Third Quarterly Report 2009 )

(Un-audited) I


01 Corporate Information

02 Directors' Review

OJ Balance Sheet

04 Profit and Loss Account

os Statement of Comprehensive Income

06 Cash Flow Statement

07 Statement of Changes in Equi ty

08 Notes to the Financial Statements

15 List of Branches

Soncri Bank Limited

Corpor ate Information

Board of Directors Chairman

Mr. Alauddin Feerasta

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Safarali K. Lakhani


Mr. Nooruddi n Feerasta Mr. Inam Elahi

Mr. S. Ali Zafar

Mr. Abd u I H ayee

Mr. Shahid Anwar (NIT Nominee) Mr. Manzoor Ahmed (NIT Nominee)

Company Secretary Mr. Abdul Hayee

Audit Committee

Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta (Chairman) Mr. S. Ali Zafar (Member)

Mr. Shahid Anwar (Member)

Mr. AbduL Hayee (Member & Secretary)


KPMG Taseer Hadi a Co. Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisor

Manan Associates, Advocates

Registered Office Rupali House 241-242, Upper Mall Scheme

Anand Road, Lahore· 54000

Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

THK Associates (Private) Ltd. Ground Floor,

State Life BuiLding No. 3 Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi-75530

UAN: +9221-111-000-322 Fax: +9221-5655595

01 I Third Quarterly Report 2009

Soneri Bank Limited


Review Report

We are pleased to present the un-audited financial statements of your Bank for the nine months period ended on 30 September 2009.

Nine months period ended September 30, 2009

Nine months period ended September 3D, Z008

Profit before provisions and taxation Provisions

Profit before taxation Taxation

Profit after taxation

Rupees in '000'

1,3]6,289 1,737,086

(1,19],115) (705,131)

143,174 1,031,955

(26,557) (315,141)

116,617 716,814

Earnings per share



The period under the review was full of challenges for the banking industry due to stagnancy ingrowth, increasing defaults, down turn in industrial production and exports, issues of national security and unfavorable balance-of-payments position. This resulted in a major decline in the profitability of the banks. However, Soneri Bank is making its way forward keeping liquidity and other business risks within acceptable levels. Deposits position remained stable and increased by 10.98% over December 2008, while investments experienced a radical growth of 92% over December Z008.

The bank, under its mission to provide full range of banking services to a wider spectrum of customers even in remote areas, is pursuing a branch expansion policy. At present the bank is operating with 1 Z3 branches and has plans to add a number of new branches in the last quarter of the year Z009.

Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has maintained Bank's long term and short term entity ratings at "AA·" and "A1+" respectively and "A+" for the Term Finance Certificates. These ratings denote a very strong capacity for the timely payment of financial commitments.

We wish to place on record our sincere thanks to the Ministry of Finance, State Bank of Pakistan and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan for extending their support and continued guidance. We also take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their trust and support and also to all our staff members for their commitment and devotion


Lahore: 24 October 2009

Third Quarterly Report 2009 , 02

Condensed Interim Balance Sheet AS AT 30 SEPTEMBER 2009


Cas h and balances \,.' i til treasury ban ks Balances with other banks

Len dings to Iinancia 1 and other inst i tutions Investments-net


Operating fixed assets

Deferred lax assets-net

Other assets-net

LIABILITIES Bills payable Borrowings

Deposits and other accounts Sub-ordinated loan

L iabi I irics against assets su bject to finance lease Deferred tax liabilities

Other liabilities



Share capital Reserves

nappropriatcd profit

Surplus on revaluation of assets - net of tax


Soneri Bank Limited
Un-audited Audited
30 September 31 December
Vote 2009 2008
(Rupees in 'OliO)
5,177,598 5.M(j.75S
1,607.711 3.'lOS,H59
1,000,000 ),990.169
6 27,018.00U ]4,053.177
7 47,210,363 .j 7,575.36-1
3,131,445 3,126,&57
161,835 12.1,8~J
2,951,767 2.550,1,10
8~,8$9,iJ9 H(I,~n.154
1,119,808 1,254,-196
s 7,933,629 8..141,<154
9 6S,402.H9 6L~J4,.jQI
/0 1,198,080 1,198,3}0
1,494,019 I,D5,4~~
R'I,J47,975 73.864,207
7,711,744 7.11J.0~7 5.019,351 4,114,222
1.974,871 2,!IIIl.H77
J40.993 83~,65()
7,135.211 ~,%5.749
576,513 1.j7.}9~
7.711,744 7.111.U.J7
12 The Stare Bank of Pnkisran vide its BS D Circular 1\'0. -l dntrd 13 February 1009 has grven Ell' opuon 10 banking companies 10 show 'he unpaument los" if any recognised as on 31 December 2008 due 'I) revaluation of listed equity investments held as Avnilahlc for sale to quoted market prices >IS of 31 December 2008, which inuy he shown under 'he caption "Surplus' Deficit 011 revaluution of assets'', on the balance sheet dare. Consequently 15'" of the amount so shown shall be taken to profit & loss account on quarterly basis during the calendar year ending on 31 December 1009 after accounting for JIIy adjusrment for pncc movement during tile quarter of calendar year 21lU9. Therefore the Bank has recognised 75~, otsuch defier as impairment loss in lhc profit and loss 'CCQum out of total los' or Rs,204.411 million gross of tax. Had the remaimng 25', of such den cit been charged IQ profit and loss "CCOUllt as impairment los.'. this would hove resulted m a decreusc UJ the above dcficu t OCl of lax I by Rs.33.2IS rnrlhon with a currcspondrng decrease of'Rs, 33.21 S million In the profit "nor taxauon for tho period and [he eurning per share fur the period would have been lower by Rs. 0.07 per share.

The annexed notes 1 to j 6 form an integral part or these condensed interim financial statements




03 I Third Quarterly Report 2009

Condensed Interim Profit and Loss Account (l:n'3uditoo) FOR HIE QUARTER AN D NINE MO Nn 5 PER I ON D EN DED ]0 SEPTEMBER 2009

Sonorl Hank Limiter]

FDr the njne months ended Fur the quurter- ~ndl;d
]U S~~1f'mtur StlSepternbcr JO S er'[ L .. rnhc r 10 Seprem ber
lOO9 ,OO~ l(JD~ :'OO~
•••• _ •• _ .•••. (Rup .. , In ·OOU)··········· _.
6.9~~.l.19 L'~1AI" il,HO,l)g ~,IQ'.119
1~·91~.H8) IJ.37l.7~'1 ( 1,58~.lO7) 11.15D491
2,030,801 1.~71.lil~ bJ6,IIZ ~%J7U
:!19M5 D
(1,217.224) 1~6l,]OH) CPll.3:r,Iof
7'iJ.571 1_2C"lJ.()JJ 373.804 ~70.~~ 1
212537 2~' N~ ssnu gll.HI
IU~.~I.j 2jl.c5! J8.773 ~(J.~ll
J~.4nD 16AGO
!6MG6 I n.016 67_1n fi5.5~(1
226,606 ~4:'i_210 66.861 100.787
R5~.l"l !5~.N-IH 254,·U? 327.~39
1.611.940 .2 •• 221.4 7~ 618_l21 ~fI],O~1I
1.~"8,ifi" 1.1~~.j 17 5]1,50U ~U~.1201
(1n.1J~1 1,031.955 96.7<1 '91,K56 ~!''',lrlr;;-lJ]l· return IrU~r~:'i-L earned Mark-up. reunn- tntcrcs! expensed

