Artist: William D. Thayer SAILS OF SURF AND SKY Many versions o sailin!

" some on the #ater" some in the air. Whether it$s %oats or &lo'(s" not matter" res'lt in travel every#here. Travel vie#in! li e an( nat're" #hat it %rin!s to yo'r state o %ein!. To )no# that the a**re&iation o li e is in #hat yo'r seein!. We have only one &han&e to e+*erien&e li e #hile #e are on earth. The e+*erien&e is in the vie#in!" the #is(om" )no#in! li e$s #orth. So sto* livin! the sel ish li e an( thin)in! li e is all a%o't yo'. Yo' have to really live to 'n(erstan( li e an( share li e$s vie#s. A'thor: Timothy ,. Thayer -./-0/1-2-

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