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Necron Vessels

Cairn Class Tombship

Cairn Class Tombships are the largest Necron ships
encountered by the Imperium. They are massive and
terrifyingly well-armed craft, perfectly capable of defeating
any battleship in the Gothic Sector. This massive warship
is constantly accompanied by a Scythe Class Harvest Ship
each time it's encountered.

Scythe Class Harvest Ship

Necron Fleets are normally accompanied by at least one Scythe Class
Harvest Ship. This ship is considered to be lightly built compared to
Imperium massive ships in the Gothic Sector according to its outer
appearance but recent encounters with the Scythe shown that it's
extremely durable and can take a huge amount of firepower
punishment from Imperium ships. The Imperium had only managed
to disable three ships so far and in all cases it took the combined concentrated firepower of several capital
ships before going down.

Shroud Class Light Cruiser

The Shroud Class Light Cruiser is encountered by the Imperium on Mars,
whereby five of them tried to land on the surface of Mars. Out of five ships,
only one managed to land on the Mars surface as Imperium defenses on Mars
vaporized some of the incoming ships. The Shroud is believed by the
Imperium as a scout ship and an infiltrator for the Necron fleet. Mounting
enough armaments, the Shroud is capable of taking down other ships as well.

Jackal Class Raider

Jackal Class Raider is the larger counterpart of it's cousin, the Dirge Class Raider. Recent
encounters of the Imperium with the Necron fleets always shown that this type of ship
constantly escorts Necron war fleets. Capable of transporting Necron troops to the
planetary surface and mounting ample firepower with enough speed to defeat other
escort ships, the Jackal Class Raider is suited for support on planetary siege and hit-and-run tactics.

Dirge Class Raider

The Dirge Class Raider is a rarer counterpart of the Jackal. This ship is sighted to be a
major part of the Necron fleets before the Yuctan Incident. Other information regarding
this type of ship is not yet discovered.

Necron Ship Components.

Inertialess Drive
Necron drives are capable of interstellar travel without the need to enter the Warp.
All Ahead Full: When using Flank Speed extended action the speed of ship is increased by +1d10 on a
successful Tech-Use test, plus 1 more per every degree of success. Necrons never suffer engine failure on a
failed test.
Fade Out: Necrons will always prefer to disengage than fight to the end. They do this by fading out, their
vessel dematerializes and drops out of the normal space. The Disengage maneuver may be performed
regardless of circumstances, the success is automatic.

Reactive Hull
Necron ships are made of a unique sentient, living metal.
Adaptive Armor: Necron ships are immune to any damage or movement modifiers from space hazards.
Even more important is that their armor value still applies versus lance hits. Also any inflicted hit (but not a
critical one) is ignored on 7+ roll on 1d10 if a ship equipped by Reactive Hull I pattern (roll once for each hit,
before the damage is rolled). Hulls of II pattern ignore hits on 6+ and III pattern hulls ignore hits on 5+
results on 1d10 roll.
Self-Repair: On a turn after one or more Components were damaged, roll 1d10 for each Component. On
result of 7+ this component is repaired.

Stealth Hull
Shroud-class light cruisers of Necron fleet possess an advanced hull with magnified stealth technologies.
Non-Detection: Enemy attempts to detect the ship suffer -30 penalty.

Command Core
The command core is the essential component of Necron ship, akin to Imperial command bridge.
The Eons Dead Heart: As long as the command core of a vessel is intact and powered all Command tests of
Necron ship receive +30 bonus. Also all damage to Morale is reduced by half (round down).

Crew Tombs
Uncountable Necron warriors and scarabs slumber in these tombs, spread across the dim corridors of their

Well be Back! Its almost impossible to defeat Necrons by a boarding action. During boarding actions
Necrons suffer only half of Crew Population damage (rounded down) as they are constantly self-repaired.
They receive a +20 bonus to all Command tests during ship defense versus Hit and Run attacks and all
Boarding actions.
Gauss Weapons: During boarding action Necrons inflict an additional 1d10 of damage to Crew Population
and 1d5 Morale damage as well.