N~l mack-up rcrum/imcrcet income

Spl:1.."lfu: provismn ~g.[UmL non - performing lO;.!l1.~ al;id .IIrJ~'.b:(II;:i;~ - net I Reversal} pro'l{b I on ngamst I:{] nsum ('IT loses • genera I

Provuren for dr Iii I nu L10n 111 the- \'3J1.] e of mvestmems

Bad debts wriuen off dlrc'l:tly

"' '" n m ark-u p/i urcrcsr ill com C

Fee. commissicn .in",1 hrokerege income Dividend i acome

lnccme from IT.J:dJt1~ ill gU\lrf!mm~m secunues Income (rum deal i [I,!:1: 1 n faretgn I..: u rrenc La:"; Orhcr rocomc

Nile mark-up/ Interest erprnsif:§i Ad mi mst rut .... .e e '" pe nses

Provision r rrc ... -crsal or provisionj agninst other assets - net Reverxul of provtsinn i.I;!;i.Lln''il off", hL!I.j)11L~ sheer cbhguucn a ther C hurgcs

Ttl !..:.I I non nl.:Jtk-url nuercs! ~"\'p~ll:o.c~ Preflt before uuation

Tllxal'llm - CLLmn[ ~ Prim

- Deferred

l'rcrtr arlee taxation

(265S7) 1)15.1411 (1~.7'1) ~

lI6.617 7 16,~ 14 77.9&9 ~5".11 (I

........ _ ...... CRup ... ) .. ·· ...... _ ....

/3 0.23 1,3 0_11\ (1,;;(1

The S,.lle 8-11J* of Pakistan vide us BSD Io:UCUll1f '\10, ,.j. dated ]J Fetuunry :!{I09 hik.'\ glVL::ll 1111 ol'llIon to banking rompilJlles to show the irnp.rirroent loss. if [lri}' reccgni-ed II~ (In J I December 20m:· €lLLI: m rev.ilunuon til' hsted equnv mvesuncnrs held lIS Available [or S:31e ~(I oI.I,ml~J Il"lLLrk('1 pnces 1I~ cf 1" December ~[)CJ.H. '~·hLl.::IL Int!)' be :o;Il0Vi ti under the caption "Surplus Deficit on [i:Vi3IU;;lLI!Jrl of essetc". (lit the balance sheer dmc. Consequently 15'::(. cr'uic cmount sc shown shall be taken to profi, & less acccunr cn qeuneriy b;I:;I~ dunng the cnlendnr ,eM ending ae J 1 December ~lHJL,'I.::1.tler acccunung for lUlY ndjustmera for price' movement durmg the lIl.tUrL~r of i::l:I.lle"nrtar YC1lf 2fJ~. 1 hcreforc the Hank hns recognised 75o(1I'J (If such dcficu ['15 ImpJ.iTTTlCn. l' in ute profit and k':'1~ ;J,LeuUtU out L)I Lllti!llu.;;.~ t11 Rs.:!CI.J...J.22 million gross cfuu x _ Had the remaming 1~D,.iJ of such deficn b..;I,,':[I, chcrged to ~~)fll.o:nd loss L1CCDum OJ; rmpaumem IOSi_ thss .... auld hav e resuhrd in a decrease ill the above deficit 1 net of 1.1,\) h~ R!. 11 :: l:-t 'I1lltlll)ll wuh I! ccreespcndmg decrease 01 Rs 3j~ h~ rnilhon In rbc profil nner lu"(~Ulon For 1111: pcnod nnd .In: 1;.lml[lg per shure lbr ULi.! pcncd would have been [(I~CT by Rs. (U)7 per share.

The annexed notes t to 16 fonn an integral pa rt of these condensed interim Ii nancial statements.




Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 04

Condensed Inlerim Statement of Comprehensive Income ~In·audijlli) FOR THE QUARTER AND NINE MONTHS PERIOND ENDED ]0 SEPTEMBER 1009

Sonari Bank Limited

Forth£' .I1In12 month!!. ~'ndcd Fur .11 ... l1u~r1l;'r el]d~d

30 Sepremher UI S(:TH~m~r 30 epternher 30 September

2009 1008 l!l09 2008

- - - - - - - - - - - _. (Rupees III '000)· - - - - - - - - - - --


71( •. R I~


Other eomprehenstv e i.1li:'Olllf





Components ofC'omprebe:n),h e Incume JUII transfer-red to equity

Surplu-, ldefictt ] on rav .. aIU.DHI1n oi UI\ esuuerus - .il\oiJ.lI11hlc for sele Deferred tm en rcvulaunon ill' Ilivc:..Lml;nl~ - nvnileble for 5;]1('

Total comprehensive lneume {or the pertnrl


'71U2M 1l3,4H



The annexed notes I to 16 form an integra I part [) f thcsc condensed interim financial statemen [s.


PIt[SIDE'Il AND l'H I'~ 'Xf'CI_IT:.:[\.:.':.E~===_.,;IJ;,;;IRf.n()"


05 I Third Quarterly Report 2009

Condensed Interim Cash Flow Statement (Un.aud.iled) FOR THE THIRD QUARTER ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2009


Less: Dividend income

Adj ustments

Depreciaticn ? amortisation

Pro vi si 011 aga i us 1 non -pe rf orm i n g advances

[Reversal) I provision against consumer loans- general Provision I (reversal of provision) against other assets Other charges - Workers Welfare Fund

Reversal ofprovision against off - balance sheet obligations Provision for diminution in the value of investments

Gain on sale of fixed assets

Bad debts wri rted 0 rT direil y

(Increase) I decrease in operating assets:

Lendings to financial and other institutions Advances • net

Other as sc Is (cxclud ing adva nee taxari 0 n)

Increase I (Decrease) in operating liabilities B ills payable


Deposits and other accounts Other liabilities

lncornc tax paid

Net cash inflow / (outflow) from operating activities

CASH FLOW FROM INVESTLt'lG ACTlVITI:ES Net investments ill securities

Dividend income

lnvestments in operating fixed assets Proceeds from disposal of fixed assets

Net cash in flow I (OUl now) fmm investing activities


Net cash outflow from financing activities

(Decrease) I Increase in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beg; nning of the period Cash and cash equivalents at end of the period

CASH AND CASH EQlIl VAL.ENTS AT END OF TIlE PERIOD Cash and balances with treasury banks

Balances with other banks

SORen Bank Limited



fRup ... III '01l0)

143,174 1,031,905
1011.1114 (251.258)
37.360 780.647
] 15,064 179,209
1.070,597 710.806
(5,891 (5,871)
13,500 10,638
(4.504) (7.608)
1,517.175 897,370
1.551.535 1.678.017 2.990,269 (700,596) 177.386


865.312 (501,815) 6,767,9411

145,072 7.370,507 11,389,101 (811,776) 10.577,325

(11,472,472) 108,684 (391,464) 8,861




(1,170,305) 9,555,614 7,385,309

5,777,598 1,60'7,711 7,3115,309

324,312 (9,376,229) (458.271) (9,510.188)

355.526 3.337,775 2,431.434 82.171

6,207,906 ( 1,624.265) (279,461) (1,903.726)

5,088,937 217.986 (510.293) 9,040




2,901,704 10,210,878 13,112,582

6,447,402 6,665,1 SO 13,1l2,582

TIle annexed notes I to 16 form an integral part of these condensed interim financial statements.

