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Mimi Paul

Nazi handout
Jan 5, 2016

Hitler comes to power

1. Hitler's rise was able to happen because the country was hit hard by the world wide
economy depression, millions of people were out of work, and Germans lake confidence in
their weak government.
2. The Nazi party appealed more to the unemployed , young people, and members of the
lower middle class.
3. Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 30 1933.

Nazi rule
1. A Volk community is united by all social classes and regions behind Hitler, But the Third
Reich was a police state, where people where subject to arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.
2. Hitlers policy of Synchronization forced groups,political parties, etc into the Line of nazi
goals and placing them them under nazi leadership.

Jews in prewar Germany 1933

1. About 600,000 people in Germany were Jews; representing less than 1 percent.
2. They created the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 and subsequent ordinances to identified Jews
according to their religion practice by an individual's grandparents, the nazi's classified
people as Jew of thousand of people who converted from Judaism to another religion.

The Nazi terror begins

1. Hitler was able to end a person's freedom; press, speech, and assembly. People lost the
right of privacy, so police can come and search your house without a warrant.
2. Sturmabteilungen was when he put tens of thousands of young jobless men in brown shirts
and high leather boots of the Nazi storm troopers called the SA.

SS police state
1. The SS is the protective squad, which began as Hitlers special guards and other party
2. The Gestapo is a non uniform police who used ruthless and cruel methods to those who
dose not obey Nazi rules
3. The concentration camps started when many groups like the SS and SA started to set up
makeshifts camps in empty warehouses, factories, and all other locations in Germany. There
they set put political opponents without trials and under conditions of great cruelty.

Nazi propaganda and censorship

1. The Nazi propaganda was controlled by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. The communication was by
newspaper, magazine, book, movies,etc.

2. The Nazi took more than 25,000 books and burned them in front of bunch of people. Some
of the books where by Jews like Albert Einstein, others book were burned because it dose
not go with Nazi ideas
3. The Nazi made school kids blindly obey the Nazi party by adding their own textbook

Nazi Racism
1. The "Master race" was blonde, blue eye, and tall.
2. They saw the Jews as a poisonous race which lived off the other race
3. They measured skull size, nose length, and recorded the color of their pupils' hair and eyes

The murder of the handicapped

1. Hitler saw the handicap as useless to the society.
2. They killed the handicapped with the T-4 or euthanasia program
3. The T-4 program was soon used for the mass murder of the Jews, Roma, and others.

Nazi camp system

1. The camp system changed from Having people who goes against the Nazi to holding Jews
Romas etc.
2. The people who were arrested were the people who did not agree with the Nazi, the
Jews,Romas,and others
3. Extermination camps killed the people concentration camps worked them to death.

The "final" solution

1. The genocide of the Jew. Rise to power, state enforce rasism anti- Jew laws, boycotts,
aryanization, and night of broken glass program all which aimed to remove Jews from the
2. Over 3 million Jews were killed in gassing.
3. About 6 million Jews were killed

German rule in occupied Europe

1. Germany planned to annex most of the conquered eastern territories.
2. The y destroyed the polish culter and took all their food and money.
3. Resistance movements sprang up throughout Europe.

rescue and resistance


Compassion,religion, Nazi racism, moral rights.

They help save 5,000 Jews
Because of Nazi racism was wide spread
To the Nazi policy of genocide

World war 2 in Europe

1. They use lighting war by using a bunch of bombs and bomb the whole place
2. Poland, Denmark, Norway,Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia,
3. Battle of Stalingrad and
4. May 1945