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Quranic View of Todays World

Mohammed al-Amrani


Say: He has the power to let loose upon you suffering from"
above you or from beneath your feet or to confound you with mutual discord and let
you taste the wrath of one another."[6:65]

ince man has abandoned his Maker and His laws and since he has worshiped his own

thoughts, set up his own systems, and since he has worshiped hundreds of gods including
the god of pleasure, freedom, liberty, science, fame, fashion, money, women liberty, the
gods of nationalism, philosophies, politics, and since he has worshiped his own kind and
took priests, rabbis, imams, shamans as gods and since he has worshiped his own rulers
and leaders and legislators and since he has worshiped his lusts, his fears, his insecurities
and whims. And since he has liberated women and succumbed to the low level of animal
in his sexual relations and sought nothing but pleasure and forget that Allah (SW) has
made the family the nucleus of human development and progress. And since he has
established his economic systems on usury and interest so that all of the human herd
work hard and thrown a few bones while most of their efforts and hard work is taken by a
few capitalists.
Since he has done all that to himself then he has to pay. And he has been paying and
paying heavily. Wars that kill millions and leave millions wounded, imperialist and
colonist powers that exploit the weaker nations, millions in prisons, millions in mental
asylums, millions of homosexuals, millions of drug addicts and alcoholics and billions of
humans live under the poverty line. Did Allah (SW) wrong him[1]? Not an iota. Who is
he for him to be wronged by Allah (SW)? He is nothing but an infinitesimal creature.
Allah (SW) doesnt wrong humans an iota but humans wrong themselves. and Allah
(SW) didnt wrong them but they themselves wronged. and Your Sustainer doesn't
wrong the slaves. He has been warned that his life in this earth will be evil and wicked

and corrupt if he fails to live up to the laws of His Maker. But such constant warnings
never seem to be taken serious. Of course his fate in the life to come will be horrifying
and beyond imagination. Though it may not be clear and though some might make a
mockery of Allah (SW)s laws and warnings, their consciousness level will change on
resurrection day and they will realize their blindness and illusions in this life. Sharp is
Your sight today. This is the torment you used to disbelieve in, now taste it.
However man is not free to do what he wants in earth. Allah (SW) has warned him as
well that He is capable of sending punishment on you from on high or from under your
feet or split you into factions and makes you taste the wrath of each others. And this is
what is happening today precisely. Mankind is divided into endless sects and factions
even within the same religion. One might ask: how come the west for instance or several
non-believing nations are strong while the believers are weak? The answer is again
advanced in the Quran. Allah (SW) has set up laws in mans life among them that
whoever wants this life, be him an individual or collective communities a nations, and
nothing but this life with oblivion to His laws and against His injunctions, then He will
give it to them. But they will have nothing in the life to come whoever wants this life
and it ornaments, We shall .. and when they forget what they were told to bear in mind,
We opened up all the gates for them. Let not the disbelievers think that We allow them
respite for their own good, rather We allow them time for them to increase in sinning.
And dont be deceived by the power of the unbelievers in the land, short period then to
the abode of hell. Do they think that We provide them wealth and children, We
expedite .. Despite all this Allah (SW)-given wealth and time for the unbelievers, it
remains without blessing and a source of endless pain and suffering for them
punishment in this life and the punishment of the life to come will be more severe.
At the end Allah (SW) is all-forgiven and His punishment for mankind is for their own
sake so they may return before they taste the punishment in the hereafter and We shall
make them taste of the lower punishment before the big punishment so they may return.
Corruption has appeared in the land and sea Today mankind worship multiple of
gods, some invisible, others visible.[2] They worship themselves, their lusts, their whims,
their thoughts, pleasure, money, fame, power, and worship ornaments, modernity,
science, mass production, liberty, freedom, democracy, and in an endless series of
complex rituals. Allah (SW) has honored man and made him a unique creature in a
beautiful and astonishing human form. But he rejected this honor and instead sees
himself as an animal and sees the other gender as a soft animal the goal of connection
between them is nothing but pleasure. And since has done all this to himself, it was
inevitable he would pay and pay dearly and he did and still is. He paid out of his content
and peace, and paid in wars that kill millions and leave millions with physical and mental
scares and today he is running away from his own restless soul that chase him as a
curse, and continues to run in through alcoholism, drugs, suicide, crime, gangs, travel,
and seeks fun to kill his time and his boredom. Anyone living the west might think that
there is a lot of fun but it is that steam that comes out of the crushed soul. It is not
genuine and fades away fast. When we see man crestfallen, depressed and when we see
him becoming sly and a wolf, when we see him kill himself and his progeny, what good
this material civilization is? Man is the measures of all and Allah (SW) has created