OffiE~O~~R ~==O=~==CTO~R~ ___



Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 06

Condensed Interim Statement of Changes in Equity (Un-audited) FOR THE THIRD QUARTER ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2009

Soneri Bank Limited

Sharf I Capital Re.erves I Genual lJn~ilppropr1I1i"!d Till" I
("'pllol j Rof,;""erv~ (0 r i~_5U~ I I StattH,of)' I prQn1
or bonus s:hl!res Premium R ese rve (l) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Rupees ID '000) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --




TI1m5~r from Iiw'l1llJ~ nn n::l'i1lun.lIOO or rn;~d n.s.."i.CL~ [ll U!1lirpropnA4~ profit - n.=l nf laJ!

8a,llIIl£c .u 111 30 SeptrnIhl=r 1008






Fransfer From ~~1UJ. rj(J, R'vIIIlI.mttO[J oj tlxed !k."~C"I, '0 ullIppropnntl'J I'Imfil ~l,"ll1r11iU





Tnlfl!if~ feem Ntrl'l", nn revalueuon of fl.l:ui M .. t:h !o IlIlJIppIOPflllteJ. fitufil IlI:I of 'Ill'"








• .40.5


II-H!A..'1NEXEf) NOTF~ I 1 u jib I URM A.'" INTH1RJ\1 J'i\RI' ul' THI:!.,'GF. C'Oi"'IID[]'I.SED INli!iUM flNANC"'lM, ST /I,'Tl:JotENls


PllESI[)['.N I A'iI)('IiIU E.,{EClJTIV[

Ill~H lOR


Third Quarterly Reporl2009 I 07

Notes to and Forming Part of the Condensed Interim Financial Statements (t:u-auditcd)


Soneri Bank Limited


Socen Bank Limite-d I "the Bank"! W,(Jj lncorpmtflro rn Pakistan on :!~ September- ] 99] .3_~ ,1 puhhc hrmtcd C'onl('lan} under [he Ccmpamcs Ordinance, P)8...J with registered niflcc ur Lnhore, Punjah. lL'I, shares are quoted IJn all the stock exchange In r1akl!loLj.n. The: Bank Liiii engaged tn banking sen rces as described 111 the Companies Ordinance. (962 and openncs 1:!3 hrnnche-, mcludmg six Islnrmc Bankmg branches (' I December :!OO~· Ililodudmg S1X Islamic branehesjm Pakistan.


These condensed rmenm firmnctal statements heve hC:~D prepared 111 accordance with approved eccoummg standards a.s. apphcable I[J Pakistan for mrenm financial reporung Approved i1ecL1UJ1tm~ smnuards as upplicahle In Pakistan for rntenm financml rcporuug. Appro ... -ed LLLCOlJnllrL~ standards corupnse of such Intemauonal Financiul Reporung Stundards (IFRS) Issued by the lrnemauonal Accounung Standurds Board ~ IASB) as are noufied under the Ccmpanres Ordinance, 19.x ... provrssons of ~uLd duecuvcs issued under [he Bunkmg Companies Ordinance, 1'l~2. the requirements ttl lhc,' Companies Ordinance. 198.-1 and direcuvcs Issued h)' the Seeumics and Exchange Commission of Pakistan lI.IId the Stare Bank of Pakistan (SBP I. In C'OL"ie reqviremeurs differ, the' IUOVISLI,}[lS or and directives Issued under me Bnnkmg Compumes Ordinance. 1961. the Companies Ordinance, PJH,.;I, and the dueeuves issued by SSP shall prevail.

sap ha .. deferred the applicabtlny of Intemauonat Accounting Standard \1}, (lAS .39~ 'Financial Instruments. Recogruuon and Measurement' [)TId Imernmional Accounung Standard .. W. (lAS -IOJ Invesnnent Property' for Bankmg Companies; through BSD C i rcu 1.1r No. ID dated 1 () AuguM .2 00::2, Accord] ngly, ~ he requtrrm ems 0 f I bese standards hi] ve no. been cons rd cred in the preparuuon of these condensed rnterun tlnuncial statements However, invesrmem-, have been clnssified H1. accordance with the requirements prescribed by ssr through vanous circulars

The chsclosurc made in rhese condensed interim financial statement, have, however been hrmted based err the format prescribed by SSP vide ASIJ Circular No. ~ dared 12 M:jJY 200~ and lrnerrmnon ... l Aecounung Standard (lAS l4) "lntenrn Financial Reporting" The) do 111"'11 include .111 of 'he mformuuon required for full annual finnnctnl statements. and these condensed uucrim finunciul s:ln~n''i!I'U'' should be rend In conjuncuon wrth the fil'l.i.lo~ml statements 01 rhe Bank tor the year ended 31 December 2008.

During the current penud, lntcmruional AC(OUl1lmg Standard I ~ Revised], (LAS l I became effectr, C' from I JOJ1Uflry 200Q. the application of this standnrtl has resulted in certain increased diselnsure, only.

Other new standards. amendments and uucrpretaucns Ibat wen mandator) (or accouoring permdv beginning Oil or after 1 Jununry 200" and arc [lot cono;;:idcrelllo be- relevant or hnve any significem effect en the Bunk's operoiions, arc not detailed in these cnudeused interim ftnanc!nl .. tatemcuts

These condensed mterun financial statemerus are bcmg subnurted to the shurcholders In accordance wuh the requirements or section 2.-li5 of rhe Cumparucs Ordmance. I q:-.:-t and arc un-audued


The condensed interim financial <uremeru, have been rrl;!rareu under the histoncnl ro'{l::;! convention. except tblll ccrtam fixed nssets are stated 13L revalued :3mOUIlI.S, cennin investrnerus, ccrnmumcnts in mr~cl or' certain forward exchange contracts nnd denvnnve finuncml instruments have been marked to market ami art' carried at fhtr .... ulue. and .sUlff retirernent benefits art' earned m present value.

In accordance Wllh [he directives of the Pedernl Government regarding the of rhe b:anJ...J.I1g system to Islamic 1'1Io-dcS, S8P has issued various ctnulurs from ume to lime One penmssible form of trade related mode or Iiuencmg includes purchase of gmlds by the Bank from II.'i customers and muuednue resale to them ar nppropnatc mark-up In pnce On deferred payment bnsis The purchases and <ales arising under these arrungemcms are no, reflected In these COIH,h:n.~H.""tI mtenm financial statements lJS such but are- restricted to the alnOUIH of fuctlity actually unhsed and the appropriate porncu of mark-up thereon

TIle fmanctnl results and position of the lslarmc Banking branch ot the Bank has been consolidated LD these C:Ql1d~nscd imenm financial statements for reponmg purposes. after eliminating mntenal intra bo.nk wansacuons r balances The key IlnrLnc:ml Figures of the I slamic Banking branches an: disclosed in note 14 to these conder ... ~ed interim Financial sunemems


The accounnng policies adopted m the prepnrauun of these condensed unerirn fmancial sunemenrs art same as those .'Ipplied tn pr~.[]Jln~ the most recent .BJ1nuH.l financial 'j,Ulr;:mr.:·n!.3 of the: BLLn~.

