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News from Cantrell

Cantrell Highlights
Equipment and Parts
Department at IPPE 2016
We will showcase a wide variety of
equipment and parts at 2016 IPPE.
Cantrell will feature its Picker, Gizzard
Harvester, Line Monitoring Panel,
Oil Sac Cutter, Wing Segmenter with
Cone Line, Offal Cyclone, Cobra
Viscera Harvester, Murzan Pump,
Lonza products and Separator.
Along with processing equipment,
Cantrell will highlight its replacement
parts for other manufacturers
equipment, as well as its own. The
manufacturing and sales of high
quality Cantrell parts and other
original equipment manufacturers
(OEM) parts has been an emphasis
of the company since inception.

Vol. 6 2016

Cantrell Line Monitoring Control Panel
Collects Key Information for Picking and
Evisceration Lines
Cantrell has developed a Line Monitoring Control Panel that tracks vital
information for a processing plants picking and evisceration overhead
conveyor systems.
The system can be fully customized for each individual plants needs.
The Line Monitoring Control Panel monitors up to 16 individual stop
circuits per line for picking and evisceration overhead lines. It can
check up to four evisceration lines and up to two picking lines for a
total of 96 monitored points.
Among its other capabilities:
A built-in bird counter that tracks line speeds and total birds per
minute. It counts and tracks total number of birds run per shift.
Operators can customize the names for stop stations for better accountability.
The control panel tracks the total number of stops per minute and total
minutes stopped, as well as the stops and total time stopped per shift.
It is capable of keeping a three-shift history record of total stops and
total minutes stopped. The status screen displays which stop has been
activated for every line.

We are featuring our extensive parts database

and many of our top machines in our booth.

The maintenance screens allow individual monitoring of I/O inputs on

the controller. By naming each station, operators can easily identify what
each output or input relates to on the plant floor. Operators are able to
check outputs for blown fuses or tripped breakers.
The line monitoring system is capable of activating outputs from the
main interface screen for troubleshooting. There are individual help
Main screen shows data
from each line.

Come visit us at the

show in booth 7037
in B Hall.

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Cantrell Develops Gizzard Harvester With Newly Designed Features for

Improved Performance
Cantrells new Gizzard Harvester CGH-9600 has several
new, innovative features that improve performance from
the highly-productive CGH-9500.

to allow for examination of the CGH-9600s performance.

Cantrell offers a modification kit with these features
for previously installed CGH-9500 Gizzard Harvesters.

The CGH-9600 features newly designed infeed guide, outlet

guide, spreader bar, water manifold, safety screen, transport
and pinch-off rollers and peeler rollers.
The innovative infeed guide provides a more centered
gizzard cut and an outlet guide which allows the machine
to better handle variations in product size.
The newly designed spreader bar allows for higher
product recovery rate. The water manifold provides
even more accurate pinpointing of water in the process,
improves splitting of the product and aids in the servicing
of the machine.
New peeler rollers have been designed for better peeling of
the product, and the new design for the transport and pinchoff rollers improve performance. A safety screen was added

The new Gizzard Harvester

CGH-9600 has several
new features to improve

Cantrells Wing Segmenter Improves Fieldales Wing Processing

The Fieldale processing plant in

There is no comparison to the improvement of the cuts

Cornelia, GA was looking for a better

now versus our past operation, Franklin says. It is much

way to process its wings.

better now. We can run 330 pieces per minute. Its much

Plant Manager Jerry

Franklin found the
answer with the
Cantrell CWCS-8400
Wing Segmenter.
Fieldale needed to
improve the quality
of its products and
the speed of its wing
segmenting operation.

The Cantrell CWCS-8400 Wing

Segmenter properly orients
the wing at any line speed for
accuracy on each individual cut.

faster than our past operation.

Cantrells Wing Segmenter is designed to make all wing
cuts in one place and do it more accurately, at high line
speeds, on birds of various sizes and with less labor.
It can run with a cone line or in an off-line application.
The Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at any
line speed for accuracy on each individual cut. The shackle
transfer eliminates misfeeds.
If you are looking to upgrade your three-piece wing

According to Franklin,

operation, you should look at Cantrell, Franklin says.

they have done so

Our customers who have tried our Wing Segmenter

with the purchase

are seeing great results. Wed love the opportunity to

of two Cantrell

show you how the CWCS-8400 can improve your wing

Wing Segmenters.

processing operation.

Cantrell Launches Parts

Database on its Website
Weve launched an extensive parts database on our
website that includes our parts and other well-known
original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts for the
poultry industry.
The online database contains more than 2,000 parts for
Cantrell and other manufacturers equipment.
We provide innovative solutions through our experienced
staff and our valued customers recommendations,
Parts Sales Manager Jeff Saunders says. We are small
enough and experienced enough to respond quickly
while improving products as our standard approach to
business. Its exciting for us to release the catalog on
our website as the latest tool to serve our customers.
Customers are able to search the database by product
number, categories of equipment and subcategories.
The manufacturing and sales of the highest quality
Cantrell and OEM parts has been an emphasis of the
company for a number of years.
Our quality, quick fulfillment, dependability and pricing
are unsurpassed in the spare parts market.
Cantrell is your source for hard-to-find replacement
parts and parts for older processing
equipment. If you need a custombuilt part, Cantrell can produce it.
Rush orders are no problem because
our flexible production schedule
allows us to accommodate those
requests. We fill 95 percent of our
parts orders on the same day.
Cantrells Parts Team is available to
assist you with any parts requests.
We offer more than 2,500 spare parts
for our equipment and other OEM
spare parts. Contact our Parts Team to
place your order at
or 800-922-1232 or 770-536-3611.

Maintenance Schedule

Neck and Shoulder Skinner

Model No. NS-2004
-Check water nozzles
- Chains, lubricate with spray
- Check all chain tensions
- Check all drive assembly tensions
- Check all setscrews, nuts and bolts
- Check all bushings
- Grease all fittings
- Bearings, lubricate with grease
- Housings, lubricate with 90W
- Gearheads, lubricate with 90W
- Transfers, lubricate with grease
A preventive maintenance
program ensures optimum life and
performance with any equipment.

Control Panel, continued from p. 1

Alarm screen shows number of alarms and where they ccur.

Reset screen allows operator to reset counter.

screens with explanations of outputs.

Cantrells Line Monitoring Control Panel gives processors

the control and information they need to be more efficient
and productive.

On the evisceration lines, the system conserves

water by allowing the turning on and off of water
valves to be staggered, which is actually controlled by
the product on the line.

Cantrell Supports Industry

and Customer Events
IPPE, Atlanta, GA

Tyson Foods Annual Bass Tournament, Rogers, AR
Annual Spring Chicken Festival, Gainesville, GA Sponsor and Participant

USPOULTRY Poultry Processor Workshop, Atlanta, GA

The Poultry Federation, Annual Festival, Little Rock, AR
Alabama Poultry & Egg Association, Evening of Fun, Birmingham, AL

1400 Bradford Street Ext. | Gainesville, GA 30501 | p: 770.536.3611 | f: 770.531.0832 | 1.800.922.1232