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Unit 3 Emergence of the Modern U.S.

Unit 3 Exam Study Guide

Key Terms and Concepts

Muckrakers p.550
Jane Addams Hull House p. 552
Niagara MovementBooker T. Washington p. 566
T. Roosevelt versus W.H. Taft. P. 574-575
Federal Reserve Act p. 577
Establishment of colonies in the 1800s. p. 586-591
Social Darwinism p. 447
Yellow Press p. 594
Post-Spanish American WarU.S. forces p. 597-603
Open Door Policy p. 602
Panama Canal p. 607
President Woodrow Wilsonmoral diplomacy p. 609
Causes of WWI. P. 618-620; 652
American opinionWWI (beginning) p. 621-622; 628-635
Great Migration p. 634
Wilsons opinion towards defeated nations following WWI p. 641-642
Post WWIWomen / African Americans p. 648
Palmer Raids p. 649
National Defense Act / Naval Construction Act of 1916 p. 625
Manila Bay / George Dewey / Spanish-American War p. 793/ p. 595 / p. 590-598
Sewards FollyAlaska p. 588
Militarism Imperialism

p. 619 p. 586

Woodrow WilsonAmerican workers p. 566; 567-577

Short Answer / Essay

p. 557-558
21. Analyze Cause and Effect. How did education for women affect the Progressive
p. 586
22. Summarize. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, some American
politicians and diplomats believed that the United States should become an
imperialist power. Write an essay explaining at least three of the points in favor of
increased U.S. involvement overseas.

Essay- Interpreting Maps
23. What does the graph suggest about the effectiveness of the naval blockade that
Great Britain set up to keep essential goods from reaching Germany during World
War I?

A passage from the October 8, 1918, diary entry of Corporal Elmer

Sherwood, a soldier in the American Expeditionary Force in France:
Two of our fellows had already been wounded by an explosion near our kitchen this
morning, but I was determined to go back for some mess because I was so
confounded hungry. Besides, shells seemed to be landing everywhere and one place
seemed about as safe as another (or as dangerous), so I climbed out of the trench
and made my way carefully back to the clump of bushes where our kitchen was
I had just got a panful of slum and started eating when I saw part of the temporary
trench which I had left screened by an exploding shell. I thought it had come over
the trench, but nojust then Smithy and Netterfield jumped out calling for
I dropped my mess and ran to the trench and looked in. Poor Art was dead, one arm
completely severed from his body. Danny had a hole in his stomach and we placed
him on a stretcher and sent him back to the first aid station. . . .

I have seen many die, but none have been so close to me as these fellows. I have
worked with them and fought beside them every day since I joined the outfit, and
they have been my best pals. But we must carry on, whatever happens.

24. How did Corporal Sherwood narrowly escape injury or death?

25. What types of hardships and dangers faced by American soldiers does
Sherwoods diary entry describe? What other hardships does the entry hint at?