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local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years

St. peter Baptist Catholic
Mass Media awards

reGional eXponent for proGress

vol. XXiii, no. 13

bicol, the philippines

Mayor BONGAT and VM LEgACiOn

january 10-16, 2016


naga approves p942m

annual budget for 2016

NAGA CITY During its last regular session last

year, on Dec. 22, 2015, the Sangguniang Panlungsod of
this city approved the citys annual budget for 2016 at
a whopping P941,750,116.89, the biggest budget ever
allocated among the 7 cities in the Bicol Region.

The total budget amount is only P60M short to make Naga

join the co-called Billionaires Club of local government units
throughout the country, according to Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion, presiding officer of the city council which approved the
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P2.1B project seen

to control Legazpi ooding
much-awaited operation of
the vaunted three pumping
stations under the controversial Php2.1-billion ood
control project of this regional center city is seen to
free this coastal city from
perennial ooding that often
renders business establishments close.
Legazpi City is reportedly
below sea level during normal high tide so that seawater waves block the outflow
of flood, said businessman
Rafael Lo, a retired mayor of
Polangui town who has busi-

nesses in the city.
Lo said it was the belief
of most Legazpi residents
that had Typhoon "Yolanda"

neW mnWd direCtOr


The newly-appointed Director of Metro Naga Water District

(MNWD) Marilissa J. Ampuan takes her oath of office before
City Mayor John G. Bongat. Ampuan is currently the President
of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation.

not spared Albay province,

Legazpi could have suffered
worse than Tacloban City
where more than 7,000 people
died from storm surge.
City Mayor Noel Rosal
said that with the three pumping stations, widening and
concreting of creeks and construction of other major flood
control projects in the city,
Legazpi flooding would be
greatly minimized.
During Typhoon Reming
in November 2007, where
close to 2,000 people were
killed in the province of Albay,
Legazpi suffered a harrowing
experience when residential
houses at the city's Albay district towards the coastal city
poblacion were submerged by
floods as high as four meters
while a thousand of houses
in the towns of Camalig and
Daraga near the Yawa river
were either washed out or
buried, including Barangay
Padang in Legazpi.
Disaster officials pointed
out that the floods in Legazpi
during Typhoon "Reming"
came from storm rains and
floods from Mt. Mayon and
sea water from strong waves.
The Regional Development Council chaired by
Governor Joey Sarte Salceda
pushed for the realization of
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talisaY sOrtie

Camarines Norte provincial gubernatorial candidate rep. Catherine Barcelona reyes and vice
gubernatorial candidate Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion were so impressed with the support they
received from the residents of Brgy. Sta. elena Del Carmen and in Brgy. San Jose, both in
Talisay that rep. reyes could only promise, they will reciprocate their support.

3rd floor, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY Tel.: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


bikol reporter

Frenzy in Faith,
Faith in Frenzy
The death of two and the injury
to over a thousand devotees in the
recent celebration of the Feast of
the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, need
a reexamination of folk religiosity.
Should faith always be expressed
outwardly, i.e. like the Black Nazarene
devotion, always with frenetic frenzy,
and verging on the violent?
Following the bloody statistics
of fingers blasted each December,
January gives us this street ritual
no different from our traslacion in
September. All expressions of faith,
yet are they always?
Shouldnt faith have a deeper
root, one that is bred in silence and
What we see in all these religious
expressions is a mad dash towards
self-destruction, an infantile death
wish for the sake of ones faith. Where
is contemplation and discernment in
this melee?
Cultural students may see here an
expression of the desire to touch,
like the disciple Thomas needing
assurance. Or a subversion of
the formalism of organized and
hierarchical religion, the people
expressing their own selves.
Yet, should red blood be always
the color of redemption?
A pearl takes its shape when a
grain of sand gets inside an oysters
valve where it is covered nacre after
nacre to eventually gets its gloss
and sheen. The process is done
Cant we have expressions of faith
without frenzy?


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


january 10-16, 2016

Phl in China-led AIIB

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair of
ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past
president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP
Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
PHL JOINS: On the final day for
enlistment, the Philippines signed in as
last incorporating member of the AIIB,
with China as majority stakeholder.
Without US and Japan, which countries
did not join, China is the
stakeholder (30 % stocks plus 26.06%
voting power). According to Finance Sec.
Cesar Purisima, the Philippines stand to
gain from its membership. He said AIIB is
complementary to, rather than a rival to
the US-led World Bank and Japan-chaired
Asian Development Bank (ADB),
Following China on the voting ladder
is India (now Asian fastest growing
emerging market economy), with 7.51%,
Russia - is next with 5.92% share. To
compare, US corners the bulk of World
Bank voting power with 16% while it
and Japan lead the IMF with 16.74%
and 6.23%. Phl can benefit from AIIB as
additional source for our infrastructure
needs. If the goal is really to give more
say to emerging markets on the global
financial arena, the AIIB is so far showing
some promise.
FDI HUB: The Phl is next big investment
hub in Asia, according to foreign investors
group. The exit of investors from China
augurs well for the Philippines as the
next big investment center in Asia. Local
foreign business community sees the
country as favorite site, despite problems
in infrastructure, internet access and
policy stability. The exporters group said
interest in relocating here is strong, with
20 Japanese electronics companies in

China keen on transferring operations to
the Philippines.
FDI inflows will be higher this year
with the countrys stable macroeconomic
infrastructure gaps and large domestic
demand. The Phl continuing growth in
information technology, business process
management/knowledge and process
management industry are plus factors.
For last year, the foreign business
community expects Phl FDI to be near
the $6.2 billion posted in 2014 despite a
slowdown during the first half of 2015.
NEGATIVES: Despite bullish investor
sentiment for Phl, foreign investors
say the country must address several
issues to translate such optimism into
actual investments. The FDI climate
in the Philippines is still burdened by
policy instability, contractual uncertainty,
unexpected COA decisions, unfulfilled
tax refund commitments of government,
inefficient transport, high power costs,
and excessive paid holidays and other
uncompetitive labor policies,

They claim in terms of domestic

factors, the Phl remains a most
restrictive market in ASEAN for foreign
investment, with substantial red tape
for those who do not locate in PEZA
zones. All these remain serious
considerations against investing in
the Philippines, especially when at the
same time other countries in the region
are investing heavily, both politically
and financially, in these areas. Our
economic regulators must open their
eyes and do what are right!
Last December,
despite the holiday expenditure rush
inflation is seen to level at 1.5%, faster
than Novembers 1.1% but slower than
the 2.7% in December 2014. At the
horizon is the lowering of fuel energy
prices occasioned by excess global
supply over demand. At the helm of
the food consideration is the damage
wrought by Typhoon Lando on our
production system ranged against the
big requirements of the holiday season.
ME JOBS: As the turmoil in the
Middle East escalates highlighted
by the explosive disputes between oil
powerhouses Saudi Arabia and Iran,
lower deployment of OFWs in the
region is expected. The lower oil prices
have affected Saudi which registered
15% GDP deficit. On record Saudi
Arabia has deployed last year 400T+
OFWs followed by UAE with 246,231
and Qatar deploying 114,500 and
then Kuwait and Bahrain. Per POEA
statistics, there are now 1.5 million
OFWs in Saudi Arabia alone!
PRAYER: Each time we pray to our
Father lets ask for forgiveness; this
way, we are also forgiven in return!