Ancient Crew Tombs

These tombs are far older and host more terrible Necron beings. They function like normal Crew Tombs, but
with one difference.
Immortals and Flayed Ones: During Boarding actions all damage to Necron ships Crew Population is
decreased by -1. The damage inflicted by Necron forces is increased by +1 and Morale damage is 1d10 instead
of 1d5.

Pariah Converters
The terrible Necron technology allows to convert humans with an untouchable gene into nightmare
creatures called Pariahs.
Psychic Abomination: All Command tests rolled by enemy should be rerolled. He should choose the lower
result then.

Portals are far more precise than Imperial teleportariums and are able to flood enemy ships with a relentless
host of Necron warriors and scarabs.
Door to Hell: Each portal confers one additional Hit and Run attack to the Necron vessel equipped by Portal
technology. Such action doesnt require a Pilot test, only a Command test which is Easy (+30 to the test)
instead of Ordinary.

Lightning Arc
Stored solar energy is released as a forest of living energy tendrils which envelop targets probing for
weaknesses. Lightning arcs function exactly as macrobatteries with one difference.
Enveloping Energy Tendrils: Ignores the effects of any holo- or shadowfields, and doesnt suffer any
penalties from their presence. All targets are treated as being at close range (+10 to Ballistic Skill tests).

Gauss Particle Whip

A particle beam which is projected along a magnetic field across a short (at source) arc, the arc is sufficient to
crack the particle beam like a whip. When a target is hit the beam is energized focusing power on a small
target area. The particle beam is treated like a lance with one exception.
Overcharged Power: On 3+ degrees of success on Ballistic Skill test the particle whip ignores targets void
shields completely.

Star Pulse Generator

The star pulse generates a pulse of energy which doesnt affect other Necron ships, but damages all others in
its radius.
Energy Wave: All enemy ships in weapons radius are affected, and cannot gain any defensive bonuses from
holoshields or similar technology. All small crafts and torpedoes are destroyed immediately by this highly
overcharged wave of pure energy.

Only utilized by Necron Tombships, this terrible device generates a wave of palpable psychic force which
paralyzes enemy crew with the visions of horror.
Indomitable Will: The ship fitted with Sepulchre doesnt suffer any Morale damage at all.

Psychic Horrors: The wave of horror automatically hits a target ship at range not more than 5 VU. All small
crafts in this radius are immediately destroyed as the minds of pilots explode. The captain of target ship
should make a Hard (-20) Command test or the ship immediately suffers 1d10+2 Morale damage.

Necron Critical Hits table


Power Flow Fluctuations. BS attacks by fire lightning arc and particle whip suffer -10 to Ballistic
Skill for one turn.
Power Flow Disrupted. May not fire lightning arc for one turn.
Power Flow Failure. May not fire lightning arc and particle whip until repaired.
Outer Power Flow Shut Down. Loses 1 Turret Rating until repaired.
Secondary Drive Damaged. Reduce Speed by 2 until repaired.
Secondary Drive Crippled. May not change facing until repaired.
Inertialess Drive Damaged. May not use Flank Speed extended action and loses -10
Maneuverability until repaired.
Command Core Damaged. All bonuses granted by Command Core are lost until repaired, and 1d10
damage to Morale is inflicted.
Power Surge. Reduce Crew Population by 1d10 and inflict 1d5 Hull damage.
Ruptured Command Core. All bonuses granted by Command Core are lost until repaired, and 1d10
damage to Morale, Crew Population and Hull Integrity is inflicted.
Catastrophic System Failure and Shutdown. Roll 1d10. On 1-6 the dying ship fades out. On 7-10 it
explodes dealing 1d5 macrobattery hits (1d10+6 each) to each target in 1d10 VU.