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Vulcan, Inc .
Pres entation

Aug us t 17, 2007

Revis ion D

This Document Contains SUNRGI Proprietary Information

SUNRGIis in the business ofsolarenergy system s.Ourwork has lead
to the developm entofa entirely new category ofenergy system –
Xtreme Conc entrated Photovoltaic s ™ or XCPV™

Using Xtreme Conc entrated Photovoltaic s ™, SUNRGIconcentrates

the energy from the equivalentofm ore than 1,600 Suns onto highly-
efficient, triple-junction solarcells thatare m ounted to a SUNRGI
proprietary cooling system .

The Bottom Line

Using SUNRGIproprietary technology… Xtreme Concentrated
Photovoltaic s ™ (XCPV™ )… I tis possible to produce large am ounts of
electricity from solarradiation ata wholesale price ofUS5centsk / Wh.
The Es s entials :
There are 3 essentialSUNRGIattributes thatdifferentiate itfrom othersolar
energy com panies.
These are:

– Xtreme Concentrated Photovoltaic s ™

– Proprietary Cooling Tec hnolog y & Methodolog y
– Low -Cos t
• Mas s Production Manufacturing
• Field As s embly & Ins tallation
• Operation & Maintenanc e
Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area


Virtually everyone has used a magnifying
glass to focus sunlight down to a small,
very bright, hot spot of light. SUNRGI
uses this same principle in its Xtreme
Concentrated Photovoltaics™ (XCPV™)
system (patents pending).  SUNRGI
efficiently concentrates sunlight so that it
is more than 1,600 times brighter than the
sun.  This concentrated sunlight is
focused onto photovoltaic (PV) solar cells
that convert more than 37% of the
sunlight directly into electricity.  

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Increas ed Lig ht Gathering Area

More Energ y Output Us ing Few er PV Cells

Advantag es :
• On and Off-Grid Dis tribution – Otherconcentrated solartechnologies,
solartherm alin particular, need to be im plem ented as partoflarge
powerstations.SUNRGIsystem s can be deployed as large orsm all
system s, on oroff-grid installations.This allows lowerand m ore variable
m arketentry points.

• Modular – I
ts m odulardesign allows a powerplantto be distributed
overa num berofsites. I
tis m uch less land intensive.

• Upg radeable – SUNRGIdesign is upgradeable to take advantage of

advances in PVtechnology.
Advantag es :

• Energ y Conc entration – As a resultofhow SUNRGIconcentrates the

sunlight, the extrem e heatgenerated can be extracted efficiently by
SUNRGI ’s proprietary therm altechnology.

• Long evity – SUNRGIproprietary heatrem ovaltechnology m eans the

PVcells willhave a longerusefullife.

• Ec onomy – SUNRGIsystem costs are significantly less perinstalled

Wattthan traditionalPVtechnology.Expected advances in technology
and volum e production willfurtherincrease this advantage.
Converg ence of forces : new energ y s olutions
Size of Generator
Central Large Distributed

NaturalGas Di
lFuel Oil
(com bined cycle) Generators
Type of Fuel


Sm allHydro
fuel source
ear economics
te Solar
Wind Util
Renewable Renewable
Geotherm al Bi
o-fuels Hydrogen Fuel

distributed economics
Source: Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry by Travis Bradford
XCPV Cos t - Compe t it iv e ne s s of Se le ct e d Re ne w able Pow e r Te chnolog ie
– Initial Targ et Markets
’s initialtargetm arkets willbe:

• Utility One trillion dollarelectric m arket

• Com m ercialm arkets.
• I
nstitutionalm arkets.
• Governm entm arkets.
• Military m arkets.
• ResidentialMarkets

nitialgo-to-m arketstrategy willlikely focus on selling operating m odules
to substantial, existing m arketplayers with in-place infrastructures
already serving SUNRGI ’s targetm arkets.
Intellectual Property:

• SUNRGIhas taken appropriate steps to protectits intellectualproperty.

• TWO(2) provisionalpatentapplications forSUNRGI ’s core technologies
have been filed. They willresultin 4 orm ore non provisionalpatents.
• Additionalpatentapplications are being prepared and willbe filed in the
nextfew m onths.
Product Development Stag es :

- Experimental Proof-of-Concept DONE

- Firs t Sys tem Prototype in 90 Days 1kW
- Commerc ial Sys tem Prototype
- Qualification Tes ting
- Fixed-Rate Produc tion
- Market Analys is
- Volume Produc tion
For More Information Contact:

6430 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90028