Artist: William D. Thayer RED SKIES Red skies, red eyes, a world of red amongst bl es and greens.

The !olors aro nd s make " o r world and what has been seen. The artist fa#orite "loy, the !olors he dis"lays with$in his #isions. To lea#e the inter"retation to the #iewer and their minds de!ision. What "ower the artist has in "ro#oking tho ghts within yo r mind. What yo inter"retati#e, is his release, as his brain nwinds. A sim"le "ainting of a so thern sea shore and #ibrant !olors to #iew. A testament to artist e#erywhere, in how tho ghts !an be skewed. A thor: Timothy %. Thayer &'(&)(*&+&

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