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The conference Scheduled for 8th November, 2015 has been preponed for

7th November, 2015

Advances in Mechanical, Material Science, Manufacturing, Automobile,
Aerospace Engineering and Applied Physics (AMAEAP-2015)
Organized by
Krishi Sanskriti
8 November, 2015
7th November, 2015
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi-110067
Call for Papers:
The Organizers cordially invites Abstracts and Full Research Papers for oral/poster presentation from all over the world to
participate/present and publish their research papers in the 10th International Conference on Advances in Mechanical,
Material Science, Manufacturing, Automobile, Aerospace Engineering and Applied Physics (AMAEAP-2015) on the
following scientific areas for presentations and discussions thereafter.
These technological subjects are emerging and promising discipline in shaping future research and development activities
in both Academia and Industry. The conference aims at providing an opportunity for exchange of ideas and dissemination of
knowledge among Academia, Industry, Research Scholars, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and N.G.O. for sustainable growth of the
society. Contributions are invited from prospective authors from related areas. All contribution should be of high quality, Original
and not published elsewhere or submitted for publication. During the review period, Papers will be reviewed by eminent scholars
in the respective areas. All selected papers will be published in International Journal having ISSN in print version as well as
online version and that will be likely to be released on the day of conference. The Journals selected for this conference are
as follows:
1)Journal of Material Science and Mechanical Engineering Print ISSN: 2393-9095; Online ISSN: 2393-9109
2)Journal of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Print ISSN: 2393-8579; Online ISSN: 2393-8587
3)Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research Print ISSN: 2350-0077; Online ISSN:2350-0255

Conference Themes:
Mechanical Engineering
Agricultural Tools, Applied Mechanics, Ballistics, Bioengineering, Biomechanics & Geomechanics, CAD/CAM/CIM/HVAC,
Compressible Flows, Computational Techniques & Mechanics, Cryogenics and Thermal Control Technologies, Dynamics and
Vibration, Energy Engineering and Management, Engineering Materials(Composite & Smart Materials), Fatigue and Fracture,
Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics and Machinery/ Machine Design, Heat Pipe Technologies, Heat and Mass Transfer,
Industrial, Mechanical, Systems Science and Engineering, Innovative Techniques in Nuclear Energy, Instrumentation and
Control, Internal Combustion Engines, Manufacturing & Production Engineering, Marine System Design, Material Science and
Processing, Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications, Mechanical Power Engineering, MEMS and Nano
Technology, Microgravity Thermo physics, Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization, Nano mechanics, Non-destructive
Evaluation, Nonlinear Dynamics, Oil and Gas Exploration, Optoelectronics, Optical and Photonic Materials, PC guided design
& manufacture, Plasticity Mechanics, Pollution & Environmental Engineering, Precision mechanics & mechatronics, Printing
Technology, Quality assurance & environment protection, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Resistance & Propulsion,
Robotic structures, kinematics & control, Shape Deposition Manufacturing, Structural Engineering & Solid Mechanics, Textile
& Leather Technology and so on