everything for him. He is not a machine nor a helpless nut in that machine. Alexis Carrel
in his book: Man the Unknown, said
There is one single verse in the Quran which explains the state of the world today: Say
He is capable of sending. The whole world is living today in a total Jahiliyyah.
Jahiliyyah is ignorance in Allah (SW)s ways and the entire world including the one that
once was Islamic is living in this darkness of Jahiliyyah and the massive technological
advancements and achievements did not help to mitigate the stress and pressure of this
Jahiliyyah on man. He is miserable and the abyss of darkness. Man is not happy
wherever he might be save for a few individuals here and there who know and mold their
entire life with this book which remains a difficult task in such a world as they have to
live in the abyss as well and crawling out could be a painful experience and often
incomplete. Alexis Carrel (1)
Today mankind stands at the verge of collapse and unless Allah (SW) has ordained their
destruction as a whole, one hopes man will pause even at the last moment. And though
man has lost the choice to pause due to complex and various economic, mental, spiritual
and material pressures, with Allah (SW) grace, he will and will listen to the voice of His
gracious Maker even at the last minute. But he won't pause or listen until he sees Allah
(SW)'s system in the form of a society, that is when Islam and its laws are implemented
for mankind no longer listen to abstract ideologies and theories they dont see them in a
concrete fashion. That is why the establishment of Islamic society is the most crucial
step Muslims ought to seek. But this establishment won't be easy and it will be opposed
by the entire world including the one that used to be Islamic and a battle must occur in
order for this society to be established. Muslim rulers won't allow such society to come
to existence because it would mean the end of their tyrannical reigns, and the end of their
exploitations. Many Muslim clerics will oppose the establishment of such society
because it would mean the end of their 'services.' It is nave to think that those Imams
who are fiercely fighting the revival of Islam are doing it because they fear the rulers and
don't want to incur their angers.[3] Some of those Imams are very intelligent human
beings and Islam would have benefited from them a great deal if they lived during an
Islamic era. But they use their intelligence and their knowledge to sell and buy Allah
(SW)'s verses and issue fatwaas to suit the needs of the rulers and elite and in turn they
receive some services and compensations. The third group that would oppose the
establishment of an Islamic society is the 'Sick'[4] west as a whole and this is natural as
well because it would mean the end of its hegemony on the Islamic world and its
imperialist and colonial policies in the world at large.[5] The fourth group is the Jews.[6]
And those know well

[1] How are we better than previous generations and perished nations? How are we better than the people
of Noah (S), Aad, Thamud, Abraham (S), Median, Lot (S), the Egyptians of Pharoe, the Jews at the time of
Moses (S) or after or before him? How are we better than the Sumerians,, the Assyrians, the Babylonians,
the Incas, the Mayans, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans or other civilizations in the south, north, east

or west that have existed and were annihilated? How are we better than the people who lived in modern
times: people at the time of Nazi Germany, or Fascist Italy or Stalin Russia or the Khmer Rouge of
Cambodia? Or the Vietnamese or Japanese of NagasakiHiroshima? Not much better and worse in many
aspects. How are we better than the people who were destroyed by the Tsunamis or floods or tornados or
earthquakes or plagues? In what way? Their perceptions of God were dubious so are ours. Their life
styles were godless so is ours. Their hearts were hardened so are ours. The strongest in faith amongst us
will sell his faith at the glare of gold and will buckle at the flare of the sword. The weakest amongst us
wont hesitate to oppress and repress if they had the chance. The King is corrupt so is the janitor, the meek
is wicked so is the strong. The scientist is arrogant so is the illiterate. The intellectual is lost so is the
imitator. The philosopher is atheist so is the blind. The businessman is fraud so is the beggar. The Priest is
a liar so is the congregation. The Imam repeats what he heard or memorized or read without consciousness
so is the audience. The worshiper is unconscious of what he prays so is the drunkard, women are vengeful
and egotistic so are the men. Our arrogance has surpassed all measures and bounds and we deserve what is
in our hearts and minds and souls which is this chaos, skepticism, confusion and darkness we are living in.
[2] The Quran is clear that the history of mankind has been a spiritual fiasco with few exceptions. Unlike
their material or scientific history which was progressive in nature and followed a more or less linear
progression, their spiritual history fluctuated between periods long or short of faith then no faith. The
Quran teaches us that most mankind were and will continue to be it seems unbelievers and most of the
people are not believers even if you tried [12] wasnt for one village that believed and its faith benefited
it except the people of Jonah. [10] and those were about 100 thousand or more as the Quran alluded to
their number in another verse. This might seems absurd but it has been the case and to emphasis this ever
recurring spiritual phenomenal state of mankind, a number of verses will be quoted.
{ 40}
{ 44}