The Duterte Dilemma

Heres the column of Edilberto de
Jesus in the Philippine Daily Inquirer
dated January 2, 2016 or our study of the
candidates in 2016 entitled The Duterte
I remember first reading the story in
Tagalog, probably in Pilipino Komiks. A
colony of fiercely independent frogs fought
bitterly among themselves because no one
was willing to give way to another. Unable
to agree on anything, the colony could not
progress. Finally, they appealed to Bathala
to send them a leader to establish law and
order and consensus. Bathala responded
by sending them a log.
Initially impressed by the size and weight
of the log, the frogs later discovered that it
was also inert and incapable of controlling
conflict and violence. They pleaded with
Bathala to send them a more decisive
leader. Bathala sent them a crocodile, which
quickly imposed consensus by eating those
who disagreed with its decrees. The frogs
rushed back to Bathala, begging him to
recall the crocodile. But Bathala made them
live with what they had prayed for.
This tale came from the collection
of fables attributed to Aesop, a Greek
storyteller of the seventh century BC, who
used them to teach moral lessons. The fable
of the crocodile king acknowledged that,
without a leader, unbridled individualism
can block a communitys progress and
prosperity. But submitting to a leader without
regard for individual autonomy risked the
loss of rights and lives.
Since Aesops time, humanity has been
trying to learn the right balance between
individual autonomy and social order. The
issue confronts us again.
Mayor Rodrigo Duterte brings to the
presidential race a reputation as a strong
leader, quick to apprehend, judge and
neutralize drug dealers. Many voters,
wearied and worried by the pattern of
criminals prospering unpunished, have
found Dutertes decisiveness admirable.
Who wants a weak, indecisive leader?

nenita fuentebella-peones
Here is our Duterte dilemma: To control
impunity, should we entrust power to
someone suspected of abusing official
powers with impunity? Former Commission
on Human Rights chair Leila de Lima had
conducted investigations on extrajudicial
killing of criminals by death squads linked
to Mayor Duterte.
Unfortunately, the accusations have
never resulted in indictments. Duterte,
therefore, was never compelled to address
conclusively suspicions that he had violated
legal and constitutional processes to
achieve swift justice.
Duterte has projected the image of an
action-oriented, results-driven executive
who can address peoples fears about
an environment perceived as dominated
by criminal elements. In the process, he
has broadly, almost boastfully hinted that
he had indeed ignored human rights and
legal norms, enforcing the law by violating
the law.
Because he is now a presidential
candidate, Dutertes self-incriminating
statements increase the pressures on
the CHR, the Ombudsmans office and
the Department of Justice to fulfill their
mandate. How can these agencies ignore
hints of capital crimes gone unpunished
from one aspiring to lead the country?
Especially when, according to De Lima, a
whistle-blower has surfaced.

The CHR/Ombudsman/DOJ dilemma

is that people do not seem repelled by,
or anxious about, the violations of human
rights Duterte might have committed.
Political operatives will try to discredit
their investigations as efforts to influence
the elections. Most people are not drugdealers and cannot imagine that they
would ever tangle with Duterte. But we
should consider the implications of past
impunity on his potential exercise of
presidential powers.
Perhaps, Duterte might not have
done any killing himself, though he
may suggest even this to burnish the
Dirty Harry brand. But as mayor, he had
people ready and eager to follow his
orders. As president, he would have even
more people to do his bidding.
According to a newspaper report,
Duterte said that, as president, he would
allow policemen on duty to kill criminals
and would protect them against charges
of human rights violations. He also said
that the policemen would go first, should
they commit wrongdoings. He referred to
three rogue policemen who were recently
killed, but did not directly respond to the
question if he was the one who killed the
police officers.
Duterte is not infallible. Neither are
the subordinates on whose information
he depends. The execution of policemen
who make mistakes offers small comfort
to families of the victims. People will
make mistakes, but these should not lead
to irreversible consequences. Summary
executions permit no room to appeal
possibly erroneous decisions.
The issue is whether the police should
have the power to execute people they
arrest on the basis of their suspicions,
without due process of law. And, whether
mayor or president should have the
power, by direct order or by insinuation
and promise of protection, to effect these

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january 10-16, 2016

bikol reporter

CamSur examinees top CSC exam

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
PILI, Camarines Sur --Ahmed Ballecer-Hemady
and Audilyn Perez- Madrid,
both residents of Camarines
Sur, topped the recent Career Service ExaminationPaper and Pencil Test (CSEPPT) held October 18 here,
besting 10,228 examinees
coming from various parts
of the region.
Hemady, a graduate of AB
Physics in Baguio City is a
native of Bombon, Camarines
Sur and spent his secondary
years at Camarines Sur National High School (CSNHS).
He led 9,214 other CSC Professional eligibles.
Madrid on the other hand,
went ahead of the other 1,014
Sub-Professional passers and
capped the highest average
percentage under the SubProfessional category. She is
taking up BS Accountancy at
Ateneo De Naga University.
Other Top Ten passers, under the Professional category
include: 2nd) Justine Mae S.
Esguerra from Masbate City;
3rd) Camille Astrid O. Britanico from Legazpi City;
4th, 5th and 6th placer respectively- Ariene I. Veneda, Marie Rosielle Anne C. Cornejo,

Naga in Samar

and Hazel Ann Mae R. Clave

all from Camarines Sur; 7th)
Angela Gabrielle J. Tuazon
from Legazpi City; Jomari
I. Tejeras from Camarines
Norte and Jerome Eimman A.
Columna from Legazpi City
sharing the 8th place, Merciline Joy Palaje and Emmerson
B. Ranara, capped the 9th and
10th place respectively.
Under the Sub-Professional category, 2nd place went
to Ma. Louella V. Israel from
Camarines Sur; 3rd Julio
Flores, Jr. from Camarines
Norte; 4th-Karla Mae N.
Sirios from Camarines Sur;
Manelene A. Gernale from
Sorsogon; 6th Julius Nathaniel D. Anciano from Camarines Sur; 7th- Rei Monica
O. Ced from Legazpi City;
8th- Xyvel J. Lanuzo from
Camarines Sur; 9th- Aida Anthonette E. Jacob and 10thJohn C. Ibaretta from Camarines Sur.
In a press release, CSC
Region V also announced that
Bicol is among the top performing regions in terms of
passing rate in the CSE-PPT
examination held October 18
last year. Bicol ranked 5th
among all other regions in

the country, garnering a 12.34

passing percentage in the recent examination
CSC Camarines Sur Director II Jocelyn Marifosque
in an interview raised her
hats off to the passers who

line is already set.

We wish to congratulate
all the passers of the October
18 examination. May I also
take this opportunity to inform the public that application form for April 17, 2016

Childrens Welfare

is on-going and it will be on a

first-come, first-serve basis.
Marifosque added that
awarding of the certification
of rating will be on January
21, 2016 at the Metro Naga
Water District.


Naga City City Mayor John G. Bongat, Chair of the Council for the Welfare and Protection of Children (NCCWPC) said that
the direction of the advocacies and programs for the children this year is centered on the theme: Growing together with our
Children in the Community. At right is City Councilor Elmer Baldemoro.

Classes resume in Nona-ravaged schools

By Connie B. Destura
LEGAZPI CITY -- Classes in all levels in schools damaged by typhoon 'Nona' in the
province of Sorsogon resumed
Monday, the Department of


Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Leni G. Robredo joins Quinapondan Mayor Nedie Campo and
Naga Punong Barangay Julio Gonzales after she distributed motorboats and solar lamps to
fishermen who lost their equipment to Typhoon Yolanda. The distribution is part of the Tabang
Project of the Jesse Robredo Foundation, with the help of Pilipinas Shell Foundation.

AcadFest Champ

surpassed the grueling 3-hour

examination. She also reminded all other future takers
not to wait for the deadline
but file as early as they can so
that they wont have to cram
when the examination dead-

Students from the University of Saint Anthony(USANT) in Iriga, like Jaffa Arela B. Oliva, who
won as Best News Presenter in Broadcasting, emerged as Overall Champion in the U.P. Harong
Academic Fest held last week. The USANT team got the Best in Scriptwriting, Best in Technical
Application and 1st Runner-up in Broadcasting.

