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As a business analyst how long are your working?

Swift Standard- what is your role?
Was it just a infrastructure upgrade or any message format changes?
Which MT message changed?

GPP Accelerate March 2013-May 2013)

Where GPP was In the message flow?
which message format USED for all the payments?
Legacy ssytem static data setup?
were u a Business analsyst or Test lead?
Monthly BIC upload? How is it happeneing? From where BIC s are getting ? What is the impct is not do
Cash Management
Liquidity Management?
Cash concentration?

Pls walkthrough the UK payment systems.
how SWIFT messages are organized?
What des the 3 digits stands for in MT messages?
ISO 20022 MX
Bulking and debulking?
Diff between IFSC code and SWIFT CODE?
What is IBAN? Is IBAN mandatory for all payments?
Chaps cut off time? Which scenario chaps ext will be called?
Correspondent banking
Vostro vs nostro?
what is CREST?

What is the role of SWIFT in SEPA, if any?

Do all SEPA transactions pass through SWIFT ?

How would SEPA handle Clearing Paper Cheques?
Target 2

Operation, produ support, SME, REQ GATHERING,


Unix, SQL

then how BRD created?

t is the impct is not done?

A new message type expressed in XML syntax, which is more flexible and easier to implement than the previous gen

While Swift code is used for international money transfer, IFSC codes are required when one wishes to transfer money from on

SWIFT plays a number of roles supporting SEPA. It is one the key bodies supporting the ISO20022 stan

Not all transactions pass through SWIFT

although many shall do at various
points: Corporate
to bank, bank to bank and bank to ACH.
Transactions which are domestic only
may only pass
through local interfaces such as EBICS

ment than the previous generation of message types (MT). These message types are developed in accordance with ISO 20022

s to transfer money from one bank to another within India.

ting the ISO20022 standard on which SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit are based. SWIFT also publishe

accordance with ISO 20022 standard

sed. SWIFT also publishes SEPA connectivity data for services such as EBA STEP2 and BICs which are used by ba

BICs which are used by banks to route payments in the inter-bank space. It also provides services for banks arou

s services for banks around connectivity and SEPA testing. Corporates also have the opportunity to send SEPA p

portunity to send SEPA payment files to their bank(s) using SWIFT for Corporates connectivity, although they ma

ctivity, although they may also use a system such as EBICS if supported by their banks.