{ 45}

.. {177}
{ 70}

{ 116}

{ 13} { 117}

{ 60} { 14}

{ 62}
{ 61}

{ 63}

{ 44}

{ 40}

{9 }

wasnt for a few from previous generations .. Several questions might arise among them: was it worth
it? The caravan of the believers, though small, is lead by Noah (S), Abraham (S), Moses (S), Jesus (S) and
Muhammad (S) and the answer is unequivocal: Yes. For Allah (SW) light to mix up with that dark mud is
absolutely worth it even if it were in one single human. Of course most of the Jinn were and continue to be
unbelievers. Another question arises: why? Why is it that most mankind were unbelievers? Because of
several reasons including mans nature, satanic influence, and the nature of faith itself. Refer to mans
nature for more. As to Satanic impulses and influences man is equipped with enough weapons and they are
weak unless man fails to them. The nature of faith is the complex one. Faith at the end is faith in the
unknown. No human has seen Allah (SW) and his faith in Him and recognition of Him is through His
attributes, creation and signs as well as that innate disposition for faith. The single most powerful impetus
for faith is revelation. But those can be mis-interpreted and theologians have played a major role in driving
people away from their Maker. The worst type of people are the theologians if they fail to live up and
commit to the faith and use it for trivial gain or to their own benefits. But they can also be the best of
mankind. Comparative religion cannot be used as a judge in the development of human religious history
inasmuch as that spiritual history is fluctuating. If one generation was monotheistic, the progeny might
succumb to polytheism then a messenger is sent to bring them out of this state back to monotheism and so
on as the Quran explicitly refers to. Noahs (S) people were decedents of Adams children who were
monotheistic for certain. They succumbed to polytheism and Noah (S) was sent to bring them back. The
people of Aad were decedents of Noahs (S) progeny and recall who He made you vicegerents after the
people of Noah but they succumbed to polytheism and Hud (S) was sent to bring them out of that state.

Allah (SW) destroys them and saves Hud (S) and the believers who must have lived on monotheistic values
for a while then the progeny succumbed again to polytheism. The people of Thamud were decedents of
those who believed in Hud (S) ..and recall how He made you vicegerents after the people of Aad and so
on. It has been the case, we are taught, that the followers of messengers end up after a short or long span
following the death of their respective messengers in theological differences, then split up and fight each
others people were one and Allah (SW) sent the .. but they differed, some believed and some didnt and
if Your Sustainer willed, they would not have fought each others. And it was the case with the Jews,
Christians and Muslims and might has been the case with the Buddhists and Hindus and others so long, as
the Quran is clear, that Allah (SW) sent messengers to all communities and to every ummah We sent a
messenger and not a village but has been sent a Warner Obviously from the quoted verses, mans
spiritual history was a fiasco and man continued to break that bond with His Maker which He established
with him when He made Him vicegerent of this little planet. Adam (S) came down with that bond as well
and when guidance comes to you from Me. This age were living in is not different. The monotheists
have differed and are now fighting each others for dominance be it material or spiritual. Hence as evident
from Qur'anic passages, the history of any religion is not the history of its adherents. The history of any
religion is when the laws of that religion is adhered to and implemented in the communal, social, political,
spiritual, economic and material spheres of human lives
[3] Most Islamic sects of today live in the past and dont concern themselves with the de facto. Barren to
come up with something new in the Islamic thought or intellectual contribution, they dig older resources
and the best they can find is Al-Aqidiah al-Wastiah for Ibn Taymmiah, Al-Tahwiah, teach them to their
students with footnotes and explanations. Most of their attention is focused on debate with other sects
attacking Shiites in general, Mutazallah, Khouraj whom they see as the Mujahideen. Their support of
rulers is based on a number of hadiths which they truncate to suit their goals. Citing the construction of the
Mosques in Mecca and Medinah, they see the rulers as just. Though Allah (SW) has clearly differentiated
between Jihad and the construction of the two mosques as in Surah al-Tawbah. They abhor science in
general calling for theological training. Obsessed with women and their issues. Strange obsession with
little things such as dress code, the beard; how long and what long should the zannah be? In terms of social
contributions, they focus on small divergence in behavior and forget that the fact that Allah (SW) faith is
absent as a whole in laws, in systems. Helped by the government, they fight over control of mosques and
harbor strange longing for leading prayers and giving lectures from older books. They dont hesitate to
issue fatwa on any subject without careful considerations or enough knowledge. They look for older
debates with non-existing sects such as Jahamiah and project it some contemporary sect. Tools in the
hands of the despots.
[4] Today the west is powerful because America is powerful but it is demising at a faster rate than ancient
Rome and Byzantium combined. Sam Vaknin in his "America, the Reluctant Empire," says "The first
teaches us how seamless the transformation from democracy to military dictatorship appears - when it is
gradual and, ostensibly, reactive (responding to external shocks and events). The second illustrates the risks
inherent in relying on mercenaries and insurgents as tools of foreign and military policy. Arnold Toynbee,
the distinguished historian correctly observed that the last days of empires are characterized by grandiose
construction schemes, faraway conquests and a materialistic spree of conspicuous consumption. Is the
United States about to disintegrate?" He adds "Hale, affluent, mighty, victorious and assured - the
USAUSA against the ultimate superpowers: world opinion and global capital." He says "he disintegration
of empires is rarely the outcome of merely one or more external shocks. For these to have their deleterious
effects, the edifice must be already rotten, the pillars crumbling, the consensus gone, the ethos disputed and
adversity rampant. As internal tensions mount and the centrifugal outweighs the centripetal - democracy is
surreptitiously and incrementally eroded and replaced by an authoritarian form of government." In his
book, "Of Paradise and Power," Robert Kagan "he implosion of the Soviet Bloc rendered the "West" an
obsolete, meaningless, and cumbersome concept, on the path to perdition. Cracks in the common front of
the Western allies - the Euro-Atlantic structures - widened into a full-fledged and unbridgeable rift in the
run-up to the war in Iraq." He adds "American misbehavior is further exacerbated by the simplistic
tendency to view the world in terms of ethical dyads: black and white, villain versus saint, good fighting
evil. This propensity is reminiscent of a primitive psychological defense mechanism known as splitting.
Armed conflict should be the avoidable outcome of gradual escalation, replete with the unambiguous

