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The Next Step Public Charter School

Position description: Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Revised March 2015


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Split schedule 20 hours with day school and 20 hours with night
Open Until Filled

Purpose of position
The Director of Curriculum and Instruction is critical to the success of curriculum and instruction
at The Next Step Public Charter School. The primary duties of the Director of Curriculum and
Instruction are to ensure that the schools curriculum is aligned with its vision, mission, goals
and objectives and that the instructional team adheres to a consistent and integrated approach
to instructional design and implementation. As a member of The Next Step community, the
Director of Curriculum and Instruction values academic achievement, persistence and
responsibility, structure and support, and collaboration and respect.

Masters degree in Education or related field (K-12 preferred)

Three-to-five years of managerial experience including training, supervision, and
evaluation of personnel
Three-to-five years of budget management experience
Three to five years of experience in curriculum design
Three to five years of experience working specifically with multicultural populations
Five years of experience as lead teacher in an adult education or high school setting
Bilingual in Spanish and English with outstanding written and verbal skills in both
Experience working with various age groups preferred

Essential Skills (including technical skills) and Experience

Ability to establish and articulate a clear set of departmental principles including mission,
vision, goals and expectations to guide and motivate subordinates
Basic knowledge of supervisory and managerial concepts, including motivational
techniques, goal-setting, problem solving, mediating, and implementing disciplinary
Ability to effectively organize and lead school-wide initiatives by enlisting participation
from a variety of stake-holders
Extensive knowledge of best practices in curriculum design, instructional methods, and
classroom management skills in the context of multicultural and multilingual settings

The Next Step Public Charter School

Position description: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Revised March 2015

Familiarity with standardized adult educational assessments such as the GED exam,
Ample experience designing and delivering professional development activities
Ability to collect and use data to drive instruction as well as to inform school-wide
Ability to effectively research, identify and secure instructional materials and resources
to enhance the quality of instruction across multiple subjects and levels
Ability to demonstrate effective ways to infuse literacy and life skills across the
Ability to model effective use of technology for administrative and instructional purposes
Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet internal and external deadlines
Ability to effectively track data, maintain records and produce reports related to
curriculum and instruction in a variety of formats for various audiences


Assist principals with screening, hiring, on-boarding, training and evaluation of

instructional coaches, teachers, and assistant teachers
Oversee the development and on-going review of the schools curriculum, including
alignment of the schools standards and objectives to Common Core, GED, TABE, and
CLAS-E standards and objectives
Collaborate with principals and assessment coordinator throughout school year to
ensure that curriculum and instruction is informed and driven by student data and that
assessment tools and curriculum are aligned
Collaborate with principals to develop and implement strategic initiatives to bolster
academic performance upon review of data on a semester basis
Ensure that student progress towards standards is clearly communicated to students,
parents, and other stakeholders throughout school year
With Principal, assist instructional staff in setting and evaluating progress towards their
yearly professional development goals throughout school year
Facilitate in-house workshops on topics related to curriculum, instruction, assessment,
classroom management and other topics related to the schools academic program
Actively seek and disseminate information among teachers about external professional
development opportunities

Report on the goals and outcomes of professional development events

Plan and adhere to budget for teacher professional development

Collaborate with administrative team in the completion of program and financial reports
and other high-stakes documents such as the schools charter revision, self-study, reaccreditation application, accountability plan, program development review, and
performance management framework
Collaborate with the administrative team in the development of student schedules,
school-year calendars, pre-service training, end of year reviews, and school-wide
professional development efforts

The Next Step Public Charter School

Position description: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Revised March 2015

Participate actively in staff meetings, administrative team meetings, professional learning

communities, student support team, professional development activities, and other
school working groups

Review, seek approval for and track the purchase of teacher-recommended textbooks
and related supplemental materials
Plan and adhere to budget for books and instructional materials (help with)

Oversee implementation of technology standards for teachers and students.

Document technology integration through curriculum maps, lesson plans, and other
instructional tools used by teachers

Evaluate the adequacy of educational equipment and practices and advise the schools
administration on the need for equipment and professional development activities

Identify the goals, activities and outcomes of all professional development events related
to technology integration.

Arrange and coordinate professional development activities related to technology

integration in the classroom.

Monitor usage and maintenance of technology in the classroom

Research, compare, and select vendors when equipment or technology consultation is

required (help with)

With administrative team, plan and adhere to budget for instructional technology

General responsibilities of all staff members

As a member of The Next Step staff, this position also involves the following:

Fully embrace and promote The Next Step's mission, vision and values

Develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with all students
Consistently implement school-wide expectations in classrooms and common areas
Participate actively in special events, including field trips, community days, college tours,
graduations, etc.
Participate actively in school responsibilities such as hallway and lunch supervision
Work cooperatively with colleagues to develop and implement effective and relevant
Adhere to school policies as described in personnel manual and/or staff handbook
Reflect upon performance, set goals for improvement, and take advantage of training
opportunities to learn and implement effective strategies

The Next Step Public Charter School

Position description: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Revised March 2015

Participate in assessment administration as needed throughout the school year

Participate in bi-weekly staff meetings, weekly welcoming morning meetings and any
other meetings assigned in relations to the position

Maintain organized, clean, and inviting work area

Supervision and evaluation

This position will work closely with the administrative team, assessment specialist, instructional
coaches and teachers. The director of curriculum and instruction will be supervised and
evaluated by the principals.