Fhe flnancrul nsk management objectives and poticies udcpted by the Bank arc consistent with thai disclosed La tbe finaneral smremems of the Bank for 11,e year ended J I December lOO8.


The' PTl1llliJUOl1 of condensed interim firmoc:uli ~6tcments IS III conforrrury "ilk approved accounting standards \\ hich reqUires the l1SC of cerunn enucal accounting esumares ft also requires n1aoag'C.mcnl to exercise judgement in the process of applying the Bank's accounung policies. The areas rnvolving higher degree ofjudgemeru or complemv. or areas where' useurnpuous und esumetes are signiflcaru to these condensed interim fLDlInciat scnemems I1Il:' the same n.1j, those disclosed in the f nanci .. I stmemerus for the year ended }. I December 20n~.

Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 08

Soneri Bank Limited


6.1 1J1\'C-sitnf'ntJ by types

Ttltaa Hddl!

h=' 1~1Up.c91."OO'!

A ... ·ad.llblc·fIJr· sale mveermems H~Id-lD-mllhrn1} 1f1'\J!!i[m~m5 IOHslmenl.r CO!r

1I.4-nu·_~.J. ~ IIAVl.i::'i.4

),t.lfl,(W;! ~ .l,btU.,(lQ,!

I'}JJII.~'fl J:5,flll,lHf;




lti"e!ltmC1}~ - ner ot prm'lSu:m

6.2 .'-\!ii3.le lnvestmunrs

M.lII"bt Tn:-~Uf~ Bill.

P3l> 15j;m luveetmen BeudFuJI} pllIld--up ordinary 1Il~!i UtiltSOf'-tutulllFunrIs

Fully paid-up p~f~.e ~hllft':§,

Shares recet- .. ed 1I.~llIen.ll!!mt:nt [II n's I"'D(hn~

IJol.I~.ij,)O I,I~,I(IQ 19.2f..t;J.:.;'\iIY 1,02",8)1 7,1J2Y,S31
2.1Jj;~,nO 1.18J.'!:!O !,~0:32Ml ;!,,2_{1.3,2MI
~63.76J ~o3.76~ nl,~:;7 53l,::1."P
',015.24' I,OIS,24Q J.58J.::l'1U ISS,LBO
~.5.4~1 ~j, .. l:~l -15,~11 45_-l:!.1
,,571 r,.7i-;_~
21 ,6)J.~~2 1.1-'4,][.t9 n,777t-r;~l I t,401,"1.54 11.4QL7:;oI
l,SlS.O:n 1 • .52),022 1.73rl.Lt!.S 1.73h,O~.,'i
1,·nS.N! 2A7.s,7~~ 1.10tl,7117 Llfib,7fi7
lt1b,OOl 'O(!J,OO.l 542,300 14~,JOO
:!.2~,OII~l ::!.:2.5.0U4._I
4,7011,7007 ~,)IJli,767 1,b~r),tlLJ:! ~,(.]O./JQ:! 6..3 1I{'ld~lo-m3turil)' lnvesnnvnu P:Ul'lIIl1n 1m estmenr BiJnJ5 TI:I'I"1I Finance Feruficates .suU,ukB .. m .. b {"~rtl!it·!!tl!!!JfID\'~I!!I'lffi1

ProVISlDO lor danmamm m die' .. nlue of mvestmems




6." Ln v~1 men tlI by ~egm ent

30 September 31 December

2009 lUOR

(Rupees 'a '00(1)

Federal Goverumeur Securities -Markct Treesurv Bolls

-Pakistan Investment Bonds

-Governrnent of Pukrstau ljara Sukuk Bond,

Fully pate-up ordlnary sh .. ", of Rs. 1111- -Lisrcd cornpanies

-Ue-hsted companies

Fully pmd-np preference shares of Rs. 101· euch -Ltsted compen ies


Unit. of mutual fund, -Closed end

-Open ended

Ter-m Fh'lanct C£rtifil::atf". Debenrurea, Bonds,

Participation Term Certifleates and Certificates of Investments -Listed Term Finance Certificate, of Rs. 5,000 ",,"b

-Un-listcd Term Finance Cerrificates of Rs. 5,000 each

-Sukkuk Bond, (5,000 bands of Rs. 5,000 each)

-Ccruficates of lnvestmenr

727,468 726.73"
1,748,274 380,035
544,50J 4S~,300
3,020,l45 ],814,067
17,484.318 IS,OIJ,M6
(242,327) (30.)00)
(12J.991) (927.9691
17,018,000 14,053,] 77 Shares reeelved agolrul settlement of CFS leodlng.

investments at cnst

Provision for dim inuti on in the value of investments Deficit On revaluation of available for sale Investments

Investment< (Nel or Provlsions)

Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 09

Soneri Han k Lirni led

]{) September 1009

- In P",i"""

~ Outside Pakistan

HI 72.155


Bill:s discounted ill'J.J purchased [excludmg rrensury bills I

- In P.,k,,,an

- Ou ts I de Pek is tan

Provi sion ngn j ns t ndvnn ces

- Specific

- General



J) December lOO~

(Kup«. in 'IHIII)


non-performing :lilatwi. as detailed below:

A~ nt 30 Scpremuer :WULJ


Total Provision Pmvislcn

rcq u j h..'"d hctd

(Rupees '000)- - - - - - - - - - - -" • - - - ---

C::.h::gory of clnsslflcntlon

Other A_"",~ Especiall)' Mcruioncd lOAD II Subs 1.l1darcl

Doubtful I



551U7J I,SJ9,705 HlO.19? 5,018556


558A74 1.849,705 1.hlll,!97 5.018,556

~5.~5J 71ull <,171.775 2,970.050

A. a at ,] I December 20QR

~5.85J 712,421 1.171,775 1.970,050


O v I,.':C1!ica~ Tr:JLl1l Pro VlSlCJl] Provrsron

requ i red h.I,1

. - - - - - - - - - I Rupee, 'UOOI - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~, 103
(,~I,M~ 117.'!'~ 111.954
1.lfi6.14~ 4c5,61J7 -115.607
1 .. .lln,n3~ i,.l2~.lln 1,.121>.1137
3. 1 90.U7) l.8M.5Qa 1,~6q.WS CLl[I,,1!Ory of clnssiflci1tLon

OtOO- A""-"'> Espccmily Mcnucncd I U .... EM i Subsrandnrd




h~ I ,(,~~ 1.160.2·1:' . I,.1Jil,U.lR J_IIILl_U77

i.'".!. General prevision includes a provision umounung LL'I Rs. 15 million (31 December 20[)~: R~. 10 millicnt agjJLn~t couscuuer finance portlohu as required b: the Prudenunl Reguluuons tssucd by SUHe Bank or' P\tkl5.~ar..