communication of intentions. It should be a last resort - not a default arbiter." adding "Finally, in an age of
globalization and the increasingly free flow of people, ideas, goods, services and information - old
fashioned arm twisting is counter-productive and ineffective. No single nation can rule the world
coercively. No single system of values and preferences can prevail. No official version of the events can
survive the onslaught of blogs and multiple news reporting. Ours is a heterogeneous, dialectic, pluralistic,
multipolar and percolating world. Some like it this way. America clearly doesn't' appears to be beyond
destruction. But so did the U.S.S.R. in 1981. As history accelerates, processes which used to unfold over
centuries, now consume mere decades. Telecommunications, global transports and information networks,
such as the Internet - pit the likes of the
[5] Islam's battle with the unbelievers in Arabia in the sixth century lasted for merely 23 years and Islam
prevailed through out the peninsula. Its battle with the West never abated for the past 14 centuries and
since Islam's inception and efforts by the Byzantium empire to end the emerging power at the time of the
Messenger of Allah (SW) hence the battle of Tabuk during his life and the revelation of Surah al-Tubah
which upon close scrutiny - urges a full-scale campaign to defend the new faith.
[6] The story of the Jews is the saddest and most complicated story in human history. Here we have a race
of mankind whom Allah (SW) has favored, sent them tens of messengers and prophets and were originally
the decedents of Abraham (S), Isaac (S) and Jacob (S). They had to endure many cycles of sufferings,
genocides and massacres by various people especially the Christians. However it is irrational to judge the
Jews as a whole and one must differentiate between them. To understand Jewish mentality, it ought to be
borne in mind that losing Allah (SW) favor could be a profoundly disturbing experience. So much so, it is
difficult for the favored to accept it and instead might grew vicious, menacing, vengeful and hateful of
others. This is true for individual as well as collective communities. Spiritual loss is devastating and
though gradual at first, it affect many subsequent generations. Will briefly discuss Jewish history and for
simplicity will touch on the major events in their long and often disturbing history. 1. Abraham (S), Isaac
(S) and Jacob (S), 2. Joseph (S) and Egyptian slavery, 3. Moses (S) and Sinai, 4. Period of David (S),
Solomon (S), 5. Babylonian captivity, 6. Jesus (S) and Jews, 7. Pauline Christianity vs. Disciples
Christianity, 8. Tempering with the Torah, 9. Massacres in Christian world, 10. Prophet Muhammad (S)
and the Jews, 11. Jews in the Muslim world, 12. Rule in Enslaving mankind: spreading atheism, Jewish
philosophers, thinkers, 13. Diabolical hate against Islam and Muslims, 14. Control of western economies,
15. Exploiting both Christians and Muslims.