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Community Partners for AMST 398.

Spring 2016
Below you will find organizations around the Triangle that have agreed to partner with AMST
398 for the spring semester. Each organization has unique needs and roles for students. You
should take the time to investigate each organization on your own, to decide if it will be a good
fit for your own interests and goals in the course.
If you are interested in working with an organization, contact Aaron ( and I
will connect you with the contact at the organization. From there, you will be responsible for
arranging a meeting to see if both you and the organization believe it is a good match. It is
highly suggested that you complete the APPLES online module
( before you have
your first meeting.
The organizations below are suggestions based on meetings I have had over the course of the fall
semester. This is by no means a definitive list, and you are welcome to explore and create your
own partnerships. If you do go off the list, consult with me before you make first contact. It is
possible there is already an established relationship, and it is important that organizations are not
contacted by multiple students without my knowledge.
Please note as well that while these all represent off-campus organizations, it is acceptable for
you to find a placement with an on-campus organization as well. Again, please consult with me
before you reach out to an on-campus organization or unit.
Organization: BUMP
Location: Durham and Chapel Hill
Possible Placement Activities: Assisting musicians in Chapel Hill and Durham schools as part
of BUMPs mission of empowerment through African music. Providing administrative,
marketing, and development support for the BUMP main office in Durham.
Organization: Common Ground Theatre
Location: Durham
Possible Placement Activities: A black box theater space that both provides space for
community productions and mounts its own performances. Providing support and outreach ideas,
and other community or administrative tasks based on your interests and the theatres needs.
Organization: Dillon Youth Development Center
Location: Butner
Possible Placement Activities: Working in the arts with youths ages 10-18 who have been
adjudicated to the Center. Activities can include visual arts, music, theater, or dance, depending
on your interests. Participants will receive training and mentorship on developing programs for

Organization: Durham Arts Council
Location: Schools in Durham and Chapel Hill
Possible Placement Activities: Providing support to the Creative Arts in Public and Private
Schools (CAPS) program, including securing evaluations, attending CAPS sessions, and
assisting with special events
Organization: Inside/Out
Location: variable throughout the Triangle
Possible Placement Activities: This advocacy and organizing group for LGBTQ-identified teens
and allies is direct by a board composed of teens from around the Triangle. Activities will be
very much dependent on the ideas of the board and your own interests.
Organization: The Nature Trail Projct
Location: North Chatham Elementary School (outside Chapel Hill)
Activities & Description: The Nature Trail Project is a collaboration between The UNC School
of Social Work, El Futuro,Inc., and The Learning Trail. These three groups are working together
to create programs and services for families living in the Nature Trail mobile home park who are
primarily Latino immigrant or mixed citizenship status families. During the spring semester, El
Futuro will be offering a 7 week, evidenced-based parenting program called Strengthening
Families. The program will meet at North Chatham Elementary School on Wednesday evenings
starting January 27th. The service learning opportunity relating to the Arts and Social Change
class consists of working with the youngsters in child care to create art projects that speak to
themes their older siblings and parents will be discussing during the Strengthening Families
program. In addition, there will be opportunities to work with middle and high school students at
Nature Trail on Friday afternoons in conjunction with the tutoring program that is provided by
the Learning Trail. We are hoping to create a photography project with the young people that
supports their educational needs and aspirations.
Organization: Theater Delta
Location: variable throughout the Triangle
Possible Placement Activities: This interactive theatre company travels to sites across the
region to gather material and conduct performances. Your work can include participating in
productions, as well as providing logistical or administrative assistance.
Organization: Triangle ArtWorks
Location: variable throughout the Triangle
Possible Placement Activities: Working with the arts advocacy organization to coordinate with
artists and art organizations across the triangle. Students can focus on outreach, lobbying, and
communication activities, as well as administrative work.