Education (DepEd) Sorsogon

Schools Division Office (SDO)
The DepEd-Sorsogon SDO
made the announcement amid
its recovery efforts after the typhoon caused heavy damages in
school infrastructures, including
furniture and instructional materials, as it ravaged the province
on December 14, 2015.
During the flag-raising
ceremony on Monday, SDO
Superintendent Danilo Despi
instructed all office personnel
to monitor the resumption of
classes in all schools in the
division and validate the submitted Rapid Assessment of
Damages Report (RADAR) of
both elementary and secondary
The school heads are expected to be creative in dealing
with their concerns on the resumption of classes faced with
typhoon damages, Despi said,
adding that Initiatives such
as shifting schedule of classes,
combination of grade levels
can be implemented by school
authorities to cope with the lack
of classrooms due to typhoon
Earlier, DepEd Assistant
Secretary Reynaldo Laguda
instructed DepEd personnel in
Bicol, Mimaropa and Northern
Samar regions during a coordination meeting for assessment
of Typhoon Nona damages to
ensure the resumption of classes on Monday.
Simple activities such as
checking of attendance or conducting staff meetings can be
done to assure the public, specially the learners that we are
ready to welcome them back to
school, Laguda said.
Aside from shifting of classes
and merging of grades, schools
may explore cross enrolment if
necessary, he advised.
Laguda also emphasized
the urgent need to construct
temporary learning spaces to
compensate for the totally destroyed and major-damaged
What we are trying to address is impact to learning and
education, the DepEd top official said.
He also called for a more
detailed damage assessment as
basis for reconstruction.
Let us assure local government officials that we will build
back better, we will bounce
back, and we are serious on

bouncing back, Laguda said.

DepEd Sorsogon has a total of 168,332 elementary and
secondary students, of which
nearly 60 percent were affected
by the typhoon based on the
reported schools that sustained
typhoon damages.
As of Dec. 29, 2015, 437 out
of 530 schools or 82.4 percent
of elementary and secondary
schools combined submitted
RADAR, of which 390 schools
or 89.2 percent reported damages in their classrooms.
In a related story, the Department of Education (DepEd)
Sorsogon division office reported that Typhoon Nona, which
wreak havoc in some provinces
of Bicol region, has caused
close to P1-billion worth of
damages to classrooms in the
province of Sorsogon.
DepEd Sorsogon schools

Daet 3 Kings

division superintendent Danilo

Despi said that the extent of
damage amounting to P943.7
million was based on the Rapid
Assessment of Damages Report
(RADAR) submitted by 437
schools or 82.4 percent of 530
schools in the province submitted to to the division office last
December 29.
Despi said that a total of
550 classrooms were totally
damaged, costing P605 million
based on P1.1 million multiplier per classroom, adding that
933 classrooms suffered major
damages costing P326.55 million based on Php350,000 multiplier per classroom.
Other 1,218 classrooms
meawhile shoewd minor damages costing P12.8 million
based on Php10,000 multiplier
per classroom.
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Mayor Tito S. Sarion, mayoralty candidate Concon Panotes

and PNP Camarines Norte provincial commander, PSupt.
Rudolf B. Dimas, played Three Kings during the Salubong sa
Bagong Taon 2016 celebration here on January 6 which was
also attended by Vice Mayoralty candidate Connie Belarma
Sarion and Rep. Catherine Barcelona Reyes, who played Sta.
Claus when the group went around the main roads of the
town where they showered candies to the people watching
the revelry.

bikol reporter

tip of an
homar murillo


An sarong ladawan daa pwedeng makapinta nin niribong
tataramon-- arog halimbawa kan misteryosong huyom ni Mona
Lisa, litrato kan sarong bagong mundag na umboy o arog
kan litrato kan pagtuga kan bulkang Mayon. Manlaen-laen na
emosyon asin spekulasyon an pwedeng maipasabot kan sarong
ladawan o litrato. Pero minsan bakong kun ano o siisay an nasa
sarong litrato an mina-gatong sa mga spekulasyon kundi kun
siisay an mayo igdi. An sarong ehemplo kaini iyo si saro sa nagin
trending topics para sa mga Nagueos sa Facebook asin sa
lokal na media kan nakaaging semana. Ini iyo itong uploaded na
group picture kan mga barangay captains sa Naga kaibanan si
Congresswoman Leni Robredo asin Councilor Gabby Bordado.
Maski ngani tinangal na ni Councilor Gabby si litrato sa
Facebook account nya, dae man sana giraray basta sana
malilingawan an kontrobersya na indinulot kan nasabing litrato.
Ini nagpoon kan an saro man na Facebook friend ni Councilor
Gabby na si Margarita Tuazon Elmi, naghapot kun tano mayo
si Mayor John Bongat sa litrato. Duman nagpoon si halabang
diskusyon sa thread na kun saen nagkakapirang bistadong
personalidad sa Bicol an nagpartisipar. Medyo nagkainitan sa
urulay kaya napiritan si Councilor Gabby na tangalon na lang
si thread.
Alagad huri na an gabos ta nakibali na an lokal na mass
media, particular an duwang nagdidingkilan na statasyones
nin radio. Pinurbaran na mas padakulaon an isyu sa paagi nin
mga spekulasyon na baka daa sa huring minute kan kampanya
biglang magkibrada nin suporta si Congresswoman Leni asin
ipatunod an nakatukaw na alkalde kan Naga.
Pinahimutikan man ni Councilor Gabby na ugwang nilulutong
bagong diskarte an grupo kan mga Liberal Party members igdi
sa Naga. Simpleng honest mistake lang daa sa parte kan saro
sa staff ni Vice-Presidential candidate Robredo an napasala
ta nalingaw imbitaran si Mayor John maski ngani daa mismo
si Congressional Candidate Bordado nalingawan man na
pormal na imbitaran. Ipinaliwanag man ni Vice-Mayor Nelson
Legacion na dawa yaon man sya sa litrato aksidente lang na
nakabali sya ta inihatod nya lang si Kapitan Lorenzo Narvaez sa
lugar kan meeting kan mga kapitan kan Naga na ipinaapod ni
Congresswoman Leni bago sya maghali pasiring Metro Manila.
Sa balyong lado, dae talaga maiiwasan na magduda an iba
sa mga suportadores ni Mayor Bongat nab aka man nangad
ugwang hidden agenda sa meeting na nasambit kan nakaaging
January 2, 2015 na ginibo sa Jacks Blue Plate restaurant sa
Magsaysay Avenue. An nasabing insidente dae kuta masyadong
nagka-ugwa nin momentum kun bakong public knowledge
na ugwang kadikit na dae pagkakaintindihan sa pulitika si
Congresswoman Leni asin Mayor Bongat.
Dae man makasorpresa na medyo nagkukusog na an
pagigin partisan kan botante asin mga nasa media ta parani na
an eleksyon. Ugwa syempre nin kanya-kanyang mga manok.
Parte na sa stratehiya kan mga pulitiko asin kan saidang mga
campaign managers na mag-guibo nin kontrobersya para
mapag-ulayan sa publiko.
Kun uugkuron garo ugwa na nin kadikit na gatak an dating
solidong pulitikal na edipisyo na pinundar ni depuntong Sec.
Jess Robredo sa Naga. Inot ngani ining nahiling kan nagribay nin
alyansa si Councilor Nathan Sergio na ngonyan nagdadalagan
bilang bise-alkalde kan Naga sa lado ni Mr. Tato Mendoza.
An pinaka litmus test kaini kun totoong nagluya na an edipisyo
pulitikal kan Team Naga iyo na ugwa maski sarong kandidato
sa saindang iribanan an dae mangana ngonyan na maabot na
eleksyon. Kun ini man makakamarhay o makakaraot sa syudad,
panahon lang an makakapagsabi.

from my window . . .
A future president accustomed to act with impunity places
everyone on a slippery slope. Where would Duterte draw the
line on crimes he can punish without regard for constitutionally
guaranteed human rights?
Aesops fable of the frogs cautions us against submitting
ourselves to the judicious judgment of the crocodile.
Edilberto C. de Jesus ( is professor
emeritus at the Asian Institute of Management. Prof. Rofel Brions
Tagalog translation of this column and others earlier published,
together with other commentaries, are in http://secondthoughts.

