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My platform centers on two aspects that I believe are integral to the Huron Students

Council: feasibility and effectiveness.

The first element is feasibility; I want to bring ideas that are feasible to next years
student council. Recognizing the scope of the HUCSC, I have aimed to fill my platform
with projects that I believe can be completed during the year or will work to generate
discussion within the student body and administration surrounding the more ambitious
proposals. Whether its completed solely by the HUCSC or in collaboration with Huron
administration, I believe that every one of these platform points is possible and will work
toward bettering the Huron student experience.
The second element is effectiveness; I see student council as having great ideas but not
always adopting the most effective means to get the job done. I believe my platform
addresses this issue by introducing new methods, changing existing council infrastructure
and delegating certain responsibilities to improve the overall effectiveness of the council.
Ive broken down my platform into four all-encompassing categories, which demonstrate
the functions of the Huron Students Council: Campus Programming, Advocacy,
Operational Improvements and New Initiatives.
Thanks for taking the time to read my platform!

Campus Programming
Holding a Wider Variety of In-House events at the Beaver Dam
The Beaver Dam is one of the most unique spots on campus and I want to host more in
house events at Huron as an alternative to bar nights. Events like acoustic performances,
karaoke nights, comedians, and paint nights would allow us to access local talent and
encourage students to spend an evening on campus with their friends. I would also look
into holding non-performance based events like having local beers on tap or a scotch
tasting to add variety to the events portfolio. Having more in house events at the Beaver
Dam will build the sense of community within the student body and make the Dam a
more attractive venue in the future.
Huron Professor Lecture Series:
The successful talk by Dr. Scorgie-Porter organized by the Political Science Club at
Huron has demonstrated students interest in these academic based events. I will work to
organize a lecture series involving Huron professors from various faculties speaking
about contemporary issues within their respective field of study. Huron has a phenomenal
range of faculty that are each experts in their field, and I want students to be able to learn
about a topic that may be outside of their specialty or from a professor they havent taken
a class with, to create a more holistic academic and Huron experience.
Spacing out Events:
I believe the HUCSC has difficulties generating student attendance for certain events,
which is why I would like to space out events throughout the year. With too many events,
decision making can become overwhelming and may discourage students from attending
even if it is something they may otherwise be interested in. Therefore I would work
during the summer months with the Vice Presidents to create a schedule in advance
ensuring ample time between various HUCSC events. This will also give the
communications portfolio more time to effectively promote an event and ultimately will
raise attendance.
Orientation Week Survey Results
This year the HUCSC and the Huron Head Soph Team conducted a survey amongst first
year students discussing their experiences during Orientation week. I plan on using those
results to effectively work with the Huron Soph Team to make sure that the extensive
planning in the lead up to O-Week runs smoothly and that financially the HUCSC is able
to support the programming and training to the best of our abilities.