7 J 111~ Sian:' Bank 01 P~1J, vide t3:SD CII"Clilar NQ, :2 dared :::!7 J~111U:'lT)·. ~UULJ nuroduced cenam amendmems m the l'rudermnl Regulanons In respect of murntcnance (If prOVL.~LOn]l1g rcquuemcnts IlgL'lII'l:'iL nun-perforrnmg loans und adV0I1Cc5. During the period under review the srud nmeudrnenu were ngain revised by rhe State Bank of PiJkLS~,uH vide I3SD Circular No 10 dmcd: :!(J October. 20nQ by whrch the banks havr been 11110\\ cd to 11'"''111 the benefit of . .uJ1lI1' (instead of JOQ u l of forced s.::llc~ ~·LLlu'l: ol pledged stocks und mongaged conunerctal. residential und mdustnul properues ~ previously l1ClL nllowed) held LLS collateral against u]! non-prcfcrnuug loans for 3 )'l..:"ilfS from the detr- cfclassi fication for celculanng provisioning requirement with ~tTL~;:;"1 from ~~ph.!nllbcr JI~. 2m)!..) lhe nddnronalunpuct on rWrL~'LbllIL) an~inl': from oii\lHlm1:olhc benefit of Iurced ~II!~ value under the revised guidelines resulted in reduction of spec! fie provision against no-performing loans and advrmcrs of .rppruxtmctely R~ J~-li;.q47 million

HU\\.'L: ... er, as pt:.r the rev ised circular ~bl! »bove nddiuonel uupacr un profltebihry urismg from 11\'~.lllng the benefit uf fon-cd sale .... -ujue against pledged stocks and mortgage rcsidcruinl. commercial and indusmal properties is not cvaileble for payment uf IoOLLsh or stock di v 'idend.

J lad the prov LSLOn a~;J.ln.5.1 non-perfornunu loans und tldV4111Cr;!~ bC1;!1t dcterrmncd In J.~('urd,mr,:l:' with the PIT'''' sously LS-StlCtJ BSD Circular ;..,·0 ~ dated: "27 January ~D09. the specific prm isicn i!g;Im"l non-performing IO~UlS .... ould 1l;[H been hl~ll~r und conscqueml. pro til before tnxauon and ~d\ cnces ~l1el of 1"11'("IVIS10tl;5.j as 411 September ],U_ 2[IU4l ~~ ould I.:' been lower by approximately Rs JS5 Q47 million. The uddruonul profit dTl~mg from .uvl:ljhn~ the- benefit of forced sale value tner of [;1"" j ar ~O Seprerober ~OIN. which rs not nvailahle for euher cnsh or stock dividend ro shareholders. am(.ILlIL~~J to nppruxunatcly R.. .... ::!31.3M) rrulhoo.

Third Ouarterly Report 2(109 I 1 0

Soneri Bank Limited

30 September 2009

31 D''''mher 2008

(flu pees in '0001

8. BOIUIOW[XGS Secured

Burrowing« from the Slate Bank of Pakrstnn

• under Epert Re-finance scheme IERF 1

• under Long Term Pinancuig FOJcility ~LTFF' for plant ODd rnachmery ~ under Long Term Fmuncmg - Expert Oncmed Projects ILTF - 1:01')

Rapurcbuse ugreerncm OOITO\\'mgs


CHll borrowmgs Overdawn nostrc accounts

7.790.757 h,O~~.s30
142,87;1 ~.JQ!.92~1
142.871 ~,392,qJ4
7,933,629 R,441,454
3U epternber JI December
2009 1008
(Rupees ln '000) ~, DEPOSITS A.'ID OTHER c\CCOL NTS Customers


Fixed deposus S'I~,ogs deposns

Non-reuumerotiue CUIT~ni accounts CaLI dcposus

M iilfgm U IO:'pOSl ts 011,."

Ftuanclnl l nstttutlons

Rcmuncmuv e savings dl;.\'p{1SHS Non-remunerative -CUTTen' deposus

27.790,970 ~b.n6.IHI
27,307,902 ~1. 703.260
11.152,716 11.181)12
143.194 13[.]]0
65~.367 X1S,9S6
171,916 19~,:!~6
68.221.06~ 61.J09.W5
181,0961 315.1681
278 278
ISI~17~ 325 • .j..j(,
68.4·02.439 61.634,491
63.780.098 57,611.877
4.622,341 -1.012.614
68.~02.H9 61.634.491
JOSeptembtr J I December
2009 2008
(RuP""' in 'OliO) 9. J Partteulars or deposits and other accounrs In. IO(~fLl currency

III foretgn currencies

10. SUB-ORDIJ\,"\ TED LOA:"S - l NSECUR£D (NON-!OA RTIC[PATUKYI Listed T-L:'nTI Finance Cc:n_iJil".·a.e~



Lillbltli)' aguinst Term I· inance Certificate IS cmted 111 nommul amOlJIll The liubihty I~ subnrdioated as (I,) payment ofprincipal and profi, to Ill! other indebtedness of the bank (indUl.lmg dC'1"tlsill!.) and i~ 1n)1 redeemable before maturity ,.~ ilhoHl prIOr approval ofrhe Sate' Bunk of Pakistan. Rille of mark-up on the habuuy IS. based on the tloaung rate of SlX rnonthv KIBOR prevulhng rmrocdiately preceding the dat~' before rhe stan of each 'S-I~ month period for tile profit due' al LhL: end of the scrm annual period plus 1 6°'9 I subject to no fluor nnd caps) per :JIUlUln payable scrm annually

The msjur redemption will commence from 78.Lh month rtf the issue LI] the follo\, mg manncr-.

~l"n!h -rvovcmber 20 II

-Muy 2011

-Novernber :l112-

-Muy ~OIJ


::!j~~ or the rssue an-cum ~5"(t of the Is-sue amount ~5~ u of the iSSIJi! amount ~.51l,lt of the usuc amount

11 I Third Quarterly Report 2009


Soneri Bank Limited

30 September 2009

JI December lOOS


(Ilupee"i in ·000)

11.1 Direct Credit Substitutes

Financial gu.romeo, issued r.vorin~: ~ UO'l,o'C m m~n t

. Din."

Ouurentees issued rllvom1n~:

- Financial lnsunnions

3.573,740 2,761,630
17,M1 73.lL)2
1,109,268 U~o.'77
5,300.655 ~,3R 1.-~99
10,610,,594 9,0&5,0&6
2,~HU.&73 3.296,707
561.000 -l,[)[),OOO -Xiovemmcru

[1.3 Trude-related cenrtngeur II_bill 11o, l.etters of "red ..


II,~ Cummltments in respect uf forward le,[lding Commitments to extend credit

1J.5 Commitments in respect of ron, ard exchange ccuu-acts

- Purchase

From other banks From customers

4,110,11(, 6.592,607

1.851.RSO 5,059,871

. Sal.

To banks

To customers

II ,n T;I~ con lingcncy

The B;mk had filed returns under self assessment scheme as envisaged in section I:W of the Income Tax Ordinance. 200 I. TI1e Income hl\ depnnment ha .... 1I; amended the ass cssmcnt of Lax year ~OOR under section I ~~l5r\ I {If the h1COI'1,e Tax Ord innnce, 2001 The ameuded nssessment order has been passed by adding . Ji!03110\\1ng certain expenses deducnons resulting in nddirional ta~ [Lability uf R:!).12G.8-l7 million million. The Bank and the Hank's tax advisor nre of the view that the 1~~SU-eS ' ... -ill he decided 111 the Bank's Favour us und when these are taken up by the appe llnte nnthonues.

Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 1 2

Soncrt Bank Limi led


111e related parucs cornpnse of related group companres, directors and their close family members, staff rcurement tunds, ffil:lJur shareholders of the Benk holdmg nat 1C'::.s than 1 {l°'11 (If the total sharehuldjng .md ke'~ management personnel.

Usual transactions with related parues orhcr thun executives include dcposns. advances. acceptances und pmvssion of other banking SCT\'I'I.;'I:~, Transactions with execunves are undertaken fll terms In accordance \I, uh employment agreements and service rules and include prnv ivion of advances on terms softer thun those offered to LlLC' customers of the Bank

.30 September 1Il09

31 December 1008

De~("J~I1$ et tbc L:TId uf the period yt:'ar.

- Bank's Cluef Execuuve l Execuuves

- Directors nod their dose f.umly members

- Re I tiled group eo mpumcs

- Major shurehclderv

- Staff reuremeru funds

(Rupees in '000)

LuaHS :J nd nd vunc cs at the end of the pcncd' year; - Key management personnel

15.086 14.026
ZJ~,I17 225.1\12
647,582 ~~S.I·H
2U7,185 3!J4.3~5
171,89~ 88,013
1,280.924 '117.177
57,193 :!H.D4 Trnnsactions for the nlne months period ended

30 September 30 September

2009 1008

(Rup ee , in '000)

Loans & advance, repaid during the period LoaDS & advances grunted during the period 'vlurk-up rccer v ed i secured on loans & advances Prall. paid I accured on deposits

- Hank's Chief Lxecui ive I Executives

- Directors ned their dose family members

- Related gro"p companies

~ Major shareholders

- Staff rcurcmcm funds

1I.9'2! 14411
41381 '0.024
1,465 sss
501 236
18.001 15..-120
33,/i6 44.267
21,498 13, I Jl
10.781 Q,997
84.551 83052
36.316 27,260
141,888 99,.2l3
4,491 JA93
146.3")9 102.716 Contribunons to employees' benefit plans K.C'y management personnel compensaucn - Salaries & benefits

- Post retirement benefits


III Credit risk and concenrrannn of credit risk

Credn fisk is rhe risk that une party 1.0 [I financial instrument will f[dllO discharge an obligation and cause the other party to incur a financialloss. The Bank attempts 10 control credu nsk by rnomtoring credn exposures. lirmung trunsaciions with specific counrer-parues und conuntmlly assessmg the credit worthiness or counter-pnrties lt also Clbl~lDS cecuruy where appropriate _

Concentruuon of'credn nsk anses when iJ. number of ccuntcr-parue, are engaged m similar busuiess aetiviues, or acuvrues in the ~J1lJ1e geographical regrun, or hnve similar economic features that would cause their ability to meet cemrncrual obhgarions 10 be sumlarly affected by changes til economic. pohucul or other condurons Concentrntton of credu nsk indrcmcs the relauve sensmvuy of the Bunk's. performance 10 developments, a[fcc[mg u purticulnr industry or gecgraplucal locanon The Bank seeks ro manage Its credn risk exposure thruugh drvcrsificntion of lending ucnviues 10 avoid undue concenuauon of risks wnh tndrviduals Of groups or customers in spcci fie locauuns or business.

13 I Third Quarterly Report 2009

J ;l.2 Se-gment by -c1';[!SS of bustness

Snneri Bank Limited

.. \ i'il id! JH S.ep I em l)t'r lOD'9

Cross lid ... ant't":!10 I DC"(J:§.i.~ I I COI1LiIl~~lJde:!l

CRup.", ln '0001 (por"nl) \R"p"~ in '0001 \I'",<nO (Rup ees in '000) (Percent]

'lexulc acd syntheuc l'ood and All led

F. muncr a I Serv rces lndi v .. iduals

Others • note r .1.1. [

J7,H4U.7U8 5.81 U.882

35 .s 4% 11.58%





~,3SI.749 21,571,500 36,n9,190

0.00% 0.00% 12.21% J4A6% ;3.3]%


17.38% 0.00% 0.00% O.flO%





,-\:"0 B.l J I December :WrJ 8
GTlJ:S~ ad .... nnece Deposits I I C OMl n gen c ~e:~
I Rupees in ' 000) f'Pertenn I Rupees in '000) ( percenn I Kup'<' III '0001 ~Pr;:Tt·l.:n~ 1
Textile and synthetic 17.119.849 34.&3% 1.541.~(,1 2.50Q·o 4.086,&"2 2~.:lO'.
Food end Allied
Ftnaneinl Services 9,0114,210 l~.611;1/~
I nd svt duo Is 19,09J,U19 JO.9~%
Others . "0'" D.2.1 3~.233.1 ]] 6'.17% J1.9QS,J91 51 ,9 I~, 11.~O2.25~ 75.~O'~
49.4114.962 lOO.DO',,, ~1,634MI 100,00°" 16.8~9.IUO 100,00". Il~ I Allot her bus j ness c I asses nre less than l eu perceru of r he , Qt.;1.1 ex posure 1 J J Scgmon' hy S« 'or

;\. " Jll S,p<on,hor 111[19

Gl"O!l;!!irl\d"Hnl'e~ _ I I D~ptl!ii·it.5 I ... 1 __ C_D_"_ti_""'g_<o_c_io_._----'

IR"!,,,, in '0001 1]''''0"'1 (Rupees in '0001

Publ iel Go v crnrneru PriViJL~

2087,7000 48,108.413 50,195,413

4.16% 95.84% 100.00%

5,354.9(oR ~D,041.411 68,402,439

{11~"'LfJlt} [Rup ... tn '0001 [Pm""')
7.113% 665,413 3.~9%
91.17% 1 ~.p190.933 96.;;].':1.
100.00% 1~,U56.346 IUn.UO% A!1 1:11 31 ;'110:'1:

L._ __ --=D_:c-"-po:;,:;_·ilS::;,_ __ __J1 I Cont.ingenci~s

(Rupees Ul 'OllO 1 1 Percent ~ 1 R Uf1~~ I n '0(10) r Perrem)

( Rupees in ·000} 1 Percent)

Pub! icl GOYL':mmCnl Private

-19.4(.4.962 49.464,962

100.00", IIJII UI)'~"


8,~03.82R 53,230.663 61,634,491

11.63'" 8n.J7a'fJ lUO.oo%

6H2M 16,23HJ5 16,H89 IOU

1$7% 9(...13% IUD 00''''

The bank is cperaung Sl~ Islamic Banking branches at the end of reporting period (]: I December 2DD8: .si:\}_ ThL:' key Financial figures of Islamic Banking branches; at period I year end are as follows:

ls larni C' BiIJl ki ng Fund

[) epos HS and OIL" r accoun LS T nvestments

rinancing and recervables Charity Fund


30 September 2009

31 December 2~O~

(Ru reo, In' 01111)

[50.000 115.000
1.516,690 1.10i,652
368,600 R5.000
1.03S,.146 gI8.04~
IJ lOa These condensed interim flnnncinl snuements were auihonsec for ISSlJf." Oil J4 October lOOil by ilie l3oru-d or Directors of I




Corresponding ~gures have been re-arranged, whereever necessary [Ot the purpose of comparison.



Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 14

lIAN. 111-5f\7-X90


Call Center: 0800-00500

Soneri Bank Limilcd

Web Site: www.soncribank.coru


S7. Shahrnh-e-Qumd-e-Azatn. P.O. Box No. 4~. Lahore.

Tel. b:16B 14~""~. F,,,. 6JIi~D~

Swift: SONEf.lKKALHR E·msil mnin.lahorcc


5th Floor, AI· Rahim Tower,

1.1 Chundrigar Road. PO Bo.' \1o '~5f,. Kamen, Tel. 2439562-61, ~-I-J-l.lOI·04, F.x.14Jq5~1 2-W66(;1 Swift: SONEPK...-\XXX t· info'Q sonenbcukcom


\liiLi.1l Braneh, Lahure

Td vo 6JfiRI-II-l~ & 111·jbH911

Defence Bnnril, Lahore

Tel No: 5SQ71RI-~1 to. jJlDlbO-J,1

Gglhtrg Branch, Lahol'f Td. No 5713445-1'

Circular RlI:}d Bron-t:.h. Lamore Td \In. 7~7111!6& 7"7().1~~

ModeJ'l'o",,'11 8rllnch.ubofe reI. No: 5RR0111- 12

A I..h IU' Ch o w k Branc b. L :..btHi! Tel. No. 5177800-0, & S221~10

Clluln Gn_jiJlul Branch. Lahore Tel '\Jtl~ 66j3TIS·1Q

Qurtab .. Chuwk Branch. Lahore Tel No: 7" 1 1)91-3

xuame tqbar Town Brauch. Lahure 'l el. '0 }4)t61 ,.,

Fl~ghballpuy-o Branch, Lahore T,1. vo. ,S3cSII·1l

Thekar 'il.,,}. llldg Braneh, Lahore TI:1. Nu: 5313651-53

Gb.azi ChoMa.: Brunell. Lahore Tt'l \It' )1~:;:505·07

Ialamir .B11r1ki[],~ ,'l"...,.. G:lrueJ_i Town Bnncn..1 :.hflrt

Tel. No, 5~4061 1-1

DU ... \ l'llUf1 Hl Brench. Lnhore Tel. No: 5734f'83-5

Ch U ngl 1\ ru er S u.dh LI Bra ncb. L~ hore Td. "'". 5~O~bl I·]

dnhar Tewn Branch, LILb.!JR Tc:1 Nll: ~~{J....I.191-3

Wf],hd~ t f('Hi d Bren eh, Lah u re Tel. rr..IY 75iR.!l 1-_'

Gunp:u R09d Branch. Lahore Tel. :-..10: 7J6l6()1~09

Ai.rpDri Rum d Br-an en. Lahore Tel N,,, 5700 11;- ~

R.lH'i Road 8nRt'h. Lahore Tel bo. in53~6-n

Sh~tHtfl(1l Chowk Brunch. Lahore T~] 'Jo: 7t;i4114l·4j.

MI!ID~IJ I\blldi BTllnLll~ L1.horl' Tel No: ,)R3517 HOlld Breneb. Lahnre Tol ~o: 57~~NI-4:>

r.lub:,h:lilpura Branch, LlIDOn! Tel:;o: b~~08q~-.t

GuJnmw:il.11l Br!lDCb T~[ No: 3!:l"']'J56l.~~~

1 5 I Third Quarterly Report 2009

~bin Branch, Falsalabad

Td. \jo J63~~13, 1f.j~87")-7~. 2b·NS55 & LAN· II] ·~"7-~~O

Prople1 CDlon~ Brsneb. FRi\IJI:libnd reI. No: i55~71 ~·Ih

Small hldu§'tnt"s Esl:rle 0,.. .• SI:a.nHH

'1,1. No ),4,607-~ '" !JAN: 111-567.!~('

~~t~]~"~~fi5%~)~~ 1113 & LAN 111·5!.7·~""

W3Lirablid Branen

Tel. No: .OO3703-G4·~ tAt-. 111-5b7·~""

" III n B ranch .. Multan

T,1. '10: .llI18~4, 4.11 ??c), -151111" & lIM~: 111-'07-&911

Shall Rukn-e-Alam Brunc.h. MlJlUllf1 rd. No: 6784052 & 4

RO"5nn Rend Brancn, .\hlll,lln Suhlwul

Tel. 44~774:>·4J

Lodhnm Draneh

Tel. 3647>6 & 31..1767

RR], i m \''Uf Kl! IU1. Brnn t:"h Td. ji~6041-l-l

Bhawalpur Brunch Tel. 27317(13.114

Ok:anl Bronc.!l Tel: ::!j,j.3UI.2--l

Snilitl1J.luU al"llDch

T,L 5)0211>2, 5700061 & ;701461

S:rrgodha Brandl Td l7~1K41·1

Kh.::I m'w~1 Il rane II Ti!:l :::!5:51S61~62

Burewala Branch

Td 37711 10 & 3773110

HO!rrlnb~d I1riinch T<I 5~16-II_.E

Samsnubsd i\'turc Br-unch, L .. here Tel \In: 7591~.()...l-i'


~1 0 hI Bran eh, Knrac hi

T<1. No 2~,~"qO-Q.l & IIAN 111·5~7·gQO

Gillon Branch, Karluhi

Tel, \,]0 58777i'l-N, SS2~592 &: :SK!4J06

Gllrdul Hrnneh, Ki!if:.1dll Ttl. No: ~n8i7.jlr:, Area Br-unch, J(ari1chJ Td No 63737.f\_2rfl,3

K{lrnn~i Ind. '\n'H Branch, k:.Rnchj

ra. \1o. 5113S08. 51IJ8~~. ;lllqOO" ;11]00]

AKUH Brnneh, Kuruehl Tel. No: .tgS.~~52,53

i-Il.idf1n' Braneh, Kii.nflthl T<I. No' (,1>31617.1: 0" 1fl-109

Jodla Bazar Braneh, K:'H1~chl

TI:'I. \I{I: _2.11 ]b;!7 ::!:41-lQ.:!{I& ;(NIII.W

Sh.BnrJlh+F-iili~',,1 BTlm~h. Karuchl nJ f'o"i:)o' "~3~\S~

D_IT.A. Branch. k..arachi Td. '\11.'1: j~5!20'9

G uhh:ll. n-e ... 1 q hal Brnnrtl.. Kill rn e hi Tl!:l. N-u:-l.SIII!l3.!