Advanced Materials
Metals and Alloys, Biomaterials and Biopolymers, Carbon-Carbon Composites, Ceramic Matrix Composites, Composite
Processing, Computer Aided Materials Selection, Corrosion and Degradation of Materials, Economical Issues in Materials
Engineering, Environmental Issues in Materials Engineering, Fabrication of Materials, Fibre Technology and Fibre-Matrix
Interface,Filled Composites, Friction and Wear, Functionally Graded Materials, Industrial Application of Materials, Laminated
Composites, Materials and Design, Materials Characterization and Recycling, Mechanical, Thermal and Magnetic Properties of
Materials, Metal Matrix Composites, Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites, Natural Fibre Composites, Numerical Modelling for
Materials, Oxidation of Materials, Process Selection, Rubbers and Elastomers, Sandwich Panels, Semiconductors, Wood
Composites and so on
Advanced Processes
Additive Manufacturing, Advances in Biomedical Manufacturing, Advances in Materials Forming, Advances in Nontraditional
Manufacturing Processes, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes, Computer-aided Materials Design, Equipment
Design to Enhance Manufacturing Processes, High-speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology, Materials
Processing Technology, Mechanical Behaviour and Fracture, Micro-machining and Laser Processing Technology, Modeling of
Manufacturing Processes, Surface Engineering/Coatings, Thermally-assisted Manufacturing, Tooling Testing and Evaluation of
Materials and so on
Industrial Engineering
Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Corporate Planning, Human Factors Engineering/Ergonomics, Operations Management,
Operations Research, Productivity Improvement, Quality Control, Simulation & Stochastic Models, Statistical Process Control,
Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Time & Motion Study and so on
Intelligent Manufacturing
e-Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Sustainable Packaging Solutions, Sustainable
Technology Innovation, Zero-waste Production and so on
Automotive and Automobile Engineering
Car Assessment Programs, Combustions and Emission,Computational and Numerical Methods, Crashworthiness, Dual and
Multi fuel, Electric Vehicle, Electronic Controls, Emission standards and Controls, Energy Efficient Vehicle, Engine
Compartment Cooling, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Engines, Fuel Systems(Gasoline,Diesel and Natural Gas), Handling and
Comfort, Ignitions Systems, Infrastructure for Automotive, Injury Criteria and Assessment, Interior Air Quality, Light-weight
Design, Lubricants, OEM and After-market conversion, Policies and Regulations, Powertrain, Chassis and Transmission,
Special Needs Vehicle, Trends in Engine Technology, Variable Compression, Vehicle Recycling, Vehicle Design and
Manufacturing, Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Control Systems, Automotive Diesel Engines, Automotive Chassis, Body and
Safety, Engineering Economy & Financial Management, Transport Management and Automobile Industry, Tribology and
Terotechnology, Micro Processor Application in Automobiles and so on
Aerospace Engineering(Aeronautical and Astronautical)
Advanced In-Space Propulsion & Power Concepts, Aircraft Fuel System, Aero elasticity and Space faring, Atmospheric Flight
Dynamics, Flight and Space Mechanics, High Frequency Gravity Wave Generation Detection, Aerodynamics and Hypersonic
Aerodynamics, Industrial Aerodynamics, Liquid Propellant Rockets, Lunar In Space Resource Utilization, Lunar Lander
Technologies and Design, Neuro-Fuzzy Control, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Wind Tunnel Design and Testing,
Aerospace Structures and Materials, Aircraft Design and Technology, Aircraft Guidance and Control, Avionics, CFD and FEA,
Turbomachinery, Space Mission and Spacecraft Subsystems, Spacecraft Communication Technique, Spacecraft Design and
Technology, Spacecraft Software Development and Modeling, and so on
Condensed Matter Physics
Crystallography, Semiconductors physics and devices, Ferroics and multiferroics, Magnetic materials, Computational solid
state physics and so on
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Low-dimensional systems, Multifunctional nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics and information technology, Nanobiotechnology,
Biomimetics, Layered and composite nanostructures, Computational nanoscience and nanotechnology, Social impacts of
nanotechnology and so on
Optical Physics, Quantum Electronics and Photonics
Optoelectronics, quantum electronics, Applied optics, Non-linear optics, Laser physics and applications, Ultrafast phenomena