Adopt-A-School program . . .
the nations progress.
The adopting private entity
has the prerogative of identifying the school of its choice
and the geographical location
where it wishes to place its
Any government school
whether elementary, secondary, post-secondary or tertiary preferably located in any
poorest provinces or munici-

palities can avail of the donations under the ASP. Priority

shall be given to schools located in the poorest provinces
as determined by the National
Statistical Coordination Board
Entities who wish to adopta-school may coordinate or
visit their nearest DepEd office
or the principal of schools they
plan to help.-PIA/Sorsogon


january 10-16, 2016

Duwang Riparo sa UP Harong Acadfest

Saro liwat an poster-making sa
mga pinaglabanan sa ginibong UP
Harong Acadfest ngonyan na taon.
Kan pigpahiling si mga entries, nasabi
kong garo na-ilado an mga isip kan
mga partisipante sa sarong panahon
asin istilo na garo mayong nangyayari
o naghihiro sa mundo. Liwat, yaon
an bukas na palad, nagkakaputan na
mga kamot, si imitasyon kan Oblation
ni Guillermo sa U.P., saldang na pano
nin bangraw, makolor sana pero garo
si bangraw kan saldang kan sarong
lumang banderang Hapon, naglalayog
na mga kalapati, si rweda kan industriya
na yaon sa mga sensilyo kan mga
Aram ko na an bukas palad na
simbolo ginamit na kan DSWD kan
dekada 70. Alagad tano ta naglalataw
pa ini sa mga poster kan mga kaakian
ngonyan? Sa hiling ko, an mga coaches
kan mga kaakian na ini dai man
nagaadal o nagsasaligsig man lang
manongod sa mga posters. Kadakul

frank peones jr.
pwedeng hilingon asin pwedeng magin
arogan nganing hirahon. Halimbawa,
an mga poster sa China kan Cultural
Revolution, o si mga art noveau
posters ni Alphonse Mucha, magin
si ki Toulouse Lautrec. Dai mahiro an
pananaw kan mga kaakian kun dai
sinda papahilingan nin ibang giya.
Kaipuhan na ibukas an mata ninda,
sa tabang kan mga coaches, sa
ibang mga istilo. Kun dai, garo sinda

magigin garo si tolong kabalang sa

istory, na mayong nahihiling, mayong
nadadangog, mayong masasabi.
kompetisyon, run-away winner sako
si para istorya manongod sa aswang.
Ini huli ta pig reinvent niya an istorya
kaini siisay an nakaisip nin Union
of Supenatural Associations, sarong
pagtiripon nin mga aswang sa
Pilipinas? Si ibang mga istorya,
grabe si espuerso na maging susog
sa tema kan contest an mga istorya,
kaya an nangyari nawaran nin
spontaneity kan osipon na karakter
kaini bilang oral literary form.
Maray sigurong an mga coaches
man magadal man manongod sa
ugat kan osipon asin sa pagsusurat
nin sarong osipon, na may karakter
na naaatubang sa sarong sitwasyon
o problema. Kun pano niya ini
aatubangon iyo an osipon. Mayo
ini sa ibang mga inilaban na mga

Tricycle ng Pag-ibig at Pangarap

Madalas inis ako sa tricycle sa Naga
kasi choosy sila, parang pag-ibig! Un
tipong sinabi mo ng double ride pero ayaw
pa tapos hihirit ng special ride.
Pero kagabi hindi ko inakala na isang
nakakabilib na ng kwento ng pag-ibig
aking maririnig... Pag-ibig ng isang padre
de pamilya, kung papaano kinakaya ng
isang ama ang maghapong pagpasada
para maibigay ang kailangan ng kanyang
pamilya at higit sa lahat para sa ikakabuti
ng kanyang anak. Isang kwentong puno
ng pangarap...
Super late na ako nakauwi kagabi.
, matapos ang masayang kwentohan
kasama ang stickitforward friends. Na sina
ate thea, janice, kuya sonny at errol.
Ilang tricycle na rin ang dumaan
at tumanggi sa akin na kaya medyo
inis na akong pumara. Bakit nyo ko
tinatanggihan?!! Pabiro kong sigaw sa
mga choosy drivers. Nagtawanan pa
kaming magkakaibigan. Sabi ko tuloy sa
mga kaibigan ko umalis na sila kasi baka
mas lalo akong hindi makasakay at akalain
ng driver na kaming apat ang pasahero.
Nawawalan na ako ng pag-asa
makasakay agad ng tricycle pero buti
nalang may dumating na isang pa..
Sabi ko "Kuya bus terminal po??" tapos
tumango agad sya. (Yes!!! Natuwa na ako
kasi sa isip ko hindi ako nagsabing double
rid so meaning makakatipid ako kc 8 pesos
lang ibibigay ko, regular fare!)
Panganiban, wala kaming ibang topic ni
kuya driver kung hindi un inis ko sa mga
choosy tricyle drivers. Sabi nya hindi
naman lahat eh choosy pero hindi daw
talaga maiwasan na meron mga masungit
at choosy. Minsan naman daw kasi
talagang out of way lang lalo na kung pauwi
na rin ang driver. Tapos inexplain nya na
kung bakit un iba ayaw magpasakay kahit
double ride na or kung bakit un iba naman
mahilig humingi ng special ride rate lalo na
kung galing sa pila.
Very proud si kuya ng sinabi nya na
never pa daw syang pumila.
"Ah kasi kuya hindi ka naman choosy!"
biglang sabi ko sa kanya. "Salamat nga po
ako pinasakay mo ako"
Sa Manila ugali kong magtanong sa taxi
driver kung anong oras pa sila nagduty...
Kagabi natanong ko rin si kuya tricycle
driver ng "Bakit nga po pala late night na
pumapasada pa kayo?" just for the sake
of small talk...
"Actually mam pauwi na sana ako.
Dyan po ako sa San Francisco kaso ayan,
pumara ka saka terminal lang din naman
so ihatid nalang muna kita."
Naisip ko mabait talaga si kuya ah. By
this time nasa may Petron Panganiban
area na kami...
"Alam mo mam, hindi naman po sa
pagmamayabang ano, pero kahit po
tricycle driver lang ako eh nagpapa-aral po
ako sa mga anak ko. Un isa nga po nagaaral sa Ateneo."
Honestly, nun sinabi nya eto eh unang
pumasok sa isip ko na ah baka may
Base sa kwento ni kuya, sa public school
nag-aral ang anak nya noong elementary
at highschool pero noong magcocollege
daw eh hinayaan nya kung saan gusto.
"Sabi ko sa sya na pumili saan nya
gusto mag-aral. Ayon, andyan po baga,
nasa ateneo ngayon..."

