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Written By Abu Dawud Juned Ibn Abdul Dhahir

Indeed all praise for Allah, We praise Him as He deserves to be praised, And we seek His Aid.
Whoever Allah Guides, he cannot go astray. And whoever He leads astray, who can guide him.
And I bear witness that there is no Deity worthy of Worship in Truth except Allah and I bear
witness that Muhammad is the slave and Messenger of Allah.
And thereafter:

For Indeed the best of narration is the Book of Allah, and the best of guidance is the guidance of
Muhammad, and the worst of affairs are the newly invented matters, and every innovation is
Allah, Al-Malik ul Jabbar ul Qahhir ul Qahar ul Haaq, says:

Who is an enemy to Allah and Angel and Messenger and Jibreel and Mikaal, for Indeed Allah is
an enemy to the people who disbelieve in Allah.
[Surah Al-Baqarah 2 / Ayaat 98]

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I am who I am my origin begin a Muslim. Never really knew what Muslim and Islaam really meant.
I go to school, college or university and be with my friend, we all but few that dont seem to
realize, act and think like the Kafir. Its only the scarfs over our heads that seems to make us look
like Muslims a bit, remove the scarfs and we look more sexy than the Kafir, with our tight jeans
and tops showing the tings, getting the looks, to the end of the road.
I ask myself do I really know what HIJAB really means? I say, I am a Muslim but look take my scarf
and I look more of a Kafir.
I know that Allah is my Lord and Muhammad is my Prophet, but it seem to me that I dont really
care, therefore I put it to the side, the sad thing is every day I hear how many men and women
are embracing Islaam by leaving the life of that I want, to enjoy life as the Kafir teaches us, enjoy
till you experience all you want to do!
How sad is my case, I cant see how precious Islaam is but the Kafir sees it and embraces it by
which his life becomes full of joy.
Whereas my life is full of sadness, grief, is Allah more kind to the Kafir than He is too the Muslims,
I ask myself?
The answer strack my head, I say, I am a Muslim, Muslim means submitting to Allah, just like
being loyal to a king, if you were doing the work of the king, than indeed the king will help you
but I am no loyal servant to the King of the kings, Allah.
Therefore why wouldnt my life be full of sadness and grief, whereas the Kafir found out that
being loyal to the kings of the earth is sadness and grief wheras begin loyal to the King of kings,
Allah is joy in this life and the Hereafter, therefore he embraced Islaam meaning submission to
Allah, by which he becomes a Muslim! True Muslim.
What is it that makes me want the man the car the money the blink blink, when this Kafir are
leaving all these, is the intellect ok?
The man thats there wants my precious diamond within me, he shows off his looks, his cars, the
money the blink blink, am I that cheap to sell myself to this cheap fool? Later or not his gone to
steal another young girls diamond, therefore what I have I lost, were I to fall for this wolf dressed
in a sheepskin? A lot!
Rather when I look and study about our Prophet Muhammad I see a true man, full of love, mercy
and everything that makes a perfect man and this is not the saying if his friends rather even the
Kafir and his enemies feared him from a months journey and he was always in the front-line in the
battle, he was bravest of all men, loin by day, horse night, a mice at home. This is the man and
those who follow him.

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