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This form must be completed in full otherwise we may not be able to assess your request. Forms supplied without
acceptable evidence will not be assessed. Please read the guidance notes overleaf.



Student number

Course & Level

Title of unit(s) affected

Date circumstances
took place
Submission /
examination date

Details of mitigating circumstances

Please include what has happened, how it has affected your work and the date(s) the
circumstances occurred.
You must also supply appropriate evidence to support your request from someone
other than yourself, for example any letters from official sources, doctors certificates
etc. This evidence must be attach to the form. Please identify below what the evidence is.

I confirm by signing below that this claim and supporting evidence is genuine.

STUDENT ______________________________ DATE ______________________________


I acknowledge/support this claim for mitigating circumstances.

Staff name

STAFF ______________________________ DATE ______________________________


STAFF NAME ______________________________

Guidance Notes

What are mitigating circumstances?

A mitigating circumstance is defined as a serious or significant adverse event or illness which was
unexpected and has impacted upon a student’s academic performance.

It is expected that students will take reasonable steps to avoid foreseeable problems and
technical failure of IT or any other equipment will not normally be accepted as mitigating
circumstances, neither will pressure of work nor transport problems.

When should I submit a claim for mitigating circumstances?

The deadline for submission of a claim is normally the deadline for the assessment to which the
mitigating circumstances relate. Where circumstances prevent a student from submitting a
mitigating circumstances form at that particular point, s/he should submit it at the earliest
opportunity but normally no later than seven days before the meeting of the Examination Board.

What happens next?

The claim will be considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Panel. It will not consider claims
which have not been submitted according to the College’s procedure. The Panel will not
consider the same reason where reasonable adjustments to assessment or examination have
already been taken into consideration.

The Panel will consider each claim and decide upon an outcome which it will recommend to
the relevant Examination Board.

The Panel reserves the right to reject a claim that does not adequately account for mitigation of
a non submission or failure.

All claims for mitigating circumstances are confidential to the Mitigating Circumstances Panel
and will not be disclosed outside the meeting.