The Future and our Cities...

as if they REALLY matter

Extraordinary challenges of the 21st century
Climate Change Urban vs Rural Scientific/Technological breakthroughs Population Growth/Decline Economic and Political upheaval Social and Cultural Equity unprecedented change

The Baby and the Bathwater (no matter how dirty it is)
metropolitan governance regional growth/urban countermagnets Humane settlements responsive/efficient transportation

What we might want to consider
City-Countryside-Continuum post-devolution perceptual/comprehensional shifts real-time/short-cycle/non-deterministic scale/S-M-L-XL short lifespans/planned obsolescence reevaluating culture

Just how big is big? Just how free is free? How safe is safe? What do we actually want? What are we willing to give up to get it? Are we willing to change (mea culpas/maxima culpas)? What's wrong with pretty? What's wrong with ugly?

What we need to ask ourselves

“thank u”
DAN SILVESTRE Dean/UPCA UP Academic Congress 3 February 2010

jose danilo silvestre on FB / “reverse entropy”