S.I.T.E. Bnmcll, Kal'1lChi Tel 1\1.: )_561<! l3

Z~n!:Zllmn Brunch. Kerachl 1'01.:;0 'J1~Rl,,-n

Gille \I:uket Branch, Kanu:I:!i

Tol No.fi618q]1.h6RIJ24&""I~QI9

GuLi5!:on-L s-, luuhnr Brunch, Knraehl Tel. ~'o; 4010'l-l4-4l

M.A.Jinnllh Rd. Rl'llnth. Karachi Tel No: ~213972 & !63~~qJ

Gulbabnr BrIIDch. Kurarhl rei No: M01744

"\"4'.1/""[11 Knruchi Brunch, ..... aracbl T~L i\o: bl.Jo~lIl,.j,(J-~ 1, -t2-l6HO(1-7

B-7. Guh:!uHI-e.Jqbll.1 Hnm:h. Karachi T<I No: 4~ll~II·1~

Islamic 'A1oIn.",ln:!:: Clnln l\lnkfl Bruneh, Karachl

TE!l r\o_ 244~I,)Q5. ~~·lll}i7 s: ~+-l-29r)1

Parta Streer Kh.ll,nHil,u HI' •• K"rllf:hi Tel "\;'1: l21J 1 0:S~-6U

Supar~{) Hrancb, Karuchl Tol No: 4Q)0,60, 70~~i 1[1

("h!alldn.i Chuwk Branch. K:lrae:1I1 fel. ';0 4Q)79JJ

I\Unl1lLi Illblll R.d. Bfll,nrrll~ Kurachl Td. No. 4J~lb)3-4

Nishtnr f{oJLd Branch, Karachi Tel, No: ,U1,971l & 13

warerpump Brnnch, Knruchl Tel. No "lI210~ /I.- 6)1!113

\PW-\ ('olTtIJ[e! Branch, Karllchl Tel 'Ju ~53J43 & l251!16

CIiJton Blu~l..-l Brlneh, Klarllchi Tel. No: ;)0111,\ II.- b

i\lrIIllr Brauch, Karaehl rei, 45110:7::;1)

Bahadur-ubad Branch, Karaehi Td. '0 41 ]5~!-I.J.

'\ e .... Chull i n"':iI,nt rJ.. t..llrll ehl Tel, Nn: ~615246 &. 26~j~i'q

Sh~h hisal ('uhln, 8r1i.!l:dl ...... iI,rllchi Tc=l. NLl: 4tHJ2-l,...1.6-i

Zil ib U 0 b.iOli Street Sli dd ar H rnn en, h..a.rll chl TLl. vo. 522rJO:6

UaQ uutab lid Hi run eh. K n melLi 1 cl vo 41:(orn~3~~6 &: .:lSiJ(Il~5

L~3 '1:ork~. Hruneh, I(lIfliChi TI:'l. \10 152~ I ~3·'"'..J

1\~lr:.lf1~i TOlvJI'\hip ~iJ. 3 BUQ('h. KU1'I.:i:l1 r,L No: ~00751~

'\I[l .. th Kuruehl lod. vree Branch, Knrnchi Tel. vc: ~%2~55

F'Jt Inuu",lrinl Area Bunch. K1Ir~r:h.i T,I. ~o: ~i~"%I·J

l\:i!1pier Road Branch, Karachi ·r~l \10: ~] l].5J~-9

GlJ.hhllll~l:-tl~d(,f.d Branch • .KRrnt:'h.l r~l. ·'\In: ";7lO2::1~ 6: -rll (\~5tJ

i\lC-1 ru ville 8ranc.o.. Ka r;RcM rd. No: 6-751205 &. ]

Deren ee I'b iI.5r-11 I!.x:lf'n!i.ion Br., Ka rae hi Tel. NL}: 5_1i~M] II 6: l

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1\ 1I11n Bran en, ()ueilia

ra. NLf: ~R; I~]I) & 2Ki 1641 LAN· III·lo'·S9tJ

h.tlHII it R ::II~I,; iDC He ":Ill" Gnnjb Bmnen. Quem

l\'lliln Branch. Hnlu:.t:uIIJ

T,I. No: lli 152!:2q '" UA~: 111·;6'·,~~

F'. J, Branch. Hvderabad

Td. '-.In: ~n81 j J. :!7S59Y7.t.:. n2'l~:n

L . utifn b II d B r!!1 neb. Hvdcmbad

101. ~o: 3~ 1630<) .

lslumle Ebnktnl!:

lsra L'nin~rs[tr Brunch, Uyd~r:ll.hlul ra "\ILl" 2(11..l3.:2. 20lrn I'd--'I

Pri!]~~ Ali R{]lad Brauch. JI~ deruhud Tel. No: '6J85H.5" 6

Su kk Lit 8 r s IIi: h

TI!I. }J[}; .~~1'!J;;!: & 5ti~:!~25 LAN. 111·;6J·~90

G IIW>! da r Branc b 1"1"1. No: !.[! lI702-]

H 0 b H r-an rJI~ Dim. Las iJrlJl I"~I_ \ltl: ::!,[02~5-!

GcJ.iI.rehi H rn 11 en, 0 L~ n. B:i! din Td_ \Ill: :-:.:;.~ I QJ-I

Boh n 1"9 Br-a 11 eh. m~! L Thutta Tel vo: I'lH8JI)1

JJlII Tflol\.n Hr-unch, m~u. Thll1"n

Knruchi SI DC).;; E schun bl,l! R ua d Bra n ch Td ~o· ,-1110<"-1


\1~iJ] Brunch, PL'"'Ii),IIWII ..

T~1. No ~277() I ~-I~t & .51773~. 5~ng i I & l'A": 111·%H90

Chowk Vma!!:.I .. Branch, li·e!hll"'·lIr T<I Nn 2l73Jl, ,J~


K.hyhi'r Bazar Branch. P~~b::l" I.r Tel ~D llM~ 12·ll

'lir[uJr Brunch ~.I-\h.J

TeL ;'0 #l~S, .J.l5i~ & -l~().I.1

Gllgll11rllr]l;h Tel. \0: 5374t,1

'I:ain Br21DC'h. Rawnlpjndt r~L ~CI S..52.2QU I-[_)]

C bandni Chow k BralJeh. Jit.iI ~~'IlJ pin dl r~1. 1\0. y.-l55011-~

.'lain Hranrh. l~lllm:lltHul

T~L NCI. ~~Ti'.551. In:-I-fl(l &. l&!41~~~ U,~ '<: 111·'"l·~QO

G-9 \·I:lll"k.ii/. Branch. I~l:llllsh:.ld Tel '\0: 285Glll·J

I~hlmi~ !1:ll.l1kinl!,

1·10 .IIH n rk .... z Hruneh. lslamnbad Tel. ~'Q. -I-10]73J

Ajlab lid U fli neh. 1-1 D.1l1.a Tel, vo . .5j[mo

Sknr(lu Brandt T~L :\!l1: 503~7

1\ tanse b rl'l Hom.l Bnm c:-II. All b01..l.1h:ill d Tel. ;\"" .. J:S:5~1, 1-.1 &. HI1r}7S-n

Gah ku e h Br:iln'l:'" T~I ,Ill· jO-H1R-1 0

liujlilr Khan Brancf

T.:-1. '\1: l5-1IiJ27 & 9, J51(IH I

1.5111 mgRrh B:r'911 ch (.A.J K) T<I Nu· 4Jnl-R!

JIi{·!ulll Brnnch

T el 1\ ('I. 615 "1.M-~5

Beunl Rn.IUL:h. [)i~1 L ('hi~f1l1 Iel, [1,'0· oI70JB·li.l

:!iiW:1bi Braneh, nhu. S"' Tel. :..o::!:~ P4~-5

1-9 1\1:Qrkiilz Br~[I,c.IJ.I.sI;i1mbad TII?L ~L.l -1-:l:I.SSltrl-.l

2:! t\'ll mher C hu n-gi Beane It. Rnwulpfn dl Tel. KLI __ "io3blS77

Soneri Bank Limited

Third Quarterly Report 2009 I 16

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