Building a Sidewalk from the LTC Bus Stop
For many of us who live off campus and bus to Huron, walking across the grass to the
front doors can be muddy, slippery and dangerous especially in the winter. I would like to
advocate for a paved pathway connecting the bus stop to the courtyard that could be
maintained in the winter to prevent slips and falls during icy conditions and would
preserve the grass. This path will also help direct students taking LTC or campus shuttle
busses who are unfamiliar with Huron to the front doors and information desk.
On Campus Caf
The upcoming renovations occurring across campus provides a unique opportunity to
advocate for an on-campus cafe to service staff and students. In conjunction with Browns
food services and administration, I would discuss the feasibility of an on-campus cafe,
which will provide a more convenient place at Huron to grab a quick coffee or snack.
This on campus eatery would improve the usage of the SAC, and the library by
encouraging students to stay at Huron rather than travel to the cafeteria or main campus
to satisfy their caffeine fix.
Continue the Push for an On-Campus Mental Health Resource
The mental health survey conducted by the HUCSC demonstrates the lack of mental
health resources at Huron and how students are not comfortable reaching out to the
various resources available to them now. This is an extremely important issue and one,
which needs to be addressed in order to support students throughout their time at Huron. I
will work to continue the discussion surrounding mental health with administration and
push for an on-campus mental health professional (resource) for Huron students. I will
also work to continue and improve the Mental Health Week Initiative in order to raise
awareness amongst Huron students and promote the resources available to them
currently. I believe continuing this discussion with administration is a much-needed step
in preventing mental health issues from arising within the close-knit Huron community.
Opening the Great Hall for Events and Study Space
I believe there is currently a shortage of study spaces at Huron, especially during midterm
season when both the library and SAC are in use; forcing students to waste precious time
searching for a seat. I would like to use HUCSC promotions and events to advertise the
Great Hall as an attractive study or lounge space for students looking for a quiet, but
comfortable setting. Hosting HUCSC events in the Great Hall would familiarize students
with the space and make it a less formal, more welcoming environment to relax in. I
would also work with university administration to ensure the doors are left unlocked and
ajar allowing for students to enter at their convenience.

Cafeteria Improvements
The cafeteria continues to improve year after year in terms of quality and service, but I
believe some adjustments can be made to better the experience for students. Firstly,
through using HUCSC promotions, I would work to make the breakdown of meal plans
more transparent and easier to understand for first year students, and ideally make those
flex dollars last longer. The HUCSC can also work with food services in promoting
cafeteria-based events, like the upcoming local food initiative, in order to reach a wider
audience. Finally I would look into adding other activities like ping pong or air hockey to
the back of the cafeteria to transition the space into more of a student lounge,
encouraging students to spend more time at the cafeteria and Huron in general.
Reforming the SAC
The SAC is the main student lounge at Huron and is utilized by a vast majority of the
student body. I would like to first survey students and gather their views on the SAC,
finding out what they like or dislike and how the space can be improved. I would then
present these findings to the HUCSC and administration to generate a discussion of
improvements that are feasible and will be well received amongst the students. Ideas like
purchasing new furniture, rearranging furniture to create different areas, adding more
activities like arcade games, or installing a water fountain are all possibilities which I
believe would improve our student lounge and the student experience overall. I dont
believe the SAC needs a major renovations, but I would like to start a discussion on how
we can best use the space for the whole student body.

Operational Improvements:
Re-evaluating Commissioner Positions within Council
This year the HUCSC has introduced both paid and unpaid commissioner positions with
the hopes of improving student involvement and increasing accountability within
HUCSC positions. I would like to do an overall evaluation on these roles in terms of
expected workload, level of commitment, and peak work times to ensure that students
can be committed to supporting and promoting the work of the HUCSC as well as
managing their own academic work loads. By increasing efficiency and adjusting
compensation, HUCSC members will be more accountable to the students, especially
during busy periods. One option I am considering is merging the feedback commissioners
with the Red Surge in order to make a more effective promotions body and buying them
uniforms to familiarize other students with Hurons promotional team.
Beaver Dam Improvements
The Beaver Dam, serving as the only
affiliate bar at Western, provides a
unique venue experience for the
HUCSC. I will work alongside the
beaver dam manager to continue to
legitimize the bar and turn it into a
more professional establishment,
which can better host events. I will
look into purchasing uniforms for
the staff as well as having them
undergo a training process with an
experienced bartender to
familiarize them with the process
and give the student bartenders a
better experience behind the bar. I
will also inquire into purchasing a
soda gun, which will lead to a
better array of drinks and simplify
the process for employees.
Additionally, to alleviate some of
the VP Finance responsibilities, the
Chief Operating Officer can assist
the bar manager with assorted tasks
like purchasing alcohol or
managing the cash float which are
necessary to keep the Dam up and

