of hatred of the friars that my aged mother, who was so devout and pious, now
does not want to believe any more. She says that everything is deceit, the friars have neither faith nor
religion. She wants to believe only in God and the Virgin Mary, and nothing more. And like my aged mother so
are my sisters, and like them are many women of the Philippines. Look, Spain, look, Catholicism, at the
immediate consequence of your policy."
-Dr. Jose Rizal to Ferdinand Blumentritt
Hong Kong, 31 January 1892
11 Obere Neckar Strasse
Heidelberg, 31 July 1886
Esteemed Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt
Esteemed Sir,
Having heard that Your Lordship is studying our language and that you
have already published some works on the subject, I take the liberty of
sending you a valuable book(1) written in that language by a countryman
of mine. The Spanish version is mediocre because the author is only a
modest writer, but the Tagalog portion is good and this is precisely the
language spoken in our province.
I am
Very respectfully yours,
J. Rizal

Leitmeritz, Bohemia
Very esteemed Sir,
I wished very much to answer at once your letter of 4th instant, but I have had to give
up this pleasure on account of the pile of official matters that have accumulated and
for having to take care of my eyes at night. I'm glad to know that you are well and
have called on the Privy Cnuncilor Meyer in Dresden. He must be very busy now
because he has not written me since the 25th of last month.
You will like Berlin; it is a city that offers an infinity of things to a man avid for
pleasure as well as to the scholar. The ethnngraphic museum, so admirably installed
by Bastian, must have aroused your respect. In the Royal Library (not in the
University Library) there is found a large number of old books about the Philippines
that the German poet A. von Chamisso (born French) bought in Manila and brought to
Germany 60 years ago. Among them is a copy oE Morga[1], which is very rare, and
one Combes[2]. Have you already called on Virchow and Jagor?
Your Ilocano countryman, my dear and esteemed friend I. de los Reyes, is working
incessantly. I'm pleased with his very valuable ethnographic works. It is a pity that he
has not studied ethnography which would make his studies even more brilliant.
Vith my next letter I shall send you my photograph. For the lack of punctuality of my
photographer, my intention to send it to you today was frustrated.
I'm very sorry that I have to abstain from visiting the Philippine Exposition in Madrid,
Nothing more for now; I greet you in the name of my wife and in my own, with
greetings and a handclasp,

Yours very affectionately,

F. Blumentritt