By Apple Allison
"Ah un mga kasama ko kanina kuya
na nagpasakay sa akin taga AdNu un
kuya.. Nasa OSA po at Campus Ministry!"
biglang singit ko sa kwento nya. Anong
year na po anak nyo?
"First year na po un. Accountancy.
Dati baga nasa 30,000 un tuition, ngayon
sem nadagdagan eh nasa 34,000 yata un
"Ganado ako magtrabaho basta
ganado ka mag-aral." Palagi nya daw sabi
sa anak nya.
"Kumusta naman po, ganado naman
ba talaga mag-aral?" curious na tanong
ko sa kanya kasi at the back of my mind
naisip ko un mga bulakbol at papetikspetiks na mga estudyante.
Okay naman. Ayon nag-aaral naman
ng mabuti kaso nga daw medyo hirap din
talaga sa accountancy kaya sabi nya daw
may chance pang pumili un anak nya ng
ibang course. "Advice ko nga sa kanya
pumili ng gusto nya talaga."
Na-share ko sa kanya na mahirap
nga talaga ang accountancy kasi marami
akong kakilala dati na nagshishift after
one sem or two. Kapatid ko nga mismo
nag-shift ng Marketing noon kasi narealize nya na hindi talaga para kanya ang
"Basta sabi ko sa kanya mam kayanin
na ang college.. Kung baga nag-aadjust
pa lang di siguro."
Sabi ko nga po mam sa anak ko "Dapat
malampasan mo ako. Sana ganahan kang
palaging mag-aral para ganado rin ako."
If tama ang rinig ko kay kuya, sabi
nya kasi 2nd year highschool lang
natapos nya kaya gusto nya talaga
makapag-aral anak nya. Maaga sya nagasawa.19 years old. Nakapagwork din
sya sa Proctor and Gamble for 2 years
as pahenante... Kung baga gusto nya
talaga malampasan ng anak nya kung
anong naabot nya. Isang amang labis ang
pagsususikap para bigyan ng magandang
kinabukasan ang pamilya.
Nalibang na ako sa kwentuhan namin
ni kuya driver kaya hindi ko namalayan
na nasa terminal na pala kami. Makalat
ang bag ko kaya medyo nahirapan pa
ako hanapin un wallet, balak ko kasi sana
bigyan na ng special ride na bayad. Un
coins sa bulsa ng bag ko ang naibigay
ko... Remember initially kasi naka ready
na un 8 pesos lang na dapat ibayad
pero tinaktak ko na un lahat ng coins na
nakita ko kasi at the back of my mind eh
may malaking pinaglalaanan si kuya saka
deserve na talaga un extra pamasahe.
"Siguro po mam kapag naka-graduate
sya ng college ay naku, tatakbo talaga
ako sa stage sa sobrang tuwa ko. Siguro
ako un kauna-unahang tricycle driver na
nakapagpatapos dyan sa Ateneo."
Feel na feel ko un malaking pagasa ni kuya driver tapos pag-abot ko ng
pamasahe pinakita nya un maliliit na
photos ng family nya sa harapan...
"Kaya mam hindi ako mapili ng
pasahero. Para sa kanila po kasi lahat ng
kita at pagod ko."
Grabe, super bilib ako kay kuya driver.
Lalo na nun nakita ko picture sa harapan
nya. Kung napanood nyo un isang Thai
TVC tungkol sa isang taxi driver na may
picture ng anak nya sa dashboard, parang
ganun level un kay kuya. Lakas ng tama

sa dibdib eh, iba. Ang lalim ng hugot

Sabi ko kuya ano nga pong name
mo? Saludo ako sayo!
"Peter mo mam."
Bumaba ako ng tricycle at
Paglingon ko may isang pasahero rin
na lumapit sa kanya. Dahil hindi choosy
driver si kuya Peter, malamang hinatid
nya din un.
Sumakay ako ng bus pauwi ng bahay
at pagdating ko hindi ko maiwasang
ikwento kay mama kahit na hatinggabi
Para kasi sa akin malaking bagay
un kwento nya. May hugot. Naisip
ko rin eh si mama at daddy nga noon
nahirapan rin sa pagpapa-aral sa amin
sa Ateneo (at one point nag-avail rin
ako ng Study Now, Pay Later ng CHED
--- last year binayaran na un loan na
un at nakakaloka ang interest ha!) so
what more para kay Kuya Peter na
pagpasada ng tricycle ang only source
of income. Bilib ako sa kanya!
Sabi nga ni Mama eh naku 34k na
ngayon school fees palang yan.. Paano
pa un project, un baon at daily expenses
Maaring isang tricycle driver lang sya
sa iba pero grabe ang determinasyon
nyang mabigyan ng quality education
ang anak nya. Sana talaga un anak
nya eh maging masipag sa pag-aaral
at pahalagahan ang pagod ng papa
nya. Hindi kasi lahat ng ama ay kayang
magpaka-father tulad ni Kuya Peter.
Un mga katulad nya ang magandang
tulungan kasi may direction sa buhay at
may worth it ang pinaglalaanan...
Sana mabasa eto ng anak nya sa
Ateneo. Sana proud ka sa tatay mo.
Sana huwag mong sayangin ang
pagod nya.
Sana mag-aral ka ng mabuti, hindi
lang para sa kanya pero higit sa lahat
para sa sarili mong kinabukasan.
Growing up, palaging bukangbibig
ng Mama ang "pagbutihin nyo ang pagaaral kasi para sa inyo yan! Magbulakbol
ka eh hindi naman ako ang mahihirapan
sa future, ikaw rin."
Sa Anak ni Kuya Peter na nag-aaral
sa Ateneo De Naga, sana ma-embrace
mo ang #
AGIS! !!
Sana maging reminder etong post
na eto kung gaano ka kamahal ng papa
mo. Kapag feeling mo nahihirapan
ka sa mga classes mo, isipin mo lang
ang hirap at pagod nya sa maghapong
pagpapasada. KUNG MABASA MO
ETO, PM MO AKO. Usap tayo, I have
something for you! Sorry hindi ko na
kasi nakuha ang name mo at ibang
details nyo. Hindi ko naman kasi akalain
na may ganitong #
ugot sa akin ang
simpleng tricycle ride ko kagabi.
Sana sa mga makakabasa nitong
kwento, magsilbing Good Vibes eto sa
inyo lalo na dun sa mga may experience
sa choosy tricycles ng Naga.
Sana kung masakyan nyo ang
tricycle na eto at maging driver nyo
si Kuya Peter, pa-extrahan nyo na.
Pangdagdag tuition din yan.
At sana rin po, hindi na maging
choosy ang mga tricycle driver sa

january 10-16, 2016

bikol reporter

Effective Managerial Skills

Towards Productivity
Elementary School Head
San Vicente Sur. Iriga City

Managerial skill is defined as the ability to make decisions

and lead subordinates within an organization. This definition
has not changed. The idea of using managerial skill is greatly
dependent on who is using it. It makes an efficient manager to
drive his subordinates to the desired goals. The efficient manager assists the organization in accomplishing the goals using
his abilities, knowledge, knowledge-base experience, and perspective to increase productivity of those whom he manages.
There are various skills that a manager must learn to fully
reach the goals desired.
Technical skill allows a manager to complete his job by combining formal education, training and on the-job- experiences.
Human skill is an interpersonal skill. This is what a manager
uses to work with his subordinates. Trust, cohesion, fairness,
empathy, good will are important for the manager who wishes
to successfully work with his subordinates.
Conceptual skill is an analytical ability to envision prospective programs and projects the manager wants to be achieved.
The manager is here challenged to think conceptually about
the organization and to develop action plans and other resources to achieve organizational goals. He should look into
the problem, break it down into managerial pieces considering
possible solutions. However the manager is responsible that
things are done properly
Here are some tips for effective managerial skill:
Do not try solving problem all by yourself. Delegate work not
just to someone who has time available but to someone who
can give useful feedback.
Follow up with team mates whenever there is a behavior
that has a negative impact on the organization. But one must
be very discriminating in getting a team mate. Otherwise, the
situation might blow up negatively.
Make decisions following careful analysis rather than relying on your gut instinct.
Team members can figure out for themselves how best to
spend time talking about whats going on in the organization
and determine what needs improvement.
The efficient manager takes the role of a moderator, facilitator, and help the organization reach a better understanding of
issues that confront the organization.
Understand how the process in the organization operate
and eliminate bitterness. Seek people who best fit for works
assigned them. Avoid conflict.
Motivate people by tailoring ones approaches to motivation and to match individual needs. Significant mistakes are
important lessons learned. When conflict occurs, accept it as
something that can help in the development process.
Talk to subordinates of their individual goals and link these
goals to the entire organization.
Everyone must be briefed of whats going around them in
the organization.
True or False. If you want a job done well do it yourself.

