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Reports to:
FLSA Status:

Day Principal and Night Principal
8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday;
8:30 am to 12:30 pm Friday

Purpose of position
The position of Executive Assistant is essential for the daily functioning of the schools
administration and instructional programs. The primary duties of the Executive Assistant are to
provide high-level administrative support to the schools principals and the instructional
leadership team so that day-to-day operations and programmatic activities are implemented in
an effective, organized and timely matter, as well as with a strong emphasis on customer
service. As a member of The Next Step community, the Executive Assistant values academic
achievement, persistence and responsibility, structure and support, and collaboration and

Bachelors degree (preferably in Education or closely related field)

Three-to-five years of experience in a comparable position
Experience working in a multicultural setting (preferably youth-focused)
Bilingual in Spanish and English with outstanding written and verbal skills in both

Essential Skills (including technical skills) and Experience

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
Ability to follow instructions from multiple supervisors; to understand those instructions
with little or no follow up; and to convey them to others with clarity and consistency
Ability to communicate with people at all levels within the organization as well as with
external vendors, contractors, clients and stakeholders with a high level of
professionalism and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction
Ability to produce letters, memos, e-mails, contracts, reports and other written
communications with proficiency, clarity, and precision
Ability to work directly with others and be the first line of communication between
supervisors and their supervisees, clients, and collaborators when needed
Organizational Skills:
Ability to keep the working day in order, often multitasking and tending to the needs of
many employees
Ability to manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and projects in a logical order so that
both day-to-day and long-term duties are completed within established patterns and

Ability to work effectively under pressure while preserving a positive outlook and focus
on customer service

Computer and Internet Research Skills:

Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software used for general
office communications
Ability to quickly learn and master the user and administrative sides of new software
and on-line programs used for instructional and administrative purposes
Ability to design and maintain digital filing and record keeping systems
Ability to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to research, compare and select
resources and materials required for the daily functioning of the schools administration
and instructional programs

Assist principals and instructional leadership team with day-to-day logistical and
administrative tasks (filing, copying, organizing materials, ordering and tracking
materials, maintaining inventories, setting appointments, coordinating meetings, etc)
Assist the instructional leadership team with logistical and administrative aspects of
professional development activities (maintaining the PD calendar, coordinating with
internal and external presenters, preparing materials, ordering food/refreshments as
applicable, and setting up for activities)
Manage the recruitment, screening, on-boarding, assignment, and billing processes for
substitute teachers in both the day and night programs
Assist the instructional leadership team with procurement, management, distribution and
maintenance of administrative supplies and instructional resources and materials
Maintain school-wide inventory of textbooks and workbooks used in each course and
replenish stock as needed for the beginning of each semester/school year
Assist principals with staff recruitment activities including advertising, screening
interviewing, on-boarding and training
Assist with collection of curriculum development documents and tracking of compliance
rates among teaching staff
Assist with collection and processing of employee time sheets and leave request forms
Assist with management of technology-based programs for the classroom (including but
not limited to Schoology, Achieve3000, ALEKS, MyFoundationsLab, MyFoundationsLab
GED Prep, Interactive Whiteboards and related applications)
Assist principals with handling of incoming and outgoing communication, scheduling
meetings, maintaining files, preparing and reviewing documents, and performing general
administrative work
Other duties as assigned

General responsibilities of all staff members

As a member of The Next Step staff, this position also involves the following:

Fully embrace and promote The Next Step's mission, vision and values

Develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with all students

Consistently implement school-wide expectations in classrooms and common areas

Participate actively in special events, including field trips, community days, college tours,
graduations, etc.
Participate actively in school responsibilities such as hallway and lunch supervision
Work cooperatively with colleagues to develop and implement effective and relevant
Adhere to school policies as described in personnel manual and/or staff handbook
Reflect upon performance, set goals for improvement, and take advantage of training
opportunities to learn and implement effective strategies

Participate in assessment administration as needed throughout the school year

Participate in weekly staff meetings, school assemblies and any other meetings
assigned in relation to the position

Maintain organized, clean, and inviting work area

Supervision and evaluation

This position will work closely with the instructional leadership team, which includes the two
principals, the director of curriculum and instruction, and three instructional coaches. The
executive assistant will be supervised and evaluated by the day and night principals.
If you meet the qualifications and would like to apply, please forward your resume and cover
letter to with "Executive Assistant" in the subject line.