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Basics of Oil and Gas

Who should attend

3 days / 24 academic
hours / 24 CPD units /
21 PE credits

Oil and gas specialists

Heads of companies and divisions


Financial analysts

Developers of investment projects


Sales specialists who wish to acquire a comprehensive perspective

on the economic aspects of a companys operations.


To provide an understanding of the general economic concepts

of the activities of an oil and gas company

To prepare participants for specialized trainings on accounting, budgeting,

investment project evaluation and risk assessment in the oil and gas industry,
which are carried out by EY Academy of Business.

Training methodology
Training participants are provided with specially designed training materials
in Russian.
The theory is illustrated by practical examples on personal computers.
Training participants are provided with practical examples studied
in electronic format that can be used in their practical work.

Training outline
Day 1
Economic characteristics of the oil and gas

Sources of oil and gas: Upstream activities
Refining, transportation and sales

of hydrocarbons: Downstream activities

Structure of Russian vertical integrated

oil companies
Evaluation of reserves and prediction
of oil production
Assessing of reserve capacity according

to international classifications
Stages of the investment cycle of oil field

Predicted volume and rate of oil production

Price considerations for oil and gas

Brent, WTI, Urals and other exchange standards
Historical retrospective and forecast

of oil and gas prices

Hedging of crude oil price changes using financial

derivatives: forwards, futures and options

Creation of reserves for oil field recultivation

Main financial ratios of oil and gas companies

Basics of managerial accounting in oil and gas

Cost: operating leverage and break-even point
Master budget and cost centers
Netback Price (NBP) and its application

in budgeting
Basics of taxation in the oil and gas industry
Types of agreements and
Agreements between the state and oil

companies: concessions, contracts, product

sharing agreements, licenses in RF
Taxes, excises, and customs duty: national

and world practice

Taxes on extraction of commercial minerals

(CME): specifics for the oil and gas industry,

and formulas for calculations
Export duty: stimulating effect of new 60-66-90

fees system and its future evolution

Excise fees and their stimulating influence

on high quality fuels production

Case Study: developing a computers financial
model of gas stations chain and evaluation
of business.

Day 2


Sources of financing in the oil and gas industry

Certificates of the EY Academy of Business.

Equity and debt financing: recommendations

for combined financing

Raising funds on internal and external financial

Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Investment projects in the oil and gas industry

and their evaluation
Forecasting of net cash flows, accounting

for inflation
Discounting forecasted net cash flows,

recommendations for discounting rate calculation

Net present value (NPV) calculations

Business valuation of oil and gas companies

Discounted cash flow (DCF) method
Market multipliers method with the example


Place and time

Open trainings are conducted at EY Academy
of Business from 9.30 till 16.30.

In-company training
Preliminary analysis of clients training needs,
identification of aims and goals
Training adaptation industry
Flexible approach to training location
and schedules
Report on the training results on request.

Recommended training scheme

Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry
Basics of Oil and Gas Economics

Day 3

Investment Project Evaluation in the Oil and Gas


Introduction in oil and gas accounting (IAS/GAAP)

Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry: Evaluation

and Management

Costs capitalization principles in oil/gas field

Accounting for DDA (Depletion, Depreciation

and Amortization)

Accounting in the Oil and Gas Industry (IFRS/US

GAAP) Planning and Budgeting in the Oil and Gas

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