Classes resume in Nona . . .

Despi explained that assessment was made base on parameter wherein totally damaged
classrooms refers to academic
classrooms that cannot be used
while classrooms classified under
major damage are damaged academic classrooms needing major
repair and cannot be repaired by
the schools concerned.
Classrooms with minor damages, meanwhile, can be repaired
by the schools concerned under
the Maintenance and Other Operational Expenses or MOOE
appropriated for each school,
Despi, said.
DepEd Sorsogon Division
Disaster Risk Reduction and

Management point person Joseph

John Perez meanwhile revealed
that 390 schools, or 89.2 percent,
of the 437 schools reported damages in their classrooms.
Damaged school furniture,
consisting of armchairs and tables,
totaled 18,535 while the estimated
worth of damage on furniture was
not available because the report
submitted by the schools were not
itemized," he said.
"Likewise, damaged instructional materials totaled 98,321 assorted textbooks while 984 computers were destroyed. DepEd
Sorsogon also needs 569 temporary learning spaces," Perez

ICTERA Induction Ceremonies cum Christmas Party

The Iriga City Teacher &
Other Employee Retirees Association (ICTERA) had its
2016-2017 set of officers inducted during their Christmas Party held December 23
at the MCM Restaurant.
Inducted into office were:
Mrs. Rosario A. Mendoza,
president; Mr. Jorge T. No,
vice president; Mrs. Eleanor F.
Nieves, secretary; Mrs. Imelda
T. Lagrimas, asst. secretary;
Mrs. Estrella A. Oliva, treasurer; Mrs. Salud P.Sotto, asst.
treasurer; Mrs. Helen I. Sergio,
auditor; Mrs. Rufina B. Gonowon & Mrs. Juliet Contreras,

business managers; Mrs. Daisy

A. Pandes, PIO; and Mrs. Rosa
P. Creencia, muse.
The board of directors are:
Dr. Soledad A. Vargas, Dr Bernardita M. Acero, Dr. Tecla S.
Dimabayao, Mrs. Conchita
V. Margate, Mr. Florencio S.
Monge, Mrs. Beatriz Marpuri,
Mrs. Marina A. Neri; and Mrs.
Marciana A. Umali.
Mr. Cielito V. Sayson, Secondary School Principal and
President of the Iriga City Public School Teachers and Employees Association was the
inducting officer and the guest
speaker. He was introduced by

Mrs. Rosario A. Mendoza.

The outgoing officers are:
Mr. Florencio S. Monge, president; Mrs. Rosario A, Mendoza,
vice president; Mrs. Helen R.
Orbon, secretary; Mrs. Estrella
A. Oliva, treasurer; Mrs. Salve
B. Manahan, auditor; Mrs. Gertrudes D. Sarabia & Mrs. Edeliza
B. Salcedo, business managers;
Mrs. Daisy A. Pandes, PIO; and
Mrs. Marina A. Neri, muse. The
board of directors are Mrs. Conchita V. Margate, Dr. Soledad
A. Vargas. Mrs. Purificacion B.
Magistrado, Dr. Bernardita M.
Acero, Dr. Tecla S. Dimabayao,
Dr. Marie M. Oliva, and Mrs.

Maxima C. Umali.
During the progam Mrs.
Maxima C. Umali led the
opening prayer and Mrs. Rufina B. Gonowon the singing of
pambansang awit, Mrs. Beatriz
Marpuri gave the words of welcome, Dr. Tecla S. Dimabayao
led the singing of the ICTERA
hymn while the closing remarks
was given by Mr. Florencio S.
Musical intermission numbers were provided by the various groups of ICTERA members.
Mrs. Daisy A. Pandes emceed the program.

Nagueos remember 15 Bicol Martyrs

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
NAGA CITY --- In a very
simple yet historic celebration
at the Plaza Quince Martires
here today, the city government, its local officials, representatives from both the private
and public sectors, including
the descendants and kins of the
fallen heroes, commemorated
the 119th year of Martyrdom
of the 15 Bicolano martyrs.
Remembered during the
solemn ceremony were: Rev.
Inocencio Herrera, Rev. Gabriel Prieto, Rev. Severino Diaz,
Manuel Abella, Domingo
Abella, Camilo Jacob, Tomas
Prieto, Florendo Lerma, Macario Valentin, Mariano Melgarejo, Cornelio Mercado, Leon
Hernandez, Ramon Abella,
Mariano Arana, and Mariano
Dubbed Quince Martires,
these Bicolano patriots instilled
the importance of sacrifice for
the sake of our much-coveted
freedom. It spells an unselfish
act of giving up oneself so that
others may experience how

it is to be out of the bondage
of slavery. It is being remembered every year, for more than
a century now so that others
may also learn from them.
This was also the essence
of Naga City Mayor John Bongats speech during the said
There is no sense in knowing history if we do not learn
from history. History is written

for us, for the present generation. The 119th celebration is

just like an ordinary day, if we
will let this pass like any other
day of the year. We are not
here for the sake of compliance but we are here because
we are part of the history,
Bongat added.
Educators role was also
emphasized, acknowledging
the great contribution of the

teachers in molding the minds

of the students and sharing
with them this important facet
of our local history.
Naga City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. William E. Gando said that they
have also invited the students
to let them know of the significant part they will play in immortalizing this heroism.
I have drafted a memorandum regarding students
participation in special days of
commemoration of local and
national heroes, which will be
issued so that during the next
or coming commemoration of
national and local heroes, students will be able to participate
and attend, Gando added.
The school official also cited
the 1987 Philippine Constitution as reference, particularly,
Article 14, Sec. 3, paragraph
2 which states among others
that all educational institutions
shall inculcate patriotism and
nationalism and appreciation
of the role of national heroes in
the historical development of
the country.

for december
Name of Deceased

Date of Interment

December 7, 2015


December 12, 2015


December 12, 2015


December 13, 2015 RAUL D. SIBAYAN

December 15, 2015


December 17, 2015


December 20, 2015


December 21, 2015


December 20, 2015 EDUARDO C. SEVA

December 20, 2015 ROBERT T. QUIEN
December 26, 2015


December 26, 2015 ESIDERIA T. ARRIOLA

December 28, 2015


bikol reporter

january 10-16, 2016

january 10-16, 2016

BIkol RePoRteR - Published: December 27, 2015, Jan. 3 and 10, 2016

bikol reporter

bikol reporter

january 10-16, 2016

Bikol Reporter - Published: December 27, 2015, Jan. 3 and 10, 2016

january 10-16, 2016

Legazpi eyes highly . . .
Expect good big things to
take place from this year on.
These will further improve the
citys image as a highly livable
urban settlement, playing host to
an inflow of big private investments, hundreds of thousands of
tourists and enormous social and
economic activities leading to
inclusive growth, Mayor Noel
Rosal on Thursday said.
Towards being reclassified as
a HUC, he said, the official result
of the 2015 Population Census
(PopCen) conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
last August will officially determine the latest human population
figure of the city, which will be
among its bases.
The city needs a population of
not less than 200,000 to qualify,
based on the provision of Republic Act (RA) 7160 or the Local
Government Code of 1991 involving the conversion of a component city into a HUC.
As of the 2010 PopCen, the
population of the city was officially counted at 182,201, which
the PSA has projected to reach
more than 200,000 by this year
based on an estimated average
annual growth rate of 2.1 percent.
Another criterion needed
to be satisfied is local revenue
which, according to RA 7160, a
component city shall not be converted into a HUC unless its latest annual income is not less than
Php500 million based on 1991
constant prices, as certified by the
city treasurer.
City Budget Officer Obe-