Now that we have an established Huron brand, I would like to continue to ensure we have
adequate merchandise on hand at all times as well as offering new products to students. I
am a big fan of the Huron merchandise designs, but I believe it needs to be better
marketed to students, especially to first years who may have limited Huron or Western
apparel. I will work to order merchandise in the summer and set up a HUCSC booth at
transition days as well as move in day to sell merchandise to incoming students. I will
also introduce new HUCSC products, like Huron toques and scarves, to compliment the
other Huron merchandise currently available. The HUCSC can also look into creating our
own online store which can be used to sell merchandise to interested alumni as well as
out of town parents wishing to purchase merchandise for their son or daughter. The Chief
Operating Officer can organize and prepare online merchandise orders as needed. Finally,
I would like to reorganize the merchandise storage space, donating any old or unusable
merchandise in order to make room for the new, more popular products, like the hoodies.
Improvements to the Beaver Card
The Beaver Card is an excellent program created by the HUCSC that offers Huron
students discounts and deals at local restaurants and businesses. I would like to continue
to improve this program by creating a commissioner position whose sole responsibility is
to liaise with local businesses and entice them to join. I think this new position will be
more effective in getting new businesses to sign on as well as providing the individual
occupying the role with valuable real world experience. I will try to work with businesses
to introduce special sales, which will be available only to Huron students for a
determined period of time and advertise these special discounts through the HUCSC
resources such as the newly created SnapChat account. Improving Beaver Card
promotions through advertising on social media as well as more permanent posters or
banners in the SAC will ensure students are aware of these promotions and what
businesses are involved. Finally I will include Beaver Cards in all o-week kits and work
towards a beaver card being in the hands of every Huron student.
Reorganizing Our Support for Clubs
I believe the HUCSC could do more to support our clubs system here at Huron and make
the process simpler and more attractive for students. Currently starting a club is slow and
inefficient and many students are unaware of Huron based clubs in general. I want to shift
the club portfolio to the Chief Operating Officer's role to alleviate the workload of the VP
finance and ensure someone is readily available to support the clubs in anyway possible.
By sitting on the clubs board the Chief Operating Officer would have a vested interest in
ensuring clubs have the necessary resources to operate throughout the year. I would also
work to better showcase the wide variety of clubs available to Huron students by ensuring
the club's week during the beginning of the fall and winter semesters is executed
smoothly, and effectively advertised to the student body. I see a well-attended clubs week
as increasing student involvement and strengthening Huron clubs as a whole.

New Initiatives:
London Excursions
The HUCSC has held many out of town excursions, which have been a huge success and
could be applied to local establishments as well to show students what London has to
offer! The HUCSC would provide transportation to and from activities like escape rooms,
archery tag, indoor volleyball, or cheap movie nights and inquire about group rates for a
discounted cost. These in town excursions would serve as new, interesting activities for
students to engage in with their friends away from the school setting. I see these
excursions to be especially attractive to international students who want to get the full
experience of studying and living abroad.
Create a HUCSC Snapchat Account
Working with the VP communications the HUCSC can operate a snapchat account,
which can be used as way to market various events at Huron. Using promotions and
encouraging students to add the account will serve as an inexpensive but effective
marketing tool to detail the on-goings at Huron.
Create a Tutoring Program run through or in part by the HUCSC
Although the faculty at Huron are more than willing to support students through their
academics, it can sometimes be intimidating to approach a professor with a question
about course material especially if you are a new student or new to the field of study. For
cases like this I believe a tutoring program could be set up by the HUCSC or in
conjunction with the Student Support Services, which would provide peer assistance to
Huron students. High achieving students interested in volunteering, or as recommended
by a professor will tutor other students in their respective field of study and serve as a
peer mentor throughout the year. This will provide volunteer opportunities for upper year
students wishing to get involved or applying to graduate school in the future as well as
give students a more comfortable setting to receive academic assistance. Finally tutoring
may also give students insight into their field of study and whether or not it is something
they want to pursue into their upper years and beyond.