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Organic Farming



Course Details

This Diploma of Organic Farming reflects the role of

personnel working within an organic farming
enterprise who manage enterprise production units,
manage the certification and continued compliance
with organic standards and develop and maintain
organic produce supply chains.
It is designed to meet the needs of owners and managers of organic
farming enterprises.
This qualification is suitable for people currently working or who wish to
find employment on an organic farming enterprise or who own an organic
farming enterprise.

Your career
Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:
Job roles and titles will vary. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:
- Organic farm production manager;
- Organic supply chain manager.

Career Areas
Horticulture;Natural Resources;Organic Farming and Permaculture

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Starts 01-Feb-2016.

Starts 01-Feb-2016.





Entry requirements



Diploma of Organic Farming

Start Date

Starts 01-Feb-2016




Govt. subsidised course.

VET FEE-HELP available.


This course is offered via

distance learning. Learners will
be sent learning resources
electronically and need access
to a farm for practical
components or access the
Organic Farm at the NEC. Apply
Now and a teacher will be in

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Fees & costs

The fee for this course is $4780.
The NSW Government is changing the way job-related training is provided through a reform called Smart and Skilled which is aimed at getting more
people qualified for the jobs NSW needs. The qualifications for these jobs are all on the 2015 NSW Skills List. The fee that is displayed is the price for a
student completing their first qualification and meeting eligibility criteria. The fee you pay may be lower or higher depending on your personal
circumstances and eligibility for a subsidised place, a concession or an exemption. In some cases there are limited government subsidised places
available. Remember, the fee you pay is for your entire qualification. You only pay it once, no matter how long your training goes for. If your course runs for
more than one semester in the same calendar year, you can pay your fees off in instalments over the period of your study. If the qualification you are
looking for is a Diploma or higher, you may be eligible for VET FEE-HELP (our version of HECS). Please contact your nearest Riverina Institute campus or
call 1300 TAFE RI (1300 8233 74) and let our friendly staff help you enrol in the right qualification, work out your fees and what youre eligible for and we
can get started! For more info visit
TAFE NSW does not accept CASH. You may pay your TAFE NSW fee and course related charges online by MasterCard or VISA or at your local campus
by EFTPOS, MasterCard, VisaCard, cheque or money order made payable to TAFE NSW.
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What you'll learn


Assess new industry developments


Design and document an organic farm landscape


Develop an organic management plan


Develop and implement sustainable land use strategies


Develop and manage a community based marketing supply



Develop and monitor a sustainable production plan


Develop climate risk management strategies


Develop livestock health and welfare strategies


Develop production plans for crops


Develop production plans for livestock


Manage an agro-ecology production system


Manage organic livestock production


Plan and manage long-term weed, pest and/or disease control

in crops


Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program


Prepare the enterprise for organic certification

Students will require access to a computer with internet access to complete this course. This course is offered via distance learning. Learners will be sent
learning resources electronically and need access to a farm for practical components or have the ability to access the Organic Farm at the National
Environment Centre, Thurgoona (near Albury).
To have the best chance of success in this course, you need to have fairly independent Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy skills. If you
require study support in these areas, please contact the teaching staff prior to enrolment to discuss your options.
From 1 January 2015 all students studying qualifications are required to register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before enrolment. The USI is a
Government initiative that will allow you to access all your training records in one place.
TAFE NSW Riverina Institute requires your USI to complete your enrolment.
To create your USI, simply follow the steps on the USI website. Its quick, free and you only need to do it once.
To be eligible to access government subsidised training places in TAFE NSW, students must have a NSW residential address or be employed within
If you are not a resident of NSW or working within NSW, fees will vary. For more information please contact your local TAFE campus.
In the following circumstances you may need to attend a TAFE campus to finalise your enrolment:
A Message for young people under 17 years of age - If you are under 17 years and wish to enrol you will need to have completed Year 10 or have special
permission from school and TAFE to do so.
Temporary Visa Holders - You will need to bring your passport or documentation from DIMIA showing your current visa sub class. Certified true copies of
documentation may also be accepted.

The Riverina Institute Experience

Your teachers

Your support

Our teachers are our heart and soul. Passionate about what they do,
our award winning team are recognised professionals in their
industries and love to teach! Through constantly talking and working
with industry, our teachers ensure that what you are learning is the
latest and greatest.

Throughout your studies with Riverina Institute, well be by your side

with our extensive support services. From career counselling,
employability skills training and study support, through to specialised
support services such as Aboriginal Support, Disability Programs,
Literacy and Numeracy Support and Childcare Centres, were here to
give you a hand when you need it.

Study where, when and how you want

Your studies

Classrooms arent for everyone (although ours are lovely!) Most of us

have busy lives and definite needs when it comes to our precious free
time. With Riverina Institute you can study exactly the way you want;
full time, part time, random times, on-campus or online. Working full
time? Easy. Want to come in to campus every now and then?
Absolutely. Living in a cave in your pyjamas? We can do that too!
Whatever time you can spare to study and whatever your particular
needs, we will accommodate. Being busy now wont get in the way of
your qualification or your future.

At Riverina Institute, we like our students to feel comfortable. We will

help you get familiar with your study requirements, campus facilities,
and who to contact. In addition to achieving your qualification, studying
with Riverina Institute introduces you to a wide network of friends and
industry associates.

The benefits of being a student

You will have the opportunity to learn in a friendly and supportive
environment, with experienced teachers and small class sizes. We
have close contacts within every industry we teach for, which comes

in handy when youre ready to apply for that job. We also have a host
of pathway arrangements with partner universities across Australia to
make the next step of your learning journey that bit easier.

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