lia Baldano said that in 2015

alone, the City Treasurers Office
(CTO) has for its record a gross
receipt of over Php700 million, a
rate of revenue that continues to
increase owing to the remarkable
growth being achieved by the local business sector and the CTOs
aggressive implementation of its
tax collection campaign.
The city governments budget
this year approved by the local
legislative council is Php773 million based on the projected total
revenue, she added.
With these requirements met,
Rosal said, the city government
will follow the procedure under
Rule II, Article 12 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations
of RA 7160 on
Conversion of Component
City Into a Highly-Urbanized
City, first of it is the passing of a
resolution by the Sanggunian Panlungsod calling for the purpose.
This resolution, after approval
and endorsement of the mayor,
will be submitted to the President
who, within 30 days from receipt,
shall, after verifying that the income and population requirements have been met, declare the
component city as a HUC.
According to RA 7160, the
conversion of a component city
into a highly-urbanized city shall
make it independent of the province where it is geographically
Rosal said his administration
is dramatically aiming for this
conversion that will accelerate
further the development of the
city into a top-class urban local-

bikol reporter
ity being sought by investors for
their business investments, thus,
opening more job opportunities
for the local manpower and more
revenue that the local government could use in maximizing
the delivery of social services to
its people.
In anticipating big private
investments, the Php1.5-billion
Central City Mall established by
Ayala Corp. on the 1.4-hectare
property owned by the city government and opened last month
will be in full operations soon as
the latest entry into the growing
number of giant business locators
in the city.
SM Prime Holdings, one of
the countrys premier shopping
management firms, on the other
hand, is now readying full-blast
construction of its SM City
Legazpi within a sprawling prime
property at the heart of the citys
bustling business district.
Next in line is the expansion
of business operations of Landco
Business Park of the Gaisano
Grand Group of Companies via

the putting up of an additional

investment worth around Php2
billion, which would see the establishment of a huge condo hotel
and several commercial facilities.
The Cebu-based business conglomerate has studied the project
thoroughly and according to its
business development manager,
Eric Tan, Legazpi is very much
ready for this huge investment.
The new project, Tan said, is
focused on a three-building condotel of 10 stories each within
the Gaisano-owned and operated
Landco Business Park, a master
planned central business district
in the heart of the city that the
company has developed since 14
years ago and where its Pacific
Mall Legazpi, the first full-sized
integrated shopping center in, Bicol now stands.
It will be a 600- to 900-room
condotel built based on the green
economic development that the
city adopts in promoting environment-friendly investments which
includes green building regulations paired with preference pur-

chasing clauses or marketing programs such as green certification

programs for local businesses,
Tan added.
Another big thing this year,
according to Rosal, is the anticipated expansion of business in
the city by the Robinsons Retail Holdings of the Gokongwei
Group of companies which plans
to put up the Robinsons Galleria
Legazpi patterned after the Robinsons Galleria Cebu.
The Gokongwei Group now
operates its Robinsons Supermarket and two commercial banks in
the city.
With all these, the city is having the countrys three business
giants, plus less known big investors, competing with each other
in putting up huge investments in
the locality called in the travel industry world the City of Fun and
Adventure and recognized as the
second most livable city in the
Philippines, Rosal said.
All these good things happening in the city this year are
supported by the enormous in-

frastructural development being

initiated by both the national and
local governments, one of them
is the completion early this year
of the Php2-billion flood control
project featuring two giant water
pumping stations, he said.
This project funded by the
national government through the
Department of Public Works and
Highways would make the city
flood-free and an all-weather locality, according to the mayor.
Also this year, the establishment of the international cruise
terminal granted by the Tourism
Industry and Enterprise Zone
Authority (TIEZA). with an initial amount of Php400 million to
jumpstart the construction along
the shoreline here of Albay Gulf,
will be started, Rosal said.
The project involves the construction of an expansive wharf
which, according to the Philippine Ports Authority, will be good
enough to accommodate the
standard size of an international
cruise vessel that measures from
250 to 300 meters in length.

Despite anti-firecracker . . .

Naga approves P942M . . .

In a phone interview on Tuesday, the local legislator said he

was fine-tuning the pertinent
provisions that would totally ban
Piccolo firecrackers as minors often fell victims of this particular
Borja, Sangguniang Panlalawigan committee on health
chair, said he would call for a
meeting with representatives of
the Provincial Health Office; the
Departments of Health, Interior
and Local Government and Environment; the Philippine National
Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and local government units (LGUs) to discuss his
proposed ordinance.
Under his proposed ordinance,
law enforcement agencies like the
PNP, BFP and LGUs will strictly
enforce the total ban on Piccolo
and other products that exceeds
the required product standards in
their locality.
The ordinance will prohibit
the sale and use of firecrackers
and pyrotechnic products to minors.
Asked why it took several
years for that proposed ordinance
to be submitted for enactment, he
said he was already pushing for
the ordinance during the previous SP sessions but tradition
prevented him to submit the proposal.
Aside from Piccolo, other
products to be banned are firecrackers with large amount of
explosive powder contents like
the Goodbye Philippines, Bin
Laden, Atomic Triangulo, Super
Bawang, Super Lolo and Baby
Dynamite, among others.
Earlier, Albay Gov. Joey Sal-

In talks with local businessmen, Mayor John Bongat expressed confidence that such
budget will likely be hiked in
2017 to finally breach the P1B
mark, given the impressive signs
that growth in the citys economy
and financial stability has been
consistently upscaling in the last
five years since he assumed as
the citys chief executive.
The mayor said that because
of its robust local economy and
its laudable financial management, the city has been hailed as
one of the few cities in the country that are least dependent on
the Internal Revenue Allotment
(IRA). Such financial stability,
he said, allows Naga to pursue its
priority development programs
even as assistance from the national government traditionally
comes in short supply.
It has been reported that the
second best city in Bicol had
also earlier approved its 2016
annual budget for the sum of
over P700M based on its expected revenues for this year.
Vice Mayor Legacion said
that the continuously growing
budget of the city government is
a manifestation of the strong collaboration between and among
the private and public sectors,
coupled with the city governments sound fiscal administration and the burgeoning local
It is, therefore, fitting that
these financial resources be used
as instruments for uplifting the
quality of life of the Naguenos,
particularly the underprivileged,
consistent with our goal of an
inclusive, equitable, and sustainable development, the vice

mayor was quoted as saying.

Councilor Gabby Bordado,
chair of the city councils appropriations committee, said this
years budget is P91M higher
than the 2015 budget of roughly
Legacion said that in approving the 2016 budget, the city
expects an increase in revenues
this year by 12.83%, or approximately P107M, over last years.
Funds of the budget will be
principally sourced from local sources, Legacion said. Tax
revenues, relatively the highest
in Bicol, will contribute 37%
(P350M); operating and miscellaneous revenues will chip in
around P460M, or 49%; while
economic enterprises and prudence in fiscal management represented by the citys coffers
beginning balance will share a
combined amount of P121M, the
vice mayor added.
A scrutiny of the budget will
show that there are increases in
allotments for education, health,
peace and order, and infrastructure services.
Additional units of closed
circuit television (CCTVs) will
be installed in strategic areas to
strengthen crime prevention and
solution and emergency response
More drainage facilities
will be constructed and revitalization of the Naga River will
continue. Facilities in Mt. Isarog and around Malabsay Falls
will also be improved. New
schools will be built, particularly in Yabo and Bgy. Del Rosario,
and new roads will rise to improve connectivity and transport
of goods. --

before Typhoon Nona struck on

Dec. 14, the media asked DPWH
Region 5 information officer
Lucy Castaneda about the status
of the much-awaited three pumping stations in Legazpi that have
been boasted would solve the
Legazpi flooding.
Castaneda said she has no
knowledge about the pumping
stations' status, adding it was already in the control of the city
government on the strength of a
Memorandum of Agreement between the DPWH and Legazpi
City government.
But in the afternoon during
the same continuing briefing at
the APSEMO before Typhoon
Nona, DPWH Engr. Egan Nunez,
the pumping station project engineer, explained that the pumping
stations have yet to be turned over
to the city pending realization of
the MOA as the third pumping
station at Barangay Victory Village has yet to be completed.
He said that of the Php2.1
billion budget, which included
the Php335 million for the three
pumping stations, only Php1.3
billion has so far been spent.