and applications, Computational optical physics and so on

Materials Science, Art and Engineering
Surfaces, interfaces and colloids, Sol-gel technology, Thin film technology, Polymers and amorphous materials, Superalloys,
Ceramics and glasses, Textile engineering, Biomaterials, Extractive metallurgy, Melting and casting, Powder metallurgy, Steels
and steel production technologies, Heat treatment, Mechanical behavior of materials, Science and technology composite
materials, Nondestructive evaluation of materials, Materials characterization, Computational materials science and engineering,
Ceramic/Glass Arts, Electronic Integrated Arts, Sculpture/Dimensional Studies and so on.
Economic & Environmental Issues in Materials Selection
Engineering Economics, Modeling Efficient Systems, Assessing Environmental Impact and so on.
Engineering and Industrial Physics, Instrumentation Metrology and Standards
Advances in instrumentation and techniques, Applications of microscopy and imaging techniques in the physical sciences,
Applied non-linear physics, Biomedical engineering, medical/biological physics, health physics, biomechanics, Environmental
physics, Transport phenomena, Mechanical design, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Biomechanics, Biomedical
image processing and analysis, Separation and purification processes, Mathematical methods in biophysics, Optimization
techniques, Tissue engineering, Finite element analysis and so on
Quantum, Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Radioactivity and radiochemistry, radiation protection and safety issues, Nuclear sciences and engineering, Quantum
entanglement, quantum information and quantum cryptography, Plasma physics, high-energy physics and particle physics,
Computational atomic and nuclear physics and so on
Chaos and Complex Systems
Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Science and Applications, Chaotic Systems, Synchronization and Control of
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Stochastic Chaos, Fractional dynamical systems, Chaos and Solitons, Nonlinear Time Series
Analysis, Complexity Fractals and Nonlinearity in Nano-Science, Nonlinear Electronics Circuits and Systems, Complexity and
Chaos in Chemistry, Complexity and Chaos in Astrophysics, Optical Chaos, Complexity and Fractals in Nonlinear Biological
Physics, Complexity and Chaos in Geology, Complexity and Fractals in Nonlinear Ecological and Social Systems, Complexity
and Nonlinearity in Econophysics, Chaos and Complex Behavior in Neural Networks and Network Dynamics, Chaos and
Complex Behavior in Neural Networks and Network Dynamics, Bifurcations, Nonlinear Oscillations and Control with
Applications, Nonlinear Mechanics and Dynamics, Hybrid Systems, Self Organizing Systems and so on
Abstract Submission:
Abstracts not exceeding 300 words on any of the aforesaid themes should be sent to the Organizing Secretary through email at
th on or before 30 October, 2015.
Submission of Full Length Research Paper & Copyright Form
Full length research paper, maximum in 6 pages and copyright form should be submitted together as separate attachment latest by
2nd November, 2015 through email at
Submission of Registration Details:
Submission of Registration Form/Details: 4th November, 2015. Registration process can be initiated after receiving acceptance
letter of full paper.
Free one day Accommodation will be available to the limited no. of out station non N.C.R. Delegates at JNU guest house and
nearby other guest houses/hotels around conference venue.
The Tariff rate for next day and subsequent day accommodation is as follows: Double-bed Room @ Rs.800/- per person (Indian
non N.C.R. delegates) and 35 USD for Foreign delegates on sharing basis per day (check out time noon to noon).
To and fro transportation facility from guest house to the conference Venue will be provided by the organizer.
NOTE: In case Research article is accepted by the editorial committee it will be published and released on the day of conference
in case the delegates are not able to physically present their paper due to some or other reason his/her research paper will be
published (in absentia) and published copy along with certificate will be dispatched to his/her correspondence address by post just
after the conference at no extra cost. All communication should be by e-mail/online only (no hard copy is required to be

The participants are requested to register by sending the duly filled Registration form through e-mail along with their
research paper and registration fees (through RTGS/ Wired Transfer or Online Transfer)
Bank Details mentioned below for RTGS/ Wired Transfer or Online Transfer:
Beneficiary Name
: Krishi Sanskriti
Bank Name
: Canara Bank
Bank Address
: Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi
Account No.
: 1484101026988
Account Type
: Savings
: CNRB0001484

Registration Charges:
Academic faculty/Industrial Delegates
Research Scholars
(M. Phil/Ph.D) / NGO Representative
Students(B.Tech/./M.Tech /M.Sc etc)
Printing of Additional Page in Books /Journals
Listener / Accompanying Member(only Indian
Book/Journal & Certificate (additional copy) for
Co-Authors (if required)
Only Books/Journal (additional copy) for
Co-Authors (if required)
Only Certificates

Indian Delegates
4000 INR

SAARC/ African
Country Delegates
125 USD

Rest of the
250 USD

3500 INR
2500 INR
400 INR

100 USD
15 USD

200 USD
150 USD
20 USD

Additional Research paper for same authors

1500 INR



700 INR

25 USD

50 USD

500 INR

15 USD

35 USD

300 INR

10 USD

20 USD

1500 INR

30 USD

50 USD

**Foreign Participants as listener are not allowed, only authors from foreign country/countries will be allowed in this
Mandatory steps to be followed:1. In case of multi authored research paper, at least one Registration is mandatory.
2. In case other author/co-author wish to physically attend the conference they need to pay full Registration fees individually,
separate Journal & Certificate along with the conference kit will be issued to them. Co- Authors are requested to fill & submit
separate Registration forms in case they are physically attending the conference.
3. Charges for extra copy of Journal/ Certificate for other Co-author (if required) should be paid along with preliminary
Registration by the corresponding author.
4. Co-Authors will not be considered as accompanying person. Listeners are not entitled for free accommodation (it will be on paid
basis). However they will be issued conference kit and participation certificate.

For further information visit our Website
Dr. B. B. Singh
Organizing Secretary

Dr. G. C. Mishra
Conference Chair

Contact No. : +91-9968653128