According to Nunez, the counterpart of the city government

under the MOA is the control of
operation and maintenance of the
three pumping stations once these
are completed and turned over.
An official of the Sunwest
Construction and Development
Corp., which is implementing
the Php2.1-billion project, said
there own crewmen were ready
to test operate the two completed
pumping stations at Barangays
San Roque and Pigcale during
Typhoon Nona but, he said, it did
not operate because there was no
The official, who spoke on
condition his name be withheld
for lack of authority to talk, however, said the MOA between the
DPWH and Legazpi City has already been signed, only that the
turnover has yet to be realized
pending completion of the third
pumping station.
He said with the consent of the
DPWH, the two pumping stations
were ready for testing during Typhoon Nona at the total expense
of Sunwest. -PNA

ceda passed an executive order

enjoining all provincial, city and
municipal employees in the province, including their immediate
families, not to use any type of
firecrackers during the holiday
season in support of the national
Kontra Putok campaign.
I dont want to break the tradition where use of firecrackers is
part of the practice in celebrating
Christmas and New Year, Borja
He, however, said his conscience dictated on him to push
for the total ban and regulation of
other firecracker products following DOH reports that Albay province has been consistently on top
of the list in number of firecracker
victims among other Bicol provinces for the past five years.
Borja said his proposed ordinance will in a way update some
provisions in what he branded as
the outmoded National Illegal
Firecrackers Act or RA 7183.
He also welcomed the DOH
proposal for a common pyrotechnics display area in every town
and city where people would
converge and watch the fireworks
exhibits during Christmas and
New Year.
Doctor Nathaniel Rempillo,
Albay provincial health officer,
said he will insist for the total
banning of all types of firecrackers and for the LGUs to initiate
for a fireworks display area.
Rempillo said that with a
common fireworks display area,
this would keep the public and
their respective homes out of
danger from injuries and fire due
to firecrackers.

P2.1B project seen . . .

the Php2.1-billion Legazpi flood
control project, Php335 million
of which went to the three pumping stations.
Typhoon "Nona" could have
tested the strength of the project.
Salceda said the rest of the
Php2.1 billion budget has been
programmed for other major
flood control structures in the city
The three pumping stations
are situated at neighboring rivers
in Barangays San Roque, Pigcale,
and Victory village.
A Department of Public
Works and Highways report said
the major pumping station at Barangay Victory Village has so far
not been completed yet, citing
Salceda urged the DPWH to
facilitate the construction of the
third pumping station at Barangay Victory Village.
DPWH officials said the
pumping station at Barangay Victory Village would clear the fivekilometer long Macabalo River
emanating from the city's Albay
district, affecting Barangays Tulatula, Maoyod, Cabangan, Impe-

rial Court, Dapdap, Binanuahan

East and West, Lapulapu, Victory
village and Dinagaan.
These said barangays suffered
the most during "Reming" when
their houses were submerged by
storm water as high as four meters while a thousand of houses in
the towns of Daraga and Camalig
near the Yawa river and Padang
in Legazpi were either washed
out, if not buried.
DPWH assistant regional director Armando Estrella said that
with the construction of the wider
Rawis flood control project,
hopefully Barangay Rawis flooding will be solved and transportation towards the first district will
not be affected.
The Rawis flood control project forms part of the Php145 million expansion to four-lane of the
two-lane 130-meter-long Yawa
Bridge, according to Don Asejo,
information officer of the Albay
2nd District Engineering Office
undertaking the project.
In a briefing at the Albay Provincial Safety and Emergency
Management Office (APSEMO)
with agencies concerned a day

adopt-a-school program
gain support in sorsogon

local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years

St. peter Baptist Catholic
Mass Media awards

paGe 10

reGional eXponent for proGress

bicol, the philippines

january 10-16, 2016


No one is so poor that he
has nothing to give, and no
one is so rich that he has
nothing to receive, were
the words of St. Vincent de
Paul and went along with
the very goal of the AdoptA-School
Forum conducted by the
Department of Education
(Deped) last month in this

legazpi eyes
highly urbanized
city status


LEGAZPI CITY -- Great transformations, from its being elevated to a

Highly Urbanized City (HUC) to the
coming of more major private investments, are expected of this key Bicol
urban metropolis this year.

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Program (ASP) is an intervention introduced by the DepEd
that seeks generous hearts
from the Local Government
Units (LGUs), private sector
and other stakeholders to realize the spirit of Republic Act
8525 or the Adopt-A-School
Act enacted in 1998.
The ASPs primary purpose is to provide a venue
for the strong and dynamic

stakeholders to participate in
the nation-building through
investments in the education
of Filipino children, said
Dr. Danilo Despi, Sorsogons
schools division superintendent.
The rewards of such investments come through an
educated generation who will
be our successors, run our enterprise, and steer the nation
to greater heights," he added.
In the advent of the K to
12 program, DepEd Sorsogon
anticipates for supplementary
needs of resources in various
secondary schools in the province, thus, allow stakeholders
to assist public schools in
various available menu of options called packages such as
infrastructure, physical facilities, furniture and real estate,
learning support, health and
nutrition, reading program,
technology support, direct assistance, training and development and assistive learning
devices for students with special needs.
DepEd Sorsogon covers 14
municipalities with 80 public
secondary schools and 19 private secondary schools.
Admittedly, DepEd said
that the government allots the
biggest share of the national
budget to public basic education, but the amount still cannot keep up with the increasing student population, and
the government resources are
simply not enough to provide
them the free, quality education to which they are all entitled.
As partnership and building alliance program, DepEds
ASP sincerely invites not only
LGUs and government agencies, but all members of private entities to help give every Filipino the opportunity
to enjoy his right to education,
pursue his/her dreams and
contribute capably towards
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Despite anti-firecracker drive, 124 still injured in Bicol


Department of Health (DOH)
Bicol regional office ended its
Kontra Paputok campaign
Tuesday, recording 124 persons as victims of firecrackerrelated injuries.
The DOH Action Paputok
Injury Reduction (APIR) Unit
said the number of victims recorded this year was 180 percent higher than last years figure of 69 cases.

Doctor Evi Sarmiento, DOH

APIR program coordinator,
said in an interview that majority, or 58 percent of the victims
were minors, with ages ranging
from 6-12.
Piccolo stood as the leading injury-causing firecracker.
Sarmiento said Albay remained at the top, with 65
cases; followed by Camarines
Sur, with 32; Masbate, 11; Camarines Norte,10; Sorsogon, 4;

and Catanduanes, 2.
She said DOH sentinels
across the region reported that
there were high numbers of
reported firecracker victims
on Dec. 26, Dec. 31 and New
Years Day.
The DOH final report said
95 of the victims were directly
involved in using firecrackers
while 29 were considered as
passive victims.
In Albay, Provincial Board
Member Herbert Borja said he
would pass an ordinance totally
banning the entry, sale and use
of Piccolo firecrackers in the
Borja also said a separate
ordinance would also be filed
banning firecrackers and pyrotechnics that contain explosive
substance that exceeded the authorized standard content and
such piece of legislation will
regulate the distribution, sale
and use of other firecrackers in
the market.
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film festiVal

Award-winning director, Brilliante Mendoza, receives a plaque of recognition from SM City Naga
during the launch of the Film Appreciation Workshop attended by uNC and Adenu students,
on his latest film Taklub last December 8, 2015. Joining him are Tenant relations Manager
rose Yu (right ), SM Senior Vice President for Marketing Communications Millie Dizon ( 2nd,
left), and Naga City Councilor elmer Baldemoro, chairman of the Comiittee on Tourism of the
Sanggunian Panlungsod, who read the films synopsis.